Lightning McQueen - Disney/Pixar's Cars 3

disneypixarcars 3lightning mcqueencarsowen wilson

He's the legend.

Copyright: (C) Disney/Pixar

KimpumaChannel 23
Wha music is that?
Johnnie the Prankster Gangster gamer
I love this theme
XBOX 360gamer
he was your favorite car since you saw the first one like if you agree
Shannon Blundell-Hodgins
kc ow
Raghib Khan
i like this tune
Raghib Khan
JACKSON STORM looks better than him. am i wrong ?
Conner Rogers
Jackson storm will get recked by The infamous speed and arrow dynamics Lighting McQueen!
Elaine Frances
E muito rápido
Khalil Myers
Nicholas J.
why dont they change his design
Jronz D3md4mZ
No he's the Lightning McQueen
A Person on Youtube
Ashley Quiterio
julian mata
go lightning McQueen! win the piston cup! i believe in you!
Lucky WasHere
Hopefully beter than cars 2 :l
Lucky WasHere
Abdo Nouh
Remember when cars 1 came out i remember seeing the poster saying The all New 2006 now I think about it man its been a journey for cars
Anthony's channel Channel
Awesome I love this mcQeen
Zack Demerin
I like it when he starts his engine.
robert najera
wow cool lightning mcqueen 😁😂😱😱😱😱
Nancy Moreno
I love this song 😀
Nancy Moreno
McQueen you r the man
Shun T
song name?
wolf born
Cool music,am I right
Afonso Vila Verde
Best movie character ever.
Anthony K17
HelloInternet Jumparoo
I can't wait to see this movie... I JUST WISH I HAD A FUTURE VISION TO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!
Legend??? Do u mean "THE GOD"
0:28 KA-CHOW!!!
DJ Cookie
Hi I wanna watch the cars
Fueguito 57
THE BIGEST LEGEND OF THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
Ivan Afton
que canción utiliza
Timothy Adry
The Music.. The Rendering.. The Mqueen <3 he still even more badass than that electric nascar wanna be jackson storm
Marin Eduard
I just love that the cars look more like actual cars in here. As an original cars 1 kid,i can feel this is gona be amazing unlike cars 2
NobleSpamMan ツ
Carl's Jr. Presents...
I squeal everytime i watch this video.
OMG, Lightning McQueen looks so cool in his new Cars 3 design! I'm hoping to see this film when it comes out! I AM SO EXCITED!!! GO, LIGHTNING!!! KA-CHOW!!!!! :D :D :D

#LightningMcQueenRocks #Cars3WillBeAmazing
lightning's look on cars 2 was much better
Dominick Is Cool5
Aww he's so tough and cute i can't omg
Zachary Gomito JH
Ka-chow, he is back!
Zachary Gomito JH
Ka-chow, he is back.
Zachary Gomito JH
Skeletwo Studios
The 90s generation race car
Felix Chuah
Jorge Alberto Riojas Cardenas
what is the name of the song?
Mason Mosolowski
At Cars, we make the fastest machines.
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