Is This Matrix Style Fighter From The Future!?!?

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Vasyl Lomachenko is a boxer that has been branded the most futuristic fighter ever seen in a ring. His matrix style of fighting is unprecedented and extraordinary to watch!

Mark Mark
Very respectful to his opponents too, great to see, it is a sport after all.
Mckenzie Flavius
lol @ 1:16 editing the youtube page onto the mac hahahaha
Guy English
Ray Robinson is not one of the best he is the best ever.
Clem Fandango
i'm not a boxing fan but somehow I discovered a boxing video... and watched it and then commented on it.
Clem Fandango
@ 14:00 you can witness a mans ego destroy the man in which it lives... rip brain cells and hello to a lifetime of anti depressant medication and violent outbursts. sigh when will people learn someone who's been punched that many times has no idea whether they're safe to continue. I love boxing it's so meaty headed arghhhhh fapfapfapfapPrimates
Jawbreaker aka The One Tru Hustla
2:22 "Boston Tar Baby" 😂
Khalil Mason
Not as much head movement in these feather weights as one would think. Lomachenko should have been the wake up call for these bums.
Not into boxing that much. But this guy is a beast.
To Sosa's credit he should have gone down about 60 punches before the end, haha. Dude can take hits
but when Mayweather does it it's running

Surestha Devi
bro he is from present believe it
Erick Durazo
Your channel makes me tear its a work art, just beautiful my man. this is a boxing fanatics dream channel. Congrats and Bless you.
Frank Parra
Good gosh I've heard of him but damn that shits dizzin lol like your fighting 3 people
That guy is insane!
JetLife Pilot
This dude is nice all I've been seeing lately is highlights floating around
Andries Pretorious
Eh. Salido fought like a bitch.
young breezo
It's like he sees every punch being thrown at him and slows time down
young breezo
It's like he sees every punch being thrown at him and slows time down
Penus Menus
20 years later

"Is Goku a fighter from the future"
Man from Nantucket
No, The Matrix was released in 1999
carminebanana P
Attila Camdeviren
what a beast!
Eber Baeza
You got to make more documentaries like his for boxing. It's super insightful
The Sonoran Desert Grower
Makes dudes go out like Duran
lol that ukrainian distroying all those ricans
No, he's from the past!
jason schmidt
sucky bullshit
Drager V
what's is that song playing during the Russell fight?
Danny boy wood
matrix style? no.
R.J Williams
Salido won by holding on every 3 seconds
I honestly think he sees his opponents heads turn into that tennis ball he ties to his hat in his warm up training vids ROFL 😅
Gregory Fraser
Thanks for opening my eyes to such a amazing fighter, definitely going to be following more of his future bouts!
Hyde Productions
Meh took too long on the intro. Lost interest
Julius Greig
Bruhs, great video, great editing and thank you for showing me who Vasyl Lomachenko is. This guy is crazy good!
spitzndtruth 1
Outclassed Mayweather Jr in my book! Without the Jets, watches, glasses, money sitting on tables ect lol stunning to watch.... I can finally watch boxing without vomiting....
Ulquiorra cifer
no one will dare fight especially MAYWEATHER jr :3 chicken sh!t fvck.
Martial Sunwalk
why haven't I heard of this man sooner!
KL Cassidy
Maybe he can try fighting Mayweather?
Bob Saget
This guy is nasty and exciting to watch lol
Hajime no Ippo in real life !
Bilbo Swaggins
This guys an animal
Hare Coakley
Not a boxing fan, only know of those household names. But this here makes me wanna follow boxing now.
CJ king
I thought that Boxing was slowly turning to shit, thanks to mayweather making it the most boring sport ever, but guys like lomachenko are bringing it back.
Barrington Mack
they are always looking for that hope
ray zoric
I like fighters like him, Amir Khan and Pacquiao. They are entertaining to watch, I hate boxers like Mayweather, yes he's good but boring.
Katie Taylor
Phone Booth
Un fuckin real! dude is superman!
He's using that Hit teqnique from Dragonball super
Iricanado trend
I pressed like, you asked for it, but didn't mention to sub... Good vid!))

no sub
Matthew O'Chuida
Still mad that the judges were paid off in favor of mayweather
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