Star Trek Discovery - Continuity, Timeline, and alteration errors...nothing makes sense!

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Greetings Trekkies! 

In todays video I share my issues sourrounding the continuity errors and issues with Star Trek: Discovery! 

Star Trek is an American science fiction entertainment franchise based on the television series created by Gene Roddenberry. The first television series, simply called Star Trek and now referred to as The Original Series, debuted in 1966 and aired for three seasons on the television network NBC.

I do NOT own the rights, images, sounds or videos for Star Trek. These belong to CBS, Paramount, and their parent companies.



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Peter KJ Richter
Just posted a similar vlog on WTF is going on with Trek lol
Also the uniforms look closer to the archer uniforms
I think most people forget Pike kinda like superman 3
Tom Brehmer
Well, just go ahead and dismiss a show because it doesn't conform to your rules. I am just glad to see ANY Star Trek show. Period. I don't give a F#CK that it doesn't follow canon! "Get a life... will you? I mean, it's just a TV show."
Morgan Smith
I have to say I think you are way off base with your criticism.

First, the line "before Kirk, Spock, and the Enterprise" is ad copy. It is not in-universe dialog so it can refer to events in a meta way, so it could be read as "10 years before you first saw, Kirk, Spock, or the Enterprise in 1966's Star Trek... there was Discovery". Second, I read it as 'before the trio of Kirk, Spock, and the Enterprise', i.e., before Kirk first took command of the Enterprise with Spock as his first officer, not "before the existence of all three of these things". If you want to argue that they seriously meant "before the Enterprise" forgetting that Pike existed, you would have to also argue that they meant "before Kirk existed" (i.e., before 2233) and before Spock (2230).

Third, the designs of the uniforms and Shenzhou harken back to not just the Franklin (and your assumption of emulating the Kelvin Timeline design) but to Enterprise with its blue uniforms, color scheme, and lighting. Fourth, looking at a single still frame from a 2.5 minute trailer which is the entirety of what we have seen about Discovery, and thinking you know exactly what it is meant to look like - exactly where the inspiration came from - is rather a stretch.

Fifth, complaining that Starfleet design is too similar over the span of 102 years? That the Shenzhou has a joystick and so does the Flanklin? That the science console on the Shenzhou looks like the console on the Franklin? Have you seen Star Trek? The Enterprise-E's consoles look very similar to the Shenzhou's and it also has a joystick. The corridor of the Enterprise-J doesn't look that different from the Shenzhou. That is Starfleet. Klingon rooms and corridors don't look much different between Star Trek Enterprise (The Affliction/Divergence, 2150s), Star Trek: The Motion Picture-Star Trek VI (2270s-2293), TNG, through DS9's Vor'cha cruisers (2370s).

Sixth, since we haven't seen anything final from the USS Discovery (and nothing internal), we don't know what it will look like. The Shenzhou's design lineage seems to be very much in line with the NX-O1 Enterprise and the Franklin. Perhaps the Discovery will share a lineage with the Constitution class?

Seventh, overall this is meant to be a modern take on the future world of Star Trek. There will be some differences from TOS, but there will also be similarities, where they count. You didn't mention the tricorder and communicator looking similar to, but updated from, TOS. No nods toward what they got correct?

