We Made a Chainsmokers Song! - Danny Gonzalez

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We did it! You guys gave me all the lyrics and I made the music. Honestly I think this song is better than Roses and Closer combined. LMK what you think!!!!

this series is heavily inspired by Jacksfilms YIAY series
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Brendon McNerney: http://youtube.com/brendonmakesmovies
J Cyrus: https://www.youtube.com/user/IamJCyrus

outro song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVfzE_8a40I

IPostRandom Sometimes
So you stole Jacksfilms idea and then used his meme

cool cool
Neila Tanius
beep beep lettuce
beep beep lettuce hoes
Jack Procter
'i wanna die beep beep lettuce'
• Nina Keegan •
Ay ay, We The Worst Music, Kanye Westyyy
Clash of Games
I love my fans but love me more
This is actually a amazing
Tahnia Miller
this is better than anything that the chainsmokers have ever written
Beep beep lettuce
yonis haroon
I'm your father so I won't take it much further
Chin boy
got a chainsmoker add
Huh yeah
Heather Chandler
beep beep lettuce
Joe Fitz
You gotta do a collab with jacksfilms now
Nora Lando
omg beep beep lettuce killed me
jingzee cc
This is actually sick if only you had better lyrics.
CorneliaTheFifth ya
I like.... Nope that's me. I like me. Lottery.
ProLionKing 270
Thad Jarvis
Not repetitive enough
you could have just have put the exact same lyrics from the real chain smokers song and bam!
i mean that's what they do,right?
Master Of Mysteries - Roblox & More !
If I Don't Have Me I Don't Have Me !
flying Banana55
I look like a potato with a berd, swag
amisha brandreth
He's got a good voice x
this reminds me of a jacksfilms video
I know lyrics: I am a gangster I'm eating a full cucumber bro
Cooper Watson
I hate people who say lmafo But guess what

Jamie Chica
Katie Jones
You want my life
chantalé grande
thinking about anyone else other den me is a fucking sin
man this is fucking awesome very good job
Jc Cummins
Me me big boy
victoria pownall
This is hilarious
Vals._. Vids
BeEP bEeP LeTTucE 👁👄👁
George Bush doesn't care about black people.
Princess Husky
Beep beep lettuce 😂
Antwun Trademark
This was freaken fantastic
Nobody Hi
i think its may is it grey like a day with no hay.
Hero Kid
i laughed so hard when it said "Me Me big boy"
Twnety-One Pilots Drummer
I love smart people, so I love myself.
Fullysick Bro
Quit smoking
Fullysick Bro
Vaping is great
Fullysick Bro
Bing bing bong
Fullysick Bro
Lyric : Im gonna run for president
Fullysick Bro
Lyric : My yeezys ate me
dorothy yuan
Beep beep lettuce
Peggy S
Do a Panic! At The Disco song!!!!!!
Young Savage
Love is something that's an emotion when you feel it
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