Most Dangerous Spinning Top / Beyblade / Spinner Toy Ever!

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Here is Giaco Whatever's video that I mentioned

Slow motion were filmed with Chronos 1.4

ES_Avalanche Slow Motion - Gunnar Johnsén
Back To Black 5 - Victor Ohlsson
Forward Motion 5 - Gunnar Johnsén
Mozart Piano Sonata In C

Beyond the press
Do you want to watch more spinning top mayhem? Spinning top vs. Beyblade toy
Biggest Dickens
The way he pronounces spinner is hilarious.
More more more!!!
Jewel Master
Incredible 5:31
Brindar AxlMeson
If you throw the balastic gel you create inertia / directional force. I would love to see it hit the gel when the gel is standing still
an 8th dimentional being
At 6:58 did anyone else see that ribbon looking thing fly across the camera.
Stephen M
use a V shaped plate so spinner stays in middle, make plate vibrate so whatever you put on it feeds towards the middle where spinner is.
Ei varmasti ois pahitteeksi maalata juttuja valkosella maalilla ennen testailua. Erottuis paremmin kamerassa.
Josh Stakey
The bolts were a good add on.
Ho Ethan
dammit youtube how did you know what I wanna watch
3:30 and he still standing and fighting!! he is going to die with dignity!!
Matthew Atacador peralta
Not even the strongest beyblade will win
Jupe Pelaa
Sanoit ai saatana! suomen sana kerrottu pitkästä aikaa torilla tavataan!
Dingus Dow
I watch the videos 80% because of Anni
Stuben Thomas
You guys are AWESOME.
What is the song that starts playing at about 3:40, It sounds a lot like AC\DC.?
Always looking for new music.
Anna May
The whipped cream, and watermelon though...😮
Hello! would you please watch my video and please support me. thanks and god bless you.
ALPACA OUTTA NOWHERE lol. Awesome video, great channel, and so happy to have subscribed :) Stay blessed and have fun :)
No offence but u look soooo funny lol
you have to be f*ing bored
Shamir Cardenas
She is really hot!!!
That gelatin block was impressive, it absorbed almost all of the kinetic energy! wobble
Mufuqin Backyardagains
The whipped cream can was awesome!!
Alexander Whiteman
Once she gets my bigger thing she'll be happy again. I will pay for this Russian girl with American citizenship yes?
Nice end mill
k a y r u
dont try this at home: does at school instead
Cosmic Labrador
This vs. non Newtonian fluid please.
Maybe make the arena surface dip slightly toward the middle. That way, the "victims" would be gently compelled to face total destruction.
Fresh Meister
Stick some razor blades on there
Carl Harding
Put blades on it with the watermelon :-)
Toopan esirpus
One russian once said that safety is number one priority, but not this russian
Me after no fap November 5:29
"Beat shit out of everything"
Made my fucking day XD
He looks like Bottas with Raikkonen voice.
Thondup Andrugtsang
It would help if the base was a little curved so all the fruits roll back to the center where the spinner stays.
Bob Keller
Should have redhead in bikini
Streaming Iraq War Veteran
Your wife is very beautiful.
Donald Thump
I'm surprised this doesn't have anything to do with fidget spinner
5:40 - I subscribed lol
Not an Eyelash
5:35 when you haven't jacked off in 2 months lmfao 😂😂😂😘✌🏼
Zuffin -
Your wife is amazing
Andrew Riegel
U guys are so AWESOME!!! Thank you
Coogery '
The title is misleading that's no toy😂..when I was little we had toys like bop it, and remote cars....
Super Nintendo Chalmers
These guys make me so happy
George Porge
5:30 that was a huge creampie.
You guys love your playdoh don't you?
Hot Chick
How to win a beybkade fight be like....
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