So, overall I think you are showing some bias against the look of the show based on some preconceived notions.
bx wx
Sometimes the details and continuity make no sense because there are too many producers who are just making a show.
Uniforms are likely to be different because the uniform replicators can make any design like 3d printers can today. Even every ship could have it's own weekly style.
This looks like a fan film! They lost me anyway at "diverse characters" Diverse = gay shit. Just you wait and see! Every show now has to be ruined by the gays. Go watch Sense 8 or Penny Dreadful if you want to see some tranny cock. Leave Star Trek alone!
you sir, are a horses ass.
Ok so lets touch on your major points which sadly are the uniforms, the look of the bridge and when the series is set to take place. Firstly I agree that there is an issue with the when it takes place the creators say Discovery revolves around events talked about but never really fleshed out . 2255 there is only one major event and the is the Sheliak treaty mentioned in STNG ( a conflick lasting days or weeks) and the year earlire is the Cage events the rest of the decade is rather bland other then surveys and promotions noted in episode nothing o found a series on. Uniforms they should look like the OS ones for continuity cause Star fleet uses uniform code orders fo the time and the only diffrences from ship to ship is a different badge depending on the ship. As to the ship looking the same as a ship 102 years older, well we dont know the build date of the Discovery \, What we do know is that Star fleet retires ships and their designs very slowly. Example is the miranda class we see in STII in 2267 and see it at Wolf 359 as wreckage after the borg in 2367 100 years later and likely is was still used after that and the enterprise at the time of Discovery is only 10 years old . Super nerd side note the Enterprise was launched in 2245 captained for 5 years by robins then by pike for 15.
Jan Strzelecki
To me, the bridge of the USS Discovery looks pretty much like something from the Enterprise-E era. They even have the same angled console supports, and intricate support columns. Not to mention the size of that thing? Through the eras, the bridge sizes generally seem to have increased - Enterprise-E bridge definitely feels bigger than the bridge of Enterprise-nil, doesn't it?
RP. Manik
Kriswan Sully
i was looking forward to the new star trek but I thought it was in the kelvin timeline...I wouldn't have minded doing a star wars new canon thing and perhaps cherry picking from prime and then creating the new universe around that..
Sean OBrien
talk about the klingons they look terrible
Sean OBrien
you forgot 2152 captain archers era. i thought this era was meant to be after archer before kirk
Chad Beckstead
The uniforms and bridge sets similarities didnt bother me at all considering that humans are very traditional creatures with our cultures and 102 years isnt a long time in the grand scheme of the franchise.
Chad Beckstead
It struck me as 10 years before kirk and spok officially launched in command of the enterprise at the start of there 5 years. So essentially this show takes place during and starts at the same time that pike first takes command of the enterprise.
Um, in the Kelvin-verse (the reboot) the enterprise is being built when Kirk joins starfleet (the one he ended up crewing on in the movie). That may be why they used it as an example and I would assume this is based in that universe now since it uses the same design for Kligons. I could be wrong but that was my opinion on it with the trailer and the intent.
03:02: However did this, must have also worked on the Ghostbuster 2016 trailer
09:38: Unless, in my uninformed opinion, CBS/Paramount are planning on rebooting the TOS era TV series, to match the current design style seen in the Discovery series. Quite frankly they don't have that much of a choice.
André Vidal

you'll probably never read this and that's alright but I just had to say that your arguments were far stretched and did not discredit Star Trek or its trailer but showed someone nip picking for the sake of uploading another video. You have an obvious gift of communication and are contagious in your passion but goodness me, what a waste of time there. I'm serious. Go out bro, go smell a flower or something. why so angry? Go for a run, love on people, seek God, I don't know man but get out of your apartment and do something meaningful. You were created for a higher purpose bro! You're amazing and you don't even know it. Use your gift for something more meaningful than complaining about the weirdest details. And for the record, I'm a Trek nerd myself. peace!
Hero Gamer
You should be glad they made another series. Or would you rather they buried Star Trek?
One of biggest issues because of which Star Trek isn't my favorite franchise is just that - zero consistency. I just can't ignore it, it's so damn stupid and senseless. For a show that promotes human intelligence, it insults viewers way too much.
Almost all of these criticism are invalid.
Oh boo hoo the uniforms are vaguely similar to the Kelvin timeline which is somehow a continuity error. Nevermind the fact that the Kelvin Timeline uniforms are inspired by the original timeline uniforms and that organizations can go through drastic uniform changes from decade to decade.

