GROSS! Gelli Baff Toy Challenge - Extreme Sour Warheads Candy - Shopkins - Superhero Ooshies Prizes

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Hi friends:)
WOW:) Me and Summer had a epic battle playing the gelli baff toy challenge and it was so close,bad luck Summer and Mummy:)this was one of my fav videos.SUPER COOL.

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Grace Caruso
The sugar is called Cassie sugar
Carly Hodgkinson
Sweety lemon
Grace Caruso
Good job Tiana Mum Summer
Shanna Bryant
i love
tts mom looks like summer
Barb Mullin
if red lose the red stuff and if blue lose the blue stuff and if green lose the green stuff
Kittylover Kitty
Summer is a crybaby
Tania Ramsden
tiana always wins cause her parents make her win!
Tania Ramsden
it's not fare tiana got both prizes she should only get 1 prize!
Aamina Nadeem
I wish I had shopken
Kerry Wilson
Casty sugar
Donna Large
all the shopkins t had i have them lol
I love ❤️ your videos
Yeni Kusrini
Bedik Kara
ahmar mukhtar
ahmar mukhtar
i love you tina
Lexus Fannin
can you sind me a desc
Sharmekia Gordon
who is gonna win
Reahna Hinds
Hi Tiana. I really want yo do a challenge with you, summer, and isla. And I love WARHEADS
Rocio Belen Hierrezuelo
es una tramposa tiana le ponen todo a ella y los otros no ganan me voy del canal
Leticia Onofre
boo teana
Keisha Trussell
Abigaelle Frederic
the 3rd shopkins that mummy didn't know was Pippa lemon and it was season 6
Kelly Jamieson
one of Tiana s oshies was Harley Quinn
Emily Perez
poor summer Tiana wins everything
Gunjan Shukla
the lemon one was called lemmy lemon
Vivi Thyme
I wish I could be friends with Tina to do fun things
Thegymnaticstwins Rainaandkuria
that's not slime it's really not I'm not playing
Justin Green
summer is hot I'm am Justin Green
Justin Green
The white girl is hot
Ariella, Ava,Olivia Challenges
Tianna is so nice
Roza Sarhang
سلاو من جونيم زور زورم خوش ده ويى بو يه يه مه دا واو تيونا سبه ي ديمه داواو
mouhamd falaha
في العش
Kim Lawton
This is going to be super funny
rajni singh
I think that summer is cheating
Brian Cystrunk
the name for summers third one was Kane suger
Rex Trajkovski
TT get 5,000,000 subscribers then I'll give you a 🇦🇺🇲🇰💵💵
Sophie McCarthy
9:01 or 9:02 summer was just being a bratty loser
Nymiah Collins
your a cheater
Daniel Medrano
I. don't like Tiny
amelia durkin
I love you're videos😇😇😇😇😇😇
Tiana needs to stop bragging
where do you get orbies
Aurora Serna
i love samere Axel
Liton Ribeiro

Peachy plum
Ha ha ha at the bit we're in slow moshin when mum got thing in her hair was so funny 😂
I hade a war I chopped off some heads (not in real life) mmmmmmmmmm warheads
carole surgeon
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