Rarww_ema Emilija
Her channel grows but she's still a boy with no butt xd I love her so much. Everytime i see a new video i go staight to it (and i mean straight like my pee pee (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) Anyways i love her so much !! You (Lizza) made a wonderful channel where in every video we can laugh.Thank you so much and thanks for everything !!!
Janie Lang
What's the song called?
Bhorkar Eesha
2:05-3:00 wuz kinda like a movie trailer.
Holographic Unicorn
This looks and sounds like a trailer of a movie “10million people with Liza”
Bhorkar Eesha
3:43 It's the voices inside my head. And they say thanks for the check.
samantha johnson
I actually started crying when she was playing a montage of clips from old videos it was so amazing
samantha johnson
Liza you deserve everything you have! You are amazing. Whenever I am upset I go on YouTube and I watch you. love you liza
horse girl!
Now she is almost to 13M

Edit: I cried because I released that she is the best thing in the world
Vanessa Longhurst
she has the same amount of subs as IISUPERWOMANII
JustRandomThingsStuff Yeah
Awesome editing
Realistic Potato
blinks twicewhispers help me, I need lots of help. I mean I need mental help. I.. I'm done.
I am sooooooooooooooo happy for you good gob Liza
Bob Roberts
I love how she has all her characters together like one big happy family! THATS FWEAKIN DOPE-A!
Toni Marrast
you are best
Simone Thrane Rasmussen H8B Højene undervisningssted
You are amazing! My favorit youtuber ever!
that crazy girl
You put your heart into the videos and don't think your better then everybody else. You deserve the 26 million nipples and 20 million...other things... I like every video before I watch it. You deserve the whole world of subscribers. I love you and continue to watch your videos
that crazy girl
Liza, you are an amazing girl (or boy) who is very pretty. You are really good at this and you are my idol. I look up to you. I want to be you some day. David is very lucky to have you, a very pretty girl (or boy) as his girl(or boy) friend. I hope you know you make me smile every morning and make me look forward to the day ahead of me. Keep on living life as it comes abs doing what makes you happy. Thank you so much for every thing you've done, like making me happy, or making me laugh and helping me through tough times.
Meche Lema
make merch liza
Dez Shepherd
She got 2 more million subscribers (1 is me) in the last 4 months
Dez Shepherd
Make that 12 million subscribers 💖💖
Slimeblog 56
anyone else realize that liza got 2 million subscribers in 4 months? that’s “freakin dope bro!” -baby liza ♥️♥️
Mackenzie Malacara
In less than a year you made 2 million more! Liza is amazing! Like if you agree!
skooter Austin
Natalie Zebley
YAY LIZA!!!!!🎉🎉😄😁😆🤯
Ellie Northmore
U are so cute I wishi could be your bestfreind
Onkabetse Tladi
This video is like a trailer for a movie 😄😄😄
You’re so awesome
T'Kiya Ebron
Liza: I just don't know how to say thank you

Carlos: Gracias

Liza: I'ma kick yo Gracias

Carlos: Is that a threat or a promise
Home Williams
This was about to make me cry
Maša Kosednar
Oh look, 5k people liked this video so much, they turned the screen upside down and liked it then
Blue Galaxy
I love you Liza!!!
C and J nation
There are 7 billion people in the world
Wacky Producktions
This made me cry
Trisha Badminton
She already with subs has the youtube silver, gold and diamond awards.
Trisha Badminton
12 million now
sara carrion
2:05 CHESSEY/COOL MONTAGE NOW! Btw it is really funny that I just saw the first video on the montage! lololololol
Lisa Lundgren
okay now ladies, JEEETT
Lisa Lundgren
Liza: are you kidding?

Little Liza: I'm a kid
Little Liza: ... ding.
Anupriya Tiwari
So during this time right now (nov. 2017) she has 12 million, but also during this time only 1 million decided to say ur welcome by liking this vid. HOW RUDE!!!
Lola Lerson
What was the song she used in the montage???
Lizza you deserve every single on of them
we love liza we will always be there
Faridah Hameed
You rock Liza!
Lpssweetheart Fan
Little Baby Rosie Posie
She needs 20M subscribers right fweakin now
Lilianna McClain
Liza deserves all the subscribers she has and more.

I swear I'm a stalker
U now have 12 million well done
Fancy CoolCat
liza u should do an intro for Jet
Demi de Wolf
Cadence Pisa
Helga I love ur shirt xd
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