Are These Instagram Foods Actually Tasty?

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We tried unicorn grilled cheese and s'mores fries so you don't have to.


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It's the last day of 2016 and also the last day to get your Unicorn Melt!
Double the fun

Thanks to Chomp Eatery & Juice Station

Chee Khan Gavin Lai
Was it just me or I was expecting a lady and the trump spaghetti scene?
Happy Doorz
Hey. This is just a totally random thought but is it just or does Kelsey look like a female version of Grant Guston??🤔
David Niléhn
3:13 "Holy Ni.... Fries
Kelsey's arms... GOALS.
phil trash #1.5
1:37 Imagine if they pulled a Lady and the Tramp in this part (the scene in the movie where the dogs eat spaghetti)

No disrespect to Evan tho, I know he has a girlfriend
Didn't you just work out for weeks and now you're losing the fat you burned in minutes
Leah Feigen
that 50 shades of bea 👕 👌
John Sapno
so why arent u guys dating again?
3:49 what you expected ?? it's french fries you little sweete bun
im creepin' in your heart babe L
are they dating? cause is they're not THEY SHOULLD
Flower Child
wow blondie is annoying as hell
Lili Dobson
This girls personality is so awesome I love it I want to be her friend!! Can we be friends? WAIT!! People, her personality is so much like Marley from Glee!! Oh my gosh total revelation!! Holy mackerel
space walker
that girl is so annoying damn
Donovan Meyer
4:04 Who else heard that?!?!?
Jersey Arante
Did they just say "foods"? 😩
evan looks like he's been warned not to get too chummy >.<
this is high people food ;)
isaac Hillesland
they should be a couple and that would be so damn cute
fellow skeleton
kelsey is so adorable omg
carmel apple
I ship it
Sarcastic Zooey
does anybody else ship kelsey and evan?
Sakura Christine Ito
It looks really good...I wanna eat and lick all over it!! I'm talking about Evan btw..
thats not a marshmallow its a meringue .__.
ChaseliketheBank 420
I ship them so hard!
Taketa Mariko
Fifty shades of bae
Sophie_ Grace
I so ship it
Finn Cotterill
She so attractive
Fresh Lou
dont they do exercise like how to get 6 packs in 4 weeks?
Silvana x
so where was the unicorn grilled cheese? I saw an rainbow one.
Lainie medina
I see Evan, I clicked simple as that!
s'more fries need chocolate sauce
The way they are right now, they're just marshmallow fries
Thandeka Mehlo
I love her reactions!
eating so much junk food after hard training lol
Patrick Di
instagram is the biggest shithole with the largest quantity of superficial, money hungry, lying bunch of retards ever
amr abdalla
The girl is beautiful
3:01 Fifty Shades Of Bae
yahaira scoon
They would be a cute couple
Efere Iro
I love how he says delightful...
Expecting a lady and the tramp moment....but...
AJ Mood
that looks repulsive.
Jay Park
i ship them so muchhhhhh
Elisha Ann
I sooooooo ship them😍😍😍
heavenly, more like evanly geddit?
Lala takes mombasa Vlogs
What are there instagrams?
So much blurs I thought my eyes broke
'So you don't have to'. Well now I don't have to eat delicious food, I can just watch other people eat it! cries
4:11 H-Evan-ly ;)
Robby Samuel
can i just say, you look cute.together
Rene Reyes
I really ship them both and I want them both to date
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