Game Theory: Pokemon GO's TRAGIC END!

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We all know Pokemon Go, but where IS this game in the Poke-universe? What does it MEAN for the world of Pokemon? Well it turns out that Pokemon Go may just hold the key to answering one of Pokemon's longest held mysteries - one that has lingered since the very first generation...

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Purple_ Pizza
I have ditto.
Haley Elston
MatPat- I literally JUST caught a Ditto a few days ago. Biggest troll ever since I thought it was a pidgey and it revealed itself after capture, but probably my most memorable catch. 😂😂
Haley Elston
The moment you realize the voice of Valor in the beginning is Steph. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
pokefan 36
HELIX am i the only one to reads the pokedex entres
in pokemon go the pokedex entry
for omanyte is that it was reserected from a fossil matpat
Valor is such a good team that the others had to team up to beat us! Heh.
john yarbrough
so now that ditto is out but not Mewtwo, it's line up with the theory to say that he's in the process of being created.
Javier Morales
This is a really fun theory, love the part about Pryce and the candies.
luis reyes
When you take the Pokemon Go quiz, it asks how you would use your Pokemon and how they should be used
Creator Thyleo
But, I’ve caught a ditto ;-;
Cedric Menke
😮😮😮 mind blown
Huakun Xu
This theory doesn’t work anymore
Nixing Gamer
Ditto is now in the game
Genji is not the best
and then ditto gets released the next day lol
Sorry your theory was debunked they just slowly release new pokemon to build hype to the game
Jamar Brooks Jr
Look at the date mewtwo was made that is my birthday
Jamar Brooks Jr
Look at the date mewtwo was made that is my birthday
wasnt mewtwo seen in pokemon GO's ad before it came out?
Aaaaaaand mewto is in the game
The Amazing Gamer
price cant be professor willow because professor willow has attached ear lobes but price dosent REALLY MATPAT YOUR AMAZING AT DETAIL AND GENETICS BUT YOU MISSED THIS COME ON ! also plz can i have a clap and a half for noticing this
I have a ditto in Pokémon go... I got it in the USA
Shinkuu Jin
No you're right. Screw team valor.
Ellie Clifford
Ditto is not missing ditto is in the game I have the game there are more than 146 pokemon
Catcrafter 136
Matpat you're wrong!
It's the last game in the series because it's after another war, in a post apocalyptic world, were all gems after gen one were destroyed. The reason extinct Pokémon are alive is because in the first gen, during this second Pokémon war they escaped and bred. The gyms are the only places to battle because people are worried about a third Pokémon war. The teams are left over from the war. And after that a lot of other stones start to fall into place. Legendaries aren't there because they were killed. Dittos can still be found. And because you use berries and balls to catch Pokémon you can't hurt them because something like Peta has formed in the Pokémon world. This placing it at the end. Crowd cheers
Um...Ditto IS in the game...
Spicy Games806
MatPat: Ditto is not in the game
Me: Yes he is, and so are Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos. 'Checks date of video'. Ohhh
JayGamesL0L :D
I’m in Team Valor
JayGamesL0L :D
Ditto wasn’t there because they wanted to save it to surprise fans DUH
Why do you balls like that?
I have 3 dittos. Note that they're hard to catch because they appear as another random pokemon until you actually catch them.
... ... ...
Bryan Hernandez
What is this
Sebastian Kowdrysh
It sucks, cause now these theory is false because Mewtwo came out before mew in the game also, ditto wasn't released originally cause they didn't know how it's move set would work.
the fossil pokemon are rare because there are hidden parts in the world. but i do agree on that it's strange. there are just too many to be called extinct
GM Harris
Dido is in the game now though......
Jagadeesan Ganesh
True story
Jagadeesan Ganesh
I caught a ditto in India tamilnadu my home town
Lps Bronni
This theory is wrong because ditto is in the pokedex
Princess Binky
Then in the new gen has dittos in it. I SMELL A NEW Theory!
Flash od
Wait do what was the surprise
Brooke Gossen
i have a ditto on go and i captured it it nanimo
Erin Rizzo
Can you look at fat Pokémon
Either this theroy is disproved (because you can get Dido the three legendary birds, lugia, the three legandary cats or dogs, gyms are more detailed and in the equonox event you could get mewtwo) or Pokémon go is now later in the Pokémon time line.
Aaron Burr
I'm never using rare candy's again...
Maeson Daugherty
Game Theory make a top 10 and not something that gives evidence of kids never ever want to watch Disney shows you basically ruined Disney for me they are your childhood grow up shows not everybody watched Disney when they were young but doesn't give you a reason to make kids hate Disney shows
Isacc Caldera
But Mat I just caught a ditto
Caleb Richard
New to
Caleb Richard
Ditoto is in the game
Stephen's Channel
just gowing to point out that in pokemon X and Y its explaned the equivalent of world war 1 happened 200 years ago
the war serge fought In was exclusevly to the kanto regon not world wide
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