This man worked undercover in a Chinese iPhone factory

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Dejian Zeng spent 12 hours a day attaching one screw to iPhones. As part of his summer project, the NYU grad student went undercover for 6 weeks at a Pegatron factory in Shanghai.  He lived on-site in a dorm with 7 other people and got to experience what really goes into making the popular mobile device. He tells us what it was like.

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Chin Eric
company pay far lower than $450 /month in Bangladesh for making branded shoes and shirt
Daniel Semi
Fuck apple
Putt T.
did they seriously wrote down their sources as League of Legends LOL
gcghvzc dggjg
what apple is MADE IN CHINA????😨😨😨😨
I am so against the dorm capacity. 8 people in a room with beds like that.
I would like you guys collectively harness your strenght and request this small thing for a much greater health and life quality for each of you..
Suitable rooms in exchange for you guys will automaticly deliver better performance.
Sindre Laupstad
I would rather be in jail
Denmark has free health care and collages. America is dying
Q'uo Daax
The Ascent of Man to descend to this. Though I think being part of the slave labor force in Dubai or working the diamond coast in Africa might be worse.
i feel bad for these poor chinese
So my I phone 7 that I'm using right now was made by a person in one of these factories
sanderson martini
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Mohamed Elaneizi
Apple pays their workers about $378 million per year
Still earns more than in Lithuania...
The Gameplay King
Minzy Haokip
Earning $450 per month and you are complaining???come to India guys and in china everything is cheap remember that!
Dream Chaser
in east africa its $1.3 for 8hrs shift
That's inhumane
Aaron Rowland
Trump says where losing to China yeah right hahaha
Cpp Ss
The chinese girl that went Singapore to massage and masturbate for men earn nearly 40000 yuan per month...
Rutsi_peetsi Vlogs
I don't get why people buy new phones every year even if it work.
oluwafemi lawal
That's slavery
Adam Bernard
Reminds me of Cloud Atlas.
أبو محمد
Situation in Syria better then apple campus in china
Reading the comments people were hoping working in China is like North Korea levels. Turns out is a job like anywhere else. Lots of disappointed people. I think most disappointed are neo-communists who hate capitalism and corporations. They were hoping to uncover the """evils""" of capitalism.
It is true, life is so hard, that's why some workers suicided. But the 450USD per month is not too bad in China. As he mentioned that one meal could cost 5 yuan (72 cents) and that they get paid around 12 yuan per hour? Consider that some workers make $8/hr in the US and compare that to the price of the meals you can buy. In countryside China, most family's annual cost is less than 1000USD.
Jeffrey Perez
No wonder you Asian fuckers come to America. Your mother country, China, doesnt care for its people and pays you peanuts. Thank you for my increased insurance premiums since you fuckers cant drive
Anakin Skylover
today is NOT my birthday please like
Missy Lou
Sounds better than my job lol
Random Human
I think that it is fake
Kiko Dantes
Absolutely disgusting... Hold your head in shame China... Great info and work, Thankyou.... 😉
I thought it's worse in those factories. 450USD is more than you can get in most parts of the world. check out how much people earn at cocoa plantations
Danny X
Face-recognition technology in China??? AHAHHAHAHAHAHA that must be the most useless thing in the world! Any Chinese person will get past it
Siddharth Kumar
trump is like jobs jobs jobs.
Siddharth Kumar
450 a month. sorry trump
John Smith
Its a prison setting
Sar Ara
Apple = Modern slavery
Al Lievano
It´s not a nightmare, in fact iit doesn´t sound too bad, but i think that having this cycle during more than a month must be horrible
Nicholas Lemmon
Who thought he would spend twelve hours a day putting one 👆🏻screw in
Heejadee Torn
$450? Wow we get a $100 per month for a far more complicated and stressful jobs here, in Belarus
Star Fastic
sad for you bro
Uummmmm. I love how everyone is like OMG how can they treat their workers like that!!!

I work in a bread factory in Beaverton Oregon and its almost exactly like this. Management are abusive asshats, 11 hr work days 6 days a week where you do the same thing over and over. It's loud dirty and over 120 degrees in the summer and most people leave after a month or two. So don't go thinking this shit only happens in China or Mexico or some far off place....this is happening right here in 'Merica!
Bunny Singh
Fuck u Chinese
Alex Paulsen
Each phone costs around $200 to produce. The retail price is significantly more expensive. I won't argue that Apple have to cover their costs to support it, warranty it, and the retailer's costs to sell it, but there's definitely a good profit in these things for Tim Cook based on how many they're able to sell.
Je Lupi
I'm a factory working The going home time ofcourse is the best. 😆😆
Zach Zhang
I really don't think your president Donald Trump really understood it when said he'll bring back iPhone factory.
SamiLuo 中文频道
actually many workers they beg for that kinda job
Cold German Beer
Westerners have no idea how harsh working conditions are in Asia. No way to know unless you experience it first hand (and you shouldn't).
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