Are These Instagram Foods Actually Tasty?

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We tried unicorn grilled cheese and s'mores fries so you don't have to.


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It's the last day of 2016 and also the last day to get your Unicorn Melt!
Double the fun

Thanks to Chomp Eatery & Juice Station

1:40 I wondered how that ended 😆
Jordan White
I ship this
Tam Le
They should date
Why do i ship Kelsey and Evan? 😂😂😂
Wow this girl is so annoying and tries way to hard jfc
Live Voetbal
Buzzfeed is being paid by this restaurant to say good things about them!
Activator Knocked Out
I would so be down for those light bulb drinks to be in stores👌
elizabeth chong
Lady and the Tramp 1:34
Peri Nyannko
they would be a nice couple
Evan and kelsey is such a good couple but evan has claire ;(
Natasha B
This duo is like Andrew and Steven and people love them why so much hate here...? Open your minds a bit.
Natasha B
Guys chill about Kelsey she's just enthusiastic not a "try-hard" and if she is yeah she's trying, isn't that the point of a job?
Alex Lee
Two beautiful people eating beautiful food^^
These people are eating amazing foods and I'm just sitting on a couch eating ham
Frost Bite
The white girl was cringe af this was like the coolest experience of her life
Hanisah Zakaria
I used to ship these two so hard before I found out the dude had a girlfriend
Rin Muffin
Fifty Shades of Bae got me xD
This was so aesthetically pleasing
Xiao Li
Why do I ship them??
Marry Lou
Wtf cream of tar- tar who the f says that 2:44
why so much hate on kelsey? i dont get it, she's just being herself and i think she looks like a fun person.
zainab Kira
This is like a parody of the series worth it and guess what it’s not worth watching
Barry Allen!
Amanda Ruíz
01:34 this is my definition of a romantic date.
Ilona L.
The yellow you use in USA is actually banned in places like EU :D Just saying :D
is it just me or kelsey looks like melissa who plays supergirl
I'm hungry.
Atulya Atulya
Evan's 'ohhhh' at 3:32 is the most korean ohhh ever! hahaha <3
Calvin Tyrol
Btw I like Kelsey....she seems fun to hang out with,all you haters can jump off a cliff
Hannah Banana the description they used GMM's Will It tagline...?
Lovisa Persson
I'm soo hungry right now
Nadia Mendez
Why do i find them eating look pretty nasty..
Lexie Fullerton
I was so sad when they cut off the Lady and the Tramp style cheese string
Марина Дягилева
I want them to date so much
My mom makes this delicious thing that's similar to the fries. She mashes up sweet potatoes and layers the top with tiny marshmallows until it's fully covered and then bakes it so the marshmallows melt and then we eat it... ITS SO FREAKIN GOOD
anyone else get annoyed they didnt dip it in ketchup?
Natale Cristofani
Am I the only one who's thinking how can those be "s'mores" fries? There's no chocolate how can that be s'mores? I wasn't impressed by that but the grilled cheese looked delicious!
Ryan _Overkill
Lady and the tramp
T.J Mist
who else lowkey ships them??
chris parisaca
I think they would be a very good couple. They've been through so much together
Peli Boo
Woah, Kelsey's mouth is so big.
Kelsey looks like supergirl
RachelBaby xox
Does anyone ship Kelsey and Evan? 💞💞
Alexander Starz
Don't you mean evanly
Cammy Boi
Kelsey & Evan are in love...
David Robbins
'It's like eating cloud' 😂
Music 4 Dance
Tackle the big cheese

Big cheese

Biggie cheese

Mike Stefanik
I got diabetes in 4 minutes and 30 seconds
Random Nobody
I feel like this should be on Tastty and not BuzzFeed. Idk why though
Music Girl Eleri
3:02 sounds like music they play at the expensive restaurants on worth it😂👌🏻
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