Amtrak 350 flies through a blizzard at 100mph

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Chicago and Northwest Indiana region were a hit with a historic snowstorm on February 1st, 2015, with snowfall totals of over 16 inches.  

Because 350 was an hour late, I had to scramble to get over to the Michigan line northeast of Porter, IN. I wanted to get far enough away from Porter Junction to try and catch the train at upwards of 100mph.

This video shows the first train of the day on Amtrak's Michigan line, where ITCS signalling allows operation of 110mph speeds. The snow began the night before, and had piled over the rails and crossings before 350 came through at or close to 100mph and knocked it all away. The location is a bit northeast of Porter, Indiana. 

The second train is Amtrak 49, the Lake Shore Limited, running at restricted speed behind a hot NS intermodal in Chesterton Indiana.

Fallout fan
like a bat flying from hell
awsome vid at beginning that SOB Was haulin the mail now! dam lol
Blackcat Holman
Blizzard? Where is there a blizzard? Train is moving pretty good, though.
Joe Ogiba
Blizzard ? Really ? That looks like your average snow storm. The blizzard of 1888 killed over 400 people , how many died in this storm ?
Aaron 'Marth8880' Gilbert
<3 Amtrak
I work S+C up in Canada, and I'm curious as to what ITCS stands for. It's not an acronym we use up here.
Edit: Never mind, lol. Figured it out myself. For anybody else wondering, it's a type of Positive Train Control wherein the train will slow and stop itself when it picks up an unpermisive signal off the coded track circuits. also GPS and lots of other sofistomocated gizmos.
Good Weed
damn in the snow
Julian James
yeah i can edit the playback speed too and make it look and sound like its gonna break the sound barrier people are so gullible 😅
Zachary Spencer
This is the POLAR EXPRESS!
David Libertty
It was not doing 100!
Ron H
That seems incredibly unsafe
Wings On High
That gave me chills on so many levels
Thats insane.
allen blackman
That's why these fuckers are always derailing
Tyler Padgett
More like 50-60
When you order Jimmy Johns: 0:16
John Edwards
Very nice video. Added to 3 playlists. Awesome! Thanks for posting.
Lars De Vos
Exception focus architecture taxpayer meaningful counselor extend sale slam.
That second one is more what I expect from Amtrak speeds. Not that the first is amazing... it's just better than what I expect.
Waluigi Wah
oh ma gawd. it's the snowpeircer movie all over again
Brandon C
Those horns sound brutal.
Owen Meschter
Wow. That's fast.

1:23 what's the passenger car in the background?
How does he know when to blow the horn in white out conditions? Just keep your finger on the button I guess.
How do you know it's going 100 mph?
Wheelove Fire Alarms
That train is jamming fast wonder what's the trains hurry going fast in the snow? lol
Adriana Mendonca
hashtag polar express 😂
One of the better train videos available. Great stuff!!
It's so beautiful. I wonder if the Acelas will bump to 180 on revenue runs (i.e. Stand behind the yellow line, behind the platform, and a few rows back in the parking lot)
AmericanHD Railfan
Awesome catches!
Paula Johnson
Flying down icy tracks at 100mph? Another Amtrak disaster waiting to happen.
Mik Moen
Midwest and your damn winter wonderlands, SHARE SOME FOR ONCE.
Superliners can only do 90...
At what point does a train need to slow for snow? What about low visibility?
Isaac Miller
Sweet Video, Have watched it dozens of times! I subscribed! Sub back?
Barron Ingram
100mph superliners where?
Pennsylvania RailProductions
Good job I subscribe your channel subscribe me back please thanks man
That is awesome! I subbed to your channel, you may sub back if you would like . Bob...
Don't know fear !!
Awesome Doppler affect
NorfolkSouthern RailFanner
Man he was pounding through all that ? 110 MPH?? DANG
crazy kid106
the power of modern choo choo
Aidan Flagg
The snow coming from the train looks so awesome
Ramanathan Subramanian
Trains are running pretty fast in snow .Amazing.
Chris Martone
Great video, but that second train is not moving at restricted speed, just a more restrictive speed because of that train ahead.
Keiran George
beautiful weather
Joey EpicDisasterSurvivor
Can someone tell me what kind of horn that was on the first train?
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