Oh no, the Discovery Ship's bridge looks similar to one that is a hundred years older. Nevermind the fact that many things, if pratical, survive the test of time. Look at modern architecture, while some minor design choices and advances have changed building details, for the most part, they are similar to those of a hundred years ago. Hell, since the Model T , cars still have 4 wheels,a stearing wheel, pedals, a front seat, a back seat, and rear wheel drive.

Oh sweet Jesus, they were not specific enough with there opening written statements. Instead of overexplaining, they assumed when mentioning 10 uears Spock, Kirk, and the Enterprise we would think 10 years before TOS, and not 10 years before younger Spock, Daddy Kirk, and the Enterprise were together, you know that point in time that never had an entire series based around it.

My god man could you be more nitpicky. I am not sure if the show will be any good. And I am upset about the CBS All Access crap, but at least come up woth some real criticism, even if that means actually waiting to watch the show.
spock was not first officer under Pike
The Fanch
- Paramount and CBS have fucked up the timelines, Cap'n! They've put Starfleet personnel into space nazis uniforms (since the 2009 movie) and there is no artistic supervision to keep useful continuity from the original series! Do we use phasers now, sir?
- No, Scotty. This show has been JJAbramsed with dumbness and dishonesty and we...can do... nothing about it! Are they out of their banksters' minds?

What? Why? The new ST movies are sooo coool and fast paced, colorful and noisy... Yeah, they are fun but also repetitive and above all so hollow-hearted. Nice review Ketwolski, thanks.
Ian Kikel
But isn't this in the Kelvin universe?
Daniel Bertazzon
They should just do a series set 999 Trillion 1000 Nonillion 90 000 Octodecillion years after Nemesis.
andrew worley
I really love that opening tune from Generations if i remember correctly.
Randy Alexander
you haven't even watched the frickin' series yet!!! try to relax and just enjoy some new sci fi.
The Abrams movies were a reboot of the entire franchise... a sorely needed reboot. Discovery is pretty much part of that reboot. So if you remove Robert April, whose cannonality is dubious at best. and just put in one or two terms of PIke's command, you have a fit with the history of Abram's Kirk. I remain a fan of the Animated Series after all and we know that it doesn't fit with it's Aqua Shuttle, it's alien navigator, nor it's force field space suits. Continuity has never been a priority with Star Trek during it's entire history. It's late in the day to worry about it now.
The idea that there is a unified Prime timeline is dubious at best. TOS itself really doesn't fit that well in a universe that contains both TNG and Star Trek:Enterprise. It's also important to note that Robert April only appeared in Star Trek the Animated Series, so he is not actually part of proper canon. No one made any promises that Discovery is on the Prime Timeline... or even the Kelvin one.
Felt famished and was seeking nerd tears ... was not disappointed.
Jordan Bond
Well said saying what we have all been saying from what I have read it looks like 1 in 50 Trek fans liked the look of this
I am liking your content and that there is a ton of Star Trek here! Super-Subscribed!
When I heard that Discovery would be set in this period I was hoping that it would do what Enterprise had failed to achieve which was create a continuous linkage between the initial warp flight up to the TOS period! and as such the ship and uniforms and other props should reflect that period! if they'd set the show a little further back they would have been able to accommodate Kirks two predecessors in the Enterprise! they bridge should be bright with primary colours and big bold control panels to be in this time period
Alan Regular Nintendo Thompson
I agree with most of what you say, especially that if they are gonna keep making star trek shows pre TOS...they need to make the ship simular to the TOS series, or at least in that direction. If they want to use the moder day effects and tech to make these shows, they should just make a show in the future, like past the Voyager timeline
Christopher V. Barredo
About the uniforms and the ships... did you forget ST:Ent?
I feel like you're too ignorant about ST:Ent to recognize those things you're complaining about.
I thought you're an ST fan?

