Louis C.K. Hates Cell Phones

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This is what Blaise Pascal argued against "distraction" and man's inablity to be alone with himself in a room back in the 17th century.

The fact that the point is being made through an form of entertainment, itself a distraction, is so ironically funny and bizarre that it actually makes you think.
oh the irony of talking about texting masturbation
Did he jack off in front of Conan too
Aayush Atwal
That was a whole lotta bs
I hate when I’m talking to someone on the phone and they start masterbating
Hank Moody
4:25 appropriate
Kris Kiritsugo
hates cellphones, loves masturbating in front of people.
I'm still gonna watch his old comedy. At least it didn't ask women to watch him fap.
Dylan Raskay
He hates phones and rapes kids
What terrible timing for YouTube to put this in my suggestions.
Ridgemont NL Moves
Louie - why do you hate cell phones - because they don't free up your hand so you can jerk off in front of your mother you loser. Ba Bye creep - your done.
RIP Louis C.K.'s career. You were great.
those poor women that watched him jack off
Right Hand Clyde
Funny as hell... Louis is the man!
His Majesty
"Empathy," says the rapist.
卐 Muhammad Raped Little Boys 卐
hahahaha he jokes about masturbating to avoid sadness
Because they can capture him masturbating
Kevin o callig
Jester Minute
You hate cell phones? Yeah I hate creepy bald fat guys cornering me in a room and wanking.
Marine-One Roman
Neto Rios
He's going down for sexual misconduct now
david sh
What he talked about is actually called a meditation
luuke luketer
rip Louis CK........
Your feelings don't matter
Too bad he forces women to watch him jack off...
multi io
This begs the question, do you have to be a perv to be a great comedian? Like, to produce great comedy about sort of deranged topics (like masturbation), do you have to be a deranged person when it comes to those topics so you can draw your material from personal experience? :-O
I hope he comes back soon!
Carlos Argelio Arévalo Mercado
Hidden in plain sight. He just couldn’t help it: 4:25
Not Sharing My name
And keeping his pants on
Hank Scorpio
The man's a genius. Pity recent events will ultimately tarnish moments like this one. Not that I condone his behaviour.
Abdullahi Mohamoud
Anyone came back to this after the allegations
Wot M8
Ayyyyy Louis ck still a great guy
Used Tissue
why louis why!
Harry Brown
sounds crazy but its actually the truth
Lila Nicastro
I can't belive this guy is sick too :(
Really sad news, you let us down
The reason ol' Louis doesn't like phones is because he doesn't want his forcible masturbation to be interrupted by calls
dust s
and another one bites the dust
Chris G
Freaking Andy 😂😂
As of right now, Conan is probably regretting this segment. You all know why.
Madina Jabarli
Best gingers
Annabelle Rankin
Want to cry when he talks about crying. This conversation is about truth battling post-truth mores. Excellent because Louis C. K. hits the spot.
My Favorite Comedian, So Far
He is hilarious 😂😂😂😂
Forever empty
pangeran hentai
I know that sad feel
bawer lifeg
can someone please explain to me, how most of the comedian are super smart ex. Louis ,Bill Bur .Jim Carrey
"Hey, how come you didn't answer my text?" I literally almost choked myself with laughter
Pickle Snort
1:30 and beyond is pretty much the philosophy of bojack horseman that we need constant distractions to avoid existentialism
Ayan Chakraborty
Andy is savage.
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