The Lean Master 3000


This is the Lean Master me and my friend made for a science project.

leo c
Hahaha these kids must be related to Billy Maze lmfao
Savageley Self
What stores may I find these at?
The marvel Fan
The marvel Fan
Oh my goooohh
Matt Vaughan
Nothing but pure class.
Rip Zellers lol
Anuj Radia
This never happens to me because im not a retard who falls
Still better than twilight
This acting is on point 👏🏻
Freeze Bro
where's the Sprite tho niqqa?
AndrΞs Villarreal
"Simpsons did it"
this video is nothing but cringe
That didn't solve my problem. It just added another level.
I'll take 300 of them, do you accept rubles?
Victor Berrones
That acting was... award winning.
At this moment in time Wilson is probably wondering why this video's hits have through the roof after nearly 6 years.
You guys are dorks.
X. Y.
I've already copyrighted this, you'll be hearing from my lawyer.
Now boys, you take your shoes off when you're in the house
Zen Ora
I am 35 but I need this.
wayne p
one of my teachers put a tilt switch, battery and buzzer under each chair in the room.. tilt back.. starts buzzing.. cost him about 2 buck each with surplus parts. worked great until janitor took them off off thinking it was student prank..
johnny chebolita calderon
lean back, lean back tutututu
le army has arrived
Alexandre Blanchet
you know this video is old when they mention ZELLERS
Boo Tea
can i still order?
Nick st
hello i would like to purchase one
I'd buy one for thirty bucks
This was six years ago, these guys are probably millionaires by now.
Ed Money
has the 4000 model come out yet?
simpsons did it
walkin dude
simpsons did it.
wow this needs millions of views
Dingle Berryman
I think Thomas Edison already invented something like this, but I'm not 100% sure
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