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Ghofur Muhammad
Suares diving
Ghofur Muhammad
Enterainment Education
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Riyan Rizah
why did sergio ramos push suarez
Rashid Madni
Fuck that refree!
Zara Bahce
Suarez orda düşmedi😠
hasya abdillah02
Barcelona 👎
Arsensio cannot score normal goals
King W11
What barca does in a game takes madrid 2 games!
anmol singh07
Wise Mechanic
Ever since Messi took off his shirt in Bernabeu Ronaldo has been doing workout for his abs. Fortunately it was a great goal. I am pretty sure he would have shown off the same way if he scored a penalty or tap in. But, he is dumb enough not to realize that Messi did that in the 93rd minute. However, it turned out good for Asensio in both games. He could never have been able to do that had with Ronaldo on the pitch.
Lennyn L
Lol he missed at 6:53
Jeffy Jeffy
HAHAHAHA Suarez acting skills are perfect
j gamer
Deus e justo
Wus Channel
Subcribe my channel
Kerem Korkmaz
Messi ist scheiße
esto es falso
Tony Cherkash
Комментатор ебанутый какой-то
hamza akbari
Schould be 5-0
Anh Nguyễn
trọng tài bắt như lồn. vậy mà cũng cầm còi. trọng Tài Chó
Anh Nguyễn
hơn con Cặt Ronaldo hả. đồ chó mầy biết con Cặt gì mà nói Ronaldo
Anze Kolaric
Fuck youu!!!
Zebulun Mooralie
When was this match?????
The commentator are so annoying
kwazakwazakquaqzzabolaza Raffi
Crazy washit
Elaa Real Madrid
Yara Nascimento
Chora barcelona
Gaara Tohoshinki
udah di por 10 orang masih kalah aja si kadal bancilona cok
Shiv Chauhan
win lose or tie, barca till i die, but why the red for ronaldo? i din't get it. if someone did, please tell me.
Мадрид я всегда с тобой 😍
Teguh Pertama
keyla gaming
ilove real madric
Soccem Productions
Lol that pen he didn't touch him😂😂😂
Carlos Ruiz
Robaldo no yso nada arbitro culiao
Yeni Depo
Anup Dhungana
Omg have you seen the match 3-2 Barc won

Brayan Ruano
like si ese suarez es lloron
like si eres del Real MMadreid <3
Ahmet Özel
Reel = Ronaldo
Ahmet Özel
Batman şehri
Darielly Hass
Caralho, assisti sem som esse video. HorriveL.
Kais Khebrara
Manny Herrera
Fucking Pessi
Jose menuel Flores bravo
pura vida y hala Madrid
Jose menuel Flores bravo
put... colegiado
Jose menuel Flores bravo
put.. suarez por lo menos ganor el Madrid
Death Stroke
this Arab commentry is fuckin lit af, I wish I could understand that
Christian Alcolea
Una puta mierda bqzofi
Senol Eren
Nice goal asencio...
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