Lightning McQueen - Disney/Pixar's Cars 3

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He's the legend.

Copyright: (C) Disney/Pixar

Funneh The Furry Husky
Lightning Mcqueen
Hey, it's me. :)
Daquan Harrison
There's Everyone's HomeTown Hero, the Piston Cup Legend, Lightning McQueen. Good Luck defeating Jackson Storm in the Florida 400. I believe in you, McQueen
Stick bug
his sporler is make so much drag and if he tuck it if he would go fast I think
Srinivasa Goud SOMAGOWNI
Arturo Cabrera
What song is
Cerikson 04
That's the sound of a real engine
Gage H.
Prince Xean PXW Wijangco
Is jackson storm the thelegend27 now?
Gabriel Dimalanta
what's the song?
hey guys if you remember on cars 1 when mcqueen meet with the rusty car community that mcqueen dont need a headlight but now he have one......
Olivia Sosa
Meet The Legend,Lightning McQueen
Dr Schnukkels
No The King Strip Weathers is the legend
le general lee
gyom renagede fits lightning like a glove
Arion Rebba
What song is this
what song do they use.
Andrew Harrison Jones
Will this be the sequel we deserve?
Marcos River
hieu nguyen
What song is this?
Project X-1269
I promise once I find out the name of this song I'm downloading a 10 hour version ._.
screw the black guy- i mean black car
This is just like the intro from cars 1
Josh Montemayor
Will Lightning's paint job have the regular Rust-Eze logo (seen in this video) in the movie, or will he have the Rust-Eze rebrand?
Mert Cengiz Alpyılmaz
I love You Lighting Mcqueen
Andrea Ordoñez
iiFantasDoge Cookies
Phone:Is this the Grand Pix?
Lightning:No this is Lightning McQueen

Second Phone:Is this the Grand Pix?
Lightning:No this is Lightning McQueen!
Third Phone:Is this the Grand Pix?

Foxcatgaming 2
Hey Disney•Pixar um... I got a question is it possible for you guys to update the wii version of cars 2 where carbon fiber lightnings brake lights will light up because currently they don't. 😺 (also all you who don't really like cars 2 just ignore this comment.)🙀
Khalil Myers
for driven to win, I'll always pick him like I pick sonic in smash bros.
Smg3 Gaming
and on 0:27 turns off
Smg3 Gaming
at 0:26 McQueen has tail lights.Does he finally have lights?
Dominikus Domi
lightning mcqueen is dodge viper srt gts-r
Dominikus Domi
i see the why
top speed is 198 mph
wait he have actual light now
BlairBuster Energy
"I'm comin for you storm"- Lightning Mqueen
Zack Demerin
Great, now make Mater a trailer
Andrew H Jones
Aust1n Craft06
awesome music
The All American Cowboy
Can you do the how to draw a Cars 3 Lightning McQueen,please? I'm dying to have the flame paint job that Lightning McQueen has gotten in that video during the Florida 500 scene near the end of Cars 3.
John Garcia
I just love his goddam side pipes mannnnnnnnn he is also thelegend95
Patricio Castillo Gonzalez
Storm beware because the lightning is about to strike⚡️🔥🏎
Ka - Chow!! :D
Love that car...
raghav ramesh
Jackson storm is going from 1st to last because, it's not how you start Storm it's how you finish.
song ???
KimpumaChannel 23
Wha music is that?
Johnnie the Prankster Gangster gamer
I love this theme
he was your favorite car since you saw the first one like if you agree
Shannon Blundell-Hodgins
kc ow
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