Batboy ROBLOX, Minecraft, GMOD and More!
walks on tracks train comes: the moment that man knew. HE FUCKED UP
Norma Lopez
Lego ghost be going a hundred miles an hour and the train
0:17 Poof!
0:18 2 seconds later it's gone
Kathy Hohney
that thing Was like Swiper no Swiper Stealing,
C David
Well shot. Love it
collin meadows
Video was sped up. You can tell by the horn and how fast the camera moves in the first video
David Latimer
Great vid! I've been trying to get a snowy shot like that for a while now. Waiting in that weather for the best shot is hardcore. Gotta love our Michigan blizzards off the lake.
Richard Bosnak
All they will see coming is just set of lights.
jérome le floch
OMG c'est votre train express ????
Eward Webb
thats a hundred miles an hour?
Ryan Mcminn
was that the train coming from flint n are those superliner coaches
Nicholas s
blizzard my ass. It's snowing
Francois Gauthier
simply beautiful !! greets from France !😉
Wide World of Trains
He was moving, like how he blasted thru the snow bank
That's a blizzard? Is this Florida?
Little piggy Likes trains
How can you tell the number of the t ain't it was just too fast
COA Railroad Vlog
added to our 'Best of Amtrak' playlist. Very cool!
Duke Nukem
it is 95 mph, not 100
Trevor Trainz
soooooooo The Wolverine Had Superliners.... THEY DONT HAVE THEM USUALLY
1:08, what the hell is that coach next to the baggage car, and the ones at the end to
only 4 coaches! dam I thought there was gonna be a lot on the first one.
Great video! I enjoyed watching it. What type of camera do you use?
And we wonder why trains crash...
Oh look! The Polar Express going through its tracks...
Excellent camera work.
Fallout Fan
like a bat flying from hell
awsome vid at beginning that SOB Was haulin the mail now! dam lol
Blackcat Holman
Blizzard? Where is there a blizzard? Train is moving pretty good, though.
Joe Ogiba
Blizzard ? Really ? That looks like your average snow storm. The blizzard of 1888 killed over 400 people , how many died in this storm ?
Aaron 'Marth8880' Gilbert
<3 Amtrak
I work S+C up in Canada, and I'm curious as to what ITCS stands for. It's not an acronym we use up here.
Edit: Never mind, lol. Figured it out myself. For anybody else wondering, it's a type of Positive Train Control wherein the train will slow and stop itself when it picks up an unpermisive signal off the coded track circuits. also GPS and lots of other sofistomocated gizmos.
Good Weed
damn in the snow
Julian James
yeah i can edit the playback speed too and make it look and sound like its gonna break the sound barrier people are so gullible 😅
This is the POLAR EXPRESS!
David Libertty
It was not doing 100!
Ron H
That seems incredibly unsafe
Thats insane.
allen blackman
That's why these fuckers are always derailing
Tyler Padgett
More like 50-60
North Omaha Dashcam
When you order Jimmy Johns: 0:16
John Edwards
Very nice video. Added to 3 playlists. Awesome! Thanks for posting.
Lars De Vos
Exception focus architecture taxpayer meaningful counselor extend sale slam.
That second one is more what I expect from Amtrak speeds. Not that the first is amazing... it's just better than what I expect.
oh ma gawd. it's the snowpeircer movie all over again
Brandon C
Those horns sound brutal.
Owen Meschter
Wow. That's fast.

1:23 what's the passenger car in the background?
How does he know when to blow the horn in white out conditions? Just keep your finger on the button I guess.
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