Last year, at a panel at the Mission New York Star Trek Convention Kirsten Beyer and Nicholas Meyer explained why (then) showrunner Bryan Fuller decided to set the series 10 years before the original series:“He found a space in the original chronology where there was room to maneuver,” Meyer said, and then related this decision to his own experience in writing Sherlock Holmes-novels. “You always are looking for gaps in the chronology.”

With all due respect, but there are much, MUCH larger Holes in the chronology where this story could have been set (halfway through ENT and TOS, halfway between the last TOS-Movie and TNG... after Nemesis, where none of the previous Series and Films have been set so far) Setting it this close to TOS (and at the same time as the Original Pilot Movie) was a dumb decision... and there is almost no room to maneuver. Suppose the new Series runs for seven seasons like TNG,DS9 and VOY; by the end it will have almost caught up to the original Series.
I still can't figure out what they were thinking
Maybe discovery will be set in 2223?
This is ten years before Kirk was born, before the Enterprise(s) and still before spock (soso). It's cool that they went back to the fan favourite timeline but i thing it would make more sense if we stuck to the Kelvin timeline.
Genuine UK
Bang on good video
set it in the Kelvin universe and it would be fine, just don't set in the prime universe
Andrew Thorne
I think the 'Ten years before...' bit meant Kirk and Spock together on the Enterprise, but a lot of your other points stand.
Suprised there was no mention of the Kelvin type window at the front
Mark AH
Regarding the look of the ship and the uniforms: I would expect that, if we are looking for strict continuity, "Discovery" would have the look of "The Cage"/"The Menagerie." However, I don't think that would actually work well. I am old enough to have seen little pieces of TOS when it originally aired. It was after my bedtime, but I caught glimpses and as soon as it was in syndication I was watching it. One might expect me to be a purest, therefore, but here's the problem: our real world technology is some areas has already gone beyond what was depicted in "The Cage" and TOS. I'm obviously not referring to transporters or even tricorders (the latter of which we sort of have now), but things like data storage and audio input. Microphone sticking out of a console? That's the world of my childhood - the only world Gene Roddenberry et al knew when they were making TOS. My love for "Star Trek" from watching TOS as a kid through "Voyager" has in large part been a fascination with the development of technology. I thought the series "Enterprise" did a good job of NOT trying to look like it was pre-dating TOS, but post-dating, building on our real-world technology. The opening credits of "Enterprise" I love for the real-world photographs that establish "Enterprise" as another "giant leap for mankind." I watched Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon. I heard him say those words. "Star Trek" has to be for me another giant leap. If the visuals - uniforms and general depiction of technology doesn't fit 1960s notions of "futuristic" that is a GOOD thing in my mind, as long they make sense from where we are now, only 50 years later, and, of course, as long as they don't outpace TNG era "Star Trek." If love for "Star Trek" continues with my grandchildren, a time may come when they have a real problem with real world technology outpacing even TNG era technology in terms of things like data storage, input/output devices, and that kind of thing. We may soon come to a point where the only things futuristic about "Star Trek" are warp drive, transporters and holodecks.
Mark AH
Aren't the uniforms developments from those in "Enterprise"?
I am actually progressively getting uninterested in DSC, as it just feels like random sci-fi with some touches of Star Trek included so they can be like "Hey; look everyone it's Star Trek, right?" :/
Good'ol Antny
Lets watch it first and see if its any good. This video and every video like it is 100% guesswork. Calm yourselves and wait to see what they offer before crying like children.
although there may be continuity issues in the new series the ones you bring up are weak at best.

as for the "10 years before Kirk, Spock, and the Enterprise" I will assume it is referring to when they are all together.

The uniforms, could we be seeing the gradual transition from the "Enterprise" series? what you show of Kirk is not the uniform he wears normally but as you said an outdoor jacket.

