Ann Carrasco
Meryl Streep Overrated????
Jenna Ramos
Love it omg 😍 but needs the most powerful moment for Sophie's Choice !
cassandra cordier
What is the music ?
Marina Prezani
background music???
Jesus Freak
Why cant we all just love each other and look past peoples opinion or political views ?
Julian Sewell
Diva is the female version of a hustler
could someone tell me the name of the movie at 2:03 ??
Venu Gopal
Name of the movies
Wilson Combatgirl
It seems like honesty is underrated....I support Meryl 100% and Trump can go to hell.
Overrated? Fuck you Trump. Meryl is a Queen.
She is simply the Best!!!! She can play Batman as were said in Modern Family
What movie is this? 1:10 pleasE!!
Alejandro Velasco Sousa
What's the movie on 00:25 ?
Finn Phillips
Lack given cap deep trail advice age walking.
Juanita Lee
Meryl Streep is sound, compassionate and very intellegent, as opposed to reckless, egotistical, and misogynistic. She's absolutely one of the greatist actresses of our times. She is giving you naysayers a "heads up". You'd do good by listening, instead of letting your inflated egos get in the way of seeing that we are all connected, and we all in the same boat. wh
Dog Wood
I want Meryl Streep to run for President. Refuse to be paid, like Trump, spend all of your own money on your campaign, like Trump, and fix all the problems in this country, race, employment, immigration, world affairs, the economy, terrorism and at the same time, working around the most egotistical, immoral, greedy, evil and self righteous people on earth. You fucking bitch, you know so much, do it!
Jay Jackson
A tearful Meryl Streep lies about Trump mocking disabled reporter Serge Kovaleski, to a room full of her fellow alt-liberal, and acts like she is so superior to us mere mortals.(proves what a great actress she is)
Since Ms. Streep is such a caring, outspoken and courageous defender of the disable, and helpless, I must have missed her expressing her pain and outrage against the 4 thugs who Kidnap, Terrorized, Tortured, and Taunted, a mentally disabled teen.
Malika Terrien
Amazing actress !!! What is the soundtrack of the video?
meryl streep is like tom cruise. annoying and overrated
Alice Alice
She's amazing!!!
2:08 what is that movie?
Luro Meza
What an overrated actress. according to big fat giant orange talking toupee!
Chris Strunk i cant watch any more of her movies. so shallow
Karen Kirkpatrick
Thank you for the upload! So proud she is an American! Best actress of all time...up there with Bette Davis, Kathryn Hepburn, etc. but plays even a wider range of roles than those famous dames...she's just the best of the best.
ad da
Freya Baldwin-Stuart
This was beautiful! I had chills the whole time.
fjwilliams Williams
amazing actress, spoke --freedom of speech, you go women !!! love you and all those long years of entertainment----I admire your spunk that only some just think about doing----never underestimate the power to express by all our actors and actresses
Sharon Mcintosh
she sucks
a melhor da melhor!!!!!
linda, carismática, ativista social!!!
maravillosa creacion de lo divino y angel de las artes y almas y sueños ,cuentos ,historias deseadas vividas compartridas con nosotros, ees para mi mas que una maravillosa actriz ,en su totalidad, es un excelente mujer de quien me enamore en la pelicula AFRICA MIA, y sigo a tu lados dear MERYL , GRACIAS POR TANTO!!!!!!!!!!
don't recognize 1 movie and she is a really ugly looking lesbian
Does someone knows what is the music at the end ?
Thomas Lavigne
actors actresses musicians and professional athletes, do what you are paid to do and please keep your personal beliefs and political opinions to yourself or among your friends and family the general public is not interested, really! 👎
Gia Joseph
I'm so glad they did this right now, while she's alive <3

Quoting Cameron Tucker from Modern Family
"Meryl Streep could play Batman en be the right choice"
Monika Mylonopoyloy
I'm more proud of her winning the award than I would have been had I won it myself !!! We love you Meryl <3
Jennifer Wilkerson
what film title is she in where she stands over a bedridden man on oxygen and enjoys his misery?
Meg Crimson
I'm so glad they included Miranda Priestly!!!
Nate McGraw
Meryl Streep ye old princess , would be better if you just kept your damned opinions to yourself though and just do your job and act leave real life to the rest of us
Riccardo Benvenuti
Bella brava perfetta.
Daniel Novotny
Hello, please, what movie is 1:15?
K tiffy
what are we going to do?oh the horror ! civilization, what happened to you?
torn apart by greed and lust and power!
she is perfect
A Kkkk
A huge respect to the greatest actress in the world 🌎 ❤
Just Norbert
2:03 what movie is that?
nj13 nj13
meryl streep supported and celebrated a child rapist Roman Polanski he raped a 13yr old girl celebrities are truly one with the devil
A Legend and a inspiration
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