Gold Draco
All BS, Google = CIA .... Time to Wake Up!
Lovey Love
So we should get rid of our human influences by influencing it? Makes no sense to filter the search results
Toon Pocket
You lost me at the end. What is offensive to me is not offensive to someone else.
Dat Boi
All of these are dataset biases.
And in the physics case, if you're trying to classify physicists from images, then yes, it should have a bias towards males if males outnumber females.
There is nothing wrong with biases if the biases are based in reality.
But who decides what is offensive or not? We are all different.
Interesting. Apparently anything that encourages inclusivity and impartiality is "leftist propaganda" and a "political statement." lol
Gabriel Parrondo
"There is no magic bullet"? "There is no magic solution" or "There is no silver bullet". Pick one! :p
Louis vd Walt
The only problem with that is that you are always forced to pick one answer where several might be applicable... Why can't I draw two shoes? Why is the answer either this or that, never 'select all that apply'? Do you build bias into your software on purpose?
Vandee Digitalis
The new programs are to benefit the computer nerds so now everything is reversed for technology even those that use and rely on technology loose.VD
Vandee Digitalis
There is a magic bullet and it is weeding out hose who figured out the U.S. Gove, Technology and the truth of surveillance. It does not exist, surveillance except for a very few those who figured it out and those who are not with the Gov-and technology but understand it. Bullets kill people even in the Matrix mind.VD
Vandee Digitalis
1:51 / 2:33 selection bias. Why are computers sending me fake computerized everything almost emails, page views, spam and often real computerized telephone calls. Because the programs are faulty and disregard anything that is truthful as to the agenda of the tech giants.Equality????? VD
Vandee Digitalis
Yes human biases do become part of the technology we create especially those of us who rely on machine learning. But what about those who created the IBM code 0011001010 computer programs there are definitely biases from those programmers and who made the big decisions on how those programs outcomes for certain people. Technology biases I know it exists as computers are trying to "balance" out discrimination as it, the computers sees fit?VD
Mike the grate and other grates
I pictured a shoe I've never seen at all. Why tho
Allan Bartlett
Your counter methods also have bias. Also has anyone tried Carnap's structuralism? Definitions in terms of relations?
Pope Goshila
This is quite interesting.
john victor
Why am i wait for October 4th?🔍
Terminator confirmed.
Cause ATHY
The Legend34
This is the most backwards thinking, Google what is happening to you latley..... Do you even think anymore or let the machine learning come up with this stuff. You obviously have to program it biasedly to not be biased lmao
The Legend34
You support cancerous feminism and the destruction of men, yet you wanna talk about bias? Oh really?
The Legend34
Won't machine learning have more bias??? Because it will favor certain people over others... Lol
wrong concluding sentence. You should have said: "because racism, is bad"
Wow, you learn something new everyday!
reuben louis
Nice try've been naughty as of late.
Mike Lawrence
Here is what happens when Google "tunes", aka filters, search results:
Google "star trek white genocide" and count how many pages you have to click through to find an original article claiming there is "white genocide" in the new "star trek" behind-the-CBS-paywall series. The search results are pages and pages of one-sided SJW virtue-signal propaganda. Shouldn't a fair result include a one-sided result presenting the source of the contraversey? Before you call me a racest for pointing this out, you should know my wife is dark skinned and I've volunteered for 7 years helping inner-city poor in Atlanta GA.

"Unbiased" learning algorithms tuned to protect us from any facts or opionions that are not politically correct, blind us from reality and prevent us from making an informed opinion.
Amit Sarda
Never thought about machine learning and human bias. Always thought it will not affect the results. But we are designed to see the world from our own eyes, experiences.
Why will our code be any different.
Mike Lawrence
Filtering results is EVIL.
A hand-crafted filter doesn't reflect truth, it reflects the hand that crafted it.
Nice... You just forgot to eliminate your political bias
Peter Jindra
It didnt recognize those shoes even though a decent percentage of the shoes look like that? Sounds like you just have more work to do in improving the AI, since "biased" humans can easily recognize all of those shoes.
vignesh vicky
terminator movie 🎥 scen soon 🔜
Brandon Moore
Awesome. A future where machines censor humans for Google and other corporations instead of Google employees having to do it themselves. The future looks bright...
nice way to cover up your censorship goolag, question: what makes you think you can get away with these types of things?
Rinesh Andrews
How often Google changes its algorithm for search ! Left to Ai?
ali mansoor
Please answer this. Which program do you guys use to animate these videos?
Ryan Ong
Science and technology have been biased towards straight, white men since the dawn of time. This is course correction.
Nexx Nexx
What a way to justify censorship.... Don't mess with our free speech Google.
A. K. B
You cannot eliminate bias. You can only compensate for it by illuminating more options.

Otherwise the bias "elimination" is subject to bias.

E.g. If you avoid a subject when teaching someone, it becomes a weakness in their understanding, and can fall into an overcompensation bias.

Furthermore, who decides what counts as a negative bias that should be eliminated? That strikes me as the kind of thing we should be having discussion on and not deciding for other people without their consent.

Give people more opportunities to understand, not fewer opportunities to learn.
Vlad Novetschi
when you realize that this is about the google censorship.
so how do you eliminate the human bias that controls the moderation of the machines human bias? doesn't seem to be much help the "limiting of offensive results" only removed "offensive" opinions that google doesn't agree with, either manually or through new human bias influenced machine learning. opinions like that of the man who google recently fired for questioning google's current stance on workplace sexism. even if you agree with google for this example, there could be anything that google finds offensive that you don't. if the only information available is the information not censored by google, whether or not you think that the results would be in your personal favor, the control over what opinions people have access to should be the right of no person or organization.
But, what if I am trying to find the hateful stuff because I am trying to see what other people are saying? Doesn't matter if they are morally wrong or right, it should still be easy to find
Nathan Patrick
First they complain about human bias then they say they are taking measures to make their products more biased. Limiting offensive sites and auto corrections is making the ai biased, not un biased. Google sensors political messages and ideas they don't like and they call that unbiased? How? Google has gone downhill recently by becoming a biased company instead of remaining neutral like any good company should.
Machine learning SJW? Haha
A good strong AI will delete human bias by itself since it's not a logical way of thinking for a machine.
But nice to see Google work on this issue in basic AI.
Shabaan Sajjad
Hmmm yes but what is NEGATIVE human bias and isn't our offences and what we deem negative biases also bias therefore like you say it's never truly unbiased. Oh and sometimes bias isn't a bad thing at least for companies as mining personal data for bias towards certain products in order to advertise to them so you can "tailor" services towards people.
Charir Maulana
Don't make an AI!! they will take over humanity!!!!
Guy next door
Report, because there is no bias in your reports
green bastard
no kys
When u just watched Saw and listen to: Let's play a game at 0:00
Detlef Kroll
Call it 'offset' if you mean offset. Call it 'skewness' if you mean skewness. 'bias' is sooo 'human', it's just buzz saying nothing.
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