Disney - Pixar COCO First Teaser Trailer: Our Reaction

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Elliot and Phin react to the first teaser trailer for Disney Pixar's COCO!!

Other trailer reactions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XaUCRTWF8IU&list=PLY9aQuaEnCX2fJ1iOMjhTYFt7L98g8xX5

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Pocho Serafini
I love the flowers of cempasuchil that float and make "the way beyond" so literal hahaha
Pocho Serafini
I feel so excited, finally my Mexico will be protagonist of a movie of an industry as important as disney and pixar, finally the world will set eyes on mexico, but remember, this is not our whole culture, this will only be a small part of it. Greetings from Coahuila, Mexico.!
j-dog anderson
Twin movies have been coming out since before WWII its nothing new..
Bret Capital
FALSE!!! BOL didn't technically steal this from Disney. the Director Jorge worked on that project 14 years ago and pitched it around before REEL FX finally gave it a chance to be animated. Do your research before mindlessly stating lies, It's ok if you both are huge PIXAR FANS but don't downgrade a beautiful and unique film like the Book of life based on what you think happened
Nobody's stealing from anybody. Jorge R. Gutierrez started pitching "The Book of Life" in 2000 (based on his CalArts short "Carmelo"), and "Coco" will have a completely different plot. Gutierrez himself has publicly said that he has no problems.
Aaron Shore
React to "baby driver" trailer
Mafer Cast
Love that you did not compare Coco with The Book Of Life. Thaaaank youu so much for that!! Actually The Book Of Life has Spanish and Mexican stuff mixed up while Coco just has mexican culture (as we can see in this teaser) I think Pixar did prepare more than 20th Century Fox Animation. And I'm so glad to see my culture in a Pixar movie with such a gorgeus animation because this holiday in particular means a lot (We honor our loved ones who are not longer with us).Great animation, great music, great characters... For example Dante, that it's a Xoloitzcuintle "pronounced: sholoscuintle" (Mexican Hairless Dog). Fox did The Book Of Life in 1 year (I think, not so sure) while Pixar with Coco took the time to really study the mexican culture(think around 7 years) So thanks again for not jumping to compare. ♥
Maudrix Adrox
pero que?? la pelicula es mexicana y nisiquiera hay un trailer en español latino :v solo en español españa kk e ingles >:v
Valeria Vazquez Jimenez
excited to see Pedro Infante here!!
pretty excited for this one
Eduardo Rodriguez
Just as information about mexican culture

- The singer is based on Pedro Infante, one of the most famous mexican music singer in the 50s

-The dog is a Xoloitzcuintle, a mexican hairless dog , which according to the aztec mitology , he takes you to the "other side" when you die.
Aaron Dellinger
his name miguel rivera
Rodrigo Cruzalta
Día de muertos it's amazing. The colors, how does it smell, (because of the flowers and the candles), also for the food. 💜🇲🇽🕯 I am so excited for Coco. ❤❤❤
Kinky Kid
Dia de los muertos is the two days when the spirits came to visit us, we put altars in our houses and grave yards to honored them with the favorite music, food and beverages of the dead. Its a very ancient tradition since the Aztecs, full of symbolism and rituals. The orange flower petals are from cempasuchil and is the flower who show the path to the other world, the dog is a xoloitzcuintle and is the one who guide them through the that path.
Is not a Mexican halloween, is a celebration of Death as part of life.
For more info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Day_of_the_Dead

And sorry for my English is very very bad
Ernesto de la Cruz is like a mexican idol named Pedro Infante.
Sunny Rainy
I loved how your reaction wasn't over dramatic. I'm really looking forward to seeing the movie!!
danny Garcia
reaction a "día de muertos"
Alma Medina
ya la quiero ver y más relacionado a las costumbres a lo que se festeja en mi país día de muertos que maravilla 😊🌹💮💮🌷
Rebecca Stephen
Really excited for Coco, the style is beautiful. I think The Book of Life is great, it's a good thing that there will be another story around the Day of the Dead!
Salvador Reyes
The Book Of Life did NOT steal the idea from Coco. Jorge Gutierrez (director of the book of life) has had the idea of a Day of the Dead movie for many years. He made a Nick cartoon called "El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera" which was released in 2007 and one of the episodes, "The Grave Escape" basically has the same premise as The Book Of Life (I really doubt Disney or Pixar came up with the idea since 2007, ten years ago). Also, he made a short film centered on DotD even earlier in the early 2000s. But Coco didnt steal the idea eithe. None of them did. The premises of both movies are centered on the ideas and beliefs associated with the Day of the Dead. Dying and seeing your loved ones is basically Mexicans believe in and the holiday centers around celebrating the lives of the deceased.
charlie millan
Please do yourself a favor and search about Dia de los muertos, its a holiday from Mexico and the movie is based on that.
Rayhaan Khhaan
Am I the only one who noticed that the guitar's end resembles a skull 💀?
That looks really interesting! That would be cool if this was Pixar's first musical. The music in Pixar movies are always great, so if this is going to be a musical, I'm sure it will be fantastic!
Lindsey Ochoa
I don't know if it was the trailer music or the boy or both but I felt a little stir of emotions which means: I will definitely cry. XD
Great reaction guys! I got my reaction up on my channel too, and I thought this looked really good. I'm pretty sure it's going to make everyone cry. Great reaction!!
the dog has no fur, it´s a Xoloitzcuintle or hairless mexican
Isael Prado
I am so happy you guys reacted to this trailer, You guys are great!!!
Frank Lesher
I was blown away with the trailer
JR Graphics
Amazing reaction, guys! I'm so excited to finally see mexican culture through Disney's/Pixar's eyes. I found hilarious the comparison between the dog and 'Gerald' from "Finding Dory". The thing is that, this dog's breed is called "Xolo" a.k.a hairless dog so, it kinda looks like a sea lion in real life. Keep up the good work, mates!
Yeah I was totally thinking that the dog looked like the sea lion from finding dory ahah. I literally cannot wait for another trailer
Joshua Chavana
Glad to see the Mexican culture in a Disney-Pixar movie!
Watching all trailers with you guys. Thank you! Like it.
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