George Michael 'became recluse because he hated the way he looked'

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George Michael saw almost no one. Beloved, it seems, by the whole world, he had become genuinely reclusive over the past five years.
He was last seen on Christmas Eve, watching a torchlight procession from his windows as it reached the church which is next to his house in picturesque Goring-on-Thames, Oxfordshire.
One of his few regular visitors was his childhood best friend, the singer and songwriter David Austin. He would also periodically see his sisters, Melanie and Yioda. Only those closest to him were permitted to penetrate George Michael’s private screen.
On Christmas Eve, George didn’t go to midnight mass at the local church, although he had been in previous years. George’s boyfriend, Australian celebrity hair stylist Fadi Fawaz, had been seen in the village earlier that day.

No matter what he looks like he is alwys beautiful, there was really no need to post this i dont care what you want to prove he is always most talented and most beautiful singer vocalist in all time. Christmas day I lost my breath when i saw the post of his passing. From his Wham! days to 25 Live part of my teenage and young age has died at night. I remember the day seeing him the Freddy Mercury tribute- i was 13 - he stole the whole show and I certainly found somebody to love and I won' t let the sun go down on him....George Michael will be George Michael the legend and beautiful sex symbol vocalist. No matter what he looked when suffering depression at age 53...
public static
BS he aint dead just stepped off the world stage that's how they do it
Mike Hawk
It can be tough to get older for some of us, even more-so if you have any kind of drug or alcohol dependency. Add to that relationship issues and you can have severe depression. I'm the same age GM was and I get very depressed a lot of the time since becoming disabled five years ago (Parkinson's). With that typically comes weight gain because you become immobile. I was always slim and fit but no more and it really takes a toll on you knowing how you *used* to look. RIP dear George.
this is absolutely not true. Google George Michael's last interview.
GuardianDominatusGuardina Dragan
why narrator talk like idiot?!
Constance Constance
Paparazzis is criminels !
Your Case Worker
HAHA.. Penetrate....I'm sure there were many penetrators.
Rob Peters
what was he depressed about ?
kezik kn
George probably missed Kenny... jealous Fadi probably didn't like it.... something strange had happened.... but dont think George shied away from anything esp his looks... he've had his days.....
Sara Veretout
Who is this fat bastard ? LOL
OFFICIAL Heather Combs; †eardrღps †hat †angღ
"Heartless pictures on TV. Turn that channel that could've been me." -George Michael, White Light. Fadi & George were broken up for 9 months. Have some RESPECT!
tamu malone
When he does the falsetto tones I get chills! I loved when he did duets!
tamu malone
Didn't know he was soo shy. No matter how he looked his voice and stage presence did the talking.
Patti Reeves
I agree with Geraldine Mitchell comment on battling depression and addicted.
Valerie B
c'est trop bête...c'est la beauté de l'âme et du coeur qui compte...les vrais fans savent faire la différence....le corps n'est qu'une il avait un coeur gros comme ça il fallait bien une enveloppe adaptée... autant le dire de cette façon, il Y aura toujours des détracteurs....
Dani F
I swear Charlie Murphy is a prophet: Cocaine ISSS a Hell of A Drugg
S Jona
you will all hate me what am i going to say,but English society are partly responsible for this happening.You always stres on how celebrity should or shoudnt look like.If he had any problems with depression ,what the hell were doing his nearest friends??!! This is how u people treat others,you just SAY things, but dont always mean it.So he NEEDED not parties and alcohol in his home! He needed professional help and help from boyfriend,I WOULD NEVER allowed my LOVE to take any pills any drugs,i would be there 24hours.Did he put on weight?I would help him again.But if his friends were Kate Moss or similar people ,he couldnt learn anything good or right.I will miss his voice ...what a loss...HE DIDNT look like a man who WANTED to die.i refuse to believe such a crap.
HE missed his Mother whom died and of course was intangible to him. He adored her.
Perhaps he was not totally 100 percent Gay.
This I believe.
His only intimate close-ness to any female was MOM>
Everyone needs a bit of MOM.
I guess Yogs experiment with consuming only vegetables to lose weight marijauna didn't work.
yasamin shid
Pasi Jokisalo
Bädavid bowieda
RIP George - LEGEND.
Nobody ever dies from marihuana! So why mention it then.
N Alsa Whisperer
+@Geraldine Mitchell. Agree very much
Lorena Padilla
Rest in peace Michael. You are safe now .
Wayne Fay
we all remember George at his peak
poor bugger, he simply highlights tragic human failings
not all aging gay icons end up like this..... (Hi Elton!!)
George Michael's boyfriend Fawaz was a porn star. Showing you right there that GM never found love.
carl webb
When your ass is plowed and truck stops are far away wanting cock and needing dick bending over feels so good.
Edwin Cancel II
One of my favorite blue-eyed soul singer. I'm gonna miss you.
Rick Mars
if George had repeatedly gotten my 11.5 in his sweet. fuck hole, he would b alive today.!! heehee
Steve B
....says the girl who is blessed with good looking genes!!! Bet you wouldn't say that if you were a 1/10!!
well its true. last christmas i gave you my heart, the very next day you throw it away. only a coward takes his life i looked up to george as a kid love his music.
Wacky Jackscum
He Became recluse because he was dying of AIDS, we know he was HIV positive.
susan howell
Why can't people just leave him alone!!!
if your a nice person you wont judge ppl on appearance i absolutely am heartbroken George is dead i hope he didnt die thinking he was hated for his appearance or for being gay . This life is so bloody hard but people make other peoples life harder.And people can also make each other happy too. I think George thought whatever was in the papers is what the whole world thought He was such a nice guy a real softy. Usually this can wiegh on a persons mind adding depression into the mix and its detrimental.Rip George i will miss u so much x
DeeDee Love
omg this is not about people believe everything...its about $$$$$$$$$$$
attilio antonucci
Gruvy Graphics
This is a very sad clip.
James M
it aint that...its all those fu%$in leeches and hangers on. Fake fu%$in friends. Where were they when the dude needed them? Jimmy Corden for example, he was IN FU%$IN LONDON FOR CHRISTMASFOR FU$#S SAKE!!! DID that fu$#head even pick up his phone to call George?
Marine DC
In the British newspapers are suspicious of George Michael's death they interviewed his boyfriend this week the rumours that his boyfriend may have murdered him when he found out that George was dead you slept in his car for the night outside George's house in the street for some particular reason and I he's under Suspicion of George's murder they did do an autopsy this week and George's death was over lethal overdose of drugs something like that
Alex Cuda
You will be forever missed!! George you are a legend❤️
Deon Van der Westhuizen
He was a fat fairy....
Tremeka Wilson
Dang let the man rest in peace!!!!!😡😡😡
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