My cat mumbles to himself while hunting birds on the patio.

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Derek Zimmerman
Follow Charlie on Instagram!!!! PhotogenicCharlie
Rameen H
I love this title. You get what u came for! No clickbait bullshit. Good job
•Dilini W•
My cat does that 😂
achraf achraf
My cat does it all the time
Brad Hirsch
Cats sometimes mimic the animal they're trying to catch, also.
Luqmanul Hakim
wats with cats n bird watching
Joshelin Lopez
it's just so cute in it mumbles to its self
Lg the Gamer
It's called chirping
Crystalshine Marie
He isn't talking to them. It's called "chattering", and all wild and domesticated cats chatter when stalking prey. He is attempting to mimic them, in an attempt to lure them into him, to make killing them easier. He wants to eat them. Cat's don't talk to other animals or other cats. They talk to kittens, and humans, because studies show they see us as huge kittens((ie. they see us as part of their species, but they don't think we are very intelligent, so they use vocal signals as they do with kittens, and retarded adult cats) in an attempt to teach us. They do use chatter when stalking, but it's very different from attempting to communicate via meowing.
John Drohan
SOMEONE PLEASE post a video of your Doberman eating this bird-hating cat !
Dan_Da_Man Bruz
All cats do this, it's called cat chattering.
tiffy 00
He is so cute. Do cats get Tourette's?! Almost sounds like that lol
And here I thought my cat was the only freak who does this lol
Matt Garrett
It's the cats way of pointing out the object that needs to be caught and eaten. It's mostly telling whoever else is in the room, "Hey! Look at that thing! We should catch that! Heeey! Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!"
ashfaq masnun
hes actually mumbling to you or a human sice hes meowing not hissing
Denise Dolbashian
Soma noma
Cat clips win YouTube
Just as long as you bloody cat, or any other bloody cat, doesn't get the opportunity to kill a bird. Robert.
Alex Pinzon
4k people dislike this. Why? What did I miss?
Gary Morten
my cat does that to at the bids and other cats and at my dog to
FishFluid One
he is trying to tell you Bush did 9/11
Peter Harris
who could she be taking off
Bogs Allen
The cat is calling the bird.....mimicking the bird call.
cecilia preziose
I understand this is how they practice their death grip
My Cat does it too!
Andy Revell
My cat does this when "hunting" his toys, just means he's happy
Dark Fire
To all cat owners, you guys are soo lucky, i always wonder whats it like owning a cat? It must be fun, I never owned a cat in my life and I always wanted one but there arent any pet shops near plus its probably a great experience aswell.
أصدقاء المقنين bvb
I hate cats that kill birds and they don't even eat them
Cats do this because they're trying to re in act the chirps and clicks the birds chicks will make in hopes that a mother bird will come down to check in the chick noises easy prey if look closely cats will hide in brushes and do the same
Steven James
cat's have echo location capabilities​ something to consider for all you ignorant idiots I share this earth with unfortunately
Alain Bruno
Cats are the cutest pets.❤️
The Angel Pup
my cat does that too! and your cat looks exactly like mine!!
SC Animations
😂 he must be real bad at hunting wt all dat noise.
Alicia Roberson
why is this on my home page
Domestic cats do that when they have the urge to hunt. To learn more, watch "The Lion in Your Living room"
Steven Plague
my cat does this all the time with a laser pointer at the ceiling because he can't reach it. I think its a hunting instincts or something.
The Eevee trainer
and this folks is why i am a cat person
Sarah A.
My cat Perseus does the same thing! I call it the "kitty tazer" sound...
Andrew Vinson
Google Assistant brought me here when I asked for "Random fun" 😂😂 SO CUTE!!
Angel Martinez
it looks like he crying?
rebel ram
Cat language you dumbo
Jahnnah Mufti
Awwwwww that cat is SOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!
Kyla Matriano
I love your cat!!!
Have you tried turning it off and back on again? Or putting in new batteries?
DINESS smish
your cat is so pretty
GaMzEe MaKaRa
That cat has seen some shit...
Isobelle Grantham Whitehurst
Lol my cat Terry dose this
Elizabeth Childs
lol cute cat. 🐈
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