Mario's Princess Peach is Really a Powerful Goddess?! - Culture Shock

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Princess Peach is THE DAMSEL of the video gaming world. But is she really in distress? Despite what you may have thought, Peach is actually one of the most powerful characters in the Mushroom Kingdom. Digging into Nintendo's lore and Japanese culture, GG explains why this lovable Princess is far from being a damsel in distress - rather she is an almighty Goddess!
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Christopher Lemons
Also because of her heart power can heal or kill or even her emotions
Christopher Lemons
Peach is so powerful because she is a healer that is why she doesn't get infected.
larissa nunez
This is actually a great video
Adolfo Pena
Does anyone listen to the Lootcrate subsriction?
well. this makes me feel way better about bowser being the main villain again in odyssey .
i liked you better when you where not humam
you are weeaboo trash ;)
Josh M
Man you missed your chance to look into the symbolism in Chinese peach trees. They are symbols of immortality. This is a wiki excerpt:

"As the Protector, Sun quickly realized the legendary effects of the immortal peaches if they were to be consumed – over 3,000 years of life after the consumption of a single peach"

This is probably why her peaches give health and why Bowser kidnaps her for immortality. And Mario is also a name for the god of war. Bowser is a god. peach is a goddess. and Mario is a god. it's battle of the gods. war, immortality, and fertility.
B-ron 3000
3:45 There is no Orange Toad...
Cindy Esah
Instead of saying "kami", couldn't you have just said "god" for the people who don't know Japanese.
lol try arguing that to anna sarkisian
Andrew Madden
WOW, you guys really did your research here. how much do you know? (fyi I'm not calling you a weeaboo)
Ronaldjr Montagne
But Bowser is also a God
Blue Rose
i think peach is a godess
Dagmawit Kebede
I'm kinda new and this isn't matpat right? who is this
Am I the only person who hates when game theory uploads a theory video and matpat isn't the one talking
the HERP Perry
omg....i just found out that is the game theorist.....but your not matpat......WHO ARE YOU?
philip hwang (peshomighty)
Swagstar 101
yet nobody is mentioning her stolkholme syndrome...
.....why do we never talk about the fact that the Koopa kids are Peaches+Bowser's children...?
Aryn Kolechi
Google Chrome logo explained: Blue in the center is to make life easier
Dat SMT art tho
RB Hobista
This video reminded me of the episode in Mario cartoons where "Princess ToadStool" was kidnapped and Mario and Luigi can't do anything. What did Princess Peach do? She prayed to starman to give her power and she got power kicking "Koopa's" butt while Mario and Luigi says we should be the one doing the rescuing.
A-Bass Studios
the Vibe Scepter has a roll in pleasing her.
The only thought I have is: Does Mario ever get to taste Peaches' cherry?
Hung Tran
the omotions are probably pms
Peach is just into bdsm.

Their god is kinky.
Stephen blackwell
mind blown
David Melnyczuk
Air hed
Koolbeanz 17
the weirdest person you would ever meet
This is why Peach won against Zelda
Dragon Squad
TheFreddyCreepGaming/ Minecraft, FNAF, And More!
Im Gonna Be That Person

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Oh I Failed
Scarlett Is a goner
I have said this a year ago, on Mats video(i think)

Peach wants to get kidnapped, lets keep it real.

Once you go koopa, you want it in the poopa/
David Yeakle
You're really reaching. Those colors already had those emotional associations anyway, apart from yellow. Blue is another word for sad. Green is used in tons of games for healing. Being angry is seeing red. Etcetera.
robot snake20
if peach a goddess what dose the make Daisy? a goddess sister
jeremiah santander
wow these videos are really good i only watch game theory but this is pretty cool as well
James Tapp
Elena the carrot is right. MatPat was wrong about sonic
Nicholas is Nickle

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Zach B
This would explain Rosalina's power being Peach's kid
Zion Terry
air head to be save
She's a damn selfish goddess!
Fifth Meridian
If miyamoto didn't have such an issue with any kind of story/subtext in his games, I could see this being true.
As it stands now, the man who has trouble assigning gender to yoshi is incapable of this.
Maddison Smith
boneman singer
she is a godess
Conner McPeek
I vote goddess because in supersmash bros brawl she is the best character. I know everyone says that everyone is the best character when used right but princess peach is just to op.
MegaLisa830 Bright
This is way beyond awesome! ^_^ I so enjoyed this, and totally believe it too. Totally! I can see Peach so more clearly as a character now! <3 And yeah, I actually have much more respect for her now. Even though I'll still always love Daisy more than Peach and Rosalina. XD
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