Richard Cullen
If they would just admit that this was a Kelvin Timeline show it would all be fine. it would make sense (as much as anything can). But trying to shove it into the middle of Prime, with the wrong look, the wrong attitude and ... hell, what is right with it? It is just not Prime Universe.
Exfinite _
The reason they're not building a bridge that looked like the TOS Enterprise is because their budget is more than a 100 bucks.
Great assessment- but outside of the Star Trek animated series, has Robert April ever been accepted as canon? He did pop up in a JJ alternate timeline comic as a rogue- but hes never been mentioned on any Star Trek show or film. As I understand it the animated series of Star Trek is not regarded as canon. If it is, then that would be Kirk's 2nd 5 year mission
First and Last
Discovery will blow, suck and fail. Also, fuck you
Kenneth Sumida
spock under captain Pike was a science officer. number one was the second in command under Pike.
Route Dog
just download it here
+Ketwolski, thanks for this video. I was thoroughly confused, watching other videos, and reading materials that claimed that this show was in the "prime" universe (whatever the eff that means), and when I started to believe it, I still thought something was off. You perfectly explained it - this show is set in the movie-verse. I will actually give it a shot now, wholeheartedly, because I know that it's part of the new continuity, and won't mess with any of the old timeline stories.
Brande X
I hope when the show airs, that they call the ship the "shen-jo" and not the "shen-zoo".

"White people" F'ed that one up in Mass Effect also with the planet "Zhu's Hope".
Devin Reese
There was a trek set in the year 3000 and one later than tng but animated. The first was star trek federation, the latter star trek the final fontier, not to be confused with the movie. it might'd even been cool considering some of their ideas, obv. everything is execution. BUT the plugged was pulled to make the reboot with JJ abrams!
Kevin Tran
To be Honest, if I were the showrunner, producer, or director, I would rather have it set in the Kelvin timeline instead, because of the visual alone, and due to the fact that the Klingons looks like they should belong in the Kelvin timeline, since if this WERE to be set in the prime timeline, they should look a bit more human since, both ENTERPRISE and TOS shows that they had lost their forehead thing for over a hundred years until maybe after Kirk's five year mission.
The Orville literally fits in better with the established canon of Star Trek than Star Trek Discovery does. What a joke.
MightyMo Games
If they just say it's Kelvin Timeline, I'm okay with it.
Including the JJ universe and enterprise bullshit into your timeline confuses the issue way too much. Neither are canon.
Maybe at some point it's the right thing so say "Come watch the fuckin' show, don't worry about continuity - it's just Star Trek". Every time the authors tried to explain a change in an already messed up, contradictory universe it got even worse. They earn a lot of hate from Trekkies both ways, so why not say "that's the new show - deal with it or don't".

Star Trek Beyond may also not be a good reference to start analysis. :/
Jeff Trujillo
This new Star Trek looks like 💩 💩 💩 💩 💩
Dudes Tattoos • Bronx
It Will Fail... Not-Keplah!
Bryan Boatwright
The Kelvin universe was already in existence. Both Spock Prime and the Romulans slipped backward and sideways in time. Star Trek's official website has Robert Apri commanding the Enterprise in 2245.
They don't care about anything but getting subscriptions to their streaming service, plus there seem to be a whole bunch of people who call themselves Star Trek fans who just don't care, all they want is something "NEW"
J.R. Turner
Now I know it is a cross reference.... the Star Trek Discovery line is a timey whimey thing so inconsistencies are to tie the two parts together.... or so a nonTrekkie at CBS thinks it will. They are forgetting we Trekkies know our ships and we hold our shows to a much higher standard.
John Smith
oh what u wanted them to break out dated cheap tacky 50 yr old sets and uniforms to for the sake of continuity................. idiot.
Jung Lee
I think the main reason is that the producers know that the TOS set design sucks. Why try and copy set designs that are crappy BS from the 60's?
I think you might be nitpicking a bit. They are just stating: 'Before Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise' for general viewers. They didn't mention the first 5 year mission and if we really are angry about it not being the first Enterprise we may as well head back to the sea fairing days of yonder.
Keegan McNally
I hate all of this so much it hurts. I own up to being to nerdy and placing far too much importance on these things but fuck this gets me depressed.
John Mullins
CBS has screwed this up so badly. Don't be gullible and pay for CBS All Access. It's time for fans to teach CBS a lesson and the best way to do that is to watch Discovery on for FREE so CBS doesn't make a profit from CBS All Access. CBS will start listening to fans if we keep them from making money.
Edwin Morales
my main problem. TNG, DS9 and VOYAGER were syndicated to insure the largest, widest audience possible. here comes discovery avaliable only on pay channels, or subscription based...its not going to be avaliable to everyone. that turned me off. finding pc culture making its way into the show pushed me further away. and this continuity thing, especially the fact its in TOS universe yet looks nothing like TOS (something i had not yet noticed until this video), well i have no intreast in the show. i have more intreast in ORVILLE, which seems to follow Star Trek lore better then Star Trek itself.
Blair Schirmerx
1:25 - "the deep space area."

