Abby Arenas
Incredible!! Your grandfather left such an amazing legacy. One doesn't die when the heart stops beating, they die when the memories cease to exist. Pass on those beautiful memories to your future children. I look forward to seeing you reach stardom. What is the name of this song?
Carol Unger
Beyond beautiful to listen too
Shalonda Edwards
Just simple beautiful!!! Love it felt every note omg ur grandfather is so proud of u. Keep it up sweetie u going places
Derek Wilkes
Her grandfather would be more than proud, such a beautiful girl and an incredible singer, she made me feel proud listening to her beautiful voice.
Host Cafe
Blanca Estela Vieyra Fernรกndez
Dios le ha regalado un don maravilloso!! Bendiciones
shyann lowe
I'm a singer to but not an amazing opera singer like u. I can relate I also lost my father I'm Soo srry. When I go on America's got talent I want to sing for my father to
William Oliver
all i can say is woooooooowwwww.
jarmo hiironen
Wow...beautiful singer...a amazing voice
Ricki Banks
wow wow touching story
Areli Castro
The for posting that video
Angelo Morgano
Laura, your grandfather made a star! You areca azioni! He is watching and guiding you from above!
Susie Gomes
Veronica Minchaca
Like her singing ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜“๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜“
Deborah Fortin
What a beautiful story of your experience with your grandfather in this lifetime! Thank you so much for sharing as you've inspired and uplifted people everywhere! And the energy and passion you bring coupled with your unique authenticity is sooo beautiful and I'm so grateful I was one of the people who had the privilege of hearing your story and your song and witness your beautiful energy. Remember dear soul that your grandfather hasn't in anyway 'left', he is just no longer in a physical body yet he is very much within and around you and more powerfully than ever before. You know you can feel and hear him when you focus on him and not the lack of him. You're a beautiful example of what success (personal and otherwise) that we can achieve when we follow our bliss/joy and hold gratitude and appreciation in our foresight. Have fun and stay happy :)
"Heaven sent!" Thank you, thank you, you beautiful baby girl! May God continue to bless you angel. Your vocals has been touched by angels. Blessing blessings, sweet pea.
frances gaffiero 46
Laura, you are amazing! Your grand father is watching you from heaven and he is so happy and proud of you. You are unique...never heard a 13 year old singing so beautifully. You are going to be a very famous star. Take my word.
Kevin Flynn
Se is a living miracle of God.
Mareyke Rondonuwu
Sarah nice to see you again! Last year I follow u singing in AGT. I really like the way u sing u have a gifted voice ! I'm so sure that u will win AGT but I was so disappointed u didn't go trough ! But is ok ! u r already a star....!
Anna-Marie Boone
How the hell can any of you haters leave rude comments, this is amazing, she is celebrating her grandfather, y'all pitiful shaming should be ashamed of yourselves
fazrina gani
i'm crying right now..๐Ÿ˜ญ That was such an awesome performance from you..
Bessie Wilson Barron Wilson Barron
Laura congratulations your voice is amazing and beautiful continue your amazing voice a blessing with the new beginning of Life with the future with light and you be touched by the Stars amen
Maria Crush
I didnt understand the lyrics but gosh goosebumps
Sarah Jane Leones
I'm crying when I found out that her grandfather passed away. And I'm amazed what she sing even if I don't understand. I'm proud of you Laura. And your grandfather would be proud of you
RedDevils 43
Janet Manoukian
Iulian Dutu
proud to be Romanian
LegalShield Barbara
Laura you are future Maria Callas!! Beautiful voice###
Dennis Vestby
Amazing. Young Lady.
Tiffany Daughtry
I am sorry for ur lost he would be happy for you a lot๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ˜ข
So sad feel bad for her
Dioxide FTW
What is with the lighting quality?
Jean Semcer
Luzminda Umpad
So beautiful voice laura
Manuela Ziem
So beautiful! Please note: Laura sung this song for her Grandfather, not her Dad. Please correct the tag line.
victoria lopez
My heart is soaring because of your love
Louis Youngrenz
Ohw Very Sad...This song makes me sad because I do not know the meaning of this song
Den Zaharo
What's the name of the Opera song??
Leilanne vlog or gaming
hope her grandfather or dad saw this cuz he would have been proud but he will always be looking out for her
dadi anjaneyulu
Wondar Full
Don't tread On me
Kay Watson
Such a beautiful voice and her Granddad would be so proud. Laura, you are so blessed with that voice. God bless you.
Anesidora C
Your grandfather would be so proud of you. Keep following your dreams. Your such a beautiful young girl. May your grandfather Rest In Peace. God bless you.
rogelio raandaan
very touching story and very nice voice
cynthia diniz
Beautiful Song
venus jackson
Phoenix Augustine
started tearing up :(
judith bunting
Your grandfather is proud of you...You are amazing!!!!! You sound like an angel...
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