Samsung Galaxy X - Foldable Smartphone ( Galaxy X1 and X1+ ) Concept 2017 ᴴᴰ

Samsung Galaxy X - Foldable Smartphone ( Galaxy X1 and X1+ ) Concept 2017 ᴴᴰSamsung Galaxy XSamsung Galaxy X 2017foldable Galaxy X smartphoneGalaxy X1 and X1+Project Valleysamsung galaxy x1foldable display phoneSM-X9000 Galaxy X1SM-X9050 Galaxy X1+Galaxy X monikerGalaxy X1samsung concept phones 2017galaxy concept 2017Welcome to MWCMWC Phonesmwc 2017 smartphonesmwc 2017 leakbarcelona 2017 first leakgalaxy x1+mwc 2017 phones

Upcoming Samsung Galaxy X - Foldable Smartphone ( Galaxy X1 and X1+ ) Concept 2017  The Korean giant officially has a trademark for the Galaxy X moniker. 
This new model family has already been tied to Project Valley in more than a few leaks. 
The prevailing opinion seems to hint at two new headsets Galaxy X1 and X1+.
(In order to help you visually closer to the content, in the video we used the concept of Dras Phone made by R&D Core.) 
Concept made by R&D CORE Limited


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Samsung Galaxy X, foldable smartphones (Galaxy X1 and X1+)

Mohit Singh
wtf its not samsung concept its ''the dras phone''
ThisIs TheRMan
what about cases?
sabbel babbel
and what is practical about it?? when a phone is flat you can stick it into your pocket/purse. now you have a small brick. whats the benefit?
WeGotDope XD
that is not true is fake
Ajay Kumar
Thanh Vu
bao giờ vn mới có nhỉ
Allan 90
Jeorge Baes
im waiting for the samsung hologram phone 😆
Azhar Faizan
Alexis De Gracia
hooo.. super quiero uno
kishor147 k
Guntur UtaHZ Syahputra
maybe, be a wacth
Guntur UtaHZ Syahputra
Zaynur Ridwan
my mother will like it and so does all 60's who really like foldable Nokia series as their first phone before the century
Jonathan Christian
Dog fuck
Nirpa Bk
luka luka
skyfall man
stupid design
I dont see the point of this. How about just keep making the screens as beautiful and colorful as possible, more cpu and memory and more battery life.
md anwar
Raja Omair
hello siri...haha
In'am Esa
cok deh
Tonya Moss
where the battery is?
tony smile
that htc phone display not samsung
If this is so .... Apple step your game up or you'll be the next to end up like Nokia .. just saying
Dinar Sindhu
how about the battery?
mamiya maitra
Prakash Kashyap
I believe in possibilities
bilal kansour
Conqueror Gopakumar
Gobinda Dhara
Kapiljit Singh
I like only samsung mobile
R My Supportzi
Hi Nice
Chittesh Kapoor
is this real or fake
Anubhav Verma
Abe koi bhi fold nhi karega gir jaega pocket se!!!😊😊😊
j v
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manoj sahoo
samsung is a hanging mobile so I neglecte
Devilprince Pratik
Why the Fuck should I fold my phone
Devilprince Pratik
But why?
Mubiru Jamie
I think am in love with technology now if it's real can't wait
radhika p
omg its awosom
Vjkrs entertanirs
subscribe my Chanel ND like comment I will suscribe your chanel
Alex Baban
it's htc
Muiz Uddin
i think its hard to make folderble phone because its display durablity. if the first mass product come out the market, maybe its rolling divice.
Kusuma Yogi
smartphoneb that become burger
anonymous hacker
what a sexy voice....and as well great innovative product from sumsung. ..
Dwi Anggara
noway...!!wow it will be very cool!!
vijendra singh
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