My cat mumbles to himself while hunting birds on the patio.

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Derek Zimmerman
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Mama Goose
These chirping, clicking sounds are made by cats when stalking prey. It's fun to watch
Phillip Ferrell
Now, that's cute. I love cats. Have two bobtail Manxes of my own.
My cat does this
My cat does this too:)
John Phillips
It's called cheffing when a cat does that it means that they are happy
My cat always does this
Sounds like it's having a seizure
Sounds like it's having a seizure
[Insert Random Name Here]
LeeAnn Sheridan
I've had a few that do this, think it's cat language for "Get off my land" or "Gunner bite your tiny little heads off."
Thomas Macleod
Robin D
My cat does the exact same thing!
I showed this video to my cat and he started looking at the window.
Sahid al-Awlaki
Zimmerman still around? I thought the African guys were going to have him by now.
Paul Newman
Cute little monster.
Fi Skirata
Easy money
my view
its used to lure birds to the ground. mine do it and then come back with fluttering gifts
polly 123
aww cute movie. I love cats 😍😘
Splash Attack
Subtitles for the deaf:

Look at this! Look at this! Somebody look at this! "Kevin Hart's voice"
Looks at those fucking birds chirping, flying and mocking me. Who the holy fuck do they think they are? I'm going to warm my jaws the fuck up and tear them to shreds. Sprinkle them on my cat food like parmesan.
Do I want the sparrow or the robin??? Hmmm. :-)
Thavi Meas




Katherine Ong
beat dropped harder than my grades
Viren Shah
who's here because assistant suggested?
im here from google assistance lol
Amazing Lexie
Your cat is not mumbling, he/she is crackling. Cats do that when they find something they want to destroy or when they find something they like from outside. I know that because I have a cat of my own and he does it at least once a month every year that I have had him. To me it is funny and cute at the same time. It's funny because what they want to do while crackling, is my cat tries and tries to get it, also it's funny to watch them do it. It's cute because the sound always makes me cry inside, and when you love on them, ( it's also funny and cute together ) they purr, then crackle, then purr, then crackle. I love cats so much!!!!😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻
Sounds like a turkey call lol
Z Mun
Evil cat is cursing: "now hit the electric lines and get cooked"
You let your cat hunt and kill birds?! You must hate animals.
Inky Girl Sans
so cute
I wanna maul...
Creative Kitty
it means that there are animals he cant get to... its cute
Z7er45t32 0043
what they are doing is trying to pick up scent.. because it is unknown to them...whatever thing they see that is new and seems like prey .. my cat would .do this with laser pointer ... and first time she saw birds...
Hania Marczuk
My Cat does that and he's an indoor cat
Andrew Elliott
My cat just jumps at my glass door like that one meme with the kid jumping at the school lockers and exactly like that
Maria Rofshan
my cat does the same when he sees some fly or any insect
hey guys can i get some subscribers if possible at my channel DryIceDiamond i would really appreciate it
Edgar Castillo
Why do I have to see cats ranover everyday
This is called chirping, my cat and I guess all cats do this. I only clicked because I thought the cat was going to literally be mumbling...
lol my used to do this too
Kyle Thrushman
Those sounds which, to our unfelinal human ears resemble adorableness, are really the cat brutishly declaring all of the twisted, messed up things they would like to do to the birds. nature is beautiful.
Bendy Squad
My cat does this all the time when she watches birds
Insasne Cheese
My cat does this
If he's declawed and not let outside your just teasing the cat and corrupting his purpose
Its called chirping and they do it wen they cant get to their prey, haha, this was adorable!
my cat does that too
casper andtaz
That's funny because my dogs the same when he sees cats on the lawn.
Michael Bisceglia
One of my cats does that?
Carlos Guapacha
That's Me watching bacon sizzle on the pan
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