Is This Matrix Style Fighter From The Future!?!?

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Vasyl Lomachenko is a boxer that has been branded the most futuristic fighter ever seen in a ring. His matrix style of fighting is unprecedented and extraordinary to watch!

European American
"Cus D'Amato shifting" all over the place
Makarov Pm
And then some racists dare to say white people cant box, motherfuckers do you see the chaos we eastern european bring ???
he kind of looks like Tom Hardy lol
Song at 1:13?
He just glides through reality, molding it from outside, absolutely detached from it. Pure reason.
Mommy CSGO
why the fuck windows 10 be on a Mac PC
Street Fighter Turbo....
Земля Роду нашого
Ukraine, my friends!!!! Слава Україні!
Christopher Zylstra
Look, this isn't something you ever see in the ring bc boxers have for so long been dominated intellectually by pretty much every other paid member of their camp and so I do think THERE'S LONG BEEN an emphasis by the fighter himself to show us his toughness, exclusively. Tough talk, tough partying, tough everything... got a LION'S heart? "Great, just make sure in public you come across as a man-eating lion. Boxing's history is packed with moments of truly sublime human achievement but most casual fans know too that thousands of brave, talented boxers get used up by their management as fodder. This historical lack of agency in so many fighters doesn't sit well with modern sports fans and must become finally and forever, without any lingering doubts about this or that promoter, a historic fact alone before boxing can be again embraced and adored atop sporting culture worldwide. I bothered with that huge spiel because VL is one of the few, true, embodiments of sporting greatness as it will be understood in the techno-cultural epoch our whole world is entering into together. These things used to happen one country at a time, not any more. VL besides the breathtaking skill levels he and his father have achieved is a genuine sportsman and more than that, a humanitarian. There's no killer instinct, go watch his fightsavain, he genuinely doesn't like hurting people. He's very thoughtful in his verbal responses to reporters even though having just begun learning E flush he is expected to answer by rote with the typical non-answer answer, but instead gives introspective considerations. You know this is a highly, highly intelligent guy showing potentially new boxing fans but first and most importantly other boxers, that their mind is the part of themselves most capable of taking them all the way and that their agency, not their agent, should be the one who is bold, clear and obviously in control.
Potential new fans woŕry about one thing, "Am I sitting here having the time of my life while one of these guys is actually taking it up the ass by some rich prick in the shadows who might be skimping in medical care?
Courtney Mark
No mention of Rigo as one of the greatest amateurs?
Ahrayahba144 yasharahla gabar
Good video 👍
Peeping Toms Welcome
He is an animal!! I had to actually go back and watch his last two fights after this... I thought he was fire at the Pacquiao fight. His stamina is everlasting.. that mf never gets wore out.. thanks for making this!!
02:34 are Olympic boxers considered amateur?
dave reel
Speeedster for those who know what I'm talking about lol
Dat footwork
ruben jumamil
Just finished my Stellas, and am now onto my Brandy. This one person party is about to kick OFF!!!
quinn epps
This dude is amazing. I need to go and watch everyone single one of his fights.
Dillan Vazquez
Song at 10:00 ??
Please @BoxingLegendsTV
tom phillips
Great video
rabson senat
Absolutely refreshing! What a boxer
Dillan Vazquez
Name song minute 10:00 please??
Davis r
This guy caught my eye the Mayweather, pacman fight. I seen and knew then this guy was going to be a great fighter.
Raymond Coles
Can he beat mayweather??
Raymond Coles
Didn't he fight briggs?? He's the overhand right fighter
He beat the shit out of Briggs wasn't trying to knock him just beat his face up. Funny bcz checko was humbled Briggs ate his lunch, looking for him boat ride, went to his gym checko threw water in his face he was talking mad wild crazy. Briggs got destroyed like the soft boys chorus
He anticipates the movements of his oppenent. His hip stance will assume an opposite stance based on his oppenents, allowing him to parlay any incoming offensive punch with precision based on their strike movement, allowing for follow up power jabs and amazing counter strikes.
Tom Steinmeier
Very nicely presented and with actual content. Thank you for that.
Mystic Jnigo
He has the sharingan
daniel meman
Somewhere out there is an amateur boxer who completely puts it over Lomachenko laughing at all of this.
Great video! Thanks for the hard work putting it together.
Dalton Triputra
The reason hes "different" is cuz he does a lot of feints and punches even when his opponent is blocking.
Rusty Juice
Not even a big boxing fan but I found myself unable to stop watching this video. Lomachenko is truly amazing.
Omar Salazar
song at 6:20?
Fantastically made piece!
Ben Franklin
Most overrated boxer I've seen in a long time.
Lucas Cates
Great mechanics in his core and footwork to always have an out. Instincts are an 11/10. The best reactive fighter in the sport.
This dude can land great reach hits and close up hits pretty hard. Not the hardest hitter. But an accurate and rapid one. Great fuckin fighter.
kengae Davis
dream fight: golovkin vs lomachenko
Matrix style? What is that suppose to even mean?
Professor Sad
The man just makes people quit. Never seen anything like it
Professor Sad
This dude is out of control why the fuck doesn't he get more coverage
Amen- Raw Sushi
That beat in the background is a "playboi carti" type beat from youtube
Grey Baron
Have I ever heard of Lomachenko? No. Am I now a Lomachenko fan? Heck YES. Great video.
Hussain Bamaga
If there's anyone who could take batman down, it's this guy
Dude!!! Wtf!! I have never seen boxing like this!! Now this!! Is what I consider freaking boxing!!! Wow!!
Daniel Rouser
yall forgot about roy jones its similar but he do have amazing skills not trying to take nothing from him but look at roy and him side by side amazing
Boxing is dying. If he wants to survive he needs to go mma
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