Mario's Princess Peach is Really a Powerful Goddess?! - Culture Shock

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Princess Peach is THE DAMSEL of the video gaming world. But is she really in distress? Despite what you may have thought, Peach is actually one of the most powerful characters in the Mushroom Kingdom. Digging into Nintendo's lore and Japanese culture, GG explains why this lovable Princess is far from being a damsel in distress - rather she is an almighty Goddess!
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Robin Tiwari
Wait this is gauge go back Not game theirs
Kelly Dyson
i was like ahahahaha but not now.........
Robin Tiwari
I just wathcheddwwdhddhsdhffhfsdhfrsfhfsd
Shari Hollingshead
who is this voice over guy
Diego Covarrubias
Where is mat pat bring him back
gameandfame 543
your weaboo, jk
Adam Hoffman
In the original game manual for Super Mario Bros. (at least the American localized version), it says that the mushroom people were turned into rocks, bricks and plants and the only one who could turn them back was the Princess. That was why Mario had to go rescue her. So, she always had power. Being able to reverse such a magic spell would suggest as much.
Lets be honest here, Peach literally had no back story as to why she kept getting captured, until they made super peach. Even then they don't even seem to follow the theme, because she continues to act as an airhead when she's suppose to be a goddess.
Judah Jehle
Remember Peach's power over the dark star in Bowsers inside story? Even more evidence for the theory
ping ping
The Legend of Zelda's Princess Zelda is Really a Powerful Goddess?!
NAM Rolltide
Bowser is Peach's sex slave....
Dylan1912002 Montgomery
I believe you 100 percent because of those emotions
Sofia Chapa
you should do Bendy and the Ink Machine
Chloe Joseph
as a royal life being a boring that's what she just stands there and wait
so Rosalina is a demigod/half-blood?
Super Mario Yuniel
Princess Peach is the Best !!! 😍
this was a really neat video!!!
Clorox Bleach
im a weeaboo trash.
-Armada56 -
When I was little I had a crush on princess peach and I told my parents that I would marry her one day. I'm 27 now and it still hasn't happened. Wtf peach
Penny Dempsey
she punch Luigi to get to Mario wow
Suria Nijjer
Isabella Essien
8:03 did peach just punch luigi???
Jimmy Horner
So bowser is a god & peach is one
Hana of the Akatsuki Meexh
I got why she's a Kami at 4:09, and promptly screamed as my entire worldview was shaken
Mike Morris
Ever get the feeling MatPat just hates Mario?
So eat it, moronic feminists
Lexi 3rd
No she's a piece of crap.
_T- Tracks
wish I could watch this normally bleck I'm so sick
Kayla The Sausage
Yeah but why is she blond?
Madelyn Hanes
i knew i loved peach as a child for a reason
Mike Einfeldtutu5utiyyqeweeeassedrrfZOARmom
Bowser Could just kill her
Kentucky Wildcat
Super Goddess Princess Peach: If fight with my emotions
Umbra Witch Bayonetta
Peach:I WANT MORE POWER OR ELSE U ALL DIE. Mario:Peach I'm leaving u u can't get kidnapped because u a godess Toad:TAKE ME WITH U PEACH IS CRAZY!!!!! Mario:ur useless toads so BYE U LOSERS Peach:CALL MEH A LOSER U DIE. kills Mario Toad:YOUR CRAZY PEACH
marco fava
so long story short peach is your average woman
Zayaan Dadwani
I love bowsers inside story😍😍😍
you've goddess
that peach power though...she is like sans!!
Mike Warnke
Well, if she was a goddess she would get bored so, actually makes sense, fair enough gg.
Peeta Gale
I feel that her being a goddess may stretch it to much but she could be much strong then expected or else when Bowser fires a giant cannonball at her castle and nearly killing her Mario, Luigi, Paper Mario and her paper counterpart she would have went ballistic at least for few moments
Awesomec26 Gaming and more
the mitama thing perfectly describes the Microsoft windows logo red blue green and yellow
Daisy Tapia
Well, Gaijin Goomba and Mat Pat have confirmed what I always thought to be true...too many video games go to your head and you go crazy. Looks like I'm in the right part of the internet!
Courtney Bradley
wait then what's Princess Daisy
lilsnipes Moore
Amaterasu I think of Naruto🤦🏾‍♂️
craig daum
mario:nope.(mario unlocks cage) come with me if you want to live
peach:ok mario. one, im an immortal goddess who can get herself outta here. two,imma awesome.three, i have VERY VIOLENT mood swings so leave if you wanna live.
bowser: OMG WHATTTTTTTTT IMMA LEAVING BYE (bowser runs out of castle and into hot air balloon)byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ahhhhhhhh (balloon runs into a bullet bill) (balloon starts to deflate and fall rapidly) DARN ITTTTT..........
peach:it wasnt a trick now imma going into mood swing cuz u no lemme get out by myself (lights on fire and burns the castle down)
mario: O_O (runs away fastly and falls on face every 10 seconds while running away)
peach: LOL LOL

2 days later...
mario:hey luigi
luigi: what?
mario:what is that?
luigi:fire!!!! mario cmon lets save everyone
mario:WHY IS THERE A FIRE THO????????
luigi:cmonnnnnnn people r dieinggggggg
mario:but why is there a fire?
mario: i dont wanna.
luigi:but u gotta
mario:but i dont wanna
luigi:but u gotta
mario:but i dont wanna
luigi:but u gotta
mario:but i dont wanna
luigi:but u gotta
mario:FINE (saves a few people) ur turn
luigi:(saves the rest of the people)oh and btw have u seen peach?
mario:O_O p-p-p-peach w-w-where??
luigi: idk. why r u acting scared of her
mario:cuz i AM scared of her
mario:shes a goddess with mood swings who almost killed me!!!
luigi:hey, theres peach now! go say hi to the girl who ISNT A GODDESS WITH MOOD SWINGS WHO ALMOST KILLED YOU
mario: ok, i guess(walks over to peach) hi peach
peach: (lights on fire and burns marios butt) LOL LOL
luigi: LOL LOL
mario: OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW (PUTS BUTT IN RIVER) ok now im not on fire and imma run away (runs away)
peach: (lifts eyebrow)
luigi: (shrugs)

this took very long to make.... please like...
luna became a wolf
she is a goddess
Remy Rochelle
yes she IS AMAZING
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