McDonalds DRIVE THRU vs Taco Bell PRANKS Bad Neighbors IRL Kids Power Wheels Cars DisneyCarToys

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McDonalds Drive Thru PRANK with Taco Bell vs McDonalds Food Fight! It's a kids parody with funny IRL Bad Neighbors! DisneyCarToys Sandra runs a McDonalds drive through restaurant out of her Step 2 play house. Spidey opens a bad Taco Bell fast food restaurant next door and they have a giant fight. The kids drive real Power Wheels cars to go through the drive thru's. 

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This video features the a Power Wheels car and Step 2 and Little Tikes Play Houses

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McDonald's French Fries Maker Play Doh Happy Meal Magic Vintage McDonalds Food Pretend Play Toys

ICE CREAM CART Toy Pretend Play Wooden Food Popsicles & Ice Cream Cones Desserts by DisneyCarToys

McDonalds Happy Meal Magic Toy Dessert Pie Maker DIY McDonalds Food Home Recipes DIsneyCarToys

McDonalds Food Cart Ice Cream Cart & Wooden Play Food Snacks Popsicles & Ice Cream Cones Desserts

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