Barhouma Sah
3:03 DAAAAAMN !!!!!!!!!!!
Ian Shurter
Mcgregor has better skill he will counter this big ass dude every time mark my words.this isn't Nate Diaz, woodley will fall and Get knocked the fuck out.
Floriano Xavier
Mc Gregor good Fighter
I think Mc Gregor is Overrated and most likely Mayweather will win again.
Robert Johnson
well why isn't he fighting woodley while trying to go to the other arena? Hype!
Эмир Магамаев
конан красава
Расул тол
магрегор отсаси члень лох ебаный
that's a huge nigger my boys
Derek Noto
I bet Woodley would kick his ass and dana white would never let that happen cuz he favors McGregor and hates woodly.....dana white is a big queer...
Derek Noto
McGregor has not fought anyone on the same level as him....the only reason he is popular is cuz dana white has made him just like wwe starz...nothing more than a poster boy to make the company money.....I bet the whole mayweather fight will be staged as well....UFC has become to much like wwe and I am starting to believe this shit is rigged...all show
Writer Rd
3:15 Someone enjoyed the fight
Massoud B
Music went from JCole to bee bop.. come on man..
travis smith
Jon Jones will beat McGregor azz.LMAO
McGregor is not from America
White racist fuck ups!
travis smith
McGregor wild fist shots is to slow for mayweather
Vansu Tran
David Walker
boy woodly would beat the shit outta conner hes way to big
Tyron mataria a conor sin duda
conor you are legend
Noodle Arms
Get out of my dick
RuchGamy RK
Patrick Moselund Iversen
When is the fight?
Cual es la musica de la intro????
robert dassaev
Woodley >> Conor. Thompson > Conor.
Wally Moccasin
I'm sorry but Connor isnt ready for Woodly on any type of grounds. He's def a good fighter but Woodly is too big and far too strong for Connor. It would have to be a lucky punch fight for Connor cuz Woodly would throw his little ass all over the place
Guillermo Castro
The first fight isn't Tyron, that is Jose Aldo
Gaurang Singh
Stupid bastards
just one finger
these dudes are fighting some sand baggers.
Hadid Gigi
what song???
Conor Mcgregor would never fight a man his size. Tyron is 5'9" Conor is 5'9" Tyrons reach is 74" Conors reach is 74". Why do you think Conor fights at featherweight and lightweight. Imagine Tyron dropping to featherweight or lightweight he would ko everyone better than Conor. Nate Diaz said it best hes fighting midgets lil guy weight division when hes a welterweight.
Joseph Archer
Many xs the ref stops stops the fights too early. At least wait till they r unresponsive to the hits! This is the same dam reason I left boxing. Fuckn Referee Steele. I hate that guy!
Connor Mcgregor terminará como la que se sentía invensible Rounda Rousy un día encontraria su rival que le dejará muy mal.
Zespół Rapsów
Aitun Ivanov
Woodley is A Monster 🖒🤘👊💪
купленная активность и пассивность ...бойцов
Lauti Gamer
Tell me guys what is the first music in the video?
vorrei essere come lui
Evan pete basso
connors cousin at hypno alpha male skills yt.
Toan Trung
Các bạn thấy con cu của tụi nó ko
ProRak_777 ProRak_777
Олень тот кто создпал этот роллик человек совершенно не понимает что сравнивает палец и жопу
Hector Erroa
ajaa cabal lo mismo digo yo😆
mervin inbaraj
what's the name of the song Playing in this video!!!
dhan ma
Whats a power mcgregor
conor works really hard, deserve the win
Ryan Andrew
he makes McGregor look like an anorexia
Ryan Andrew
Woodley is way stockier and obviously more powerful with the quickness , no way McGregor would fight him
Malik Abduvaliev
Track please
allah son
Travis Christensen
Conor looks like he fought bums. They were good but when they fought him they were distracted. They were not focused. Woodley os way more explosive.
daniel valenton dorantes
Alguien sabe como se llama la cancion ' ???
Paweł Paweł
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