Game Theory: Pokemon GO's TRAGIC END!

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Why Team Mystic Dominates Pokemon Go ►

We all know Pokemon Go, but where IS this game in the Poke-universe? What does it MEAN for the world of Pokemon? Well it turns out that Pokemon Go may just hold the key to answering one of Pokemon's longest held mysteries - one that has lingered since the very first generation...

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Christine S
The war isn't necessarily between Mystic, Instinct, and Valor, or if it is, it might not be about the treatment and creation of Pokemon. It could be about the controversy you mentioned in the very beginning of the episode, about the candy.
The incarnation of boredom
that intro made me laugh for some reason...
Matthew Bohne
I have a ditto in Pokémon go
TheRagingSpr1ngtrap _
The whole audible story happened to me
pikatube ///kylePT
take that valor
Mewtwo is now mad because you told
pikatube ///kylePT
poke go suck
Nora Jones
This threoy is true because all for the area are all together and no legendary but the Pokemon is together but is find slowly!
Hey, does anyone think that Valor, Instinct, and Mystic are evil. I mean, they take over gyms.
Sans The Skeleton
I win! That is final!
Sans The Skeleton
Matpat, you are the WURST when it comes to Pokemon naming (I am eating a bratwurst right now)
Johnson Studios
If the real world really is the Pokémon world then what happened to make the regions? Also-There wouldn't just be random prehistoric Pokémon wandering around.
Polsk Polski
This is disproven by 2 points 1.Shuckle (For you all this Pokemon is from the 3rd Generation.I hate you Genwunners.) 2.Shuckles' Rare Candy are made from Fruit...Yep
i liked this theory.. lets put it on the roll! Team Mystic, unite! Let's annihilate the filth that is Team Valor! (and Team Instinct i guess even though that Team has no players xD)

wait, scratch that! theres still no fighting in Pokemon GO..
Mysterious Stranger
Game theorists I love your channel but there's a bit of misinformation here. Rare candy is actually for sale in Pokemon games and in infinite supply. Look for an area in the mainstream games called Battle Frontier or Battle tent ect.
Lukas Torbeyns
Did I just see a misingno?
Bejamin Deleny
But gen 2 came out soooooooooo
Meepguy 920
I just just caught a ditto from my first catch after my starter
Ahmed and Hassan
can I has a subscriber thx
west coast bmx
I live in Africa and I caught 4 dittos
Phantom Fox
TheNVLgamer 31
I caught a ditto
Shadow BloodFang
dat intro
Hey um Team instict does have gymns in my state i have seen like ten in my city
MyleeMoo 6544
I caught ditto in my yard, I didn't know it was rare then😂
Flame_ Executioner
right after watching this I went on pokemon go and caught a ditto disguised as a magicarp
Uno Che Ride
I fought ditto
Tammy Major
I bet Pokemon is like oh no he found it out
Tammy Major
Wait gen 1is gen 2
Rahul For_Life
Mind Blown
Tee Ezhuin
Tee Ezhuin
Hey!!!!But I really caught a ditto in Pokemon go!!!No lies!!!!!!!!!!
my name is pryce!
38,000+ comments, so somebody's mentioned this --What if "Spark" is a young Prof. Oak? That would explain the Pokedex existing in Gen 1, and Oak's statement in Red and Blue "when I was young I was a serious pokemon trainer". Even Oak asking the player to collect information on all the different kinds of pokemon sounds more like Instinct than Valor or Mystic and their desire to create powerful pokemon.

Hell, maybe Pokemon Go is the Great Pokemon War. Or at least an arms race preceding the war as skilled trainers and arsenals of powerful Pokemon accumulate all over the world. I wonder if the game will go that route one day and have team Mystic or Valor attempt to seize power with team Instinct playing kingmaker. In the regular timeline, Ash is well known for his special connection to his pokemon. In fact, a trainer's relationship with his or her pokemon is the central focus of much of the anime as well. So in that respect, at least Instinct comes out as the "moral" winner of the War as the philosophy of the other two teams (i.e. forced evolution and continuous combat) are the usual hallmark of the show's bad guys.
Yes, Ditto is the failed attempt of Mew, the creators have confirmed it.
Martin Sanchez
uhhhh i HAVE a ditto
Senthil Arasu
diamond comicz21
i have a ditto on pokemon go
Zapizard Gaming
Actually Matpat, you can catch Mewtwo in Japan
Anime girl 100%
that weird about ditto I caught one with Pokemon go in texas there we're way to many serenets so I caught it and it was so weird when I saw this
Abdoulie bah
@thegametheorists if we are truly suppose to believe this theory why is it that the 3 legendary birds aren't in the game but on the teams banners can you please explain how that is possible
also why isn't ditto a legendary?
hey MatPat your theory isn't wrong (yet)
Aidan Waters
Ben Kaplan
Shelby Deshotels
I have diddo
Andres Soto
maybe there will be a poke-war game in a near future, hopefully turning pokemon into an fps. lol, just kidding with the last part, but would be awesome this theory becoming an actual truth in pokemon lore.
Aiden MacDonald-Malcom
I got a ditto on the 5th
Nathan Parker
Surprisingly, that makes a lot of sense.
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