lorenzo d
thankyou so much for all the work you put in to this. I've been shown a glimpse of the "future"
Sean Young-Welch
Thank you for introducing me to this fighter great video inspiring moves I'm gonna go work out now
j ross
When is he fighting again?
Hamilton Handley Removals
conor with gloves
This man made someone just give up. "No i dont want to continue" bruuh
Jamal Lamy
Earned your self a subscriber sir . Keep it up!
beautiful to watch
Tihs Eht
this guy ain't shit
whoooooa this dude is LIVE OUT HERE !!!!!
Earl Ratliff
doesn't empress me at all ! I'd fight him for $$$
You don't know the background and back story of why he fights so hard. Once you hear it you will realize why he is the way he is. I was privileged to hear it told to me by him in training.
Yudhaputra Hartadi
any DoTA player here?
This guy must have six butterfly in his six slots. Plus the third skill of Phantom Assassin (Mortred).
Carlo André Aguilar
Round 7 retirement? Wow, boxers are pussies compared to mma fighters. If you're gonna talk trash at least try to back it up, or go out on your shield and give it your all like a man
Alejandro Portillo
Thank You sir!! His foot work is incredible!
Anton EightBall
He knows how to use the ring
George's Opinion
Nonsense. This is hype and fighting southpaw help him. Roy Jones was much better and more unique in his prime
Jay Dasadia
he is damn good with his moves... and fast as hell
multiverse specimen
This guy lomachenko has a built in radar system no doubt it ! Something which Ali wanted to achieve.
peter wilson
For those of you who wanna skip the crap, the fight starts at around 14min in. I don't see anything matrix style here. It's just boxing.
style is almost how many pacquiao fights. stuns then move on side to position for another
Citizen Dildo
He's got Bernard's watch in his glove.
Ogie Wenegieme
For a second he looked like Randy Orton
dude has some narrow ass shoulders and chest. lol he looks funny af
he has the sharingan
Saint Bynum
what matrix style fighting i dont see nonthing he doing that great that make me say holy sh@#t
He sidesteps around his opponent like fuckin Tekken
Pro-pillow fighter. Boxing is boring and doesn't represent actual combative skill.
Bruh The know I out at 9:30 is fucking crazy😂😂😂
Alex Gutierrez
this dude makes Floyd look like a chump
jim devine
watch close....he can predict the throws his opponent is gonna make...incredible!
Fighter Fighter from the future lost to an old school fighter.
i guess i gotta rain on this bs great parade'...hopkins in his prime would inihalated this dude with his defense and couterpunching!..this kid is good in todays watered down competition but to hype em as a transforming the sports fighter is a stretch!
Mojo Reanimated
This is bullshit. If he was American I would have heard of him years ago. Instead he is Ukrainian so just pretend he isn't anything special. Fuck our system. But a big thank you to Boxing Legends TV.
Maourice Gonzalez
lomachenko vs rigondeaux...
sir 4th
whats that song in the beginning?
Charlie Zelenoff is actually the greatest fighter of all time.
Panagiotis Vasileiou
i honestly know nothing about boxing, but that last guy Sosa, what the fuck was he thinking being so confident and taunting him?! he even taunted him and got straight combinations without doing anything. he danced like ali and couldnt land a punch.! that was pure embarassement...
Nothing special about this guy but he is fun to watch.
Thievin Stealberg
maybe he can slow time down
Hiroyuki Mori
damn... don't wanna mess with that guy.
kwanda Ngubane
sweet peas was also exciting
J kunimitsu
that side step tho, fckn fire!
Any one else feel like answering there codec?
I'm sure Ottacon has something important to say.
jørgen halvorsen
jørgen halvorsen
Joneleth Irenicus
WOW just WOW!!!!
Koo Bubu
too op... lol i got nothing else to say
Lord Ultor
He is fast like praying mantis, the opponent even dont know what is going on.
Igorek Fox
Proud for Ukrainian fighter!
was an amazing movie, and vasyl is an amazing boxer, love his style and confidence, but also very humble.
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