Leonardo DiCaprio is a Complete Idiot

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Aren't you just sick and tired of being lectured about your lifestyle by mega rich celebrities?

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Paul Joseph Watson
Great actor, shit environmentalist.
oxane alexandroff
Tu pu
oxane alexandroff
Tu me dégoûtes
Luiza Manhães
You should know before making this that the leading cause of global warming is animal agriculture. I reccomend everyone to watch Cowspiracy, a documentary the own DiCaprio produced. It is about the link between environment and the consume of meat and dairy. I am so grateful for him cause after watching I became a vegetarian, and this was the best choice of my life ever since. I truly believe he is one amazing environmentalist, his work its all about spreading a message that is more efficient than what people learn during high school about turning the lights off and saving water while showering.
William Quinn
1:25 Keep the oil in ground sound. Look at the "hidden" eye! ha ha ha
John Mckenya
Eh...He might be an idiot, but he is an awesome actor
I hope Leo saw this
Dome -
He is a hypocrit, but that doesn't make his message false
Lord Gargamel
Absolutely fucking not.
Fiordalina Rodriguez
good actor Leonardo god bless you
Leonardo DiCaprio Edits
Fuck you
great actor, stupid little man
Pája Č
you Are So fuck*ng idiot ....
roo linson
another one who thinks is god send while dragging everyone down.
joi gilreath
Why do actors think that anybody gives a shit about what they think? Stick to pretending to be someone else.
Jess Wtts
I can't believe this shitty video can get this many likes !! Are people this dumb to misunderstand Leo's caring nature for hypocrisy ??
Jess Wtts
How can you criticize a person like Leo whose only intentions are to Spread Love and Humanity ? He is actually using his fame to make people aware of importance of environment conservation!
Beth Fouchey
To see me in person sometime if he went to that's OK with me and call me sometime is 303-503-6204 has asked me
Beth Fouchey
And they know how many and how can you make people like him but I don't want to like them why she was with a guy for me when he was punching minutes were out of town and I'll do everything I can you come down Siri do you see S journey
Beth Fouchey
I I like Leonardo DiCaprio he is my favorite animal although I am like him know I thinking of him if he I can leave it in him is full album is on route six is born November 11 I need a part he don't know that there's lightning
No More Nuclear
The name for this putz is; GOO GOBBLER.
lol he may be an idiot but whatever he's still smoking hot and an amazing actor so fuck it lmao
i'm sick of being lectured by a bs teller like you though
Scarlet Dicaprio
Scarlet Dicaprio
Eugen Birkheim
Usually, I agree with you... but not in this case... let's be honest, our lives depend on things that are harming this planet. Yes LDC is traveling a lot. But that is normal nowadays. We should not stop traveling, we should look for a better way or less harmful one to do so. The only way for people to completely stop harming the environment is to go extinct. Concerning the rest, I agree with it.
Stewart Kee
What the fuck. The poster of this video is Lecturing us about actors lecturing us. At least the actor is backed up by 98 percent of the scientific community. Most people who live in the real world would see the sense in that. Of course the comments come from people who generally hate on anyone succesfull, populer and talanted. And some just hate on people who vote differently. Sad and pathetic. The idiotic remarks posted by most people give away themselves away when they attack a man for being a hiprocrite because he got in a plane. Oh, I see, if I'm an enviromentalist and I travel from one country to the other by boat or plane that makes me a hiprocrite and then you can safely ignore me. What do you expect. That he sprouts wings and flys across the Atlantic, or that he swim? The other argumeants I heard from your select few supporters are equally pathetic.
R ef
Hollyweird has been and always will be filled with flaky people who pretend to be someone else for a living. Instead of realizing exactly who they are in the big picture....they actually take themselves seriously. They're overpaid , guilt ridden fruit cakes that take "causes" to make themselves feel better about making all that money. Some of them take on their "causes" for PURE PR purposes to give themselves a more "global" appeal even when they have little to no education - research into what they push.
You know what. I believe I'm pretty much on the 'right' side of the political spectrum. And I do like most of your opinions. But I just find it funny that you attack people that talk against climate change. Not only you but Steve Crowder aswell. Please don't be one of those people. I'm from Iceland. The winters aren't really harsh. Like 20 years ago. Each winter was harsh as fuck. But now it is just wet over the winter. Iceland is turning into summer land. Sure I like it. But I don't like people talking about how climate change isn't real or attacking people that bring awareness about it. The climate is changing. Please listen to the scientist and at least Leo is broadcasting awareness about climate change. Maybe he is a hypocrit, but... hey at least he is trying.
Brady Engelhorn
guess he should just drive a Prius around the country then. would that make you happy?
Chandu Jinnu
whatever I love Leonardo DiCaprio
dard slin
Yeah, he is a great actor. You can't expect Hollywood actors to be clever, deep, substantial people of integrity. You will live a life of perpetual disappointment.
Two Fashion Geeks
Leo gives me life! You should shut up 😂
dutch master
external again! this is nothing..
By Their Fruit You Shall Know Them
Leonardo is a Tranny.
Poor Paul, stewing in his envy of the rich and famous. Sad and pathetic when you really think about it.
false news.
Fuck you.
what a corksmoker
fuck him too
Morticia Gravesyde
I got sick of celebrities telling us "normal job" having folk that we need to donate our money to solve the world's problems right around the time I saw Christina Aguilera in a commercial crying about starving children in Africa. Watching this video, and reading the comments here, I'm very glad to see that it wasn't just me being a jealously angry bitch (because, I'll be honest -- that happens sometimes).
Emily Fahy x
YouTube keeps unliking videos I like. Straaaaange.
But is there such thing as an Eco friendly jet?
Olivia Bell
Leonardo DiCaprio is the best person in the world. Your an idiot. There are just some things we can not change in the world. At least he's trying to make a change in the world instead of bagging people in videos
Another One! Another of Hollywoods "finest". STFU!! and do your job! Just do your job! Cuz I dont care about your opinion any more than you care about mine!! F***Stick!!
lemon fish
SHIT HEAD! Stick to acting!
Courtney Jones
Roses are red

Violets are blue

I have fingers

And the middle one is for you
veritas aequitas
fuck this Leo mother fucker
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