President Donald Trump On His Firing Of James Comey (Extended Exclusive) | NBC Nightly News

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In an NBC News exclusive interview, President Trump revealed to Lester Holt that he was preparing to fire FBI Director James Comey regardless of recommendations from the attorney general and deputy attorney general.
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President Donald Trump On His Firing Of James Comey (Extended Exclusive) | NBC Nightly News

he sound like his mouth is dry, like when you are nervous
not saying that honest people can't be nervous btw
vanessa torres
comey is a player . Like a chess game , Trump made his opponent think he had tapes so comey would not tell a lie --- that Trump was not under investigation . Had Comey known there was no tapes , he would make some vague response or let the public think that trump was under investigation ....
vanessa torres
this reporter keeps on interrupting .. reporter is more bossy as if he is the president ..
Ian H
Here's a question, if Donald Trump is criminally charged, can the financial backers who are paying Trump monthly for the use of his name sake void their contract due to breach of contract due to criminal activity?
what a fuckwit journalist
Lester Holt's massive forehead functions as a helipad.....
Trump admitted he met with Deputy FBI Director, Rod Rosenstein, on the Monday before Comey was fired on Tuesday. It seems obvious it was to ask for a firing recommendation but that is something they could ask Trump about. I don't think Rosenstein needs to testify. AG Jeff Sessions testified that he had discussed firing Comey, supposedly, during the campaign (while Trump and Sessions were both still praising Comey for "doing the right thing"). The difference is Rosenstein wasn't part of the campaign.
Carlos Romero
I never saw this guy instigating obama. He all about Russia which is Fake News but he never try with obama on fast and Furious,, the Iran deal,or when obama set free the Cuban spies, ...Eh another phony journalist like most of them. They are inquisitive and demanding if it is conservative and even worst if it is white
Renee Blythe
Comey deserved to be fired. He acts like a wimp.
Ben -
> Knowing, there was no good time to do it.
Maybe that's because it's a bad idea...
Yen Chang
This is a seminal interview. It contains a cornucopia of material that will lead to this eventual demise. It's like he opened up several barrels of worms.
Yen Chang
As they say in Australia, this man doesn't know if he is Arthur or Martha.
And still no one understands what "drain the swamp" really meant! those of you that praised our president and cheered when he said that are crazy to think that was even a good thing.
he is good at talk
Hook up with Mr. Comey I guess.
Debbie Mueller
Yes the whole Russia Collusion investigation into the Democrats election policies is a charade. President Trump will get to the truth of the corruption of the Democrats. I can't wait. Hillary Obama Debbie Wasserman Schultz All of them.
Richard Rihmasto
Where can I find the full interview? It used to be here on youtube..
George Washington
A Summary And Commentary Regarding Comey's Written Statement And Trump's Tweet

January 6th, 21017 - The Intelligence Community (I.C.) wanted a meeting to take place so that Trump could be briefed ahead of time about specific information relating to the Russian investigation and so that he could be assured that he wasn't being investigated at that time. The briefing took place at Trump Tower and it was attended by officials from the I.C. Comey was asked by the Director of National Intelligence to speak with Trump alone after the briefing ended, so Comey complied with that request. According to Comey, the sensitive information relating to the Russian investigation was unconfirmed. Although the information was sensitive and unconfirmed, it is not clear if it was completely classified. This information was apparently released to (and misinterpreted by) the media. Comey felt it was necessary to document his conversation with Trump so he made a memo of it with his laptop. Comey also documented the conversations he had with Trump thereafter.

January 27th, 2017 - Trump called Comey and invited him to dinner at the Green Room in the White House. Apparently they were both alone during this dinner except for the stewards entering and leaving to serve food and drinks. Trump asked Comey if he wanted to stay on as FBI Director, Comey replied that he was not on anybody's side politically but that he would be truthful with Trump. A few minutes later Trump said: "I need loyalty, I expect loyalty." When the dinner was ending, Trump once again said: "I need loyalty". Comey replied: "You will always get honesty from me." Then Trump replied: That's what I want, honest loyalty." Comey replied: "You will get that from me."

