We Made a Chainsmokers Song! - Danny Gonzalez

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We did it! You guys gave me all the lyrics and I made the music. Honestly I think this song is better than Roses and Closer combined. LMK what you think!!!!

this series is heavily inspired by Jacksfilms YIAY series
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Comment a Kanye lyric 

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Brendon McNerney: http://youtube.com/brendonmakesmovies
J Cyrus: https://www.youtube.com/user/IamJCyrus

outro song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVfzE_8a40I

Mila Borovitzky
This the best song I ever heard of
Erin Connolly
nothing will ever beat "beep beep lettuce"
I've 99 bitches but Kim K ain't one
Bella Baker
I am a fish but I do not wish
Scary Af Fosh
This just showed how common and repetetive chainsmoker are
I love you danny😂❤️
My heart is an ocean... A really small one
Butt hair is hairy
La lechuga is my heart
These were so random it was great. "Beep beep lettuce"
Kara Hendricks
ryan ross. aka emma.
beep beep lettuce
My favorite so far😂
BlackShadow459 Msp
" beep beep lettuce " xD
Christine Corey
Me: Laughing like a maniac at 2am
Snowy Owlz101
I gave up at "I am trash"

Whoever put that lyric please reply so I can subscribe to you
Better than the actual song
vianney d.
'let me eat your soul" AMARA IS THAT YOU FAM?
I hope in 1000 years that the people find this song
Summerleigh Carberry
Me me big boy
I Dont Know Animations
This sounds like a Mathias song
Larissa H
if i could, i would marry myself. but i can't. so i'll just take kim than
Har Gayle Yuag
chicken pot pie my oh my
Hailie Makenna
thought I was good but.. nvm I am
Lil Bubble8
Beep beep lettuce! Love it
For clarification, Me Me Big Boy is a joke on jacksfilms.
Telemarketer: Blah blah bla-
Jack: *pause* Mmh, me me big boy.
iTunes stuff right here boys and girls.
E Valentine
im a sad potato (i don't smile)
E Valentine
kanye west is the kanye best
I've eaten potatoes but not tomatos
Esraa Nabil
That was dope
Luna Potter
Rap or wrap I eat wrap but I rap wrap as rap wraps
Kanye Kanye Kanye
Blake Turner
Fishes go pop
Gaby Castellanos
I can't love u I only love myself bitch
Lie Baw 'H
Tobbi Ueland
my dog didnt sit so i fied him and became my own dog
Kristin McWhirt
Lyric: Let's eat rabbits
Mleml 27
Steve jobs is dead
Silent Death
Your mom
Patrick Quito
Which song was this actually called? Like what was the original called?
Sharon Casey
bam bam metro town
Kari Cinderich
only God can judge me spoiler alert I'm God
Kari Cinderich
beep beep lettuce goes fuckin hard idgaf
Ray Cart
I hate my life,I hate my wife,I wanna die beep beep lettuce (my life summed up minus the wife I don't have a wife ...... I'm 14 so....)
Kim has big juggs
Seafoam Kitten's ASMR
this is the best thing ive ever heard
Jason Hughes
I forgot how to fart
cookieswirlfan06 AJ
''beep beep lettuce''
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