How the bridge looks...their are elements in the ST universe where throughout the many years they all share the same features that it just appears you are splitting hairs on this.
Lawrence Haguewood
Ten years before Kirk and Spock ... are seen... not that they don't exist.
Miles McLoughlin
It may have been simpler if they could do the show in the Kelvin timeline, but with CBS owning the TV rights and paramount owning the movie rights, you would have had a legal kerfuffle. As far as the look goes, there's no way to make everybody happy. As much as I love TOS, it's a show made in the 60s and is and looks like a product of it's time. It's unrealistic to expect CBS to make Discovery look like the pilot episode of The Cage with those sets and costumes. Historically I don't see how the show is breaking canon and continuity. Without seeing the pilot episode, there sure is an awful lot of nerd rage over this.
joseph roszell
Ummmm it has to be different since Kahn killed captain pike in into darkness
Steven Thomas
They are going to ruin Star Trek.
Howard King
well Matt I did not enjoy Enterprise that being said only because it was set in the past a prequel that did not need tobe done..
voyager and ds9 were my favorite shows and they had newships and new crews which is how you open up a universe
prequels for star trek did not work and too go back and start a show is lazy writing. a sequel would have been the right way too go a new ship new crew and adventures but that would be too dam hard for CBS iam not watching this trek
Matthew Hales
Uh... So your completely ignoring the fact that there is nothing in the trailer indicating WHICH timeline it is on... On the alternate timeline this is entirely possibly and Pike can be bypassed. So your argument fails there. Uniforms don't matter because AGAIN if it's on the alternate timeline it's entirely open. Anything ANYTHING can happen.
Chuck Jones
In "The Menagerie" Spock says he served under Christopher Pike for 11 years. The events in "The Cage" took place sometime in that 11 years when Pike commanded the Enterprise NCC-1701. The events in Discovery are ten years before Kirk takes command, so around the same time frame Spock was serving under Pike. Look at the differences in the tech, production design between Discovery, and TOS. This series should be happening in the Kelvin timeline or a different timeline. There isn't an attempt to make this series visually look like a prequel to WNMHGB, or like it belongs in the same time frame with "The Cage".
CBS is so fucked, they have no idea that Trekkies are the biggest sci-fi nitpickers of them all. To do crap like this because it looks cool is something you will never get away with with Trek fans. Trek fans treat the mythology as serious lore and it's something not to be messed with.
Leto Atreides
The problem is we are living in an era where we do not have Star Trek as a show. I did grew up with TNG. I liked it. Today, what do I have ? Nothing. So they are doing a new show. What will happen if people dont watch it ? They will stop it. Like they stopped Star Trek Enterprise, or Stargate Universe. After a few seasons or worse, just one.

So, what do we want ? To have a show going on or none like right now ?
Simon Levasseur
it is in the (Prime universe) so the event of 2233 in your time line never took place and is taking place 190 years before Kirk take command of the enterprise it is set during christopher Pike command of the enterprise
The UFO Experience
I think I will phone this one in and not watch it.

And yeah, they totally should have went for the classic "atomic age" look of the TOS. Could have gotten really weird and trippy with it. Make everyone Space 60s.
Naum Rusomarov
you're reading too much from one sentence in the trailer...

you're pissing on the show even before it has had a chance to prove itself.
Jon Harris
What do you expect with that leach Gene "rod" Roddenberry.
He didn't want anything to do with Trek when his father was alive.
Now some Executive thinks it a good idea for Rod to help.
He just living off his fathers name, he has no clue about real Star Trek.
I think they should have had the Enterprise starting with April and then Pike. Plenty of early adventures to enjoy. They could have used retro designs with some modern computer screens.

As it stands the new ship just looks plain daft sitting in the original timeline. Imagine it docking at a starbase and coming across the Enterprise.

The Enterprise crew would feel in awe of the technology and would probably be jealous 'Hey were did you get that flat screen portable computer from?'
English is bad.
Ace Dynamo
Heh, Not to mention the 3 or 4 different flavours of Klingon running around now. Ent/Tos/Tmp/JJ
Scott Hill
Ketwolski: Spock was the Science officer on Pikes ship he had a female first officer, she was called No. 1.
Dominic Ayrey
Given that this is a FICTIONAL chronological timeline, has anyone considered the fact that Kirk made the Enterprise so iconic. He was such a big personality, such a commanding star fleet officer that Kirk and Enterprise evolved into a living legend. Explains why klingons got such a boner at trying to destroy Kirk and his prized vessel. Kirk was the top officer at the time of his 5 year mission. So yeah, ten years before Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise is a pretty good tagline. 10 years before the legend we know as Kirk blah blah blah. This guy needs to stop being so anal.
Steffan Mussetter
I feel the same as you do. They should just do a syfi show and not call it Star Trek if they don't want to pay attention to any details or follow timelines or storylines.
Todd Fedoruk
The "suits" at CBS don't care about continuity. They simply want a show that might appeal to a new demographic, as well as keeping the Star Trek copyright alive.

