Irene Rodriguez
The video didn't help much but the comments did!!! I'm going to Dollar tree to get one right now..I'm nervous but we will see 😫😣
blue eyed siren
Because if the dollar doesn't mean anything. You know the same test that they use in hospitals. The only thing it's doing is detecting a higher hormone level. There's no reason to make it look pretty and charge another $15. They all work the same. Anyone can get a bad pregnancy test it doesn't matter what brand it is.
Kyana Quintero
The dollar store pregnancy test was accurate for my past pregnancy. Haha.
sky flyer
Where I saw that I also saw right next to it a dollar marahuana test
Allison Kate
I tried this several days ago and it said invalid.
Pastel Toast
Brittni Smith
Bought three of the $1 pregnancy tests a few years ago. One read that I was pregnant, the next that I wasn't, and the last was inconclusive. I did turn out to be pregnant though. Moral of the story: pay the extra money on a decent test to save you from a potential heart attack lol
"This looks like a toy that fell out of my Barbie Dreamhouse." Wow, what kind of Barbies do you play with?
Jynx & Cass
They should do it with actual pregnant women and see if it comes positive
Marlee Mayhem
I work for a medical laboratory at a hospital and the pregnancy test kits we use look identical to those.
Tammi Cadenhead
A dollar pregnancy test is what told me I was pregnant. They are accurate.
There soap in the bottom is the best btw ❀
BrynnA Wilson
The thing is pregnancy tests and tampons and pads should be this price or cheaper because they kind of seem necessary
caitlin koch
Idk man the dollar pregnancy test worked for me I'm not prego yet I have an iud so I never have my period so like I used to get scared all the time but not prego yet thank god
Krystyn Alwood
When they are talking why paying for the more expensive one, i was thinking that the test line can be tricky and the digital can help in making it a bit clearer. Still go to the doctor to confirm of course, but it can put minds at ease.
India Rawnsley
Pregnancy tests work using enzymes that are specific to the protein (hormone) produced only by pregnant women, because a colour change will /only/ occur when the protein is present, pregnancy tests are incredibly accurate and a false positive/negative is extremely unlikely.
In other words, a dollar store pregnancy tests will be no more or less accurate than the more expensive pregnancy tests and the more expensive pregnancy tests are preying on the lack of knowledge on how pregnancy tests work
Giavahna Little
It would be so funny if one of them was pregnant!
Danielle Andrews
I'm a physician. This test looks exactly like the one we use in my clinic--it's just white.
Alannah Duran
I found out I was pregnant with my son with a $1 test
Charley Palmer
Anyone watch liza koshy
If you do recanize this
A dollar for a coller for a doller
Nia Funchess
Pop tarts are more expensive then this pregnancy test ..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚lol they r so funny I love this channel and the try guys
Any women who's gone through fertility treatments and has paid for MANY pregnancy tests knows these $1 tests are the BEST tests to buy! They aren't only cheap, but they detect low amounts of the pregnancy hormone, allowing you to find out if you're pregnant much sooner than most tests.
Stephanie Kneeland
Dollar store pregnancy tests are one of the MORE sensitive and accurate tests on the market. And I'm so cheap, I'm pissed because they used to come in a two-pack for a dollar. Oh, and you don't read after 5 minutes because the test strip can dry out and there can be an indent where the positive line is (called an evaporation line).
Mecca Johnson
One of those test was invalid πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€
Buzzfeed needs new ideas
Amber Nelson
The wal mart brand showed up days before first response for me.
The reason that the dollar ones are cheaper is because they are less sensitive. Meaning, you have to wait until a couple days after your missed period. You can find out sooner on certain higher price one because they are more sensitive.
When I was 16 I didn't have my period for 3 months. My mom thinking her nerd loser child was hoeing around bought a pregnancy test from the Mexican meat market.
Madeleine Mcilroy
im 18 and i really want to get pregnant
Diamond K-Pop is Life
I swear knowing me if I found out I was pregnant id probably by 5 different pregnancy test Id buy a dollar one and then then ones you see off the commercials that are super fancyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Jaynie Smith
If it says ur pregnant it's probably wrong cause it's fricking 1 dollar
Toms Property
I took the Dollar tree 1$ test and was positive my son is 3 now
Medical Doll
The dollar ones are the same used in doctors offices lol.
Autumn Blackmore
A DOLLA?!?!-
Pizza Koshy
I tend to use the dollar store ones. Pregnancy tests run from anywhere from $6-$30
gibson and cosmo
omg wow ur pregnant yeah um, I HATE U
-Skylar Kitty-
Lol the one in thumbnail my mom uses XD I found a negative when I was taking the trash out lol.
Brianna Gordy
Me and my friends used to buy those one dollar THC tests and one dollar pregnancy tests, just for fun. None of us were pregnant. And none of us were smoking weed at that time. But, we still did it. Never came back positive so..
diamond strawberry
Handmaids tale πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
keneisha rollins
Took two from Dollar tree two weeks ago..I'm 6 weeks pregnant now πŸ‘ͺπŸ‘‘πŸ‘£πŸΌπŸ’ž
You should do virgins try 1$ preg tests
justlovestar rrr
It's the same one ur doctor uses.. I refuse to buy a test for 12 dollars when the dollar one do the same thing
I actually found out I was pregnant through a dollar test. It actually read better then the one I bought after for $10.
I got my pregnancy test at big lots and here I am 7 months later... pregnant!! Lol
Ashley Bachelder
The girl that's pregnant hating on them those are the same as the expensive ones I bought one and it lit up like a Christmas tree with in 3 seconds it was positive and now I'm almost 8 months pregnant
Got a clear blue ad lol
Yoli Howard
this morning I was the dollar tree to buy a Pregnancy test came out positive
The comments saying "these instructions are too difficult to understand" or "there's too many" shouldn't have kids. Not only are they judgemental about the price tag but stupid because all tests say basically the same thing.

"the higher end ones just say pregnant or not pregnant"

Um those are digital. They read your results for you. Open it up and you'll see they are just like all the others. Sorry Gaston, not everything has to have pretty pictures in it for you to understand....

These are the same people that want the special handle sticks so they don't pee on themselves πŸ™„
dollar store...shmoller store. Internet cheapies from Amazon is where to get your ovulation and pregnancy tests. they're waaay less and they are the EXACT same ones from the dr. office and dollar store (without the plastic cassette surrounding the pee stick). they are especially great when you're testing for ovulation and you have to test twice a day so you don't miss your surge and the pregnancy tests are great for watching the line get darker indicating a viable pregnancy.
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