German Journalist To Trump: 'Why Are You So Scared Of Diversity?'

Hostile journalists sparred with Donald Trump on Friday at a press conference, wondering why he was “scared” of “diversity” in the media and if German Chancellor Angela Merkel has “reservations” about the President.” Kristina Dunz of the DPA German Press Agency labeled Trump an “isolationist” and disrespectful to the European Union. She then lectured, “Why are you scared of diversity in the news, in the media that you speak so often of fake news? And that things, after all, in the end cannot be proven?” After rejecting the “isolationist” tag, the Republican retorted, “I don't what newspaper you are reading. But I guess that would be another example of, as you say, fake news.” Later, Angsar Graw of Die Walt brought up White House claims of “alleged wiretapping on you, on Trump Tower, on Trump organization.”

Bringing up past wiretapping of Merkel by Barack Obama, Trump motioned to his counterpart and zinged “As far as wiretapping, I guess, this past administration — at least we have something in common, perhaps.” Finally, Mark Halperin of ABC News encouraged the German Chancellor to insult Trump: “President Trump has got a different style than most recent past presidents. I'm wondering what you think of that style? If you think it's good for the world or if you have got any reservations?” In January, a BBC journalist at a press conference told the President that his “alarming beliefs” worry the British. In February, Trump skipped the networks at a press conference with the Japanese prime minister. He did the same thing a few days later after meeting with Canada’s Prime Minister.

NewsBusters: German Journalist to Trump: 'Why Are You So Scared of Diversity?'

If I was Trump I would have said, "First of all, that's a really dumb question, but to be expected from leftist presstitutes who are sold on multiculturalism, regardless of whether or not it actually destroys their nation. Second of all, maybe you should have directed that same question at the more than 1000 women who reported being raped and/or assaulted during end of year 2015 by the wonderful infusion of "diversity" which your country brought on by accepting so many economic migrants, most of whom weren't at risk from persecution but rather saw your open door policy as an opportunity to bleed you dry via your very generous social welfare programs. That's just a small drop in the bucket of the many adverse consequences your so called "diversity" has wrought for Germany. Of course, you don't care about the victims that your high-minded "benevolence" has created, but rather value far higher that temporary "high" you get for behaving, at least in your own mind, better than Jesus. Are we communicating clearly now, Ms. Presstitute?"
Michael Moretti
Because diversity is working-out so well for Germany...?
Traveler Man
The people of Germany are now seeing how Trump is ruining America.
Europe and US needs more tolerant liberal leader just like Canada
Canada i very nice country on earth
Traveler Man
Trump is the worst US President ever
Tricia Clarke
Dumb ass president....lmao
Forest Noise
And for such a president they have voted?
Reality Searcher
Diversity is a code word for white genocide.
Another era, another attempt by the Germans to destroy Europe. They traded Nazism for Islam. One extremist world conquering ideology for another.
W Zen
Diversity is divide and conquer. It is never a strength. NEVER! Diversity is Globalism.
Rusty 123
The blond German female reporter is just as dumb as Merkel. Trump was nice to her. He should have responded "diversity is ruining Germany. You soon will be under Sharia Law. Good luck with that you pathetic fool".
KLM Hooked Moore
It's amazing how stupid and clueless Trump supporters are. This unqualified jackass has long admired Adolf Hitler, Mein Kumpf being one of his favorite books. Stupidity is a disease that is not easily cured.
Donald Trump - "Fake news"
Adolf Hitler - "Lugenpresse" - (lying, dishonest press)
Wolfgang H
Germany became a world power a f t e the huge invasion of hugenots. So much for diversity`s "disadvantages".
Surya DharMata
Trump won because poverty in America is over 40,000,000 people.
Trump won because we have no go zones & jihaad camps set up across rural America arming & training themselves to take over America.
Trump won because our immigration policies are very bad.
Trump won because Americans don't want global new wirld order espionage. Americans want to return to original American values.
Trump won because American people can see what the muslim califate imvasion is doing inside Europe AND here & we MUST STOP IT.
Our President is brave to stand up for this once great country before the fake liberal neo nazis of today; who like before, stood together with Hitler & the muslims to murder millions of Jews.
We can't let that happen again.
I have seen with my own eyes what America has become after 9/11.
I have seen the twin towers fall & the burj kalifah try to take its place by being the tallest building on earth now.
I have seen that people are just beginning to awaken to the serious threat Islamization is to Western true liberal values & We the People hope that President Trump will in fact isolate us a bit more so we can have some time to set up healthy boundaries & borders to bring in only truly positive energy & people into our societies who can contribute not steal from us.
All of you, who believe the lies from Breitbart or Foxnews, are invited to visit Germany, to see yourself, what lies you have being told.
A wonderful video - it shows clearly, what the work of the press is . Its not, even if you wish it, to bless the president. I am proud of the journalists of my country, they ask the right questions. And its not at all hostile - this is the normal work of the press. Of course, Trump and his followers wish NO questions, that would criticize them. They just wish, the press would not question any remarks or their politics.
Kitty S
I don't get it when he said "at least we have something in common" in regards to wiretapping. What did he mean? 😐
Rocker Volt
Merkel's politics is poisoning our lives here in EU. We will have to work soon till our death without any compensations. Tax evasion is tolerated so the richer can become much rich, and people has to pay for them. That's EU politic leaded by Germany and France. They just DON'T care about people in EU.
The german media is a disgrace to the world. My appologies for my countrymen.
christiane kimel
I am a german. Our leftest of biggest partys "Die Linke" (in englisch "the left") sad since years that they feel bad to see that german media belongs to much less persons over the last decades. Even established media brings out documentations about journalist who couldnt write a neutral story or the story was censored in political ways to fit with the political agenda of the higher media bosses. Most of the media write there storys from press agencys to public it quickly. So most of the media write all the same story and they attack RT and specially RT Deutsch (= RT germany) as an lying, desinformation propaganda tool of kreml for giving the forgotten parts of the medal a platform (and that just because MSM dont care about both sides). Sorry to say that, but i cant figured out what "diversity" of media this woman talks about because in germany there is 1 attitude in MSM, even in most of satirical shows.
Fucking dumbass!
Stephen McBroom
ooo lol Got him good ! #Freedom of Speech
President Donald Trump
"Why are you so scared of diversity?"
Cause that blonde hair you have will be gonezo in a few generations cause your government is taking in so many migrants that are raping and miscegenating your culture you dumb bitch. Germany is already screwed unless they deport. Hitler is rolling in his grave as his country commits genetic suicide by Merkel.
Tommy Steel
what a total dipshit, and hes the fuckin president...
404: Trump run out of words
Hes an embarrassment for usa.
pbruc brooks
Oh great job in turning off Merkel. Who else is Trump going to turn off; what a Putz!
Barnaby ap Robert
Notice that Dumbass Donnie didn't mention that the wiretapping of Merkel began under DUBYA!
Barnaby ap Robert
Trump is a national embarrassment and a TRAITOR.
Jimmy P
God! Trump's really a disgrace to our country. Angela's face at the end said it all, then everyone laughed at his stupidity and ignorance.
I cannot believe what I am reading in the comments.
Are we back to that point where we see being Jewish as a race? People openly calling their peers "subhuman"?
What about Christian values? What's with the whole loving your neighbor thing when you need it?
Billy TheKidd
Independent thinking is obviously not one of Germans' fortes.
med ray
Most Blacks are single moms and food stampers; Muslims bomb innocent ppl, and illegals and criminals should be deported. Asians are doing OK tho.
j nett
If your child was this dumb. Would it be funny?
Rita Lawrence
the whole world thinks of the orange lump as a jerk impeach he does not have a honest bone in his body, plus he is very stupid, so glad i am not from us
Samuel Andreaz
Trump you're and stay the son a slut
dust to gold
A lot of comments here make me so sad. Ignorant People defending a fool as POTUS. One important Point here: We will not solve any Problem on our planet as Long as People in the so called first world dont realise that one reason for their richness is the poverty of the rest.
Priceless... Trump is right: Merkel and former chancellors were wiretapped by the NSA !

