HEBOH ! Kaget ada orang telanjang di hutan Aceh

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dilarang keras mempublikasi, menduplikasi dan atau menyebarkan video ini dalam bentuk dan maksud apapun tanpa seizin dan sepengetahuan tertulis dari pemilik akun youtube Fredography.

Jangan tanya dimana, akan tetap kami rahasiakan ! Tonton sajalah...
"bisa jadi penduduk primitif, bisa jadi penuntut ilmu hitam"

one of many followers comment :
"This clip shows appearance of a “little man” found incidentally by some off-roaders in the middle of Aceh forest, Sumatra. The confrontation is going viral and become hot issues in the country because that dwarf with wooden spear has known only in myth all this time. Perhaps I can say something like Bigfoot or Yeti’s phenomenon"

© FREDOGRAPHY™ original video.

Java Record
Peu ka peugot gama
Januar Pradana
biasa aja...gausa berlebihan,,video ini real...mungkin itu orang seperti suku baduy..
Orange MSP
Probably a kid on drugs
Syahni Ilham Juniarto
Pak ketemu enggak
It was very convincing until it ran into the grass.Then it appeared computer generated.
Doni Bobes
Calm down its just a naked midget holding a stick
Firman Sinatra
this is your childhood when you running and being chased by your mother and you just hiding under the bed
Jerson Morales
A naked tiny man??? To me it looks like a Alien
katanya itu orang bunian ceritanya dari ketapang kalbar
efjiar fajar
Subscribe ya bg
efjiar fajar
Berbagi Subscribe channel saya ya, comen dichanel saya,maka Akan segera saya sub balik, karna kita saling butuh, jgn ragu isnyaallah tekan. Tq..mohon bantuannya 🙏😖😁
jared lucero
The cam was off
Ahmetsoleh Patih
videonya viral mendunia? bangga saya jdi #indonesia. 😁😀
icak icak
i think he is one of many primitive tribes on sumatera.. :)
gelatina balística d vlad
Não entendi nada
en el segundo 16 no se ve a la criatura, en el segundo 17 aparece de lanada, FAKE !
Dicky Wahyudi
Njir videonya sampe tren topic di Rusia dan Spanyol 😂
Frizt Zt
Gingger Hair and Rosy White Skinned ORANG PENDEK = Leprechaun ??
ORANG PENDEK: Lost tribes of Celtics XD
Look at the path more closely. There's a second trail that connects to the one they're on. It doesn't just appear out of nowhere, a, and b, this thing has the exact composure of only one mammal on this planet. A HUMAN BEING. It could be a lost member of a tribe cut off from humanity, it could be a child that grew up off the land in the wild and all by himself, a savage, a rogue, whatever you want to call it. It's definitely not of alien origin, although I'm not certain that they're aren't alien beings out there identical to us in composure. Stay open minded people, dont be so damn sure of everything because its more likely that you're wrong than you're right, remember that.
Robert J
Fake vid
As fake as Pam Anderson's tits.
At first i thought it's a monkey with a stick but then some kinda human from stone age lol?
syaifulloh yusuf
Dion Sudiono
kirain orang lagi mesum 😂😂😂
oh my god
Chyna Nealy
is his camera in his hand even on...?
Looks like a typical demonic encounter. Notice how when it disappears into the grass it literally just vanishes into the grass and there is NO TRAIL OR MOVEMENT of the grass itself, it just vanished into thin air.

This is typical of demons/fallen angels who are shape shifting spirits that vanish into thin air.
Xo Xo
The Asians are trying to eat it to extinction SMH
naked guy runnin threw the woods Lmaoo
Nice tan lines for something/someone that's supposed to be naked all the time.
Elmer J Fapp
if this video is fake it's a damn good one
Gilbert Music Classic
si no lo confirma DROSS ES FALSO
Blair Witch 3?
Retro Games Shelf
1. No food steps in the mud - 0:30
2. No movement of the grass - 0:32
Case closed!
Haris Mawardi
gila lari nya tuh orang telanjang cpet bner
Kurniawaty Ria
what happenen
LGN 04
Kampret tuh kurcaci
It was all staged even the guy at 1:52 was laughing.
دائما مقاطع المخلوقات الغريبه تكون غير واضحه وفيها تشويش !!!
مجرد تلاعب ببرامج تعديل الفيديوهات مثل اضافة شىء غير موجود
Era un Pigmeo?

john marsh
As much as i want to believe this, i think it's fake. Not a single footprint is left on the trail. When he first booked it, you could clearly see him kicking up dirt. But still not a trace. Bummer.
Mr T.V
im awake bro wtf
Riski Abigail
mungkin dia mau beli pulsa, 😂
All: we continue to monitor parties / companies / media trying to use our video without permission and we are very happy to find it because it will be a fantastic charge for those who violate it. Hopefully we get that great fortune.
Fredography Team
Gianfranco M
I am a simple guy, I see technologized youngsters with a go pro filming a nano bigfoot, I smell fake bullshit
Irfan pro gaming
pasti itu orang suku dalam
Gary Rocero
èste marioyok
madxis bonafe
Y no dejaba ni huellas eh..buenisima edicion amigos!!!
jeff 16
its fake look how when he tips the bike over and all a sudden the camera glitches and out of no where the little man its fake
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