Mario's Princess Peach is Really a Powerful Goddess?! - Culture Shock

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Princess Peach is THE DAMSEL of the video gaming world. But is she really in distress? Despite what you may have thought, Peach is actually one of the most powerful characters in the Mushroom Kingdom. Digging into Nintendo's lore and Japanese culture, GG explains why this lovable Princess is far from being a damsel in distress - rather she is an almighty Goddess!
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Eh... I'll just ask USA to launch a B-83 Nuclear bomb on the Mushroom Kingdom, and then we will be fine about that freak called peach... 2 seconds later My life completed, a pile of turd is left on the ground :D now I won't have to deal with her in Super Mario 64
Sammy Barbosa
OR... she's on her period
Jerry Steward
P Peach And god "the ultimate variable" have the same problem. "Getting board" and it is the very reason for existence!
Nishant Ojha
nice theory deeper one
Jerry Belk
she is not a godess!
Rafael Rafa
Hi ! I´m from brazil . I found it very cool and interesting, you have a good creativity . I´m 11 years old
ShAdE tHe fucking faggot ass bitch
um, i don think thats a green XD
Mason Lewis
I wish there was a Death Note game for GG to have an excuse to do it
Zakhrie Hendrawan
Well, I guess I found another video game airhead besides Crash Bandicoot.
Donni Cee
I really don't believe it. First and foremost, Peach is a brain dead bonehead blonde who keeps stealing Daisy's spotlight.
Mad Man
Hi. Guys wanna talk
Jaxson Wheeler
The Ruby Railway
soo... smg4 was right.
Peach is a GODDESS
Hannah The Confetti Queen
Holy crap
C-dawg eyee
If I was a God I would just get every single price of good taste it all and the ones I liked i would get again
Dominique Gagnon
Wow. This explains a lot about the games, and the Japanese culture.
Super luigi
4:30 Wait... this looks like the effing WINDOWS LOGO?
MarioGirl 28
She is not an airhead
Derp reaper
shes not a godess shes a...
Jaden Rosencrans
Super Princess Peach itself is based on Shinto, she does NOT have those powers when she goes home, they are controlled by Perry and fueled by Vibe Island. It's my personal favorite Mario game, about my favorite character. Peach is super powerful, but you didn't even mention her curse lifting power circa 1985. Not to mention, I think we can all agree that Peach /could/ not get captured anymore, but then we wouldn't have Mario games anymore.
William Thomas
Not to be a jerk but I just think peach is an air head not a powerful goddess I think Nintendo just wanted a damsel in distress for Mario to rescue
So if peach is not happy she will turn in to basically the devil?
She's kind of evil, or a danger. An amoral force of nature that's often bad for us, sort of like Godzilla or Haruhi.
Gaia Kymicsu Nicolosi
I'd say the Emotions are sort-of inspired by Mitama, but that it does'nt mean she's a full on goddess. The human-ish princesses such as Peach and Daisy could instead be environmental demigoddesses over their respective kingdoms.

So maybe Bowser kidnapping Peach and then Peach being saved by Mario? Just part of the great scheme of things in their "wacky fantasy" world.
Madison Rose
Shawna Littrell
Here's your "YOURE A WEEABOO TRASH" comment.

zombieskarf 97
wait... if shes that powerful.. what about.. THE QUEEN!?
Dark Ice
Kaushal Kambhammettu
Every theory does and does not match with other theory's. IT DOES NOT MAKE SENCE
Jourdon Patron
Could please do one on Rosalina?
Goddess? Do they have a Goddess dedicated to sluts?
Jhavonte Falkner
peach is no goddess she is a red mist period dragon.
Zelda Freak
Her crown has tear shaped gems that were red, blue, green, and yellow
Night Shade
Peach being a goddess also kinda explains why she looks the same age as Rosalina.
Evan Choi
No peach is just stupid
Simone Hawthorne
This is a good theory
Simone Hawthorne
So Mario basically saves Princess Peach for lol
ClaraReyes ClaraReyes
good idea
ClaraReyes ClaraReyes
ClaraReyes ClaraReyes
ClaraReyes ClaraReyes
ClaraReyes ClaraReyes
Crash Man
Thought he said commie
Rowan Bailey
Well DUH Peach is a megami!
Bob de builder
I thought he said peach was a commie (communist)
Arlene Cardona
But can't she only use her emotion powers cuz of the vibe sector on the island -_-
Shocka Gohn
Couldn't help but notice, at the end when he mentions Amaterasu supposedly the most powerful god, in Naruto the black flame (also called Amaterasu) is unstoppable. Then there is Okami the game where you get a bunch of abilities from other gods. I just thought that was an interesting connection.
cyclo wind
And if she was a goddess, why can she not just boop bowser to death?
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