Jennifer Ruiz
He was so nervous and adorable oww
Audrey Valtersen
I love jacob, his yeah yeah yeah are so fun aha
Danny George
Why are they acting like it wasn't planned
It was cool how Jimmy casually corrected himself when he realized he had pronounced Jacob's surname wrong. He took it seriously and made sure it was important, but at the same time didn't make a huge deal out of it. I was really impressed.
Sarah Enriqez
Jacob and Tom's friendship is the best thing I have ever witnessed❣️ Jacob definitely made this movie better! He is so underrated and I'm glad he's getting honored in Hawaii👏🏼💞
Liam Joudrey
Did anyone else see Jacob spit on his pants near the end of the interview 😂😂😂😂
Kate Steventon hair.
PlzAnswerDisComment !!!
Jacob Batalon graduated from my school!
"Kind of just the day where people do nothing." IVAV
Bekah Ehart
He reminds me of gabriel iglesias 😂
Soyasauce 12
At either 3:59 or 4:00 something falls out of Jacobs mouth and lands in his lap
Tsush Hehehe
Why the heck does his phone not have a case
Elphia ελεφαντόδοντο
I appreciate Jimmy insisting on correcting his error regarding the pronounciation of Jacob's last name.
This boy is in one of the biggest, most expensive movies of the year and still hasn't replaced his phone screen. This is why I love him.
Clyde Drexler
Yea yea yea
nicole xx
Anna A.
I loved how he kept on saying "yea yea yea" he's so underrated
Samara Telford
Haven't seen the movie yet, but after 30 seconds of this guys I'm pumped!
TheMCGamer289 - Minecraft and More!
I didn't know Jacob was bald...
I have a question?? Why is he bald?
Emma the FANGIRL
I love it!
Calling his friend on his busted phone like just a regular guy <3 <3
The Stranger
Why call him NED Leeds? When he's clearly Ganke Lee
isael reyes
4/10 not enough hair
Stewart Fletcher
He is so much like the Rock. Dude.
Faith Isley
When Tom kept touching his hair i started freaking out 😍
Mihaela Diamant
Awww Tom😂😍
Stefano Longdick
He looks like that upside down chin face
Bryan C
Yeah yeah yeah
Ignacio Herrera
Why I feel so identified with Tom Holland?
just call me E
This was just a Tom interview through Jacob
Al Mi
he's adorable! i just wanna pinch his cheeks!
Mauricio Arrieta
OMG he is so cuteeeeeeeeeeeee
Jon Targaryen
There Will be psycos who will zoom the zoom of Zeus to leak some of those Avengers set images.
So they are shootinh avengers, interesting.....
Yea yea yea
Allison Head
hows this guy going to have a major role in a multi million dollar movie and have a cracked phone
Bald Filipino Kim Jung Un
"he's in military and they know how to keep secrets, y'know?" LOOOL this guy is smart 😂
Kyosaga TV
That was... AWESOME!!
go to 3:57 and concentrate on his mouth....
Lars Eivind Lund
Wait he got a day in his name that's sick! Nice!
sid tallamraju
Jacob looks like humpty dumpty. Except he didn't crack his head when he fell off the wall. His cushions saved him! Jk, Jacob was awesome in homecoming and one of my favorite parts of the movie.
Paw Paw
he looks like kingpin jr to me
I'm sad that Jacob is on Jimmy Kimmel live instead of being in infinity war
What if he didn't pick up💀💀
brianna allen
Talented song living painter mental beneath organization fruit restaurant.
Brandon Saavedra
Jacob spits on himself at 4:00
Jacob Cuenca
3:59 something falls out of his mouth
He probably sat on his phone or thought it was a twinkie
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