President Donald Trump On His Firing Of James Comey (Extended Exclusive) | NBC Nightly News

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In an NBC News exclusive interview, President Trump revealed to Lester Holt that he was preparing to fire FBI Director James Comey regardless of recommendations from the attorney general and deputy attorney general.
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President Donald Trump On His Firing Of James Comey (Extended Exclusive) | NBC Nightly News

memie lol
LMAO All these idiots in this comment section that hate Trump don't have a single good reason why. Every single thing they say is "Trump is stupid lol 😂" and it gets 50 likes. No wonder the electoral college ignored them
God bless Donald Trump.....A true American
Lolan Badeaux
lol nbc has no clue
none of the fake news has a clue.
cbs. nbc abc
You so wrapped up in your lies you think no one sees or can use pscology to simply address your tactics. smdh must you oressume your tactics arent different today as say five years ago?
human behavior is predictable and it doesnt take a college degree to see what your goals are... your not doing the things a network would normally do with what stories u push... so much more your not doing points to LIARS fraud journalism. payed off working for nazis technically. would you admit to it? of course not, what would reward your honesty if you tried at this point? no reward
you burnt the bridge, and now you must blow up the pilons that show a corrupt network once crossed here
herrbetto 55
1:37 I AM A BIG FAN OF FBI > an honest FBI Fan Club member (^^)
thatflybeast 100
he's a joke where is this gonna go I wonder
If Comey is a "Showboat", Trump is a Titanic-ShowBattlecruiser.
trump will go down in history as one of the greatest presidents
sreejesh appathinkattil
Judge a tree by the fruits and a presidency by the outcomes. Keep a bigger picture of common good for all people and let go of divisiveness. What is important is to reform the electoral system and not leave room for suspicion. Vote on Paper and electronically and count both. Everyone needs to contribute to harmony and happiness. What is harmful for the US would be an investigation that could sow doubts and division
Twin Star
Why is he love FBI?
Linda Rush
You Americans are nuts voting this man the only agenda he has is expanding his personal world . If you disagree with him you will be sacked you are becoming a communist state! Xxxx
ChaZZY Bwoii
Donald trump illuminati devil worshipping muppet doing everything elite tell him to do
taki an
Nathan Rosales
How can you say you *think if someone invited you for dinner after having dinner with that person.. 😅
o_O? weird.... ✋😌 what a liar.

