MMA Zone
phillip carl Roberts
conor might land on the millenium dome.
aloa leo
mayweather will talk at the end.
How can grown men be so childish, pathetic
kozi 9095
Flowed may weather looks gay and retarted and I'm black
Tyler Hudson
I subscribed
Andrew Muldoon
I didn't realise that to be a Mayweather fan requires having the same delusional hope, IQ and illiteracy levels. Now you should all run backwards away from your challenger so you can replicate your hero woman beater who simply cannot fight, box for points or beat boxers past their peak yes he can but not true boxing as he ain't hard or clever enough especially not to hurt the ultimate fighting machine that is Mcgregor so PÓG MO THÓIN Fraud and your muppet dad !
Would love anthony joshua to fight mcgregor jesus
Agent KalpyZo
Kostas Kotho
Conor mc gregor win
Leticia Nunez
Greatest fight of all time one for the record books ,
Gawad Frog10
negro vs viking, who will win
Thomas Dennis
Energy is going to win
Chandler Abernathy
Some people don't understand The fact that mcgregor is fighting mayweather bc if how much money he is getting
I hope Mc Diddly twat learns how to speak english
They both win real money, you LOSE sucker
Chris Ramos
Floyd can't fight on the street or in the octagon he's all talk saying hill fight McGregor in his own ring bs he to scared. all Floyd can do is dance and hug when is the last time he knocked anyone out?
michael n
It's really quite absurd to say that McGregor can step into a boxing ring for the first time and beat such a skilled boxer as Mayweather, regardless of his age
michael n
He has no respect for boxing he's an asshole.
Ton Capone
The only way mayweather will win. Is if he runs away like his other fights
Blaize Parsons
Here's how it goes Floyd will beat megregor in boxing but Connor would destroy floyd in mma
Yung King
Fuck conar
Jonathan Young
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happyyy go luck
i got money on connor dont let me down bud
Chris William
Mayweather looks like he had 2 digits of iq, he cant fight, he just simply pay the referee to win
Gabrielangel Divine
why in the f. hell floyd dont want to fight to connors mma stile?
cause hes a pussy he dont relly fight
Macgregor the fool has no idea what he's getting himself into
Random Russian
I sub
Lisa Corey
I Subscribed!!! I friggin love this shit!!
Well I like Conner he's just cheeky and horrible sometimes
Topflight Style
He thought he was bloody when Chad Mendes had him bleeding ! So when he gets knocked out it's not a real fight I guess ? He just runs his mouth his Pink Ass is going down ! That Big Mouth Leprechaun is gonna get a bloody face to match his bulldog ass ears ! Pink Ass Rat Bitch !
Charles H
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Rodolfo Sevilla
Otro canal escho por un puto mama huevos
John Nevin
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job van Oirschot
I like conor as well but floyd is gonno destroy him
kolt daugherty
A real man wouldnt do all this talking. .connor is annoying af
IrishVault 0017
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Isidro Naveja
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David Hartin
anyone else cringe when mayweather held up a piece of paper and bragged about it?
Maybe he wants to be a rapper and go off about all the money and hoes Word, yo. Word.
Dawg. Woof muthafukka woof.
playing into stereotypes...............
Guiseppe Belluccia
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Barry McCrory
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Heriberto Sanchez
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Will King
So sad. I petty the fool that actually spends his or her hard earned money to watch this pantomime
Ron smash
Lol This whole thing is just a race war.
Blake Outen
I sucibed
Bradley E
I hope he fuckin eats Floyd.
Michael Hendricks
Bet on floyd if u wana get paid
tommy spollen
Booo mgregor
Stylizimo Sas
I subbed
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