The ship technologies don't follow a believable development path. Uniforms change styles more than those in a fashion magazine.

Klingons! What the hell is going on with the Klingons?

CBS would have been better off placing 'Discovery' in a era post TNG. Then new tech, uniforms, life forms etc., would have worked.
Remove the name "Star Trek" and what you are left with is a generic, bland, run-of-the-mill sci fi show which would die before it got out of the door.
Drive'N Static
Why is it they keep trying to reinvent Star Trek?
Blacklily Orchard
I would rewrite the whole fucking show and hire the team from axanar
the klingon look just like in the Kelvin timeline. I read somewhere the president of CBS isn't a sci-fi person doesn't understand or care about it. I think your right about this being a fuck you to real real fans. They're just trying to get rating and make money.
Harry Pothead
If you guys don't like star trek then just move on.
isnt it set in the "new" continuity so Kirk was the captain of it in that universe?
John Marks
There are good points made in this video, but, the 2 uniforms discussed are significantly different from one another.
Tony Romano
Moonves should be taken out back on the lot and shot.
They were botching continuity as far back as Voyager and Enterprise. And they learned NOTHING from the bitter failure of Enterprise.

CBS pretty much holds our intelligence in contempt. They think were just mindless consumers who will blindly gobble up anything they shit out with the Star Trek label on it.
Alien Secretion
Yes because we all know Starfleet only has one ship, smh. The uniforms are a nice blend of the ENT and TOS unis. It visually looks good because this is the first time a trek show has had a sizable budget. Really think they would film on 9mm reels and use a jar of oil with sprinkles for the transporter effects? The USS Franklin is from the Kelvin Uni so yeahhh.....You talk about continuity yet your are blending the separate universes.
this is what happens when a man who hates star trek (les moonves)has to much input
Christopher Flowers
Franklin was constructed in 2163
Awesome Cat
My only question is how can they possibly make a ship similar to the TOS ship that anyone will watch? I used to be a big Star Trek fan but not anymore. It's dead. I am
Sick of the nitpicking, the fans the slow stories and the pushed agendas. Who even wants to watch a show that looks like TOS?
Awesome Cat
In the Kelvin universe Kirk was a lot younger when he took command
Hac Kidd
GROW the f up man, this is not your damn history exam! its a show for entertainment, are you in grade 2? wth, relax buddy and if u were so talented u'd be on writing panel of some show. NOBODY w any maturity cares continuity, just enjoy the show man, I'm glad star trek is back on tv rather than seeing a decade of shit shows.
Chris Tower
Hey man, I liked your video. You speak well and have good energy. I like your set up. I am not sure I agree with your continuity nit picks, but I like how you make your points. I shared your video with credit on my blog at
Resurrected Starships
Blahaha! Im so sorry...I was so distracted by the vaguely familiar soundtrack in the back ground that I am goign to have to go back and re-watch this now. That soundtrack score is perhaps one of the greatest in all of gaming! Ok now...what were you sayin?
We could have had Axanar...May CBS burn in hell.
Alan Hamby
Maybe you have a point. You just don't carry it to the conclusion yet. They (the twits at CBS) are working to "reboot" the Prime timeline. Remake points along the timeline till the Kelvin line overwrites the Prime. They win, we lose. Unless, we say "NO" and stop putting money in the pocket. They will get the message.
Fluffi Buni
Great video. Some of these issues are caused by trying to retrofit into the Trek universe rather than moving forwards. But while the JJ reboot was rightly praised for it's clever attempt at mixing elements of the original show's style with something new and different ... the new show just looks like it's picking and choosing what elements of Trek it's gonna use. Basically it's something different but stealing bits of Trek to be able to use the name ... cos starting something new is much more risky for the studio. It's like creating the Lethal Weapon TV show ... using the franchise name and set-up for recognition. It just looks like more dull franchise fodder ... my expectations are verrrrrry low.
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