Anh Nguyễn Công Tuấn
Peach+Ultra Rage=Global Destruction!
Jade Rodriguez
It's an interesting thought but Nintendo doesn't think this much about their games
Kawaii Twins Productions
Peach might be a goddess. My favorite character!
Chris Kelly
Rachael Piotte
This is really cool. Very cool. Good episode.
Otto Pike
so Princess Peach is a goddess.

Son, I knew that the moment I laid eyes on her.
Miguel Farias
4:51 SHELLMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jack Chase
Goddess of uselessness that is!
thefighter thefighter
8:20 Amaterasu rly? like amaterasu from naruto xD
Outlet Podcast
Yeah....this was a stretch. Nah man.
Now I'm gonna just imagine I'm a powerful goddess when I get random mood swings because it'll make me feel better heh
Lucas Martinez
I dunno if she's a goddess or anything, but she is implied to have great magical power due to her pure heart. So the theory's not crazy.
Dejay Page
Can we get a video on the Star Children powers?
Crystal Waters
I whould want to be capture get me a sandwich a Nintendo switch and $platoon2 and I whould stand there to be taken. (Including power, WiFi a Nintendo ID)
Crystal Waters
Gaijin I think she's superior she can do anything she wants
Eyyyyyyy that 10 min mark even before the update ? ;)
Hayden Jingst
There's an Amaterasu unit in The Battle Cats.
Yeah, I'm not sure I buy it entirely. For one, I don't think Peach wants to be kidnapped. She's stated before in games her dismay of being kidnapped.
Weeabo. Noun. One who is learning the culture and history of a place that isn't America.

Good for us. =D
Dexter Saylor
Is Princess Peach from the Mario franchise actually Sans from undertale?
A beautiful Channel
Finally something positive about Peach!
Im a girl, and When i was younger Peach was My fav game character ever
(Btw now is it Mangle from fnaf)
But peach is still on My 2nd best :)
8:04 poor Luigi
minecat :3
Moifi kea
Me, at the beginning of this video: Wait that's not matpat... who's that? Shut up.

Me, at the end: Actually that's pretty nice. He sounds much less crazy and this was interesting.

My only complaint is... I didn't see a Mii-tama pun.
DeathByHugger SCV
I sooooo think you are right
Lost Soul
Hey doesn't that mean Rosalina a demigoddess
Jeremiah Dun
She is a god
Chara Dreemurr
So...Peach just really likes bondage...Got it.
Crazy at Heart
So lemme get this straight
Peach, the Mushroom Princess, is an extremely powerful goddess who requires unending pacification and frequent captures to stay pacified, and is the mastermind behind the Toads invading the Goombas' Mushroom Kingdom

Seems legit
Epic Duck
I don't get it who is that?????
Taylor Gibson
KAMI? Peach is a "COMMIE?" No wonder she wears so much pink.
(I'm an italian girl,forgive my english,please)
At 8:05 Peach punches the poor Luigi,who wanted only to hold again his Brother : he flips in the air,hits the floor and the wall and then again the floor! F**k you,Peach,don't harm Luigi!
the blue conection felt forced
your a weeaboo trash
I thought in Bowser's Inside Story, she had help from the star Sprite guy to lift Bowser.
Mystic Dust
Peach is like a thrill seeker. Being kidnapped is her idea of fun.
Peach=Super Kami Guru
Peach is Haruhi Suzumiya
So no wonder Princess Peach, defeated Princess Zelda in a Death Battle. **cough cough but she should been an airhead still....anyways nice theory.
charles dawson
she is just a airhead
charles dawson
u frickin colourblind
charles dawson
facts:black isn't green
Why can't the Pixar theory provide evidence like these videos on this channel! Loved it!
Monica Gomez
Queenvom! She's awesome!
Michael Pagán
you sir are a genious
Feather Entity
what i really like about this guy is that he at least tries to pronounce japanese words.
and he does it well.
Enzo Inthavongsa
jazmincat Flores
Where is matpat?😐
I only watch MatPat.
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