Paul Joseph Watson
Great actor, shit environmentalist.
El Tito Litos ¡VideosDiarios!
You mother is complete idiot
Md. Idris Ali Pramanik
who disliked this video
Thank you, as an Albertan, who decided to crap on us on global warming while he doesn’t take what he’s doing and what’s happening at home.
Michael Harrison
How the fuck else is he supposed to get across the atlantic you twat?
Just Passing Through
All that botox in his forehead has seeped into his brain...
Татьяна Халява
He also had sex with Weinstein to get that Oscar!!!
Think of this statement.. " National Security" People do not think economy they think bombs but it is definitely Economy. If we kept the oil in the ground it makes us dependent and weaker. Think on that one !
lexie Lexie
Just Me
I didn't like him for more reasons than I realised.
No respect for any of these sell outs.
Mike G
The liberal Hollywood mantra..."Do as I say, not as I do".
Leanardo Di piece of shittio
Ethan Ghoura
How else is he suppose to travel around in time stfu at least he’s preading awareness you hypocrite.
Dajah Warfield
So he's a hypocrite... That's all you had to say
catalyst Hypnosis
Dude you're channel is awesome how can you be so on point and like an obvious ConMan trump.
David Sole
So others believe Leo's head looks like it's getting bigger too, I'm glad I'm not the only one......hahaha
Tony Giordano
Paul Joseph Watson, you have it; ie. power, truth, performance. Bravo!
cf. my youtube: The Art of Men Acting
las 99
OMG what a clown!!!!!
Calling all climate deniers [sociopaths], big meeting tonight so get ready. Put on your bestest dirty wife beater t-shirt, slick back your hair with some animal fat, make sure your ankle bracelets have fresh batteries. Special guest tonight little green men in tights, and if you are really good we will have Barney the big purple dinosaur perform his special magic trick and make 459 trillion metric tons of pollution and carbon monoxide disappear. We do have a cell phone if you need to call your parole officer and a drug dealer who will refill your prescriptions of stupid pills.
TruthHurts 777
have we forgotten that money is made of wood. printing too much money and building too many buildings is killing the rainforest and other forested areas. This is endangering every species that relies on trees for food and shelter, making the ground unstable and prominent to landslides, and it's making our atmosphere's Ozone layer weaker making us more vulnerable to sun radiation along with everything else. If you want to stop the world weather from getting out of hand, and avoid the hole sun burns the world with an inevitable solar storm thing, then STAHP CUTTING DOWN TREES!!! And Start Planting Trees Instead. You are all stupid for not seeing this. This will probably be ignored but this will solve most of the worlds problems. Muslim is a religion that believes that everyone will conform to there beliefs and worship there Allah or they will die. I've historically traced the muslim religion back to it's begining. Allah's name is false he's the king of liars says so in the quran. Muslims started out as Baal cultists. you worship a lie. Baal is in two religions which are paganism where Molech is at his side and they are both worshiped as gods, and there is the Christian religion that says Baal and Molech are among the fallen legion and are described as demons. I don't give a damn if you're a Muslim Your god is called everything Satan is called. King of Liars, God of Worlds, Defiler of mankind, And you even have a system that doesn't permit you to buy or sell unless you have Allah's name on your body, you know like a mark or a badge. Let me give some advice to so called satanists out there, you look damn foolish. 666 is not the mark or symbol of the beast.
TruthHurts 777
I don't even like this guy's movies. Don't like his elitist attitude when he acts.
Paul is a Complete Idiot
Fuzz Man
decrapio is a dumb cunt
Adrian Cheale
Screw you too.
Dethrone Idiocy
Agree with you 100% paul. DiCaprio is a f*cking nut as is the entire hollywood idiot celeb collective.
Emily M
The biggest contributor to global warming is agriculture. You only need to watch Cowspiracy to understand that all this other propaganda is just bullshit.
lora 1111
But he can fly all around,as he lectures us.hrs a pig!!!
martyn spooner
What jumped up hypocrites these celebrity dick heads are so bored with these patronising twats
Global warming is the only thing i disagree witgh Paul
john miller
Yeah he's a little dumb shit. Hollywood is rife with stupid.
Seen threw his puss lips along time ago...
Kenneth Edwards
He said nothing about the Great Gatsby with a hip hop soundtrack. Yes he was only the main actor, but that book is partly about the great music of that era. World gone mad and very stupid. A director with his head up his ass. (Being it's Hollywood, maybe it's not that shocking, just increadably stupid).
Kenneth Edwards
I knew the guy was stupid, but facts are refreshing.
winston smith
Shaune Mellis
What you preach u little shit
Preston Garvey
Leonardo DiCaprio fuckin sucks
Kevin Armstrong
Hypocritical asshole. !
rowdy dowdy
Let me ask you guys something.
Is it normal for one day to be 35 degrees, then 5 degrees on the next day?
Thank you for posting all this months. I choice this channel as my news resources. THANK YOU; GOD BLESS AND LONG LIVE
alejandro Mancebo
Of course he is, He's rich.
Dave Greulich
Don't talk about him that way
Male actors become environmentalists while female actresses become feminists
paul joseph watson is a complete idiot
O Mistério Do Mundo TM
good hahaha
A actor is the smartest person about the environment?
Robert Hood
If Di Caprio were just ignorant of the fact that the sun causes global warming and cooling that would be bad enough but for these actors it's just a case of job security. The entertainers are whores for the Globalists.
wenliang xie
Intro music?
Bill Dabson
Movie stars should stick to what they know like who they are ACTORS
Bill Dabson
LOL you made my day because of this thumbnail
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