Bull. throw it in the Kelvin timeline.
Karl Mueller
All I can say is the show was a mess it's maddening
Man... :O
You such a picky little spoiled kid... WOAH LOL!

10 years prior, yeah, prior the ST TOS, that's it and all, they never said Christopher Pike never existed or that it has never been captain of the Enterprise NCC-1701. Discovery's period will gather events to fill that the prime timeline gap, not necessarily around the NCC-1701.

The uniform nearly similar, yeah so what, why not, as long as it is inspired by Starfleet uniforms at least. I would even say they are close enough to the ST E uniforms. No big deal anyway! If you're such a fashion purist, your place belongs in the brands like YSL or LV.

As for the ships, USS Shenzu & USS Franklin, the problem comes from the fact that it was designed for the reboot series with that lame time. By the way you are comparing again 2 contents from 2 different timelines.

People shouldn't bash Discovery on very light assumptions. We didn't get a ST series in a decade! We shouldn't be too picky but anyway I believe Discovery is genuine to the prime timeline and for sure that's what most trekkies want.
I'm sorry, design elements are not what continuity is all about.
What they should have done .... if they had any common sense ....
GO TO THE 26th OR 27th CENTURY !!!
Then they would never have to worry about "continuity issues".
We want BRAND NEW BOLD ADVENTURES - not hide behind JJ Abrams skirt.
Auryn Me
I don't know if people are just over analyzing all this things. You say that there are 102 years between the 2 ships, ok, how much has the interior of a car changed in 102 years?? You still have a seat, a ring to stear, some pedals and usually a lever for the gear. What changed is what under the hood and the outside.
Maybe you right, that ship should be looking way more like the original serie but i wonder if you would look a show that look more like the original series.
You can find always things that don't match up in any show. I for example have many problems with the Kelvin timeline movies and how they establish something to then "forget" or break it 5 min later.
Anyway, what disturbs me more is the faster technical advancement in the Kelvin timeline compared to the original timeline.
As for the "10 years before...." well, there are many ST fans out there and many people that was maybe inspired by it but i wonder how many of those people know the ST timeline, how many know about Pike, the 5 year mission, etc...
Sorry for the dark comparation but how many people know about the World Trade Center disaster?? How many people know about the building 7 of that day??
So maybe you see "bad intentions" where there are not or better said, just the intention to place the series based on something even not trekkies probably know.
Matthew Marden
Continuity has never been a strong point for Trek . In TNG "Relics" Scotty has the memorable line of:
"The Enterprise?! I shoulda known – I'll bet Jim Kirk himself hauled the old gal outta mothballs to come lookin' for me!"
Yet in Generations kirk is 'killed', which is a pretty poor retcon, made all the more glaring because Ronald Moore, who wrote the episode, also had a major hand in writing Generations .

Oh, and "Warp-10ing", please, you're complaining about rewriting the stuff here, while perhaps forgetting that they rewrote the warp-factor list between TOS and TNG, never mind that series ans sometimes even episodes quotes wildly different 'speeds' for the same warp factor. the Voyager episode "Relativity" gives us two quotes for the speed of 9.975, one of 1,554-1,721 times C, the other of 2,922 times C. And in the Enterprise episode "Broken Bow", warp 4.4 is calculated at 100 times C, while warp 4.5 comes to just 83 times C.
Leon Cranson
Fact Checking the Fact check. First The Pilot For Star trek with Captain Christopher Pike takes place in 2254 a year before Discovery takes place. second Spock was not Pike's First officer that was a Woman with no name Played by Majel Barrett before she married Gene Roddenberry. Spock appeared to be Science officer perhaps second officer but not First officer.
Third the 09 uniforms were a modification of the TOS uniform despite the fact that takes place decades apart. The Beyond Survival suit and the Discovery uniforms have similar colors get over it. Fourth Starfleet bridges look alike. again Those same angles and similar styles are seen on Picard's Enterprise E and even the D. Fact is the TOS is actually Aberrant It's style is hard to pin into the surrounding aesthetic because it evolved so strangely. Even the Motion picture is a huge jump in style and uniform from TOS.
aztec aztec
I think what there doing is trying to get rid of any of the prime universe stuff and make everything the Kelvin time line . so that way it fits with the new movies that started in 2009 . So Star Trek is Kelvin only . some body once said in a YouTube video that they could see them doing JJ Trek version of The Next Generation . My problem with the new Star Trek stuff is the style it's done in . To me it's done too much like modern action movies . To much action not enough story . Star Trek is a mix of both . sometimes leaning on story more , but it work for Trek . the JJ Trek is action over story .

