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Giant basketballs make for giant trick shots! 
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Srinivas Kodeboyena
Cricket trickshots
Maria Ahmad
Nicke de Bruyn
Ty fell in😂
Ryan T
No Giancarlo Stanton
Ryan T
Do a home run derby against Arron Judge
Blobby Harrison
You should do giant hockey
Vinícius Mazzini
Giant bowling, like for them to see.
hung duongdinh
What about the diving battle?:)))))
This Video was Made on My Birthday!
Abraham Hidalgo
giant volleyball trick shots
Nanant Sattarujawong
Flippin Awesome
U could do soccer
Elle Jaffray
Giant Snooker
Kevin Wheatley
Gabriel Cascante
The next sport would be chess
Jahshua Terry
Dive into the pool channel
You guys need to do another battle video
Joeli Pvillarreal
you should do dog trick shots
Ilia Afshari
cyprian davies
Giant ping pong balls
Jose Antonio Gonzalez Lainez
Que pros
Isabella Jones
Love this vid are y'all all broyhers
Richa Agrawal
next should be large baseball and football game
Giant golf???
giant baseball trick shot
Lions Of The Sky
amazing channel ! i'm also doing trickshot but if i compare it to your it's so bad XD
Mary Jane Serafica
Giant football hahahaha
8bit -fooders
What you should of done is parachute and helicopter equals slam dunk come on! Doesn't take a genius!
Nikki Phillips
Who likes basketball the most and some people post this emoji 👎
Leijan Felix
i have i next ideas
try to not laugh challenge
fidget spinner life
The next giant sport should be football
Daniel christopherson
@dudeperfect please read can you react tou our vids like pls so they can see this
Mountainbike Edition please!
DatBoi66 yyy
yashodhan singh
Make football trick shot video
does nobody see the video edit on some of these shots? I mean srs?
Karen Mariie lao
Dude Perfect how can you make all those trick shots?😊
ved zone
Giant football
Ifraz Khan
do Frisbe trick shots
Jayli the unicorn
Giant soccer
pink banana
big video hahahaha
Royalty Gaming
U guys should do giant frisbee trick shots
Royale Gamming
use airplaine
Heather Fishwick
Giant football/soccer. Pretty good to see some nice curls and stuff.
The first clip is like rocket league xddd
Giant tennis trick shots
Hunter Creasman
Do another marksman video
preet pamecha
Giant foot ball
Focundo Perez
Do a giant soccer or a giant beach ball
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