The USS-Franklin is an old ship. It looks like an NX class.
John Mullins
It looks like Discovery is being directed by J.J.Abrams. It's going to suck so badly, I'm glad I didn't subscribe to CBS All Access. I'll be watching the Orville.
Invader Zim
There are still a few more errors to point out, such as the Starfleet symbol on the uniforms. Even on TOS, they were used to identify to which ship a person was assigned. The symbol everyone is familiar with belonged to the Enterprise up to the year 2275, after Kirk's second five year mission (*Post TMP, novels leading to TWOK), when Starfleet adopted the symbol to represent all of Starfleet (*Shatnerverse novel Avenger).
A little correction on the uniforms themselves - they should actually be in the Pike-era uniforms seen in The Cage and Where No Man Has Gone Before instead of the Kirk-era uniforms seen in the rest of the series.
Jamie Diaz
I think that phrase is more, 10 years before the Kirk, Spock, Enterprise era. Not really 10 years before the existence of the Enterprise. I think the bigger issue is why does the discovery look like an old ass ship compared to the Kelvin.
David Edens
but you missed a really big one in my opinion on the uniforms and you may not be old enough to know this or schooled enough in the original series to realize this but original series and before Starfleet uniforms utilized a unique and specific in Sydney for every single Starship and space station so if you were assigned to the Farragut the patch on your dress is different than if you're assigned to the Intrepid or Starbase ten or the Enterprise looking at these uniforms entire crew of a Shen Zhou appears to have been assigned to the Starship Enterprise not only that but inside of the Insignia were three specific sigils a starburst for command and two other ones that represented sciences and engineering or security service and all of the shims out crew are currently assigned to the Enterprise as command division
Ed Bellardino
What about the Enterprise NX1? It looks nothing like the TOS Enterprise.
David B Dornburg
Technically, since the promo describes "... Kirk, Spock AND the Enterprise" as a Group and not as Individuals, it's not incorrect. Also, Spock Was Not Pikes First Officer, the Female known as Number One was. Spock appeared to be the Second Officer (like Data), though he was never described as such. As for the Uniform thing... eh, there have been so many different uniforms shown in all the shows, that it's more "continuity correct" to give us another version than not. I see it as more of the uniform style of Archer's time period than the JJ-movie uniforms anyway. Remember, the Captain actually says in the trailer that the two of them have been together for SEVEN YEARS already, so the uniforms are actually quite old by this time. Also, you need to go back and look at the episodes with Pike in them, the uniforms didn't really look like the TOS uniforms either. Lastly, I think you should compare the Franklin's bridge to The Motion Picture Enterprise bridge, then come back and tells us which is truly incongruous. I gave up trying to point out all the flaws of each new Trek show long ago. It's a lot more fun to try and explain how they all fit in, rather than tear them apart. All that accomplishes is ruining my enjoyment of fifty years of Star Trek. 8-)
Rich Jordan
I really liked what Axanar's Alec Peters said about this, that it is actually another reboot. He said that CBS needs to own up and just call a spade a spade. I would go further and say all the reboots (Kelvin and this one) are "inspired by Star Trek" not "based on Star Trek" and I wished they'd own up to that, too. I posit that we need to coin a term for this reboot universe. A simple term would be to call it the Discovery timeline, as opposed to Kelvin or Prime.
Ryan Holden
April is not a canon character
visual style has nothing to do with events
George Alexander
I am just a TOS fan. So the supposed prequels do not exists for me. I'll recognize TNG. DS9 and STV, but I won't acknowledge this nor Enterprise.
SuperG50 Zero
I suspect this is why Brian Fuller left the show, the man is a huge Star Trek fan and he knew there was going to be a big backlash from core fans. I suggest everyone sees Midnight's Edge video "Star Trek Discovery in trouble".
I kind-of don't care about all that continuity stuff. What bothers me about the trailer is the show looks poorly written.
Mister Groove
Based on the Star Trek Chronology...TOS is between 2264-2269, with WHERE NO MAN HAS GONE BEFORE taking place in DISCOVERY should be set in 2254 if 10 year prior to the TOS series.

ALSO, in 2255 PIKE and SPOCK are on the ENTERPRISE during this time. While KIRK is serving on the USS FARRAGUT.
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