Star Trek Discovery - Continuity, Timeline, and alteration errors...nothing makes sense!

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Greetings Trekkies! 

In todays video I share my issues sourrounding the continuity errors and issues with Star Trek: Discovery! 

Star Trek is an American science fiction entertainment franchise based on the television series created by Gene Roddenberry. The first television series, simply called Star Trek and now referred to as The Original Series, debuted in 1966 and aired for three seasons on the television network NBC.

I do NOT own the rights, images, sounds or videos for Star Trek. These belong to CBS, Paramount, and their parent companies.



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@Ketwikski, So far I am not a fan of STD. But in this video I think you are off. Though, in the spirit... eh... Federation Star Ships have a look dependent on the time period that the show came out, not the time period the ship was built. I'm going ot say the aesthetics of the Discovery versus the TOS Enterprise is a nit pick same with the uniforms. The only aesthetics that are really bothering me, and probably everyone else, is the Klingons', and that they changed the Klingon culture so much is just... Gah. Anyways, there is a lot to hate about Discovery. #1 on my list in the CBS All Access requirement. But, that the show is pandering to an SJW mentality, and in that vein just crapping all over the good the previous shows did is another one. None of the characters are really like able either. I don't think that CBS or Paramount is trying to kill the Star Trek label, but, in their effort to make it carry the streaming service, and how they are treating the fan base in general... they are killing it.
They had a good basis for the tech of this period and the uniforms the Pilot two part episodes in TOS that take place IN THIS TIMELINE in the series and Spock was not the First Officer in the Pilot it was a human woman which was cool. Now the technology in the new show is well more advanced than the period it should be see its about 150 years more advanced easily. Stop being a Dum Dum I can watch this show on Popcorn Time for free and I don't and won't pay for it.
Jeebus Christos
It's easy to explain the visual of the Franklin to the Shenzhou... CBS bought the set from the movie on the cheap to cut costs...

Weirder still why the Enterprise is much better lit than ANY of the Starfleet vessels? Did OSHA get wiped out by the creation of the Kelvin Universe too?
Allen Brosowsky
I'm not sure how much my point has been brought up but, this is my take on why it doesn't work.

It doesn't play out at all like Star Trek. The Federation doesn't work like these characters do. The second in command of the schenzhou commits mutiny and the Captain of Discovery is given free reign to pluck her from prison and give her command status. Uh... No way!! Is this there pathetic attempt at over-equality, it's a black woman and we'll lift above the other minions to bring her from prisoner status to command status. Again, what!?
6:45 have you ever even seen the first seasons of TNG? Which came out right out of the Movies, and reused tons of props and designs from the movies.
or MAYBE the fucking thing is really actually taking place in the Kelvin timeline, but they are just fucking with us... It makes far more sense to be taking place 10 years before the new movies... so frankly, that's exactly how I'm gonna watch it, if I keep watching it...
Well since TOS is from the 60s they probably just cut that one out. They might leave the story in the timeline but i don't think the visual style will come back anytime soon. they might rather capitalize on the movies rather than the show when it comes to visual style. The movie uniforms were red and white. I think we might get there during the show when the War with the Klingons continues.
i think you don't understand the English language. "Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise" means all 3 of them together. there's an AND in the sentence. so the line "ten years before Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise" tells us exactly when DISCOVERY is set: 10 years before Kirk, Spock AND the Enterprise were first together.
Richard True
I'm with you CBS really screwed the pooch on this one. The people behind this show didn't give a shit about Star Trek or the history of it. All ABOUT THE MONEY if it wasn't it would be on basic cable
Eric Mishima
What about Archer?
Yannis Baum
why should they make the ships look like in TOS at all. that would just be plain stupid. bacl then they tried the best they could to make it look futuristic. and that was the best they could do or what was consiered sci-fi back then. you shouldn´t deliberately make todays show look like TOS. I´m pretty sure if they had the means of CGI and special effects etc from today it would look a lot different. Visual continuity only makes sense if shows are just a few years apart in production. everything else is stubborn nit picking
ten years before nx-01 duh... xD
If they copied the style of the Abrams movies, sadly they did not copy the Klingons, which looked awesome, also the one ship. In Discovery they and there ships look awful.
It's 10 years before the coming together of Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise. Makes perfect sense. Has nothing to do with the Enterprise prior to that.
Philip Hawkins
My theory is that the creators have deliberately lied to us about it being set in Prime universe in order to keep a plot twist under wraps.

That plot twist being that they are in a universe/timeline we've never seen before and that experimental propulsion tech we find out they are working on in Ep 3 will actually result in them hopping between universes.

