SQUID Trapped In A Tidal Pool

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Some how these squid were caught off guard and didn't get out during the rapid full moon tidal change. The tide went from around +10.5 feet down to - 2 feet for a 12.5 foot change. I gathered by the ink stains on the rocks the day before that seagulls and cormorants must have had their way with other trapped squid. Squid are so intelligent and inquisitive. Enjoy.

Free Bait go get a net
Yasantha Gunawardane
Help them
Bee bread
When you get stuck on the other persons ink on splatoon
Beau Baquzza
good pool squid^_^
Horseshoe crabs are fucking genius.
Dominus West Vamp
thank you!
sick minecraft shader
KarmaKing Alex
I would throw a rock at them
John milshnogenberg
You have a backpack........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ON YOUR BACK?!?!?!?!?!??!?
Eat them.
David C
I'd of eaten all of those fuckers
Not an Argument
Cool video, thanks for uploading!
Bobcat Yetti
Squid have been known to attack people.
Reborn Box
all i see is fried squid
Cipriano Leuterio Jr
bro you have, a vedeos actual squid, traping or fishing its cool thankx for this vedeos..i love fishing also.
Michael Arma
minnow net two guys = great dinner.
The Rogue Prince
Should've jumped in!
Awesome vid! thanks for sharing
Terry D Harris
They could go in a cooler
Wow., I hope you bagged em lol. Love squid but I suck at catching them rofl., ya they're a smart critter
All I can think is if I was there and I had a fishnet, it would be calamari for dinner.
Kain McKenzie
what the hell are you doing Grab a net or rod get in there! lol enough squid to feed you for a year :D
Angel Shark
On this weeks episode of "PUSH YOUR LUCK", find out what happens when 100 squid feed close to shore for one hour too many. :D
Arron Mcmurrey
Luckies i could of brought my cast net if I knew where that was at and have good bait fish love squid
Symon Channel
A Squid fisherman Paradise.
mark wiliams
why didn't you get them that's your ticket to calamari rings right there
Pang Quong
Love these moments that every now and then that Nature provides. I dive most days and would have loved to have videoed that U/W. In melbourne we struggle for good clean days but do manage to see interesting scenarios U/W.
That's a lot of caramari
4 to 6 feet deep. Click on my name and enjoy some of my other videos :-)
how deep would you say tht is
where is my fishing rod ?!
Mike Barreto
Bak Pak On Mah Bak
WOO! its sky dream!!
As long as they aren't wicked hungry or defensive. Chomp Chomp ! Good horror movie. One grabs the leg then one one the back of the neck and then one then two on the face and a third big one over the whole face ! Or shooting ink as they do and then attacks. Look up Humboldt squid attacks and bites. They have powerful and sharp beaks hidden inside. Click on my name and see my other videos.
Imagine how cool it'd be swimming in that tidal pool.
mate i would of got a net and caught them all
Kurt Schmid
throw the cast net on them!
that's so cool
The funny thing is, it was cool getting a comment on this video this evening after just having Calamari Fra Diavolo for dinner just a few hours ago. The best part of this dinner out was that the portion was so large that I took 1/2 of it home to enjoy again in a day or two. As far as squid as Sashimi, you are 100% on the money. Fresh squid is fantastic raw! Please enjoy a bunch of my videos by clicking on my name.
More than just that might have happened.
Yes very cool critters.
Go catch and release and have some fun in your river.
26 ft Grady with Twin 225s
You boil all the water that you drink?
Haven't gotten out fishing for many yrs now due to living in southeastern Quebec, Canada, now, & not having personal transportation. & fishing local river here isn't promising for anything to eat, while I normally like to eat my catch. Spending some overnighters on the ocean would be great. Were supposed to do that on a 3-day wkend trip back in 1990s out of Hyannis, but ocean was too rough. Captain brought us in to Nantucket. Would be great to be out there overnight tho.
What size boat, what kind of boat? High speed travel definitely wouldn't be do-able on a 100ft party fishing boat. You had to have been using a much smaller boat, I think.
And a lot of people outside of Sherbrooke & Magog will have artesian wells. My parents did, but many other people also do. Within these towns tho, it's town water, whatever the sources are.
Not sure, actually. I think people in Magog or some of the people there get water from deep parts of Lake Memphremagog & maybe where there're underground springs come up & into the lake. In Ayers Cliff & North Hatley, plus other places along Lake Massawippi, I haven't a clue. For Sherbrooke, I think the water is from an aqueduct, but wouldn't know what the origin is & it often, if ever, is the best of water to drink. I always filter & boil it, first.
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