Women Try $1 Pregnancy Tests

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"...Pop Tarts are more expensive than this pregnancy test."

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Just Want To Win
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Came So Far
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Gabi Rubi
2:37 peep her cup of pee
Desirae Barton
I literally used the pink ones for mine and it was very accurate
Savannah Tom
ive taken the $1 store test and it was right so what
Brittany Mandler
I was 3 days late on my period and went to the dolllar store bought a pregnancy test and that thing lit up 2 lines on less than a minute
Jessica Ray
That's all I took was 2 of the $1 ones and I was pregnant. My doctor said if those say you're pregnant than you are. My sister took 3 of them and they were all positive like mine, she is due in July.
kiera phillips
Their the same as the hospital pt's

It's really not that hard to understand....
Rosseline g
They work. I took one and it was positive. You do feel like a scientist though lol
I still have it 3 years later and it still has the positive lines 😁
Addison Baker
There should not be a s in tests because it was only one test
life wit Heavonna
3:21 how she got iphone and camera that bad
jasper loo
true pop tarts are more expensive
Emily Perkins
I bought a couple and they came out positive when I was 4 weeks pregnant so they work
Miranda Edwards
Took all my pregnancy test with dollar tree $1 test. All came back positive & correct! I also have taken the 88 cent one from Walmart & they work great as well.
goal pop
Honestly I think BuzzFeed is sick of spending thousands of dollars on one video, so they made this.
KawaiiFox_ 95
"Pop Tarts are more expensive than this pregnancy test." LOL
D Larson
I just found out I'm pregnant on an 88 cent walmart test LOLLLL
Athena Mainit
$1 pregnancy tests are super accurate! The navy uses them to confirm pregnancy
Hope Moore
yeah i used a ten dollar test from target πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ two in a package and one was broken lol
You should do the dollar ovulation tests!
I used to think that you would just put the pregnancy test in your vagina and then the lines would show up XD
Shiny Suicune Gamer
Suicune: sees that she's pregnant ....................................IM GONNA HAVE A PUPPY!!!!!!
Even though im still young, when i get older, i cant wait to have a family of my own and experience what it’s like to see someone that i brought into this world happy😊
Afraa Bentaher
My dad took a pregnancy test. It was positive. No, my dad isn't transgender, and it was hullarious. Our dollar tree didn't have that brand tho.
Lexa Rene Miller
Found out I was pregnant with my daughter with a dollar tree pregnancy test
Rachel Love
Evelyn Pease
My add was on pregnancy tests
T3mMi3 PoTAtO
You find pregnancy tests I'd your Barbie dream house? Lucky, you get the full reality of Barbie's life along with her home!
They should’ve did a girl who was pregnant lol
Medical Doll
FUN FACT: Doctors offices and ER's use the dollar pregnancy tests. πŸ˜‹ Just FYI.
Well then, congrats 2 people I guess? There was 2 people with 2 lines.
Rikki Hurt
? Not really sure why it's such a big deal.... I used them with 2 of my pregnancies, the expensive ones have the same system the digital system started. I was NOT going to spend $20. That's ridiculous, and proof that they are price gouging.
Argo Vlogs
Most dollar store items at one point were very popular. So the fact that they're accurate doesn't surprise me. Its just simply a model test that went out of style. Everyone likes the electronic ones
Dawn Arty
Isn’t daysha’s invalid and not a negative?
Bri'Ana Fletcher
I took one and it came out positive right away πŸ˜‚
Haileybughug 1125
This would have been so much more interesting if one of them found out they were pregnant and had no idea lol
Pixi Silvia
I got an accurate reading from a .99 Store pregnancy test 14 years ago.
Ryan Vandeput
Now sell HIV tests for $1
Breanna Hayes
That's the test i took and i found out i was pregnant and now my due date is December 14 2017 😍
Pirate Tem
Does sheridan have an android?😜
Sammy Gem
I've always wondered if they work.
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Josephine Shoshone
im pregnant too
Emily Barton
Stephanie Garza
I like the dollar ones better than the expensive ones lmfao
Adiyah S
The question is ... Do they actually works ?
Samm Dopp
I found out I was pregnant with this exact same test ❀️ they use less expensive ones at the doctor. You definitely CAN cut corners on pregnancy tests.
Arakai The Wolfu
Wait so wanna hear a funny story?

I don't care if ya don't I'm tellin y'all anyway
So you know how doctors or school nurses tell to to pee in a cup so they can test for some random crap? One time they told me to and I didn't have to pee. Another time I was on my period and you can only imagine how hard it was to make sure it wasn't period blood inside the cup πŸ˜‚
KrissyLynn Horan
All 3 times I've been pregnant I found out by $1 pregnancy test right all 3 times
Rachel Bennett
Anyone who tried to conceive knows dollar store tests actually work earlier than most 8 to 12 dollar ones.
KashtyDaLilCakeMeCake YT

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Emily Ellis
Daysha’s test didn’t work?
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