Top 10 Worst CGI Movie Effects

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Top 10 Worst CGI Effects in Movies

Bad computer special effects are the worst. WatchMojo lists some of the poorest attempts at cgi in movie history. 

List Entries and Rank:
#10. Agent Smith Battle “The Matrix Reloaded” (2003) 
#9. Dark Seekers “I Am Legend” (2007) 
#8. Deer Attack “The Ring Two” (2005) 
#7. Monkeying Around “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” 
#6. Brontosaurus Stampede “King Kong” (2005) 
#5. Surfs Up “Die Another Day” (2002) 
#4. Motorbike Chase “Ultraviolet” (2006) 
#3. ?

Stupid video. Most of these still stand with cgi today.
some are bad. but i sure disagree with a lot of them on this list.
matrix, i am legend, king kong is fine too. ofcourse CGI never feels real. just stop looking for unrealism when there is no need to. yes they are running and there is a green screen behind them..
but i have seen CGI in movies. so bad that some 2008 gaming graphics look better than that. and that is what i call bad CGI. and CGI exists to make unrealistic things realistic. kind of.. and bad CGI is more common in old movies. and i don't mind it. because in old movies. you don't see it everywhere. but just sometimes. a movie doesn't have to feel "real" for me. to be enjoyable. if i watch cartoon's i'm not like. oh that is so unrealistic that is impossible. its just chill to watch. but if there is a recent movie. like from 2010 or something. and it has bad CGI. comparable with gaming graphics. and it has a lot of CGI. i think they did a bad job on CGI. something worse than bad CGI is having bad actors.
suraj keshav
Scorpion king would have been so cool if it were practical plus good cgi.
3D Motor Maker
These are very old films that represent the best in computer animation at the time. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.
Ron Rivero
this video is worst
Андрей Черный
You still comment on Chaplin, they had a shit schedule
Soon steppen wolf from JL will be on here.
L1aM 2204
Along came the spider......hell no those are some whacky physics
L1aM 2204
On the ring two one there would NEVER be that many bucks in one place
Solomon McTavish
I'm here after watching Justice League
Oh look !!! THE WORST ASSHOLE COMMENTING ABOUT CGIs from decades ago . That's what this is 。
All the driving scenes in sitcoms
Conker RuS

Matrix the Cartoon
Roberth Heghi
and again u is old it was great back then with the special effects......but i presume you were old enough to remember..cock
Roberth Heghi
you retards matrix was ahead of its time....cgi was good.....u compare it with what is today FAGGOOOOTS
E. Ormantega Alfredo
Please watch Sons of Anarchy last season CGI. It would blow your mind. of course to the bad direction
Dodo Legand
Half of these are good cg lol
Cody Gearheart
With the King Kong one, it wasn't the fact that the CGI was bad, it was just a horrible green screen effect.
The - Jack - Cat
You're dumb, put MATRIX in the top 10 of the worst Special Effects. the film has rebounded, if it had not been revolutionized, it would not recover the Oscar of the best special effect
Knightime X
I feel sorry for feeble minded people who require immeasurable amounts of production effort to enjoy any kind of cgi.
the one from the incredible bulk
Quatae Dorsey
Lol the thumbnail made me think the MOVIE WAS A GANE
Tùng Núi
Kênh óc chó này=)))
Raptor Lapito
IT has a lot of terrible CGI
Matrix and I am Legend were my favorite.
I see your point but all 10 of these movies were really good despite the flaws.
Ultraleone 1
Did you forget the old Godzilla?
Duo Damsel
The brontosaurus stampede looked really good in my opinion honestly
emma Woods
wow i never knew that it was suppose to be the rock :D it looked nothing like him, i always thought it was just some random... haha that is just awfully bad.
Scorpion King left me literally speechless since the cgi was so horrible 😁
Zaved Raisuz Zaman
Ultraviolet..No competition in worst CGI area
Galura Sportsnet
where is the amazing bulk?
Nothing like another dumb Mojo video.
Zeravlah 00
B14? 1 and 2
Anime4life 91
Whose CGI effects was fvcking Speed racer worst cgi effects ever
nIlS F.
Jesus, Ultraviolet did not have bad cgi. It was supposed to look like a comic and they naild it. Its sad that you didnt get that. Its like saying sin city did a bad job at colours.
Tiger mafia
Meme Buster
These movies are old af what did you expect?
Darren PM
My favorite bad CGI is the surf boarder scene in Escape from New York 2 with Peter Fonda. 😂
alesson leandro
No filme Eu so a lenda eu nao achei tao ruim pelo ano que foi feito
Derick Myers
I cried to I am legend when his dog died

Derick Myers
Don’t care what u say I am legend is a great movie
Darius Moldovan
maybe ultraviolet is mafe to be like tha or maybe is just trash
Darling, are you stupid?
You ruined films for me no spoiler alert my lawyer will call you
5 Star Video ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
its yourmom
Any syfy and Netflix movies look like this now
The Incredible Bulk wasn't on this list.

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