Shabnam Khatun
Koi bhi shadi 2 3 Sal se jada kya nhi chalti
Lalita Rabari
Jab divorce hi Dena hota hai to sadi q ki
Sherin Martin
oh what a Indian culture
Muhammad Saleem
nicE information
Siddhartha Basak
Which song going on in background can say anybody
shafia tariq
karan ko shadion ka shoq ha
Tanmeet Kaur
Omg Jennifer
I am Ansari
Sahebkha Mohsina
Shriti jaha ki sirf photo laga rakhi he.stupid.😠😠😠😠
swarnali ghosh
very sad that they are divorced but they are very brave that they left all dificulties back and started again their new lifeπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€great job girls
Anubrata Bordoloi
kiske sath pragya urf sriti jha ka divorced hua tha dikhaoo
b l
pragya ka kaha divorce hua noty mene isliye vdo dekha
Sana Shaikh
dil to sirf jenifer se milna chahta h
Geeta Yadav
karan grover ki 3 shadi hui h kya.
anjana bhar ti
Aur kitna sadi......? karan sign grover
lawyer iqbal
in logo ko shadi kuch bacho k kail lagte hai kya stupid people..
Nitesh Raj
karan maha chutia hai Jo Jennifer ko divorce de diya pagal se sadi karne ke liye
Rinki Mathur
rasmi desai nd jennifar winget it's so so so beautiful 😘
Kalme Rechil
divorce is never an option.. its a choice
Ganesh Singh
I love the song
Suresh Kumar
we're is pragya bas avivay photo mentaion kiya
Poulami Mukherjee
ujjwal thakur
you showed sriti jha's thumbnail, you rascals.
that's how you got so much views
Jenifer Luv
My fav song...plz...someone tell this songs name
Tanu Thapliyal
Winget fans always say that KSG should be regretful, shameful blah blah... but actually, these are their own feeling. Look at them, after 3 years, they are so much regretful about losing KSG. They are so jealous of seeing Karan and Bipasha together. It's proving that how badly they want KSG back for their princess. LOL!!! KSG rules. The most disgusting part is how a Homewrecker fan gives lectures about loyalty to someone else.
Saleem Ahmed
Jenifer is more beautiful then bpasha
sriti has not married yet . then why did you put her photo in the video .
Awe pink
+Manoj Rai Excuse me, don't try to impose your frustration, feeling to the whole universe. Why should he embarrassed? And now you will tell him that what is right and wrong, who supported extramarital affair blindly of their favorite couple. Now you all don't even have the courage to admit it. KSG should be embarrassed when he left his innocent wife Shraddha and married to that Homewrecker and insecure 2nd wife. Is there something in your Jennifer that he feels embarrassed to leave her? She is a homebreaker, a serial liar, a fake woman whose words never matches with her action and moreover her and her blind fans have a habit of making a mistake by themselves and imposing blame on others. What is embarrassment leaving such people? The whole world cannot run according to you. KSG did a big mistake of cheating on Shraddha for Jennifer and Nicole, so here is no harm in improving the mistakes. Just because you were enjoying his preview mistake and now you all are frustrated that he improved his mistake. He can't feel embarrassed. You should be shameful of supporting couple like that Ka-Jerk. Embarrassment is far away, you all don't have the courage to admit her mistake and use Nicole's name. So shameful !! KSG is much better human being than before.
KaBhi surbhi
KSG took the worst decision of marrying to Jennifer but leaving her is the best decision.
Shraddha and Bipasha both are good
KaBhi surbhi
The jealousy is the best compliment ever. Karan Bipasha must be very happy that his EX fans are still so regretful of losing him. Anyways, Jennifer is such an inspiration for all homebreakers that how you get him is how you lose him. Why her psycho fans are blaming others for winget's decision of link up with a married man. Ronit Roy was lucky, bach gaya . Poor KSG ROFL !
Tanu Thapliyal
Shame on KSG that he left is angel wife Shraddha and married to that Homewrecker Jennifer. But good that he improved his Mistake. Poor Jen and her fans are so embarrassed, they can't even take responsible for her action. So sometimes they blame Nicole, then KSG and then Bipasha. LOL ! Now you all Homewrecker Winget fans get over KSG. If your Fav's karma bites her so that not anyone else mistake. KSG is responsible only for his deeds and he has nothing to do with your Jennifer's deed. If she never had an affair with someone else husband, then she must be not divorce. JUST MOVE ON REGRETFUL HATERS.
Tanu Thapliyal
Except Dimpy and Jennifer all actress is too innocent. May they all find
true love of their life. This girl Sriti is so sweet. Dimpy and
Jennifer both are drama queens and this Jennifer is a homewrecker as
well, so she deserves it. Her fans are their biggest looser ever. They
try to hide their favorite mistake by imposing whole blame on every
other person.
ramya d prabhu
dimpy ganguly... an actor???
Gauri Saxena
where is pragaya
Rani Saikia
which song is this??
madhav thakkar
misswording at 0:50
Amlan Saikia
Jennifer Winget 😍
navtej sawhney
Vipasha it is so ambaising yaa
Navdeep Nav
i hate karan singh grover
Prisha Sarah
it means karan will leave bipasha too.. lol!
Riya srivastava
sriti jha is unmarried
then why they added her pic with divorced actresses. This is really unfair ...
they have no right to discredit any actress...
vikram u solankijain
is video dekakar cmt likheaho likhne se phele socho is video ke uper likhana zaruri kya😟 ??
113 cmt y??
vikram u solankijain
this video uplader q karthe ho aise q inhe maention karthe ho talakshudahai karke. unka prnl lyf unka naak dikana zaruri hai kya 😟😏
Akshaya Raghavi
oh my god I could not believe my eyes that Jennifer winget got divorced!! I like her very much 😍😘
Purush Puru
Jenifer and rashmi is very good
Sree Resmi
Anamika p
Shruti za Ki photo kyon lagat divorce Ki list me.
Kabita Rasaily
No comments fr others personal life .let them live their life
Lakshmi Shukla
why the hell u'll have used Shriti's pic in title pic of video....just to befool viewers
Prashanthi Reddy
sriti married nahi divorce kaise
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