George Michael 'became recluse because he hated the way he looked'

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George Michael saw almost no one. Beloved, it seems, by the whole world, he had become genuinely reclusive over the past five years.
He was last seen on Christmas Eve, watching a torchlight procession from his windows as it reached the church which is next to his house in picturesque Goring-on-Thames, Oxfordshire.
One of his few regular visitors was his childhood best friend, the singer and songwriter David Austin. He would also periodically see his sisters, Melanie and Yioda. Only those closest to him were permitted to penetrate George Michael’s private screen.
On Christmas Eve, George didn’t go to midnight mass at the local church, although he had been in previous years. George’s boyfriend, Australian celebrity hair stylist Fadi Fawaz, had been seen in the village earlier that day.

Rosco Pico
6:35 hung like a budgie's tongue
Deke Tator
He didn't hate playing the meat flute!!!
George looks just like Bam Bam Bigelow in the far right pic 0:16
anna hayes
Is that really him?
foreigner fan
Drugs kill. Learn that kids. Love ya GM
June P Woo
We all get old and none of us like the we look so I am tired of them saying that GM did not like the way he looked. RIP George Michael. You don't have to deal with those small minded prying eyes.
The last photo in the restaurant is not George Michael - take a good look - we all know what he looks like. An Italian fan took his autograph and photo outside his home two weeks prior to his death and he looked his usual self, fit and positive. The press can be evil and make you believe whatever they want.
Garrielee Peck
poor man seemed so unhappy .very sad he ended up this way .frighted of how people would think of the way he looked my god the man was getting older fucking people aways want to be unkind and nasty towards people .fucking messed up world we really live in
Davina Stanton
No Drugs. No Murder. No Aids. Natural Causes!!!!
nobody died of marijuana yet, but plenty of people indulged in self-destruction because they were surrounded by shallow assholes, for example, the ones that narrate youtube videos with robovoice.
Vim Par
George Michael the unique voice of the century... His beautiful Melodious songs will always remain in our hearts
Roberta Green
When he was young, he was so handsome
p massos
THAT photo is distorted ,taken on some oportunists phone no doubt & sold to the sun news paper , the paper that sensationalises hearsay , george is not here to answer but I wonder what talentless non contrubuting prat is responsible for that photo ,looks fake to me rip george not everyone is decent like you
Marthese Grixti
george an angel loved him rip💟💔💖💗🌷🌷🌷🌷
if he felt that way, he should have gotton Nutra- System, and get a face lift. he would have looked really good again. with his money, he could have gotton the best!!
he was a pretty boy in his day.
When your critical of self plus "perfectionist" you wont wanna be seen if your not as good as you normally were. SHAMEFULL. Makes you wanna run and hide away from anyone who knew you in better times. And that's what he did. Axle Rose was also hard on himself. ITs good but has some behind closed doors set backs and heart downing drops other types don't know about. Drugs and ill company obviously make everything worse.
Self shame, destruction? "Be careful the company you keep" a good book warned.
6:25 I think he was shy , sad, ashamed, depressed, lost. That's slippery slope transformation.
3:30 BINGO ! Where were the real fans to deter and condemn ill company? Fake friends and yes men and misery love company = demise. Sorry no real destant people intervened. Just like Amy Winehouse needed guidance,, a Shepard. This destruction became normalised, accepted in that circle a smut. Some people who disagreed told him so. Shame he never listened. His father must be hurt. Wrong reckless path lead to destruction. " Your Body's Your Temple "
pam bailey
OMG I didnot know George Michael died!! He was truly beautiful a beautiful man with a beautiful heart and a beautiful voice!!!!😩so so sad !!! rest in peace George Michael!!!!!
David Crandall
Imagine the world if where nobody did addictive/deadly drugs and alcohol. So many would still be alive and not locked up.
no name
Elvis lives!
B. Bailey
look at that last pic of him in 2016 in the first cluster photo timeline - his head is about 8 times the size of his hand. all out of proportion - i think it was photoshopped. anything for some dirt - what about who he was, what he gave to the world? is that all erased by some weight gain? i'd like to see any critics try living a life half as giving as his was! these so called "media" are so low and disgusting.
