Conor McGregor Vs Tyron Woodley Fights

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kodey tignor
Racist video
카운터 진짜 잘쓰네..일랑급이네..
Shaolin Arrow 39
If y'all were wondering, the name of the song is Darude Sandstorm
Elias Nuef Nuef
Can someone tell me the name of this Song?
Unaussprechlicher Name
whats the name of teh song in the intro???
It looked to me that andersons knee landed on the chin
Mxo Mzanywa
This Woodley kid is a monster, Conor can not match that power.
Matt M.
i predict as soon as tyron lets his hands down to throw that right conor will drop him with a knee or kick to the head, itll be similiar to the kimbo vs seth fight when skill outshined power
second song name?
Julio Castillo
error matrix 2:02
patricio marcelo fernandez seguel
McGregor is the machine
Dana said Floyd don't knock any one out , but he fucks them up and he beats them too, Conor gut no boxing skills, he gut lucky in the second fight with Nate, and Nate showed him how to box in the first fight, but Floyd will beat that face up good, my money is on Floyd, its going to be like shooting fish in a barrel, and to slow people like Dana , Conor is the fish, i beat his money is on Floyd, lmao.woodley is a violent striker, he will have little Conor for lunch, Conor will not be stupid enough to make a fight with him either.
Artem Ovchinnikov
как музыка называется? скажите пж
Jon mcgregor U Will do noting
Connor is way more better then u think
Stanley Gardner
Woodley would ABSOLUTELY CRUSH McGregor...nuff said. 😐
T Pain
Woodley would snap him in half
gdl 815
I'm 6'5"and 245 that bitch can't hurt this marine fuck the Irish whites lol
gdl 815
fuck mcgregor not even a man there is tons of Mexicans that fight his weight
gdl 815
155 pounds thats a girl's weight right
Jose Lopez
what is the name del song 00:00
Solair Energy
woodley s power is incredible!! damnnnn!!!
Chris R
Marcus Brimage is black and Conor knocked him out in 1 round. Tyrone woodley is also black which means Conor should also knock him out in 1 round
neville bartos
get off my 🍌
Michał_Btr TFL
Intro Music ?
Antonio D
I hated Koscheck so badly that I like to think Woodley hit him with that last punch for me.
Antonio D
I actually would like to see Wonderboy and Conor.
Damani Thompson
that kick thought 3:26
Dávidko Šmatlava
song ,
Hanson Fan
Welington Melo
O que é teu tá guardado, seu filho da puta arrogante. A soberba precede à queda
Hari Maneh
not equal, Conor best but not his class, woodley more weight and taft, So Woodley is thwe Best Now
jayson zapanta
If accuracy strikes first, Mc Gregor has a chance, ... But if Woodley have a chance to adjust and make his power punch...Woodley can win. This will be a great interesting fight. They are both good, but for sure, this will be a great level up for Conor if he wins.. This will be a great money fight as well aside from Mayweather.
Gomolemo Kekana
I'm a Conor McGregor fan but Tyron Woodley is brutual
Theodoric Atkins
make this fight happen please .because I'm getting tired of people talking about Conners how tough he is .like he rocky or something.
Ваня Близнец
wade martin
i see McGregor surprising the world and being to fast for Woodley....Cryron racist Woodley gets TKO'D
Raymond Martinez
real talk unstoppable force to reckon with go carner
Alessandro Jimenez
What is the name of the music that comes out at the beginning
Basically God
anyone know the intro song? at 0:01
Raymond English
lights out for connor first rd
Working Daily
Woodley would hurt that poor boy!
comments are life because you got mcgregors and woodleys, guys who get knocked out and fighters with immeasurable talent.
William Carrey
Looking at McGregor fight there's no way in hell he'll beat Mayweather, these straight up fights with McGregor counter-punching these MMA fighters may look impressive to MMA fight fans, but against a world class boxer, or any professional boxer worth his weight Connor would get destroyed, admittedly in a MMA fight Conner would destroy the boxer, possibly, unless he got KO'd quickly.
Lupenthe Rudy
Dangerous McGregor ...I like te way his boxing and attitude inside the ring.
connor mcgregor
ไอ้บ้า ไม่มีสาระ
LebronJames Hairline
this crazy, youtube "Daddy mikey knocks out nines fan"
Ramkareti Cristianoronaldo
intro song plz....
Jorex Calamba
Ma dick!
Prince Kosmo
Conor is an expert Karateka with power and excellent movement. Woodley is such a beast and a street brawler with enough power to punch through any defense combined with excellent wrestling skills.
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