Game Theory: Pokemon GO's TRAGIC END!

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Why Team Mystic Dominates Pokemon Go ►

We all know Pokemon Go, but where IS this game in the Poke-universe? What does it MEAN for the world of Pokemon? Well it turns out that Pokemon Go may just hold the key to answering one of Pokemon's longest held mysteries - one that has lingered since the very first generation...

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Pokken Wolf
where's the secret project you promised it literally 2017
Ta'Jah Mary
How did he know that team Mystic and Instinct allied up to take down Valor?
Young Haynee
this reminds me of the interregnum period in elder scrolls. matpat you should do an elder scrolls theory!
Tucker McIntyre
lol they updated the game the whole ditto theory is trash and the legendaries
Pokémon Guy
Pokémon Guy
Do Pokémon fossilise quicker than animals in out universe. Cause the first piece of evidence for go taking place before blue, red and yellow was that the 'fossil' Pokémon freely, whereas in the first game they were fossils. If blue, red and yellow was only 40 years after go, how have they fossilised so quickly?
Samuel Carson
This doesn't make sense anymore
Mudkip Mudkip
i got a theory. what if when red became champ when prof oak is happy it was just for the media. and in reality he scolded red for dethroning him and killing his raticate. your mom and everyone takes oaks side which in turn causes red to become mentally unstable.then he leaves to mt silver and now his only friends are his pokemon. after gold you defeat him in johto he dies of hyperthermia
That awkward moment when you see this after ditto was added.
Also, I dig this theory, but I've always disagreed with the Willow making candy out of Pokemon theory. He's a researcher, and it's poor practice to destroy your subjects, usually.
My headcanon is that he tags and releases them to see how Pokemon migrate and evolve in the wild.
wait but I have a Dito and I live in Louisiana USA
Star Spangled
Matpat OMG diddo is now in pokemon go! No joke, he's over at my gym, right now!!!! Srsly!!!!!!!! Idk if mew is here yet, but OMG. I would send you a pic, but it's on my moms phone, because mine is outdated to I can't download go on my phone, plz plz plz look into it! I'm not jokeing it's at my gym rn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Xxx_duffguy _xxx
Bossanator King
I have a ditto
Karen McGrail
My mom has like 4 of them
Katie S
mewto and diti are in Pokemon GO now
Clemholio gaming
now there are dittos..
So basically all of the main character's dad's were Pokémon go players on the Team Instinct
(I'm assuming that the war was won by mystic and they executed Valor and Instinct)
Jirah Dorshorst
The New update for pokemon Go is at the time of The great pokemon war and pokemon red, blue and green. Game Therory UPDATE
There is a MAJOR flaw in this theory. It is that fossil pokemon like Omanyte became extinct in ANCIENT history. But Pokeballs were not invented until ancient history.
robin naafs
i caught ditto in the Netherlands as a pidgey in pokemon go
ditto is in the game
I honestly think that you've out done yourself Mat
Cole Perera
I have one problem with this theory I have a ditto it's 48 CP
when ditto was added in dec. it screwed with the therory
detlef zockt
where does porygon fit in
Khaled Khaled
I godddd
Game Freak
That makes sense: Willow is on Mystic Surge is on Instinct and Blaine is on Valor!
Neko Fabulousness234
I think this is pretty valid. I mean the teams do already not get along with each other
The addition of Ditto doesn't break this theory, it just suggests pokemon go is trying to naturally progress through the timeline.
adam vialpando
Ditto was added in December mantic was still working on his transform power so he was added later
Akhil Sanjee
Gosh, that was one hell of a theory! MatPat... You are great!
OMG THAT INTO IS KILLING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Odrake6263 Nerf & Gaming
i love when his theories get SLAMMED INTO DA GROUND
by pokemon
Xaviergamer 2442
mat pat my mom caught a ditto
Nick Chapman
Is it me or does the instinct leader look like lieutenant surge???🤔🤔
Triple 9
Where u at nodication sqaud
Lyrica, Lyrica, Baby
Wait what.
I have a ditto.
He was disguised as a Pidgey and transformed after I caught him.
Dreamy Dreambert
Actually, Ditto was recently added.
Michael Winter
Clearly, the now inclusion of Ditto drives this narrative. #confirmationbias
Tamashibot 2.0
Spark looks a lot like Lt. Surge. Anyone ever notice that?
Ruben Leal
Okay MatPat, you won me back with this theory. I hope you keep up the good work and away from FNAF and similar easy-to-bait subscriber games.
Elijah Habben
i have a ditto
craftboy dumbass
cairo thebro
diet theory joke was the best thing ive ever heard on game theory
Isaac Munger
I always knew that Pokemon Go's team rivalry would destroy the world.
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