Dude Perfect | The Making Of Giant Basketball Trick Shots

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These GIANT trick shots are sponsored by Ruffles. Join Dude Perfect behind the scenes as they nail some basketball shots!

COMMENT with the GIANT sport you want to see next! 

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COMMENT with the GIANT sport you want to see next!
newbie 123
8 Ball Pool pls I'm a fan of poll
Roni Wilson
I play soccer and I am kick it sooooo far and I'm eight and I play golf and I can hit it 100 yards
William Zach Davie
I subscribed
Antonio Galeas-Garza
giant soccer
Michael Schmidt
Hey, check out the app I made for recording trick shot videos! appsto.re/us/hKWTkb.i
Brent Apers
Great video
love the show
fire risers
Uttam Sharma
Giant soccer
David Trayblox7
Giant soccer
Myles Wyatt
dude perfect
Myles Wyatt
dude perfect
Kaiden Pace
Stone Theis
Tim langerud
Rory Harvey
Giant football
Ryan McKeown élève
i love it
Maddys word M
Your videos are not great that are amazing 😉
Courtnay NovemberVanDijk
do a football face off
Fleege Extremes
you should do floor is lava
Leo Smith
Garrett likes the Hartford whalers even though they do not play.
Winterbrook Gaming
Whistle Sports is there a song to this?
Nathan Sobra
i want to see giant baseball
Ben Dynis
Tyler, you should shave your face when you get 20 million subscribers.
Dulce Waggoner Segura
Just kidding
Dulce Waggoner Segura
You are annoying
I'm cool
Melissa Haemmerle
can ty gupe awte a halocopter with aprsot and a trick white
Melissa Haemmerle
can ty gup
Oliver Doningo
Garrett like a to fall on
the grass/dphq2 basketball court
Link Loz
Nimbus 3000 is that the new broomstick
Toby L
I wish Whistle Sports would actually comment
The little Girls
The little Girls
why RUFFELS again?
Andy Oeh
Whistle does dude perfect always give you the bonus footage for their vids?
the nimbous 3000 is a broom stick from harry potter
Adisa Lleshi
They should do handball trick shots! Who agrees?!
Ken Robertson
I am a fan
Cody Lopez
Dude perfect should make a video on how many switches can you make
Abusement Park
Help us get to 100 subscribers
Electric gamer Electric gamer
Gariy is not warring purple
Emma Bance
Emma Bance
Ross Sarine
Hi I'm new and y'all should do giant football
Adam pedro
dude perfect can you do a video about fidget spinner
Hi Whistle Sports
Daniel Davis
Nobody like this comment. I freaking dare you
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