Is This Matrix Style Fighter From The Future!?!?

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Vasyl Lomachenko is a boxer that has been branded the most futuristic fighter ever seen in a ring. His matrix style of fighting is unprecedented and extraordinary to watch!

Ezekiel Patlan
what are the instrumentals behind the vids? all fire lol
Jordan Cherry
I dont get why keep the guy amateur when hes dominating so decisively. Would love to see him fight the best which would have to think are the pros
Jourdan Brown
where are these beats from?
OriginalNex TV
Why doesnt he fight Mayweather
Glory to Ukraine
Joe Kleber
I love the Matador pose he gave sosa, when sosa was bull rushing him
still only a derpy boxer..... if he was an mma fighter i might be interested... dosent compare to demetrious johnson
Matty Bapo
great vid
Chef Markus Bold
amazing, he just got my attention as well as boxing
Deathstroke OG
I've heard a lot over the years about Lomachenko but this video really got me to understand what the talk was all about. Thank you.
And he's only 10 fights in to his career. Unbelievable fighter.
Vincent Foronda
european pacquiao !!!
Queer Heathen
Fuck Mayweather, let's see Mcgregor and this guy.
Brilliantly compiled video - Subbed!
Gladiator Spear
DAMN sosas body got wrecked!!!!
Ivan Perez
Jonathan Bermingham
That Kid is amazing!!!!
Sonny Svendsen
Jaysus! its like tryin to punch smoke
Khepri Banfield
who made these beats?
Good looks. Ill keep my eye on this guy.
Esteban Diaz
Dude is a fucking beast
Shahid khan
This guy is very entertaining to watch! First time I have heard of him, Novice fan. The way this guy moves, is so artistic!
Drew Breezy
fights like mayweather when he ws young...b4 he started dancing around the ring and not fighting. see mayweather v gatti or v hatton. very similar combinations.
great vid-thanks for making
Dominic White
Mike Tyson did the same thing Lomachenko is doing. It's like the peep a boo but with more lateral movement. You can't hit want you can't see. And hide punches. This guy is graceful and confident. Boxing is still alive and well people.
En V me kid
so is he gon fuck up that pussy ass piece of shit mayweather or what
Justin Franklin
I'm not saying this fella isn't quick or powerful.. and taking weight divisions out the equations, there are a few fighters in my mind past and present who's styles at least, are far more impressive to watch... considering the title of this video was "matrix style".
Back in the 90's with Prince NH, he took the world by storm for a time, yeah he was a cocky shit but for speed, angle of punches thrown, his movement and style... remember his lean back almost horizontal defence! That was more matrix style than this.
And current boxers GGG.. he resembles the bloody terminator more haha with his walk towards the enemy, stop shots with my head and keep smiling attitude towards his bouts.
This guy is talent! Undoubtedly!! And powerful but to say in title the words futuristic and matrix style is more than a touch misleading.
Jordan Rice
Major props to the producer doing beats for this channel.
Martin Gilliard
I found the song with the instramental but i don't the song, just the instramental.
blacc beard
I don't get the hype, in 4 years he's only has 9 pro fights and lost 1 of them. He won 1 of the million world title belts they made for little guys, big deal. He's beating up on bums.
great vision , great technique , great speed . he just need to end up is fight more quickly . lucky punchs can happens if you give an opponent 8 rounds .
VASYL would get the shit beat out of him by Ali,tyson, roy jones, mayweather,frazier, holyfield, sugar ray...PLEASE DO NOT GAS HIM UP LOL....
Billie Hansen
He truly moves like a butterfly.
Chris Golden
Charlie zellanoff could take this guy
Stephen 1982
He's fun to watch. I'm wondering how hard he punches though. Anyone know if he hits hard?
So, what would be a good strategy against him? Smother him, use body shots to slow him down?
Darkeye M
not impressed....he's good at exposing paper champions and bums i'll give him that....he reminds me of prince Naseem, everyone thought he was the shit until he met his first REAL opponent and we all saw what happened.
Daniel Bornstein
That dude is incredible.
Manny Sykes
Matrix Style Fighter?? looks nothing like the matrix you click bait cunts.
talk about combinations!
okey mmeje
damn!!! that hand speed @ 6.35....... insane
Thanks boxing leyends .
Mike F
To the previous comment, if you've been heavily trained on pads you will go through those movements automatically, it's a conditioned reflex. In the light catagory in & out movements are critical.
Vincent Munoz
well put together vid brotha imma subcribe, never heard of this guy imma huge fan now
Evan Wojna
Great video, well done
Dem S.
Слава Україні!
isaiah ashman
not a big boxing fan i usually stick to ufc but this guy would be somebody I'd pay to watch
Robert Taylor
i don't follow sports actively, but i do appreciate general athleticism. thank you for showcasing this exciting modern boxer.
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