and what is so great about "diversity" when your daughte cannot visit a local swimming pool alone anymore, since Merkels decision to let 1 Mio mostly single arab men into our country??? now the bitch is hiding behind her corrupt fucking media... who is creating fake news to make everything look like a fairytale..

Yes, the media is fucking digusting for covering up most of the crimes done by refugees!
Ian Dawe
trump doesnt know the meaning being as hes thick as pig shit
Noelia Jaime
Hostile?Are you joking?
that female journalist talking diversity but cant even speak english at a press conference in usa
no matter who you voted for you have to understand that Germany and Russia wish vertu different things for the USA and that our president lines one and not the other
Songs Mirth
When will the man EVER answer a question. He insults one of our most dear friends and won't take it back. He just can't focus on what's actually being asked because he's not capable of it. And he interrupts taking a question not meant for him! How did we get such a moron for a president? He's not up to this job and he'll bankrupt America. That he's good at. :( Songs
Matthew Dobbs
he looked so stupid and weak here....a shame for the US people!
Giorgio Cooper
Wrong question blondie, lefty ...... we are NOT scared of diversity, but we don't want the wrong and excessive diversity ..... the type of diversity that plunders and abuses our welfare state coffers and is slowly but surely destroying our social fabric and culture ! For Gods sake just look at the figures !!!!!!
WJB Motown
Trump is an ass-hole........simple.
Henrik Larsen
Don´t some of you forget one thing....Germany has never been richer or more powerfull than under Merkel,but all you can talk about,is she made one mistake (which have been changed),and suddenly she is the devil and should be hanged..what is wrong with you?????
Dale Bergeron
Fly Over Gate
Merkel looks so idiotic, so lost.
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