Sayla Thyda
money don't make happy but sandiness. n lots
Gemma Corcoran
Do you know what?!! I've turned the sound of on this but I just want to say I'm severely peed off with all this?! sick of seeing this crap come up on my phone because I'm a fan, Leave the beautiful man rest in peace, leave his family & loved ones alone, yes he was troubled, give him the peace he sorely always wanted & deserved! bloody media! this is the first & last time I will respond to this crap I see! Leave the man alone!!!! grrr!!!!! No doubt some troll will try & reply to this but I won't be looking! enough is enough now already!!!!!
Наталья Гуляева
Наркотики изменили его до неузнаваемости. Видна его отечность, явно проблемы с сердцем. Очень жаль его! R.I.P.
The Pale Horse
Most of the "very talented" people who became very famous and rich, became very miserable, depressed and ended up like him because there is one "ingredient" missing - GOD. So sad but true.
Sharon Kay Bowen Davis
it's Sad that this is the ending of many celebrities. Vanity is the #beast that says you must be a size zero, and look a certain way to be worthy of love .Not true people. Some one will always see you're inner beauty. you must also be likewise, open to others :flaws. and all, if you're kind loving. and treat others well believe me there is someone waiting, and looking for that one person and needs the love that you unconditionally. Gave .Love and be open to receiving flawless kind of love to all peeps Peace, and 😍 love
Talented and generous guy. RIP George.
In Visible
Now we are too lazy to actually speak. Stupid auto-voice videos. Only stayed long enough to type. I'm out.
Let him be, let him rest. Sweet dreams George & thank you ❤️
It's funny. We were the same age, both half Greek, I saw him many times running around London while I worked the club scene and was well known, people used to mistake me for him and now, like GM, after illness, I put on weight and have become a recluse. Didn't do the drugs though, which was unusual working the scene in London at the time. Maybe I should have considering how health conscious I was before it became a trend and yet health wise I am worse than many hard core people I used to know.
Rosemary Jackson
no matter how you looked to us we still loved you George you were a wonderful person that did so much for alot of people you will be miss rip
greg person
its so sad that such a generous attractive talented man died in such a horrible way!!! he really represented the good times with his music and cared more about others than himself!!!! I will always love and respect George he had actually slimmed down before his passing, died way too young love you George!!!;
Vegas would have LOVED this man!!!!!!!!!!
Why in the hell didn't GM play The Coliseum in Caesar's Palace??!!
Luke Connors
drugs ruin lives and most famous singers died from drugs its sad
He took the drugs to help him cope with being gay if he had a woman and kids he would still be alive and healthy, it can't be much fun being gay having to suck so many cocks to for fill the need, poor man lost the plot an probably killed himself, he probably planned it for xmas day, God will have him singing in heaven R.I.P
Juan Lozada
rest in peace George Michael
Marge onthat
He always was an ugly POOF bastard!
I know how he feels, one minute you're 19 years old and as hot as a lava lake in Hawaii then nek minit, your old frumpy and wrinkled :(
Emily Cigliano
Lord be with him. Soooo talented, a great friend, generous, handsome, oodles of cash...but no happiness. F**** drugs will do it every time. The food addiction made him just scary looking, and a very serious homosexual addiction all contributed to the man's demise. They have been very hush hush about his HIV status. GOD made woman for man...not man for man or woman for woman. It is written.
Jacqueline Holdcroft
It came as a shock when I heard that the 'Young Gun' yet another one of my well loved artists had gone well before there time. How selfish of them,. But he certainly left his mark so, as long as he's still partying, his music will still see me out. X
Dennis Wheatley
omg...... I love all his music ... wonderful and timeless.. ForEver_ young
Jim moore
Oh, George, it's clear you were depressed mate and you really needed professional help to understand we all get old and chubby and can't stay young forever. George, you gave so much to the world and we will never forget you, sir. Drugs took my daughter and it's the devil's potion and it's such a shame this happened to you. How lonely must you have been? R.I.P George.
Cherie Graham
God gave us this thing called free will. the media and people need to stop judging people, cuz we all got to stand before God, can we just love one another
Richard Lanningham
I don't like George Michael
Christine, sorry for the comments, I went a bit crazy, he was truly a very handsome man.
Christina darling take that to the bank! Ha Ha! you piece of shit!!!
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