German Journalist To Trump: 'Why Are You So Scared Of Diversity?'

Hostile journalists sparred with Donald Trump on Friday at a press conference, wondering why he was “scared” of “diversity” in the media and if German Chancellor Angela Merkel has “reservations” about the President.” Kristina Dunz of the DPA German Press Agency labeled Trump an “isolationist” and disrespectful to the European Union. She then lectured, “Why are you scared of diversity in the news, in the media that you speak so often of fake news? And that things, after all, in the end cannot be proven?” After rejecting the “isolationist” tag, the Republican retorted, “I don't what newspaper you are reading. But I guess that would be another example of, as you say, fake news.” Later, Angsar Graw of Die Walt brought up White House claims of “alleged wiretapping on you, on Trump Tower, on Trump organization.”

Bringing up past wiretapping of Merkel by Barack Obama, Trump motioned to his counterpart and zinged “As far as wiretapping, I guess, this past administration — at least we have something in common, perhaps.” Finally, Mark Halperin of ABC News encouraged the German Chancellor to insult Trump: “President Trump has got a different style than most recent past presidents. I'm wondering what you think of that style? If you think it's good for the world or if you have got any reservations?” In January, a BBC journalist at a press conference told the President that his “alarming beliefs” worry the British. In February, Trump skipped the networks at a press conference with the Japanese prime minister. He did the same thing a few days later after meeting with Canada’s Prime Minister.

NewsBusters: German Journalist to Trump: 'Why Are You So Scared of Diversity?'

theklrdude oo
look at any diverse area , ............they are all crime ridden . so STFU !
merkel s shitting her pants can see it. lol! trump our hero
Zoel Westwood
Kristina Dunz, she have daughter named Kirsten Dunst
John shao
diversity you call it? By spreading rumors that plaque the society?
German media from the start opposed and ridiculed Trump. Journalists in Germany are totally controlled by Merkels party and follow orders !
A BUNCH of libtards at work. asking questions with an agenda.
Mike Fenimore
The following is the mindset of the modern day idiot German........"If we act ultra ultra ultra liberal, to the point of madness, that will make the rest of the world forget about Hitler and if we end up getting slaughtered in the process, so what?"
Jane Book
Take a look at your country ,you stupid kraut ,then ask yourself in a mirror
Saren Areth
Da fuck lol. How is Trump scared of diversity xD What "diversity" in the media? It's all left-wing propaganda that did nothing but glorify Hillary and spread lies about Trump. Did this sorry excuse of a journalist even follow American media??
James Toomey
Typical Liberal cunt that doesn't know the difference between reporting news and being a propaganda machine for the Democrat party...Diversity by any other name is still a scourge in any country and this bitch being from Germany should know what kind of Muslim diversity rapists that have been flooding Germany.
Dd Cc
Because I don't want my country to become another Germany.
Tramp should be in awe of diversity. He's a freak who stands out everywhere (albeit for the wrong reasons).
I feel a strong urge to facepalm myself after Trump's final statement in this clip.
Ian Alarcon
When people ask me if I am concerned about Trump I tell them why should I? I am Mexican not American !!!
Jean Jeanie
The press shouldn't ask big questions, he ain't capable of answering
Alex Jhons
Trump looks like a kid in a room full of adults. What an embarrassment.
Most Europeans dont want diversity
Andy H
What a stupid question!!! They are politically correct globalists fools!
Trena Oelschlager
REPORT IS A WITCH WITH A B! Rude, arrogant.........throw her out of the press conference....!
interested party
We are afraid of diversity because well over half the world lives very differently than civilized countries in Europe, and America. These people's religion says it is okay to marry children, than it is okay to take other people's property or lives, subject non-believers to slavery etc. Not only does the Quran state these things are okay, but some African nations are totally failed states. Somali has had no effective government for many years and is ruled by gangs and thugs who do not know how to make a living other than by crime. You stupid Germans have allowed these people into your country by the thousands. You are just beginning to pay the price in terms of lawlessness and terror. Your nation is beyond redemption now. We will fight to keep this from happening in the US.
still ill
he shouldn't answer to german media. i say that as a german. german media are full of idiots!
Nicola Ablett
Ignorant imbecile Angela was tapped by Bush no?
Arthur Dent
Angela Merkels look on her face is priceless.
I see the German media suck up the American fake news, and don't do any research, or engage their brains. Nor will they believe Obama's administration could do any wrong, despite being caught wire tapping Merkel and Netanyahu.
They also seem to be hopelessly out of touch with ordinary people.
We need a clear out of the media, worldwide.
damn the translator was bad.
Angela was looking at him towards the end with an expression like WTF?
there is a clue in the word Diversity.....Divided, Divisive, Division.
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