Eddie Redmayne Has Always Had Golden Pipes

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After James and Eddie Redmayne recall memories of their paths crossing when they were young James and Eddie Redmayne recall meeting much earlier in life before.

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The Late Late Show with James Corden
Awwwwww. Back when he was just a little Eddie Redboy!
Tom C
Love that it said "sings well" for Eddie but just "sings" for James
I can't stop watching this!
Eddie Redmayne is so cute and funny and I love him XD
Rachael Wong
I realised that he always sits with one foot tucked under the other leg. :D
eddies old jawline is what i aspire to have
Emily Roberts
I used to go to Jackie Palmers!!!
Lol not even 100 dislikes
Stephanie L
I almost feel bad for saying this but d'awwwwww alksjdflasdf how is Eddie SO FREAKING ADORABLE when beet red and doubled over screeching with embarrassment!?! :'''D

(P.S., Eddie, you so had nothing to be embarrassed about- that clip was adorable and sounded beautiful! ^__^ )
Memory's like one of my favorite songs ;; Come of Eddie! It was good!
Nancy K.
He actually had a very very very beautifull voice!!!
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚he made my dayπŸ˜‚
That video was the sweetest thing
Just A Little Hush
Jessica and Eddie could definitely be siblings lol
Alicia Pek
who is the girl?
Heya Lin
elise cornfield
ahahahhahha im in love
Vivien Yeow
But he sang so beautifully 😍
Amelia chan
aawwww he had a cringggg
Gracie Brade
This just makes me so incredibly happy! πŸ˜„
Deanna Linscott
never before have i seen someone cringe so hard they literally almost die. <3 eddie. :3 poor guy :')
ArtsyGirl 884
Poor Eddie!!
He was so cute!!
lmao classic marius
Norah Shea
holy crap he was better than me at like 10
Anna M
I want Eddie Redmayne to be the next doctor and James Corden can reprise his role as Craig!
Faye Buckley
I love Eddie sm omg
Ellie Crashet
So good
Lynnae Strait
He's so squirmy haha
1:50 - James: "It's BEAUTIFUL!" Eddie: whymewhywhywhywhywhy
Michelle Cazar
I thought he was gonna cry :(
Dancing In Black
Eddie and I have inner tomatos in common.
Anne J
no no no noooo then turns 50 shades of redmayne
kat shannon
And that was the moment where I realized I was in love with Eddie Redmayne...
Avalasia Love
He's the sweetest kid I've ever seen
Cady Fitzgerald
Okay, but that singing though... πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
Isabela Sousa
Is it just me or does Eddie always looks like his sweating and crying
Come on Eddie, that was adorable and beautiful af! What's there to be embarrassed about? (But I understand that though)
Musically Inclined and Mental
Eddie Redmayne is adorable. haha
ASMR Trouble
Bea U.
I am laughing and snickering, I am so in love with Eddie!
Matilda Curran
eddie redmayne? eddie redface!
His face got so red I am in love
Vaanilla & Chocolate
Eddie is a freaking AMAZING singer
before he got into Hogwarts.
Aww he's singing "memory"!!!!!! My favorite!!! And his voice is beautiful!!
Fairy Meets Edgelord
He's so freaking adorable.
Peeta Griffin
So... when Felicity Jones grows up, she'll turn into Eddie Redmayne?
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