The Spontaneous Human Combustion Of Mary Reeser

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What caused this woman to burst into flames?


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Mike Fox

Hector Felix

Epoch Aj
My uncle knows someone who was a victim of spontaneous human combustion but the head didn't shrink
Tristan Jung
maverick 01
How the skull shrink you did not talk about that
FellGoat Momma
But can animals burst into flames? I mean it’s HUMAN spontaneous combustion, so...
This ain’t true crime!
mike powers
why do they blackout half of some of the faces in every episode. The names and pictures of the people are public knowledge for the most part so I don't understamd why they try hiding their identities?
Victoria Baltazar
Spontaneous doesn't mean instantly. In scientific terms, it means that it will happen without an input of energy to start the reaction.
Sydney Murphy
Sees the symptoms and causes of human combustion Well I guess that’s one of the possible deaths I could have
Brendahayz Pxh
i enjoyed shane's flipbook of her combusting a little too much (sorry)
Mrudula Tirumalasetty
Make sure to smash the like button and burn the subscribe
Esther Toft Mariager
"Not a good Night" Ahahahahah, i love Shane
Anthony Amos
As a steel forger 3000 degrees isn’t as hot as they act
this might sound ridiculous but what if it was some kind of voodoo stuff?
Sarah Bryant
Did anyone think about the medicine she was taking ?
Liz L
Highly doubtful the 💀 shrunk. Bones dont shrink. I believe it's a chemical unbalance in her body.
Seriaz Sound
How about electricity!? It can be isolated to burn a body without spreading to the surrounding if prepared right, its extremely hot and doesn't need fuel, its source may be hard to determine as it can be lead via metal or other substances that wouldn't necessarily show burning marks. It can cut parts off, such as lighting strikes a branch off a tree, witch may be the reason said foot didn't burn all the way as it was separated from the rest of the body and probably fell to the ground. It wouldn't cause as much attention either as its way faster and doesn't have to raise for hours to shoot flames hot enough to cause such damage. Also....if applied deliberately to the victim using some type of generator, car batteries etc... its source could have been removed and if the body was as severely burned as described, forensics may had a hard time figuring if force was applied. Maybe her son, the doctor, experimented with shock therapy?
maybe she had a heart attact or slept in while having a cig, died, and then it lit her on fire
Jazz G
Just had to google 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit into Celsius as I’m English . America is the only industrialised country in the world to still use Fahrenheit so to all my non American people 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit is 1648.889 degrees Celsius. Now no one else needs to look it up :) have a nice day all :)
Hell no my fire alarm just beeped out of no where. I'm clicking off this video, goodbye.
Lance Rogoschensky
is this a comedy? Lmfao
Amanda Westman
Maybe the reason she didn't try to put herself out is because she died before she caught on fire. If she has a stroke or heart attack and couldn't move them she wouldn't be able to put herself out. That would also cause her to have trouble calling for help. During her episode she could have dropped the cigarette on her clothing and then you know what happens from there. They also wouldn't be able to tell if she burned pre or post mortem because there wasn't enough left of the body to determine this. I know it doenst fill in all the gaps but ya know...just a thought.
Anzy Hester
Didn’t you say at the beginning she was taking some pills? Couldn’t that lead to her not know she was on fire and etc.
It was the wind, right Shane?
This is not supernatural but some random case :/
Lauren o3o
Am i the only one who was dying when it said it was plausible because its possible but is it plausible
no one gonna comment on how the list was said, fit with the music for just a few seconds there 9:43
"Go on mother- eat the pills."
K. Animation
This week on Buzzwheeze Unsolved
G.A.M Alexander Dering
The video time is 13:37 leet
Surianath Selvanayagam
The foot didn’t catch on fire because she probably suffocated from the smoke by the time she woke up or she had a heart attack / died due to old age so the cigarette dropped on her clothing and burnt her. Her other dog was probably not surrounded and a little differently positioned from flammable material thus leaving it out.
Hannah Adams
People catch fire all the time. Be it human combustion or surgical fires. Around 600 of those happen every year in the us. Making that nearly 2 times a day. If you think about it, we're just big ol candles where our fatty tissue just acts as the wax and our bones and clothes the wick.
so... this girl is on fire?
Benjamin Valentine
extremely rare factual supernatural spontaneous human combustion, solved.
Chloe Bohn
" someone is making bacon , maybe I'll do the same " 😂
Alyssa and Friends
At the end when they’re like There’s no real answer. Was she a victim of spontaneous combustion, did a cigarette light her on fire? I was really hoping they would actually say did a fireball come through the window and catch her on fire!
Mummywolfy -
Are you sure her surname wasn't actually Winchester?
Jessica Sycostiee
What about her son?
Damn you aliens
The Microwave
Spontaneous human combustion happens most often in elderly woman and alcoholics which mary was both
luke brown
monisha Sivakumar
If this is because of spontaneous combustion then why did the door knob so hot???
Aspiritcat Aj
I'm bored so I'm watching Theese haunted house things
Yup very bad doctor giving out pills without a prescription is unethical to say the least.
Okay so she took Seconal. Here's what Wiki says about Seconal:
Commonly known as Reds or Red Devils a barbiturate. Many have accidentally overdosed on them.
Secobarbital sodium (marketed by Eli Lilly and Company, and subsequently by other companies as described below, under the brand name Seconal) is a barbiturate derivative drug that was patented in 1934 in the United States.[2] It possesses anaesthetic, anticonvulsant, anxiolytic, sedative, and hypnotic properties. In the United Kingdom, it was known as quinalbarbitone. It is the most frequently used drug in physician-assisted suicide within the United States

So her son gave her pills that are used in physician assisted suicide, let her keep her cigarettes so she could sleep smoke. She was smoking but was in such a deep drug induced sleep that the pain of burning didn't wake her up. Either that or she accidentally overdosed while smoking. Passed out, died THEN dropped a lit cigarette which burned her. The wicking of her body fat caused the fire to remain in and burn hot only where she sat and did not spread due to lack of combustibles. SOLVED
Darko Z
Acetone = Ketone - Acetate = Aldehyde (clearly not the same thing) a lesson in chemistry is what you are missing
Some guy From the internet
I think all the wax from the candle melted from the extreme heat but because no direct fire was on the wick thats why it stood up right and wasnt burnt
Jason Todd DCUO
Why the hell is this on supernatural?
Artsy Lynn
St petersburg.... I live like half an hour away fom st petersburg im in Tampa.
Amyra Jeffries
Constantly thinking im gonna set on fire

Plz help me
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