A Torgerson
Since it is only on CBS all access, not on regular network airing, CBS has no intention of this succeeding. This is a pure money making venture that Netflex is going to be paying for. CBS get the money , Star trek fans and Netflex get the shaft.
You have issues with at line "10 years before ..........." ? just a simple way to say it is 10 years before TOS, how is that hard to understand? The people behind the show needs to make general views understand, not just hardcore fans, but most of those probly have enouge common sense to understand that line.
Guitardz Gaming
No mention of the Kilingon ridges?
Victor Ha
star trek has always recycled sets so similar visual styles of the bridge is highly likely. but visual style of everything else is confusing af. they obviously want to include Kelvin timeline stuff to cash in on the new fan base. it's not necessarily a fuck you to old fans but more like under estimating the intelligence of new fans. people who like trek are a certain breed, we notice this shit. #trekkie #oldfan #picard #livelongandprosper
Yellow Chow
drop this show and reboot star trek Enterprise with a season 5🖖
This is the most nitpicky bullshit that doesn't matter in the greater context of the franchise. If this is what you care about in Star Trek then you have utterly failed to grasp the meaning of the show.
I agree with everything you say. If they wanted to go this way, they should have set the time half way between TOS and the Next Generation. Or maybe even beyond Voyager. What they did was an obvious attempt to cash in on the Kirk and Spock era, and/or the current alternate timeline movies. This is a cash grab for CBS and their new streaming service. I'm a mark who has seen every episode and movie since Ep.1 of TOS, so I'll watch this new show, but it had better be good. Another complaint is the Klingons are way overdone in the makeup department. Just sayin'. No wonder Bryan Fuller got out of Dodge.
You are being paid to hate it.

You either are taking it seriously or you are being very nitpicky.

Like the uniforms it is the same timeline but different universe and Star Trek Canon they have episodes to go through all the universes with little type variances of the same uniform some being drastic to others and some are not a prime example is TNG episode Parallels. Also in canon they do have slightly different styles in one universe if you watch TNG almost every season has a new uniform they are wearing and they do pop up again later in series example Star Trek Generations they are wearing both TNG uniforms and The DS9 (the ones Voyager also uses) in the movie. If you also include Star Trek Online as canon you have multiple uniforms you can use at once.

What I have explained the uniform can be close to an alternative universe uniform, they use multiple styles in one universe, and they can wear multiple the said multiple at one time. Would explain more but the uniform was the easiest way to explain why continually can be different or same to other universe.
John Mullins
This series is going to suck and I'm going to make fun of all the people who were dumb enough sign up for CBS All Access.
This show is going to be nothing but fap-feed for PC-SJW types.
S Blair
Remember Axanar! Steer clear of the STD that CBS wishes to give you. :)
Stuart O'Brien
You are nitpicking. They are advertising a show that takes place before the original series. The original series was known for Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise.

it gives you a timeline. And works better than 'Before these two captains that were a footnote in Star Trek continuity and before Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise.'

And are you trying to compare a show from the 60's to now? That the tech has to have a 60's aesthetic? The future has to look like the 60's? are you being this petty?

Let's watch the show first before we find stupid reasons to shit all over it.

Can we not just be happy that over a decade later we are finally getting a new Trek series? Then complain if it's utter garbage.
The continuity is a mess and nobody seems to like them. Just start from however many years since Voyager was cancelled (get whoever is available to do a cameo) and move forward.

Also, fuck the Kelvin timeline.
Mad -Pac
How could the Franklin have been launched in 2153 if the first Enterprise, NX-01, the first warp 5 ship ever built, was launched in 2151? The Franklyn looked much more advanced than the NX-01, in 2153 The Enterprise would be fighting the Xindi, I think, and at that time there were only two NX ships: the Enterprise and the Columbia (launched in 2154).

OK, OK. I just checked. The Franklin was indeed launched in 2153 and was supposed to be the first Warp 4 capable ship, which just makes a mess of everything. Why would the launch the first "Warp 4" ship after having launched a faster, "Warp 5" ship? OK, then maybe the Franklin was launched before the Enterprise, in 2145, as some say possible. But the thing is that the whole idea on Star Trek: Enterprise was that The Enterprise was the very first Earth ship to go into deep space, and it was the first of the NX class (NX-01), while The Franklin was NX-326, a number that doesn't fit with any serial continuity. The Franklin doesn't fit anywhere, really.
thumbs down! I want a good modern sci-fi show and don't givea crap if it fits any timeline or visual style! if it's a good show i will take it and i'll continue to love everything else star trek the same way I always have!
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