Mario's Princess Peach is Really a Powerful Goddess?! - Culture Shock

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Princess Peach is THE DAMSEL of the video gaming world. But is she really in distress? Despite what you may have thought, Peach is actually one of the most powerful characters in the Mushroom Kingdom. Digging into Nintendo's lore and Japanese culture, GG explains why this lovable Princess is far from being a damsel in distress - rather she is an almighty Goddess!
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luna became a wolf
she is a goddess
Remy Rochelle
yes she IS AMAZING
So if Bowser and Mario go missing, should I have Kratos on Speed dial?
Evan White
I love yah
Boone Keller
If a person watches and enjoys anime, they're not a weeaboo, but if they watch anime, fantasize over characters, and have pervertedness towards anime, then they're a weeaboo
Nico Toosi
I don't think this is true In super paper Mario, but peach is definitely tough. Despite this she isn't all powerful and has a very human and merciful personality.
GF the boss
no one is more powerful than my sonic OC
what about daisy
Yugi Schiffer
This is beautiful! I always knew Peach had more to her than some dumb blonde princess.
Her creator is too good to make characters like that.
Michelle Stillwater
Soooooooooooooo, another example of ignorance for another's culture and how it will affect creativity?
it was fun to see this. for some reason there's always been something in this character that i liked. and, to be honest, i think in the most of mario franchise games, her design is pretty wasted. i believe is a character that has a lott of potential to be really sexy.
look at how much you can get by simply changing the art style. look at how hot she can look:
Catnado Ell
This is game theory????
Ice Luigi G
you got old in a coooool way I like that now you can do anything
A51 Trooper
So if Peach is a goddess, what does that make of Pink Gold Peach?
Diamond Pedro :
zengo [:
I hate peach(face)
russell jarvis
Zelda Vinasa
Goddess Peach 💖🌸HEHEHE
Well, as per SMB NES, only she held the power to restore the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom back to ... peachy status, I'd say that makes her on par with a goddess.
This is something I did not know
Christian Abati
A blonde princess wanting to get kidnapped by a raging beast ready to tear her apart we all know why she wants that .................SMH
Eduardo R.
Now i cant stop imagining peach as Aqua from Konosuba
Jerry Nassi
i know peach has her "wish powers" but she could really only use them when bowser was weakened so it is like telekinesis and healing powers
Samira Peri
I keep hearing "she's a commie".
Jimmy Henderson
this dude reminds me of Noah from scream
Marianne Soga
kris apple
SO Rosalina is a demigod?
Peach probably got TRIGGERED when she witnessed the Sprixie being kidnapped by Bowser.
Panupat Chongstitwattana
:( I liked you more when you were an actual Kuribo
this is interesting but it needs more than one spinoff game to support it
Peach is Sans Confirmed
Jade Fields
well peaches are a fruit of the gods in japan so her name princess peach does suit her oh and one more thing gaijin you left that part out
Zendo Nintendo
Theory broken peach tried to escape in super Mario 3D land.
joe torres
well if you think about it makes sense for Princess Peach would always want to be kidnapped it forces Mario to prove his devotion to her by putting himself in harm's way to come for her
David Larkin
why are fans arguing back and forth with mats better or this guy's better they are both great theorists and they both use logical answers there are many similarities between them so why argue there's no point you can like who you want and others can like who they want so why bash fans of other youtubers when you know it'll just cause a large argument in the comment section and nothing will be settled
Shark trooper 6
Oh my god! poor luigi in that clip where everyone gets freed
Allison Nicholas
the wish power remind me of a Sans attack
Hetalia Trash :3
so what I'm getting out of this is that Peach is pretty much Demeter
looks at thunbnail welp, here come the fanfics/fanart...
Nick Veil
So basically. Peach is a woman, who needs to be praised and pampered and requires a lot of attention or all hell breaks loose.

Sounds like my girlfriend when I don't answer her texts 🤣.
Kelly Patton
Royal Think tank
Interesting...good job
Logan Sheffield
Strawberry Molly
I quite like this, along with MatPat's theory of Rosalina being her daughter, as it ties in as why Rosalina has her 'interplanetary power' since Peach is a Kami :)
stephen Butterfield
where the goomba :(
Allison Hatfield
Diego Hernandez-Trujillo
In the GBA port of Mario 3, she ONLY gets kidnapped after the last king, sooooo, yea.
Rosalina is hot
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