Game Theory: Pokemon GO's TRAGIC END!

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Why Team Mystic Dominates Pokemon Go ►

We all know Pokemon Go, but where IS this game in the Poke-universe? What does it MEAN for the world of Pokemon? Well it turns out that Pokemon Go may just hold the key to answering one of Pokemon's longest held mysteries - one that has lingered since the very first generation...

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Redbock 99
In the new Pokemon there is a evil team studying the squishy which I think was created and maby that's apart of the 3teams war
SKyLArk Of Shade Wing
Sorry mat buuuuuuut he was just implemented.
Cheesygamer 08
I'm going to do a video on that
trydon rulez
I have a ditto
Kayleigh Ramos
I love this videqo and show super good!!!!!!
NINJA John Cena
actually I have a Ditto no joke
Li Jiayang
the intro is certainly stuck in my mind i laughed all the time XD
There is gen 2 now
Nic Wong
You know still makes since after ditto came out scientists have begun cloning mew which keeping mew in captivity unable to find him and they are trying to clone him getting rid of the ditto setting them free too transform into wild Pokemon
Supzero Ice Hero
the first part us not propriet
Foxylover 1475
well I'm gonna need that cause I tried to play pokémon go on my pad but as soon as spawned there was a squirttle merged with my character. :|
Project Doodle
What I'm i doing with my life
ParTiCLe Gamma
Just questioning this a bit, if the timeline is correct doesn't that mean that the pokeballs in this game should be way different? When professor Oak was younger the mechanism was way different.
The Shadow of the Past
did you Just turned Pokémon Go in Kingdom Hearts?
Err, rare candies are created by giving a shuckle a berry juice item and waiting, they aren't made of Pokemon.
Super X
It's funny that it takes team Instinct and Mystic to take down team Valor #TeamValor
What is pokemon?
Ayuub Jama
4:23 And Diet Theory was born....
Mind blow
Griffin Khan
I got a dido ...
Damian Martinez
ditto is disclosed as ratatat
Star vs the forces of evil And doges
Sans would call Ash Ketchum ash ketchup
Panda Licks2237
Audible? Nah, no thanks. I'd rather listen to your theories. ^//////^
Phillips Clan
I got a Pokemon ad at the start of the video...
Corbin Price
the violetcookiekat
shona marsden
what it all adds up its such a good theory your such a good theory artist !
Elliot Palmer
If this theory is true then that means that mewtwo will be added soon, because mew was added and has been in the game for some time. If we take the release date of pokemon GO and when ditto was added, and put that next to the dates in the pokemon wiki then we could possibly get the exact date for mewtwo's release.
Solgaleo slayer
now that ditto is in the game this theory is flawed
part 2 to the theory ditto is in the game as mew isn't because theres only one and hidden team rocket's scientists are trying to clone mew but only get dittos they release them which is why ditto are in the game
Bmvcool227 :D
Everyone shut up talking about how ditto is in Pokémon go now!
Daniel Boszik
the G in GO could stand for Generation . the o also looks like the number 0. Put them together and = Generation 0
Sigrid Nilsen
This makes a lot of sense but I still don't like it cause I prefer to think of Candela, Blanche, and Spark as friends :(( I don't want them to fight
Also I'm team Valor and I don't want them to fight me
Gear Kiroko
Everyone likes to use Omanyte and Kabuto to try to debunk this. However, it is still possible that those pokémon have been around for thousands of years prior to "GO's" assumed time, and the fossils found in Red, Blue, and Green could also be fossils from before they went extinct, way before "GO." Just keep that in mind, guys.
Gear Kiroko
Everyone likes to use Omanyte and Kabuto to try to debunk this. However, it is still possible that those pokémon have been around for thousands of years prior to "GO's" assumed time, and the fossils found in Red, Blue, and Green could also be fossils from before they went extinct, way before "GO." Just keep that in mind, guys.
King Dippy
This game almost legitimately caused a war between the people that actually aligned themselves with the teams. At least around where I live.
Awesome 360100
I just thought of something! Ditto being added to the game shows that time is passing. Mew gets cloned, fails, and ditto is being released into the world.
Diet theory 😂😍
GamingToTheNextLevel 7000
(Watches beginning ) Me:I'm done
This theory sadly doesn't work anymore considering they've added gen 2
I've caught two dittos
Homeless Yodler
The man 9
Gen 2 is out
Here's something to thing to think about AZ was in the war toooooo and team instinct leader is lutenate serge but younger
mrmudkip4444 gaming
ditto is in the game
Your Youtube pal
Ditto is in pokemon go
Ryan Herzog
mewtwo is only available via special events. Location and time is release ahead of time (obviously) and then bam! mewtwo has appeared
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