It's already been revealed that the mirror universe will play a part in the series. Which I think adds further weight to this theory.
Stevenson Ingles
D9nt get me wrong I am not defending discoverys mistakes. They showed Andoria as a tropical warm planet not an ice moon, tribblez, Gorn skeletons. A lot of mistakes but the blue suits look like the natural progression from star trek enterprise. I am trying to be optimistic about this. I can enjoy a 31 series.
Nicholas Cates
The uniform thing isn’t a big deal. Look at the Enterprise jump suits, and like u said TOS is in the middle of its 2nd 5 yr mission. As long as Discovery changes uniforms in the next 2 seasons it’s fine.

My biggest issue is the ship tech. Full body hologram? Giant window with graphic overlays? (Some) Touch screen controls... some parts look more advanced than the Enterprise E.

could have saved themselves a lot of trouble if they just started the show in like 2430ish. Could have even used their Klingon design, just say that after the Dominion War, 2nd Federation War, and the half dozen other conflicts since the 2380s The Klingons decided to go back and look at the genetic modification research. They ironed out most of the kinks but it again changed their appearance, but this time the Klingons didn’t mind the changes.
Brandon DPersonal
I'm confused. I thought Discovery was taking place after the events of JJ's movies.
Brandon DPersonal
Again... I think they purposefully set it up to fail. They didn't even care because they new no one would watch it b
Old Time Gamer
holograms weren't even introduced since deep space 9 ... idiot writers .. poor script .. nothing made any sense ...
Dave Ind
They have taken Star Trek fans for idiots.From what Ive watched so far the script has been written for 4 kids 4 years of age. The time line is all wrong.The look is all wrong.The Klingons are a mess. The intro is a complete piece of tack. I could go on all night about whats wrong with this rubbish.Some people have criticised the Series Enterprise which compared to Discovery is a masterpiece. For me this series is as bad as it gets. It seems like the makers have just thought, hey they are Trekkies they will watch anything with the words STAR TREK the dumb asses.
Scott Hill
Discovery Sucks ass.
Chuck Hutchins
Bridge design is a question of art direction. The TOS bridge designed in the 1960's looks dated by today's standards. I'd give them a break on art direction.
What's worse is that the Federation had never encountered cloaking technology prior to the Romulan encounter circa 2265. The Klingons would not have cloaking tech at this time.
Chuck Hutchins
Spock wasn't first officer under Pike. At least not during the encounter with the Talosians. Pike had a female "Number One", played by Majel Barrett. Spock was a bridge officer, presumably Science officer.
in 2255, Kirk should be ~22 years old and a Lieutenant serving on the USS Republic. Spock is 26 and serving on the Enterprise. Ambassador Sarek who is seen on the show, would still be married to Spock's mother Amanda. Kirk won't get command of the Enterprise for another 10 years, in 2265 at 32 years old.
Why they wouldn't hire a devoted Trekkie for fact chekcing? First, look at a Trekkie forum and read the endless debates about minor issues. Then if they did, they wouldn't be able to earn money. Continuity is a Limit, a boundary, and they clearly said that they want to go "Beyond".
I love Start Trek but it's full of continuity problems and some "rationals" you find in the show serve cinematic purposes. The "colorful" uniforms of TOS that have low strategic purposes (security has red shirts: red, the color that you can see easily: seriouly, or maybe the strategy was, give Security a éred shirt" so the enemy fire at them first and not on the Captain ;-) ) So those colorful uniforms where designed for the early age of the color TVs. Buyers of expensive color TVs could enjoy the "beauty" of the colors. Compared to the poor guys with their monochrome black and white TVs.
In a world where replicators can convert hydrogen into anything, (food, tech gizmo, ship etc..). why do you need Latinum or any credit? Warp travel consume 8 times the energy of our sun (fact from the book The Physics of Star Trek). in Star Trek even a shuttle has a warp engine, so clearly energy the basis of the economy is not a problem anymore. I am ok with those facts, it's just that when you think about the social and economical consequences that virtually unlimited access to anything would have on a society, you realize that drama runs the lines of the writers not consistency. And consistency could be boring. I love Star Trek and I love real Science and real Sociology. I don't want Star Trek to look like a Science or Economy class.
I am glad they launched a new Star Trek serie. Now wait and see!
Amy D
I completely agree. This is not star trek. This is some sci-fi reboot with the same name and it's wrong.
NightDancer Gaming
Nailed it. Sub
niantic bottin
After watching the first episode I think its the start of entire reboot of the original timeline. I have a feeling if this does well, you will see a new updated TOS.
Just watched the 1st episode and had to look up which universe it was suppose to be set in cause after watching it I would say it looks and feels like it should be in the kelvin universe