There are two possible reasons why Trump used the phrase "honest loyalty" in his conversation with Comey: #1 He was indicating that he wanted honest loyalty as opposed to dishonest loyalty. #2 He was indicating that honest loyalty is above honesty (because Comey used the word "honesty" prior to Trump mentioning "honest loyalty"). Reason #2 makes sense if Trump believed incriminating evidence against him or his associates might be revealed during the Russian investigation. Also, the phrase that Trump used was "honest loyalty" not "loyal honesty". The phrase "honest loyalty" describes a specific type of LOYALTY, whereas the phrase "loyal honesty" describes a specific type of HONESTY. Therefore, Trump focused his attention on loyalty more than honesty.

Comey's reply to Trump's "honest loyalty" statement was based on the assumption that Trump wanted honest loyalty from Comey rather than dishonest loyalty from him. To which Comey replied: "You will get that from me." However, Comey also made it clear that Trump's intended meaning of that phrase might have been different from what Comey understood it to mean.

February 14th, 2017 - Comey went to the Oval Office for a scheduled counterterrorism briefing. There were also other officials present at the briefing. When the briefing ended, Trump told the others that he wanted to speak with Comey alone. Trump then began talking to Comey about Mike Flynn, he said the following: “He is a good guy and has been through a lot.” He also said: “I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go. He is a good guy. I hope you can let this go.” Comey then replied: “He is a good guy.” Comey said this because he had a good experience dealing with Flynn in the past. However, Comey did not say to Trump that he would let Flynn go. Trump was requesting that the FBI drop any investigation of Flynn in connection with false statements in his conversations with the Russian ambassador in December 2016.

March 30th, 2017 - Trump called Comey at the FBI. He described the Russia investigation as “a cloud” and said it was impairing his ability to act on behalf of the country. Trump finished by stressing that “the cloud” was interfering with his ability to make deals for the country and said he hoped that Comey could find a way to get out that he wasn’t being investigated.

April 11th, 2017 - Trump called Comey again. He asked Comey if he did anything about his request to “get out” that he was not personally under investigation. Comey replied that he passed Trump's request to the Acting Deputy Attorney General, but that he had not heard back from him. Comey confirmed to Trump that he should have contacted the Acting Deputy General and the leadership of the DOJ to deal with that issue. Trump said he would do that, then he said: “Because I have been very loyal to you, very loyal; we had that thing you know.” Comey did not reply or ask Trump what he meant by “that thing.” At this time Trump was not being investigated by the FBI, so if he was concerned about the public thinking he was being investigated, all he had to do was hold a press conference about this issue and clear up any misunderstanding. He could have told the press that Comey assured him he was not part of the investigation into Russia's activity.

May 12th, 2017 - Trump posted this message on Twitter: "James Comey better hope that there are no "tapes" of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!" Implied coercion is the inducing of another person into doing something that he/she doesn't want to do [Black's law dictionary]. In this particular case, Trump was trying to persuade Comey to keep silent or else tapes would possibly be released against Comey. It doesn't matter if Trump had tapes or not because he used that for the purpose of trying to stop Comey from releasing info to the press. That is implied coercion and it is against the law. So far the information in Comey's memo(s) has not been proven to be highly classified or top secret. Comey is familiar with classified information so I highly doubt that the information in his memo(s) was highly classified or top secret.

