Troom Troom
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DonutAthlete donut forget
hi I'm driving (and riding on a ferry!) from North Carolina to Australia and it will take a long time
Chuy Alvarado
Fernando Ramirez
I dont like you
Ama Hairopoulos
your voice is so so so annoying
Kylie Kennedy
Who dabbed When She dab
Raju Saira
omg troom troom i love ur vids ,I think u guys deserve way more subscribers btw can u guys make a video on cartoon inspired decorations
Jenny Ibuos
troom troom
Sz Gro
lol lololololololol
Diana Crocker
You're beautiful
luisa albertine
Golden Boys
I Love this troom troom 😘🤗☺😻
Ujjal Das
I love arts and crafts
Millson Roston Helkena
Cool i subscride😮😮😮
Succhitha Reddiy
Do more p ranking videos🎀
I feel like the bell pepper 🌶 one is eating food bc they are wasting yummy 😋 food like bell peppers 🌶
nsaibia anwar
magnifik 😲😰😗👀💖😍
👍👍👍 I'm love you я из России и знаю что у тебя есть русский канал. По-моему это все знают
Carris Gill
l want new video
Naida Spahić
glupa si preglupa
Anthea Dragomir
som look messy
moni sarkar
amazing tricks
naja abdo
اذکیا ما شا الله علیهم
Its Marii And seyri
When You Comment Something and u know no ones going to like it so you like it your self
Kaja Vukovic
Ivy donut
i used the pencil crayon
Unicorno G
Sono l'unica italiani qui? Saluda Andoniooooo!!!!!!!
Mulki Sahal
Mohammad Asad
Ohh wow
Kawaii Unicorns 101
Hen your mom sees you in at the table painting with peppers and potatoes and you realise they were for your dinner
clara lima
Miley Lara
Noora Ibrahim AlHawai
I'm joking
Noora Ibrahim AlHawai
You can't paint with food
Darah Mendoza
I love watermelon thank u
Manisha Gupta
not useful video 😑😑
Jennie And Sophie YT
Write a word, coat it in gold, ad use it for scrapbooking or your postcard!

Me- go urs one from typo
Mohammad Ali Khan
Aysha Flueck
An "intricate floral" pattern
Yeah right

But I do love the video
Yusuf Khan Khan
Yusuf Khan Khan
Andres Espinosa A
tour en up fuck
Jaquelin Mendez
you are pretty
ABC experience
Suck it suck mr channel
Andris Balodis
Wow 😳
Carolina Pastrana
i dont like the girl with brown hair
SweetPea Games
the painting with no brush
SweetPea Games
heyyyyyy i made that up
Ramguth Khushi
Can you do craft with out hot glue gun and with paper
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