Nat J
i understand your comparing similarities uniforms and ships but its like you said they are two different time lines.
So things may have been invented earlier or later in the time lines to each other.
So compare to one time line not to both and you would make more sense.
Here are my thoughts on the show
JTN 저스틴
Discovery would have been a lot better if they just said it was in the Kelvin timeline.
Richard Maberry
Robert April's five year mission is supposed to be in 2245 not 2250. Just FYI.
Alec Jones
I hope best for this TV show. But it really stinks of corporate and to just disregard continuity in this manner burns all the all the treck fans that made it what it is. Corporate should have more respect for its audience. Orville hit the nail on the head. We don't want gritty, dark and depressing in our Star Trek. We have enough of that sort of sci-fi. We want the uplifting and feel good stories that make us think.
Sekmet Dvarr
it's a shame that or more to the point that cbs are attempting to say that it's prime timeline, if they had just bit the bullet and said it's from the kelvin timeline I wouldn't have minded so much, however, I'm not happy with the dark and broody Federation that's being portrayed in discovery, missing the point of colour diversity through speciality displayed in the uniforms science/medical, tactical/command, engineering that Tos [okay the motion picture uniforms were white, sandy biege, light gray 2-6 Red, black trim, with a white or olive collar] Tng, Ds9 and Voyager did throughout, the kelvin timeline movies did, Enterprise [blue as the uniform was] has colour strips of department speciality; The smooth and bright designs of Federation ships, even in wartime, fan made productions follow this ingredients as close as they can because its majorly important, just like the designs of the Klingons, Romulans, Vulcans, Andorians etc, it's what Star Trek is. Personally I think it's time some other film/tv production company bought the rights to all things Star Trek, because CBS/Paramount has lost interest in making Star Trek as it should be done.
Your first point sucks. You don't understand the meaning of the word "and" in "10 years before Kirk, Spock AND the Enterprise." "And" means all three of those things have to be true: thus Kirk with Spock on the Enterprise. Not a continuity problem.
J.R. Turner
ST:D would make more sense to say it is in the Kelvin timeline and not TOS prime line. Then all but the Klingon look makes more sense. Now as to it being 100 years later then it is just a respectable return to the older style of uniforms and style of bridge construction.
I have to wonder what is CBS/Paramount problem with just admitting to this being Kelvin timeline?
Martyn Romaine
For me I'm so sick of these prequels and will Not watch one single episode.. If they start making shows that continue on sometime after Voyager then I'll watch.. I used to be such a trek nut from TOS to Voyager because they showed what future we could have and how technology could advance which for me was Rodenbury's vision.. I really hope this new show dies quickly
Justin Amazing
James Kirk could have a cameo in Star Trek Discovery, because the Star Trek Discovery is set sometime in the 2250's and Kirk was born in 2233 and that would make him somewhere in his 20's
he's the Master
Where are the Borg when you need them?
This is CBS/Paramount's version of axanar, pure and simple. BTW, I HATE Alec Peters' shitshow axanar.
You guys who make a bid deal out of these timelines make me laugh, i'm a big star trek fan, and i'm old enough to have been around when the TOS first aired and watched every series since. And when i saw the new films i thought to myself this is what star trek should have been, not the stiff acting of kirk spock and bones they were to rigid, the new actors are ten times as good as the old ones. I'm willing to bet dollars to donuts that the actors from discovery will be better than what came before them.

The uniforms, the spaceship, the badges, the klingon, etc... etc... cannot be the same because CBS would have to pay licencing fees to paramount. We are lucky that cbs got to make a star trek series at all, Paramount gave them the OK after much negotiations, as long as they did not use anything that was licenced already unless they paid for them, so stop your f@#$ing winning and enjoy the show.
Caith Hunt
They can't draw an audience with a serious sci-fi show that looks like it was designed back in the 60's. It's imposible to stay in design continuity with the original series, it would just be laughable.
David Evans
Money grab, they don't care and don't understand that continuity is big for fans. I think now they are hoping for all new Trekkie fans to come in and support the show.
Brian Wigglesabit
Sal C
isn't that like archers uniform
Canon fodder.
Dwuon W
I don't think that the writers and visual effects department, care about timelines they just want to keep the franchise going to get paid, Gene would never go for these errors, That whole board that helped create this empire are long gone, These writers are not fans, they probably skim through some movies and shows to get a feel, but that's about it! And the sad part is, they know we will still watch it, because of it's legacy not there's
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