Comey called the email investigation an "investigation" in his statement to the press. Comey did not give a date when Lynch told him to call it a "matter", so Comey's statement about Lynch is not relevant at this point.? When it comes to telling the truth, Comey wins over Trump. Trump is a habitual liar, Comey is not. Anyone who doubts that Trump is a habitual liar can Google "Donald Trump Lies".
he's like a child well Obama did this
Amore Gonzalez
Is amazing news say CNN MSNBC say he fire him because the Russia 🇷🇺. Investigation y good to listen from the president yourself
What a maroon....
Mo Pores
President of the United States lmao 😂 What a disgrace. The USA is now 4th world.
ha ha ha lester the molester, he looks like one, no
"I just want some one who is compitent"
Terry Carr
What's funny is if this was the other way around do you think clinton would have to do an interview fully if say Benghazi ,being hard balked by the journalist ,I doubt that youse would most probalby be in another war
donny dump, "when i decided to do it i said to myself" i said self, are you stupid man? and i realized i was stupid because i didnt know the answer whether i was stupid or not.
Larren Green
Vault 7
mar jamen
We had a dinner. And he wanted to stay on. Hmm.... Comey said he had to stay. " I phoned him and he phoned me one time". Comey said he never phoned the president. Somebody is lying. Who and why........ Let's investigate.
so he NEVER actually says he fired him because of Russia. Listen to the WORDS, he NEVER said he fired him BECAUSE of Russia, he says he was thinking about Russia and realized it could PROLONG the investigation and that he knew it might not look good.
John Harby
John Harby
trump is saying he wanted to expand the investigation
Tony Blackstone
Lester Holt asked Trump did he think about the Russians when he fired James, he said that he did what happened to that part of the interview?
Don't try me
when he sniffles, he lies.
huajian wang
why is the blanket like the Chinese national flag so much?what does that mean?
Montgomery Reece
I'm here to see if Trump really admitted to firing Comey over the Russia investigation. As I figured, he didn't. Just more lies and spin from the liberal media. I should have known.
Marilyn Wood
Carlos Joel Garcia
Why do these reporters don't listen to the answers given by the President and just go on to the next question. Is this a CNN, NBC thing? Maybe is an Attention deficit thing!! This is a waste of investigation and the President is Draining the Swamp!!!.... Make no mistake!! this is another tactic to slow down the Swamp from being drained. People are scared in Washington as he shakes things up. About time, and hope he drains it quicker than expected.
Brownrabbit Jumping
WTF He is still thinks he is running the "Apprentice" Trump you are a sick pathological LIAR!
Kevin Ronald
The thing is, we will never know if trump or comey is telling the truth or not.
There is at least one truth here; the Russia investigation will never be the same. It has being influenced already. now it's just too late to talk about it. while we are talking about Russia interfering in the election, we are also interfering in the investigation. in philosophy it says: << le regard d'autrui me conditione>> Which means, we are not free to do what we want if someone is watching us. When you just look at me, you are influencing me, you are changing me and you are dominating me even if it's not your intention.
Now the the entire FBI in influenced and under pressure, the new director can't help himself. even if you are the toughest guy in the world, what people think, do or how they act will always influence you. This is just a general understanding.
@Frenchspeaker @don'tshootme
Hayabusa Dragon
I didnt hear Trump say one time that he fired Comey because of the Russia investigation. He only mentioned the Russia/Trump campaign investigation... The Demoncrats love to spin things. He actually states several times that he wants the Russian investigation(broad) So there you go... Libturds love to take statements and contextually manipulate them to fit their narrative! This is proof and moron dems in congress and the MSM All lie to the American people and this is proof!
Lorewalker Choo M. D.
I got a carb tooth
Trump loves wearing tanning goggles! Once you see it, it cant be unseen.
Mark Oatman
I watch his mouth to trump I needed video screen from him right know
Shaip Dushica
Piece of garbage you Lester why don't you ask him a single question about the progress he is making?He should not waste a minute of his time with you.
Raymond Riggio
comey, lynch, Clinton.... fired. Next!
NADER Ahmadi
please tel him , how much lie are you going to make,
he want to show that he knows every thing , he do not know noting, he is not educated ,he is just a lier,
ha Trumputin is Hellmerica president
phil blanque
We would have to back more than 100 years to find an administration more
corrupt, more filled with liars, more populated with self interest at
the cost of national interest. APPALLING....APPALLING!!!
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