Mario's Princess Peach is Really a Powerful Goddess?! - Culture Shock

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Princess Peach is THE DAMSEL of the video gaming world. But is she really in distress? Despite what you may have thought, Peach is actually one of the most powerful characters in the Mushroom Kingdom. Digging into Nintendo's lore and Japanese culture, GG explains why this lovable Princess is far from being a damsel in distress - rather she is an almighty Goddess!
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Sarah Charpentier
anna and sons williamson
if you ask me "if peach is a goddess why isn't she dead?" well then. you can use mitama on your self. so she used the green mitama on her self before she died.
So if Peach is a goddess than I wonder if Gaijin can tell us how Rosalina became a Goddess since Rosalina was a human before going into space.
Totally not a weird guy
I want a Mario with an Enraged Peach in her Goddess Form.

Aka Final Boss
Sans The skeleton
love your channel gaijin i share the knowledge that you put on you tube to my family and friends
Devonte Solomon
Shisui Uchiha2000
Peach the goddess of destruction. DBZ fans will get this more
What I think of all of this? Well I think that all of this is a load of bollocks! I mean seriously?! Princess Peach! A damsel who can't do anything a almighty goddess? Yeah it sound way too far fetched!
Agata Kulej
so...a goddess his getting kidnapped
Agata Kulej
Blake Hribek
peachis amazing
Mathis Lambert
rope freedom forth inside suggestion fully detective study.
anna and sons williamson
anna and sons williamson
my mitama are always fighting and arguing with each other just like peach's mitama.
Patrick Morgan
Photography height suspicion Soviet finish teenager handle quietly colleague abortion.
Normally I roll my eyes when GG tries to associate Japanese culture with just about everything, but I will admit, this one actually makes a form of sense to me.
The Rainbow Sword
Roselina is like a Godess
Militant Pacifist
7:10 Women in their periods. 😂7:16 He forgot to say "she's a strong and confident woman."
thedemonicminecrafters//// kirito9551
tv x 300 p
you suck matt is better
Rueben Chmielewski
Your my fav channel
Xeiro Flora
Probably just a powerful air head, I highly doubt it is black and white, and if so strong, then, simply willing something would be all she need do actually, a goddess/god would not have to travel to the area to attempt aid, as their simple desire would be all that is needed, and the very universe would just let it be so, so ya..strong, but not a goddess, but it is no doubt a reference too culture also.
Steel Talons Commander Armadillo
You're a weeaboo trash comment.
Which video explains why Peach loves being kidnapped? That's the part I'm having most trouble believing...
Uncanny 58
Clover Dover
You're weeaboo trash
by this logic i am also a shinto goddess.
I am going to make a game with no backstory, No story at all. And then I am going to watch game theories video of my game and copy that into my game. STRATS!!
Jared Garrison
It makes sense.
As Skyward Sword revealed to us, Peach's Hyrule equivalent: Princess Zelda literally is a Goddess reincarnated as a human.
completely ignoring the story of super princess peach ;v
still a fun video w/e
apocaliptix penguin
so peach is based off of a kami
so if picalo dies would peach die too?
ps that was a horrible DBZ reference
Bowser's inside story is one of my favorite Mario games
Gmaster power up
o rly
On 3:45 did anyone else see that ORANGE toad?
Mlg Mario
I always knew Peach was badass. ^___^
_Marionex Zen_
Why did you have a dedicated weeaboo be featured in the video?
I can't believe you support Matpat's BS character assassinations
So all the Bowser kidnappings and Mario Bros. rescues are just Princess Peach's somewhat kinky, therapeutic, stress relief roll play? THAT'S AWESOME!
Dragon Girl
I was obsessed with Super Princess Peach as a kid.
Seb C.
I think this guys videos are more deep and interesting than matpats are
XD "Gaijin is weebabo trash".....for apparently talking about a game that might have Japanese cultural influences....that was /made/ in Japan by a Japanese company. Yeah...not too surprising to think they would have home based influences in the game.
Why does Peach get captured all of the time? She's bored. XD
Charles Patterson
If she is a Kami then it would explain Rosalina (being her daughter) and the powers that she would have, being half kami.
Joel Ayers
But does mario, luigi, and bowser realize all of this or do they think shes just some human?
Lurtz s
Looks up from keyboard quickly: I knew it!!
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