roaring dragon2
On the doors, yes, it is impossible. There are more than two areas with an odd amount of doors, and every room that has an odd amount, needs to either be the start or finish.
Pam Reag
also that spelling tho
Pam Reag
I am not a bot
Sally Pang
That test says I am a bot!!! That is mean! Like if agree
Ryan Shirley
I love you
Spicy Burger
this is first time i saw pewdiepie and i belive he had 46million subs at that time
SecreT Dosec
who's watching this in 2014?
Diz Three
2:19 - 2:20
Yep.avi... I made a 1 hour version... XP
Gaming With TyTFireShadow
If malcoms mom saw what he's doing i bet he would get grounded lol.
Heaven's Dog1241
I thought the ear rape at 2:14 wouldn't be bad, the time came and i was wrong, so the third time i watched i put the volume all the way up
joshua meyer
I knew I was a bot
lying little shit
JanaBeliectioner#1 Sosic
Pewdie is KING,Malcom
survivor life
Car Maniax
The only thing well done is your ass when i'm done with it! :)) i will borrow that man!!!
Tily love-k-pop
2:11 RIP my hears, thanks pewds
Marianne Bocquet
2:09 RIP headphones users 😂♥️
a channel
This just shows Malcom is an idiot
KAROM official
I'm a new small YouTube's needs support subscribe me you get stuff related to music
Maya Prakash
Olliedaolive TV
I am Swedish
Malcolm Castelino
this sound so wrong as my name is also malcolm
Zoya Mir
It's the iq die pie test
Melvin Rothelius
Fuck you Malcom I'm from sweden too
pro gamer
Malcolm your father is a bot
0:47 For 18+
Lola L. Loud
i hate malcolm
Bluemushroon studios
when people say " there only in it for the money" ITS LITTERALLY HOS JOB
Harpreet Singh
i m bot
phani rithvij
I want you to do it really
phani rithvij
I like you
I want you to comment this comment in one of your videos
I don"t know * WHAT THE FUCK* to type, to make you do it
I will try to watch all of your videos from now
hope God helps me start my career like this
I finished Tha doors
Feda Hazim
my f****cking ears
Samuel Rainey
Myy earssss
tormato 2323
Malcolm has 0 subs LOl
Kids: pewdiepie has to many subs! And he is gay

Me in mind: Jelly
Mark Anthony Bomalay
these are holes not doors
2:15 LMAO
Hârciog Studios
wath the name of the 2:14 song from trigered
Ethan Rainwater the gamer and vlogger
ear rapist
Critical Dopler
screw that malcolm
Ashwani Pratap Singh
toychica _rocks
What's the song called at 6.54?
Zaid Mohammed
malcon go to hell
Jesus Lopez
Felix is actually my dad's name
Michael Bobkoff
Mowcum go to hell
Christina McMahan
who ever hates pewdiepie must have no life cuz he's the f***ing bomb af! #brolife
What was the synth-wave like music @3:48?
Rapmon's Big Feet
That was lit.
PC Boy
i need this micro phone
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