Meet Your Google Assistant: Yum

Meet your #GoogleAssistant. Your own personal, helpful Google right on your phone. Now available on Android 7.0 Nougat and Android 6.0 Marshmallow devices with Google Play Services.

Amit kukreja Tech
My Galaxy J5 2015 variant Google assistant is not coming it always Shows Google Now i all things like language of my Device is English ( Us ) but also is not coming my all friends already got Google assistant but why me
Артём Ветров
Это хорошо!
rei das tiradas
Hi Google, I always liked Google+ YouTube among others but I'm sad because I lost my drma syma x5c, can you guys give me a drone for free?
Ahmed Medhat
the worst thing of many Google services it doesn't support the Arabic language
mohamed chaal
Coeur M'bajoumbe
Егор Фёдоров
I'm from Russia. Welcome to Russia! 😂😂
Simon Steve Rogers
Кебаб. ❤️
Is it Shawarma <3 !!!???
Kamalendu Mishra
Damn Beats
Google love u
suvidh Khasgiwala
I am FIRST to say I am first.
Ryan B
I heard that google doesn't pin comments?
Mazher Kazi
Innovation and Google
love google
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