Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi - कुछ रंग प्यार के ऐसे भी - Ep 374 - 4th August, 2017

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Episode 374:

Baldev and Ishwari try to convince Radha that everything will be sorted but Radha refuses to believe that. Meanwhile, Sonakshi and Ishwari learn that Elena is planning to leave the house along with Golu to go and leave with Vicky. Will Dev be able to stop them? Watch to find out.

About Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi: 
Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi (English: A few colors of love can be like this too) is an Indian fiction romance television series, which premiered on 29 February 2016 on SetIndia TV Channel. The series is a realistic take on the romantic relationship between Devrath and Sonakshi. Their love story and how it will impact the unique, close-knit relationship between Devrath and his mother is the main theme of the show.The show is set in Delhi, and revolves around Mr. Devrath Dixit and Dr. Sonakshi Bose.Dev is a successful business tycoon who lives with his mother Ishwari, whom he's devoted to, his three beloved sisters, Neha, Nikki and Riya, his uncle, aunt and their son. Dr. Bose, on the other hand is a consulting nutritionist, who hails from a middle class Bengali family of five, and is appointed by Dev for Ishwari's permanent consulting nutritionist. Initially, both Ishwari and Dev are indifferent to Sonakshi but gradually form a bond with her.

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Ansa Akbar
I think dev kuch kar raha hai jo abi kisi ko nai pata....shaid wiki ko tikh karnay kay liay kuch.....warna golu ko janay na deta
Ansa Akbar
Oooh no yani wiki pir kuch galat kar raha hai....goluuuu so sad
Chandramma GM
No offence but it's funny how Elena took no stuff with her while leaving!!! Yaar ehsa kaun karta hai?? 😂😂😂
David Rajapandian
18:56 that's it am gonna watch this serial later
Waf Xahuran
soha acting so real.. god bless her
Amardeep Baghel
dev sahi h vikki ise ke layak h usne bhut galtiya ki h
meena kondra
Meenu Sharma
ये कृतघ्न परिवार कभी तेरी क़द्र न कर पाएगा
Meenu Sharma
देव ! तू मेरे घर आजा बेटे , तेरे जैसा बेटा पाकर मैं धन्य हो जाऊँगी
Meenu Sharma
Kitni thankless family hai ye .. sari zindgi wo in shadyantr kariyon ko paalta raha toh koi shabashi nahi .. ek thappad pe itna fasaad .. Shobha nahi deta .. very sad
Abdur Rahman
Today's episode very emotionalful last 2minutes superb yarrr or ye vicky ka chapter kab close hoga pata nahi hamesa challenge kar k har jata hai ye my red or gkb to kab ki sudhar chuki hai...
Abdur Rahman
Kya baat hai elina ka attitude ye to jabardasti wali baat hogai itne sare galtiyan kiye vicky ne aaj thoda struggle kar raha to karne dona tab hi to usse families member ka ehsas hoga...😏😪
Abdur Rahman
Are yarrr sourab kya kar raha hai boss family's too much fun guys...😘
cutiee pie
Ele na ki acting........superb
Koi Dev ko support karay na karay I will always support u Dev....Luv U Dvakshi
waheed khan
Ap dacha ho
Dhirava Choudhury
radha rani very good
Ambreen Bakshi
pyar ke naye rang https://youtu.be/fO3oEq-e7To
sana javaid
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If possible please watch the repeats too.
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Meenu Sharma
कैसे बेशर्म हैं ये लोग सारी ज़िंदगी जिस थाली में खाते रहे आज उसी में थूकने लगे। हैरानी है राधारानी पे देव से इतनी शिकायत है तो जाती क्यों नहीं उसके घर से। दो दिन बेटे की कमाई की रोटियाँ भी तो तोड़। और सुहाना तो एकदम फूहड़ बच्चा है , दादियों की तरह मुँह बना बना कर बात करती है
Meenu Sharma
राधा रानी ईश्वरी से ऐसे बात करती है जैसे ईश्वरी राधारानी के टुकड़ों पर पल रही हो और ईश्वरी उसके घर में maid हो। अगर देव बाप बन के सारे घर को पाल सकता है तो एक थप्पड़ मारने का उसे पूरा हक़ है। इसमें इतना hype करने की क्या बात है .. विकी ने तो उसकी दुनियाँ ही उजाड़ दी थी ईश्वरी ने तो राधारानी से माफ़ी नहीं मँगवाई।
Police Men
7:50 I don't get why it but hurts me so much, if Soha was my kid then I would slap the shit out of her, a fucking 5 year old acts like an adult.
Mahek shaikh
Dev u r best
vani sambhara
Romana Ravani
Asma Ansari
I like krpk
Sneha Ramdeo
yaar eleena ki hairstyle simple karo pls
Marukh Afzal
tulika prasad
#dontendkrpkab @sonytv
Ankita Manjrekar
Stupid suhana she is more than her age.
Uzma Khanam
ye ghatya vicky khabi nahi sudhrega😈😈😈
Uzma Khanam
oh..my god ye episode ne such me mere ankh me ansu laye...😭😭😭 that time when dev was crying 😭😭😭 its so pain full.....aur jab jab dev rota hai mai bhi roti hu...seriously😭😭😭 love u dev😘
Anam Adeel
I feel for elena once she finds out the truth again about vicky she's going to be so hurt. I hope the truth comes out about vicky before everyone forgives him. Also what is up with Sonakshis hair... not liking the fringe AT ALL! And Elenas outfits are so bad come on you can do so much better with the wardrobes guys ! Elena deserves nice outfits too ! OMG the scene with golu saying big cha big cha was so sad ! Dev bring golu back please.
Hafiz Nawaz
kafi HUD to drama bkwass kr diya hy start drama say vicki theak nahi 275 episode tk b WO kharab hy lolxxxxxx
Imraan khaan
family hai k pagalkhana ek se badh kr ek hain
Imraan khaan
boring now
Toshi sharma
Ko Hla
fuck writer ek tapper kelye itna bada drama
Sohna Larka
Mje pta tha ye vicky nai sudrega
Sidra Amin
mjy starting k episodes pasand thy ab to bs tensions hi is drama boring
Ammara Nadeem
Yr 375 ep kb do ge 😤😤😤😤
dilkash ali
achhi Khasi Baal koo
Nrishinghapriya Dev
He is always write
Nrishinghapriya Dev
But dev is dev
Nrishinghapriya Dev
Viky ko except nehi korna chahiye.its wrong and Eling very wrong to dev
Nrishinghapriya Dev
Eling is wrong
Maitreyi Mishra
I feel bad for Dev on one side he is really angry on Vicky and does not want Vicky in the house and on the other he does not want to loose golu.
Rose Ros
very funny drama. Hahahah
Life In Japan
I exactly felt this kutte k dum kabhi sidhi nehi hogi! And see
Hayat Deewana
Dimple Panchal
Yeh Vicky kabhi nahi sudrega😡
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