Stuart WARD
When are you Americans going to real war on each other again ? You obviously hate each other. You have little or no respect for each other or any other race on the planet. Your Lords and Masters treat you like unwanted, unlovable children.. they treat you like barely exploitable dirt. So, why not do your Lords and Masters a favor and get to wholesale slaughter ?
Nick Laramee
Lester Holt never gets a day off.
Bearded aussie
i dont believe a word this guy says.
Dark Shadow Storm
This guy 😒 I still have no idea how he became President I mean even if you didn't like Hillary Clinton there was still 3rd party canidates so how does a guy who badmouths so many people and talks about the chocolate cake he was eating while ordering a bombing on a country already suffering from poison gas who changes his stance on issues every time he's interviewed become president, really? 😧 He even wants to give sensitive information to Russia even when he criticized Hillary for doing the same thing. Now there's talk of impeachment like we told you so 😏
David Williamson
This should hit every person. Even a complete moron should have a little suspicious thoughts on this guy. I'd love to see the reactions of the Trump supporters, come to find out that he had ties to Russia.
koki yordanov
Според jcmdu.jr .r ir udulf riut. От kdm, dlrt; Лиценз за експлоатация
Spored jcmdu.jr .r ir udulf riut. Ot kdm, dlrt; Litsenz za eksploatatsiya
morgan shelton
he is crazy they were already looking in to it. so why hide it. LIAR!!!!!!
Princeton Egbe
might have to call Hilary back. boy is losing ground. Here come the Russians
christian almli
Death to Donald Trump.
Carlos Pellecier Jr
Then let them do their investigation. He's still a little boy trapped in a man's body.
Carlos Pellecier Jr
This clowns limited Grammar is amazing. What's really amazing is all the people that still back him. Clinton and Obama is still in his head.
Nathan Williams
Donald Trump
President Prat!
The media is trying so hard to get a wrong or misled word out of Trumps mouth. But they haven't got it for month. Understand, that it is all fine with him, and that he will not destroy the country. He will make it better, if you stop trying to find a hair in then soup.
Breaking. 24h
Seth Rich
His name was Seth Rich...
Phal Redenferd
Awe poor snowflakes in the comment section so butthurt :'(
Josh Stringer
Trump Rocks!
Lol Trump "No one tells ME to do nothing, No matter how much spin my staff puts on things, it was all MY Idea, and don't you forget it....China.
Still I Rise Feat Dead Poet on Youtube Thank You
Plill Acio
I heard Lester Holt is using his middle and last name, his first name is Moe???
Mike Thomas
I like trump.
Lauren Rocha
Donald Trump calling someone else a showboat and grand stander is truly rich.
He has a right as the president to fire the director of the FBI... However it does seem fishy that he fired this man during a investigation into him and his cabinet members. Facts.. Also if Trump is "innocent" why is he asking the director of the FBI over and over again if he's investigating him? That's seriously unethical and feels like he has a guilty conscious. Also according to Comey, Trump asked him to stop investigating Michael Flynn as well. I don't know if he's colluding with Russia or not. However, there is SOMETHING he doesn't want the American people to find out in regards to his business dealings with Russia.
Justin Alexander
The whole elite are against him and the Rothschild media. Basically the whole satanic hierarchy. Kind of hard to get positive ratings when 98% of the news is biased against you and the insiders try to sabotage every effort you make. God's got this one.
I support the President.
Comey never wanted to have dinner with Trump and Comey would have never told Trump that he wasn't under investigation..
Bruce Williams
James Comey was incompetent, he was despised by Democrat's for his allegations and investigations against them but defended by them because conveniently to them Trump also disliked him, Comey finished and came to conclusion on Trump's russia investigation that it was absolute bollocks and two weeks after Trump fired him, you need to understand Trump is draining the swamp, why hasn't Comey acted on the PizzaGate scandal? there's more substantial evidence with PizzaGate than there is of Trump's affiliation to Russia.
I've never seen Trump so stressed out. He looks physically different.
Zissou Moonshot
Doesn't matter if Flynn had clearance from a prior administration. You don't hire someone on without doing security clearances and background on them again. Especially if you have constantly droned on about how little you trust the prior administration and President.
Zissou Moonshot
"I don't know if it's the Congress, or the Senate, or the House..." Direct quote from your President. He doesn't even understand the basic structure of the government. The Congress is comprised of the Senate and the House, for anyone who didn't take a civics course in junior high school.
Zissou Moonshot
Doesn't matter if there was collusion or not, this guy should not be President or in any high office in government because he has deep financial ties to Russia, and refuses to be transparent about his finances and to which parties he is indebted. If our President's business empire was funded by Russian oligarchs and he owes them favors and money, he is open to influence from those parties. It's a no brainer, the guy should not be serving in the highest office.

Also he is 70 years old and has platinum blonde hair and an orange face. It's embarrassing for our country on so many levels.
Jonathan Kilarab
Difference between an American Politician and a Joghurt? Joghurt has culture.
Butterfly Knight
I swear to God I am starting to think that this Administration purely exists for no other reason than to troll liberals. How else is could you explain this level of retardation?
Cristal Diamante
Lies, deception, cover up, crime and corrupted "media" that is the life of politicians since the ancient times, feel sorrow for Donald Trump and his family coming from the private sector to this toxic and poisoning environment, we all know who is Comey we had plenty of opportunity to see his tracks and actions, when every step of the way he was working in tandem with the Media a very dangerous situation when the Media knows more that the FBI Director you have a bad mix and many problems.
I voted several elections in the past for the Democratic Party and decided with Obama was enough to belong to that party, I will never ever go back and vote for them, based of last election experience and all the manure coming from them, still now after election time is over trying to destabilize the present administration that will hurt every single american is another act of betray to the country.
Joeys WorldTour
misiek vuychik
tRUMP is shame for America
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