Game Theory: Pokemon GO's TRAGIC END!

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We all know Pokemon Go, but where IS this game in the Poke-universe? What does it MEAN for the world of Pokemon? Well it turns out that Pokemon Go may just hold the key to answering one of Pokemon's longest held mysteries - one that has lingered since the very first generation...

This video was sponsored by audible, but as always, the theory's ALL MINE!

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pro builder
Dear people of the comments, the fact that Ditto exists now doesn't disprove the theory. Since Ditto was only one of the many things to help establish the time period. Therefore It just means that the proposed timeline is progressing. I'm not saying hes infallible, we all saw that with rogue one. Its just that your going to have to work a bit harder to disprove it.
samuel barton
Makes since.
Pooper Man
damn, god damnit. matt, i watched this theory MONTHS ago, showed to my friends and we all accepted it. but today, on 24/05/2017 (europian here) I caught a ditto. i downloaded my version on google store, with all updates, so its a legit version. I was minding my own mind, saw a pidgey i i decided to caught it (im grindin exp). after i caught it, it made a strange thing and it turned into a ditto, a pokemon i belived to be outside of the game. so yeah, the theory HAS, for me and the ones who believe me, a flaw. i was happy, but now i feel kinda sad :(
Oyi 87

May 24, 2017

Makes so much sense! I like this one a lot too!!! GAME THEORY, SOUND! 😅
Broke Mr Turtle
I have a ditto
Loop HD
whats the music at 8:41
Magda Cole
JOHN SMITH! Matpat is a whovian confirmed!
Shina Cloud
I wonder if the ashes we see are the same ashes because he doesn't age but the characters model looks different every time world paradox possibly
There is a Pokémon GO club at my school.
Brianna Dzyuba
its real
Charles Phipp
I have Ditto it is 2017
Kèłábïtÿ X'Ø
2:13 did anyone hear the voice crack? 😂😂
whats the music he used in the beginning of the video? its catchy
Laquisha Adams
I got a ditto. It appeared as a pidgey, but when I got it the game was all "SURPRISE! You actually caught a ditto!"
Shubh Thakkar
It all makes sense now!!!
Amazing McKay
Nintendo : crap matpat made a theroy we need to release ditto
phoneix girl
ditto came 😀
James Chin
link is in the description
Riolu Max
What about the Poke-mile shop?
Guys, Just because Ditto was released the day this comes out, doesn't disprove the theory. Everything else like the extinct Pokemon and the Pryce thing still hold up
The Anime Boi
And I now have a ditto
Flaming Games
Theory broken: ditto got released in Pokémon Go
i cant splel
i really like the mew ditto theory.
i seariously caught a ditto no joke,no lie,no sweet patata pie!
Connor Williams
guys at 3:55 missingno is in the bottom right corner of da screen
where the hell did you get the info that mystic and instinct teamed up on valor?!
Lena Johansson
Ditto is in the game
Anime is life
I have a ditto in Pokemon go
Mikael Ólafsson
Makes sens
Denzel Gomez
hey but wat about the war in x and y
Arcane Celestial Paladin
XD Pokémon GO doesn't even WORK anymore...all the servers were taken down...I tried to get on yesterday (5/21/17) and it said: "We are humbled by your incredible response! We will try to get the problem fixed!"). Sounds desparate....
Nathan Limm
I'm pretty sure you can buy rare candies in the department store in Pokemon diamond/pearl/platinum
Ellie F
I do think there was a war, but considering my experiences with the teams, I think it was more between Valour and Mystic, where Instinct was more of a neutral ground, if only because of my experiences with the teams and looking at the personalities of both the leaders and the members. Instinct is pretty laid-back, all things considered, especially if you look at Spark. If Instinct WAS involved, it got pulled in later. Spark seems to be a breeder, not a battler. He's also by far the most casual of the three when appraising your Pokemon.

Like... I wonder if Mystic and Valour didn't destroy each other? Team Mystic looks into the secrets of why Pokemon evolve, and Valour seeks to enhance Pokemon's power. It'd make sense if they feuded, since the two ARE somewhat related. Instinct is all about egg hatching, and breeding doesn't exist in Pokemon GO (thank Arceus and Lord Helix for that). So it's unlikely that Instinct's area of research would spark (haha) a problem between either of the teams. But there is potential fuel between Mystic's research into evolution and Valour's into enhancing strength. I mean, putting those two concepts together is what created Mewtwo anyway, isn't it? Isn't it possible Team Rocket consists predominantly of members of Valour and Mystic? Some people in the teams, Candela and Blanche included, might have opposed the research and that is what caused the two teams to fight, and it caused a rift between the two teams and the public (the fan-created "Team Harmony", who ironically refused to join a team to keep out of the friendly feud but also consider themselves to be the best because they won't pick a team. They even chose Lugia as their mascot. You know, the trio master of the birds). Instinct, who was keeping out of it, either got dragged in or, more likely, stepped in and crushed the other two teams to forcibly end the war. Looking at their mascots, this makes sense- Zapdos is the only one who has advantage over the other two (Moltres has it over Articuno, where Articuno and Zapdos are technically equal but Zapdos is much faster). Zapdos even has advantage over Lugia.

Instinct, as a team dedicated to really just hatching eggs, has no reason to feud with the other two teams. Nor, really, to support either team more than the other. It kinda makes sense for Valour and Mystic to team up but then fall apart in the end. I mean, it's possible Candela and Blanche teamed up together to support Giovanni's plans, but I kind of think their teams got out of hand and went against the wishes of their leader and forced their hands into war. Hell, the war might be raging at this very moment and that's what the whole gym takeover thing is. Would make sense with my theory- Instinct is a good-sized team but has next to no gym presence in most places (MOST. Not all. Most. I've seen it as the dominant gym colour before), and most places always seem to be waffling between Mystic and Valour. Instinct would have had members in the war from the start, every team has its hotheads, but they were definitely not the majority of the team. Instinct would have had members either picking fights or trying to do damage control and only making things worse just as Valour and Mystic would have had members who refused to fight.

But that's just my take on the war. Your idea is really cool, too, and you do more theories about stuff than I do.
you are crazzy awsome
Steven JO
Did anyone notice that when he was moving go to the front ruby was before heart gold
Was the 3 teams made as fractions by the best trainers per fraction, w/t said trainers used the legendary birds? That's just a theory...A GAME THEORY!!!!
What about the Battle Frontiers in the games? They sell Rare Candy there. So they aren't just found on the ground.
Zachary Gabrielle Velarde
Once again mind blown
Top Gamer
That intro tho
Sponge Boi
I have ditto if your Pokémon plunder the 10cp sooooo.......
Ethan Johnson
Golden LeBlanc
Hay did you notice that the first Pokémon games are red blue and yellow valor instinct mystic
a wild pidgey lvl 10
feed me candy :D
Kayla Golder
0.00 to 0.30 WTF MAT PAT???????!!!!!?!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
dark Bloo
3:41 i caught ditto in my dining room.
Serenity Frye
actually I do have a ditto!! I tried to capture the robot owl I think its hoot hoot... but anyway my and my brother-in-law and if you want to see if its photo shop check my Instagram @duh.its.serenity
Cloudedpig De Rager #2
I caught Ditto in the US. not bad
Stephen Hutchinson
If the candy is banned why does the barista give it to you in sun and moon
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