Bad Uber Driver | Inanna Sarkis & Hannah Stocking

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Inanna Sarkis
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Maegan Challa
This should be a move 😃😄
Roxannsdays kik
Roxy is my nickname,because my name is Roxanna
Tej Shah
inanna Sarkis I am your Air Condisnor. please marry me
Billy Boy
"Did you call an uber welfare" melvin 😂😂😂😂😂😂
YK Major
Reminds me of Mila Kunis
Emma McCall
love it
kyla bond
i subcribed
Valeria Azua
A&O Weekly
"Its woman intuition" lmao that had me dying 😂 😂 😂
i wont you to mac mor vereyos jeslennyn
someone trying to hit on his girlfriend the same way ))
jes bate
please don't sware i'm only 9
Does she actually smoke
vercelia young
Hannah stocking is so funny
vercelia young
Hannah stocking is ducking hot
Nick Sergi
First 600 people to like this will win a 1000 dollar gift card to Walmart and a trip to maine
Erikos Mitropanos
2pac for ever Inanna
Jackie Rico
I love her so much😂❤️❤️😭
Libby Whitehead
Why is Inanna so freaking amazing
Valerie Castillo
I love this!!!!!! 😂💙👏🏼
King David
King David
Zoro - minecraft and more
Inanna u are a savage woman
Lily Moreno
I did not no inanna smoke
Hassan Mishref
Nofication squad were yall at btw i was late
Jinraya Jirungseewattana
To prevent this, use a cab
Twannah!!!!! 😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😱😱😏😏😏
Caleigh Kitson-Baker
Do you have a musical acount
irvin cordova
Lol is funny😂
Medha Dhital
I didn't know inanna smoked
Vannah Jay
I like you. I'm subscribing right now 🤗
I'm pretty sure she's a great uber driver.
K.c And Torie
thassss drakeee
Bela Walker
do you actually smoke
Shih Rulz
the last guy was looking for a girl and that girl was Hanna in the beginning!
Ev in
is that the Insta model? the hot one?
xo1jessieee __
Imagine if there was an uber driver like this xD
Briana Williams
your videos are always the best quality
Jadyn Smith
When the last person got in her car and he was on the phone and said, "Someone dropped her off at a random place" I was like 😱 THAT WAS HANNAH
Dek Fjdj
Hey can you watch Logan to videos about the whole song music when he was mad at his brother yeah and yeah it said because I think some of the song OK one today is a Cottington could you take temperature of your friends that's what you should be content team 10 oh wait OK I'm missing some of Logan song.
Patricia Guadalupe
Do you smoke
Katie Lyle
I can't believe she smokes
Alexis Rendon
Cool song all eyez on me
Vixie is gamingwithyou
what are you doing on youtube you can be a starplus i love your acting soo much
Zara Loves you
She smokes!!
Savage Chloe
#Twannah was sooo real in this video
Serena Tucker
I love your vidos
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