Women Try $1 Pregnancy Tests

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"...Pop Tarts are more expensive than this pregnancy test."

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Nevaeh Johnson
What if you get three line's
Sav. Jae
I had no idea these existed 😂💀
kristin sichmeller
As a nurse, I can say that these are almost exactly the same pregnancy tests we used in the OB clinic I worked at. They are just as accurate as any other pregnancy test you can use.
Amanda Bermudez
These are the ones I buy lmao!
smolcup s
Condom and birth control are not 100% effective. I always buy the cheap ones when my period isnt on time just in case.
drinking equals pretty girls ......... lots of drinking in this case
midwest girl in a big city
public announcment that is EXACTLY what we do in a clinic. there ya go.
Amina Rodriguez
Crap, now im worried that I might be pregnant even though im a virgin... anyone else??
I'm a medical assistant with experience in an OBGYN office. I can confirm these are just as accurate as expensive tests. The $52 test my office offered cost us 72¢.
Once I saw a pregnancy test in my older sisters drawer in her room
Osha Hari
They should have had a virgin to test it out as well. That would be funky to see a double bar.
Octavio Alvarez
thank you I'm gonna eat pop tarts now
These are the exact same tests we use in the hospital to test for pregnancy. They work just as well as the others, can confirm, work in a hospital.
Stephany Pena
They sell .89¢ ones at Walmart
Tyra and Ilwad
Is this buzzfeed?
"A DOLLAR ! !! "- Liza koshy
It's 3:34am, i'm a 30 year old guy, I have to be to work in 6 hours, and I just watched this entire video.. I hate you YouTube recommendation.
Shanty Boo
Only reason I watched this was to see the credibility of these tests wanna know for sure I didnt get non accurate results
Christina Mathis
They are just as accurate as other tests. Lots of times, fertility patients will buy these in bulk
Mz Dee
I bought 1 from Walmart for 88 cents and it was very accurate
Mz Dee
I bought 1 from Walmart for 88 cents and it was very accurate
Alina M.
If you know how these tests actually work, you know that these are just as accurate.
Madison Pauley
LOL i saw that same pregnancy test at dollar tree the other day...........................................................i didnt get it dont worry
Hillary Thiphakone
Heather Hart-Campbell
mine were right everytime
Shellane Davis
I used a dollar pregnancy test and it came back positive my daughter is now 5 years old
Tomato Potato
I have irregular periods so I always take the Dollar Tree pregnancy test. I am not going to shell out $30 every couple of months for it it say negative and move on. I have one child and when I was pregnant I got like 4 Dollar Tree pregnancy tests that all showed positive so I kind of trust them. I can't even count how many I have gotten since I am irregular but I would rather spend $1 every 2 months which is $6 a year versus $30 every 2 months and pay $180 a year only for it to be negative. I think if I ever did get a postive I will buy one a bit more expensive to double check.
Lauren Edmunds
This is actually really really helpful!
Hi...I'm Carmen
Daysha's actually came back invalid not negative.
Gigi Mosa
if my period is late 2weeks or one month. at least one month then.... i need a pergnancy test!! but... i missed ny period by a fee days and nothing... but when i miss my period for... one month its positive because... pregnancy tests are only accurate and will only show after 2weeks
Nya Jazelle
Why was Megan's shaped like a vag XD
Cathy North
When I went to the health clinic to ensure I wasn't pregnant after missing my period, my doctor literally told me to go to the dollar store and just buy a cheap pregnancy test because it's the EXACT SAME THING that they use in their clinic.
Wassupitsdancergurll Unicorns are bae
(not trying to be rude) but the white girl when she said anything with the letter s it wad sooooo annoying
Megan Casalie
Walmart sells 88 cent tests. the contents are the same with the dollar store test.
Kim Vu
News flash: the ER uses these same pregnancy tests. They work the same as the others.
Selena Noel
of course they work. they use $1 store test at the Dr office. lol
Hollie Cope
A shop in my town called Poundland sell a pack of TWO for a pound 😂
Kelsey Ford
The one dollar ones is what the health department uses, and what I used. They are pretty decent.
Shani Brown
Yea I went to the clinic at at about roughly 3 weeks the $1 pregnancy test could already tell I was pregnant. You really just pay for packaging and the cute little display.
Celia C.
Um, I would not advise to get a cheap pregnancy test. I did and it turned out negative, but my period still didn't come. I went to the doctor's and it turns out I was. Please don't risk it and go to your doctor if you're ever suspicious.
"Pregnancy tests are not where you wanna cut corners"
Amy schumer.
Also do not like her.
Fcac Random
Did buzzfeed change their name to
Ashley Ervin
I've had 2 kids and I've only ever used $1 pregnancy tests. They all work the same, you're just paying more for a fancy name and digital reading.
tanisha caldwell
I took a dollar tree pregnancy test and instantly the resolts were positive. It worked lol
My friend bought the pink pregnancy test and it worked for her
I'm 3 months pregnant and that's all I used 💁🏻
I'm 3 months pregnant and that's all I used 💁🏻
Chelsea Leann
i used the 89 cent one from walmart and it read positive when i was only 5 weeks pregnant.
Val Joy
I used to be a drug tester so the whole control line thing made perfect sense to me.
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