FedEx Truck Hit by Train in Utah


Video from North Salt Lake Police Department

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Zachariah_YT_plays ROBLOX
Zachariah_YT_plays ROBLOX
Did he die? 😱
Keith Thrasher
Wooow that's crazy
It must've been so infuriating and insulting for the driver to see the gates go down AFTER getting hit
SingerGirl LetMeSing
the sticks were not down to stop traffic
B&O railroad fan
Chris Alcatrada
wow perfect the signal lower done it after the traincam. wow
Manu Presannakumar
looks like insurance fraud !
Jakester! - The Darude Comment Critic
train drives through crossing
signal bars close down
paul b
Dont send packages via Fed Ex Express, send Fed Ex Ground!
Dawn Marie Lilly
It made me LAUGH
John Smythe
Oh yeah.... after the train goes by the lights come on and gates come down, a little too late. Of course I suppose the dumb truck drivers didn't hear the trains air horns blasting away or see the headlights coming at them and take the safe play and stop. No wonder my box of merchandise was a week late getting to my home and was all crunched up and full of broken parts not to mention all the paperwork I had to fill out to get a refund and new shipment made.
Hippo The killer
I actually work at the Fedex that this truck left on the same shift it left too. It didn't make it very far from the hub at all
ana idk
Seeing all the packages fly out amuses me :p i hope nobody was hurt.
Jeffy J
How are the arms are not going down
Mikhael Bureau
Well 2000 flesh lights scraped.
UPS owns that train
m Robs
HI! this is an amazing video. Do you give me the permission to use it on my private network so I can jerk off to it?
Saiyan Hokage_YT
just flew right through it.
Mark Mark
Another mormon driving sober
the rr is going to get sued big time over this, as it looks like that signal maintainer had the crossing protection jumped, i am sure he will also be fired to.
Freddie Lara
I would of hopped and and grabbed some boxes ;)
double kill
Destiny Kilton
he was lucky
Brett Bloom
So... am I the only person who noticed that the cop didn't even bother checking to see if that person in the truck was OK or not?
Seriously though... what happened to all those packages? If I saw that shit happen in front of me the first thing I'd do is start rifling through the boxes! Pretty sure not everything in the truck was completely broken! I mean they must have just thrown all that shit away in a dump anyway, right?
chicn wing
after the crash look on the right you can see a RR employee coming out of the signal control building
Pistol SpaceAir
Well some people wont be getting their packages.
Brandon Henderson
This is terrifying but it's more than a little funny that the level crossing drops after the wreckage has occurred.
Lisa N
Finally not the truck's fault.
chicn wing
before the crash look to the right, RR pick up truck with flashers on, then after the crash when gates start down RR guy comes out of the signal house, still the drivers a dumb ass for not looking at a RR crossing
dammit! that's why i never got my package!!
Jose Ramirez
It was a hit and run Lol
007 BOND
now that's how you drop a trailer
Gavin Hdk
the reason this happened is because people put too much trust in technology
Scott Lowman.
How come the gate isn't down!?
Cookie Monster
The signal goes down not before.... but after, after the train arrives, passes and hits the FedEx truck.
Dispatch Midwest
clearly the drivers fault- 100%
George DeLorean
I work at the FedEx Ground hub where this truck was coming to. This crossing is just about two blocks, if that, from the hub. The two trailers involved in this accident are actually sitting in the yard. There's the one you see getting split in half, and there's the one behind it that's literally been twisted and mangled into a bow tie shape. For anybody wondering about why the driver didn't see or hear the train coming, any ops on the mainline don't use their horns at this crossing on top of the fact that Frontrunner rips through here at 79 MPH.
no body notice the truck parked on side of the road or the bungalow on the right of the crossing next to truck open up and the worker come out after the collision
alex b
Переездная сигналлизация не работает. От слова вообще! У нас бы за такое за ... подвесили.
Royale with cheese
UPS driver getting a 2nd job
Goliath X
One word: Utardia
Rick James
This must mean I'm not getting my blowup sex doll now shit! Better order me a new one
Bryan Bennett
And those packages still arrived in better condition than if UPS had delivered them.
Murphy's Law in action.

You know this only happened because there was a package on that truck that someone desperately needed.
Noctis Caelum
I hope my package wasn't in there
to add insult to injury the arms go down/lights come on after hes mowed over
daniel james
good job guys, lower the siganl AFTER the truck gets hit
Den Holl
это видимо происходит каждый раз когда почта пытается доставить мне мою посылку с алиэкспресс
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