Women Try $1 Pregnancy Tests

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"...Pop Tarts are more expensive than this pregnancy test."

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Laeh Ambrosio
They worked for all 4 of my pregnancies. No point in wasting $ on the other ones when you can get a dollar store test and use the rest of your money for some snacks.
As a serials always thinking I'm pregnant person I'm not paying for the boujee ones
Those expensive tests are a wasteeeeeeeee
Brooklyn Trent
The tests start at 2:22 ur welcome
Game Girl
At my dollar store they have pregnancy test !!! WHY JUST WHY !!!
Vic Blackwood
I found out I was pregnant on the same test that Daysha and Sheridan took!
Vic Blackwood
I found out I was pregnant on a dollar store test! lol
Juliette Picard
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I used the same test and when I peed in the cup and went to put it on the counter. I dropped the cup. I was ready to die.
Girly Girl
You should do $1 pads & tampons
Hanani Spradley
You'd be surprised those cheap test are sometimes the best ones
Tracy Hainer
The $1 test are amazing! Anyone who has been trying to convince and struggling knows spending a ton one the name brands ones gets expensive. Expecially when these ones are just as accurate.
Hailey Rafferty
instead of going out and buying something extremely expansive to pee on I got one from the dollar store... although I was already sure I was pregnant and me and by just needed to confirm.
Joy Kaiza828
we get those tests here for free at our clinic but they are 5$ at the store.
If only Australia had these -____-
Laura-Kendre Kõllamägi
Im pretty positive that this doesnt work 😂 *cough cough * liza *cough cough *
The Wild Kids
It's not that hard guys 🤣
Dilan Shakur
I am a virgin and I still freak out and think I'm the next holy virgin mary when my period is late.. anyone else.. no...???
Livi Renea
I was hoping one of the women who wasn't pregnant would get a positive result. The reaction would be hilarious. I mean, really...the test is from the dollar tree.
Frayas world
i dont know if its the same in America but in england our really cheep pregnancy test still work just as good as the expensive ones
I work in the lab at a community hospital and tbh these are exactly the same as what we use. Plastic with a dropper, three drops and three minutes.
Alicia Molloy
I've been told by several people who conduct pregnancy tests in doctors offices they use these. pregnancy tests are super accurate no matter the price
Amy Mansell
I don't get why that one girl is complaining about it being complicated to read? 1 line = negative, 2 lines = positive. Also there was no need to worry about the control line being faint, it's the test line you want to worry about. The control line doesn't detect anything.. It's a control.
mybff turnip
when your actively trying to get pregnant using cheap ones make more sense. if your late enough and the cheap one is negative then you spend the money or call your doctor.
My friend's friend is a nurse and she confirmed they use the cheap - $1 - ones at the Dollar Tree Store.
Karla Arredondo
I bought expensive ones and they didn't read the lines good but once I got the dollar ones the lines were very clear so they work(: also my sister used the dollar ones for the 3 of her kids !
Summer Love
I took a dollar store pregnancy test and got a positive result 8 days after conception and then took a digital blue one that said negative got blood work done that confirmed I was pregnant now I'm 20 weeks!
Hey It's Jennifer
I haven't touched a guy in 85 years but if my period is late...Pfft I'm OBVIOUSLY pregnant!!?! 😂😂😂😂
johan Mlll
ive bought 3 of the 1$ test and it didnt work.
johan Mlll
ive bought 3 of the 1$ test and it didnt work.
a friend of mine stole one of the expensive ones and did it right in the store. said she wasn't pregnant, then we went on our way. lol. #free
Cristal Boissonneault
you think these are cheep, you can buy home tests on line for 0.33¢ each...and yes they work. I used them when trying to conceive my son because we had been trying for over 3 years and it was getting expensive. we bought 50 pregnancy test and 100 ovulation test strips and it was like 40$ ....so worth it when your trying. I will say that once I had positive on my cheepie I did confirm with a more traditional expensive test ( still a store brand)
amy davis
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Christina Kaos
this questions for Sheridan. im sure you dont wanna cut corners but these days most people compulsivly take tests before they really believe the results. at $15 a test, your spending 45 dollars for the same reasurance you can get for 3. Logic? youll be missing textra funds like that when diapers are tight. also they dont take any longer than non generic tests. its the hcg levels in your urine that affect the time not the strip.
xXFireFlyyXx Builds
the basic ept test from dollar tree is the one the doctors office I used to work at used. And we charged $15 for it...
Ghost Bugs
My mother ((who is a nurse practitioner)) says that they all work fine no matter the price
Magali Mokiao
$.88 at our Neighborhood Walmart
Kat the Destroyer
They look like the feline leukemia tests we use in vet medicine.
Eden Olivier
Dirty face gas soldier ski exposure grant final verbal salt indigenous.
Christina Stapleton
An .88 cent test from walmart told me! lol i am three months pregnant currently lol
several doctor offices use these or a piece of paper to monitor the HCG in your body.
if you look on more expensive devices some of them have accuracy of the same. + some same time limits.
honestly my one test was confirmed PG with my oldest the day I missed my period (just a day)
odds are you'll have more negative tests than positive.
You'll have much more time with waiting on tests & more tests later!
Mary Tith
I've been using $1 pregnancy test with all my pregnancy and they are accurate. I'm not paying $10 for pregnancy test :/
Wendall Gull
Megan is a hoe
Vanessa Poetsch
Pregnancy Tests for a dollar would have saved me so much trouble when I was a bit younger. in Germany they cost 10 for the cheapest and 30+ for a more accurate one . This is what I like in the U.S. :D
Heidi Stinebiser
I used a dollar tree pregnancy test when I got pregnant with my daughter. I was 5/6 weeks pregnant when I took it & it said pregnant. I took another & it was positive too. They worked fine for me.
im 23 weeks pregnant and have used the dollar ones since i became sexually active....ive never had a false positive or a false negative .
Rachel Collier
Yup people come in the dollar tree all the time to get um
they worked? WOWWW I would've NEVER thought they would
Talor Dennis
What is the black girl off of ik her face ?
Spot White
It looks like something you would find in a Happy Meal.
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