Justice League Trailer 3 Breakdown - What Was That?

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Outro Song: Carpenter Brut - Turbo Killer

Anthony Carbajal
Jae can you to a reaction to THE NEW MUTANTS trailer
JL = 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.
Ken Taylor
Yes I mostly come here for the intro music
Rueben Castro
Apollo B.
Shit where can I find that intro beat?
Its not metropolis jae its london
Optimus prime
Batman and wonder woman did something secret
yoni mizrachi
What do you think about the the supergirl theory based on the scene of ben looking at the hologram?
this movie can't fail,i liked bvs,but this NEED to be VERY VERY GOOD
Jae its set in Chernobyl bro
crush it
Since he has that fake character in his video's I don't look at his videos much now. You became shy of the camera Jae? lol
prettyboygio TV
What if in the beginning of the movie it showed a big war and it was hundreds of parademons against lanterns,atlatians and Amazon's I think that would be tight asf
actually that random female waitress you speak of from the avengers is ashley Johnson from the tv series growing pains
IVE heard that the girl IS shazams sister little sister so maybe a tease look it up and tell us what you think
Don Soliven
Well DCEU movies have such amazing visuals and soundtracks. say what you will about his movies but snyder knows how to make things look EPIC. i hope whedon stayed close to the visual style. same with elfman with the music.
Elvin Alikhanov
"Ohh,my queen" hehe,loved it))
Eliahu Moreno
Uhh you mean the Amazons. And you don't know much... Probably should do research and review your draft before filming your show. You do a lot of rambling.
DC Universe
I'm pretty sure that little girl is Kara Zor El. Those blue eyes just scream supergirl to me. But I'm just speculating of course.
Ester Freeman
Ahahaha educate them, Jae!
The ROFL Boy
In Batman VS Superman after superman is burried the 3 plane that are flying among which one is going the opposite way is the GREEN LANTERN
You seriously don't know where that city is? With the iconic bridge? London.
14:19 xD
Liam FPS gaming
Aqua man isn't gonna help at first but when he goes back to Atlantis and steppinwolf kicks his butt he knows he needs to help because he's wearing the same clothes as when he rejects batman
This trailer was a masterpiece.
Nate Shanks
Oh.. that's what Superman said! "The ring". I always thought he said "the rain", which kinda doesn't makes sense. XD
2:30 that is london, tower bridge is the bridge with the superman emblem on it and the building to the right if the screen is the shard
Mark Lennon Ladroma
U calibrated brightness? Liked it
They also didn't make this trailer so dark
infinity war trailer was more exiting
Dennis Lobo
You notice ace factory at the end with barry and bruce and diana?
Noah Durso
“Wannit” it’s wanted u dumbass😂
Noah Durso
“Perfic” Fucking. idiot😂
Noah Durso
The team are splitted up
I like marvel but what I like of justice league is that they didn’t show a lot
Justice League and Dino - Man
Lois Lane see Superman in her dream but it was just Clark Kent but my thought is the final battle will be Wonder Woman , Superman , Aquaman and Green Lantern . The Flash , Batman and Shazam cover Cyborg for the Mother Box of Darksided and SteepenWolf . And before when Superman turn back good Jor El Sprits might show up and give Superman information about SteepenWolf or tell him what should he do .
Pure Salt
Don't get overhyped guys because this film can easily be a flop
Pure Salt
"I was like what he's alive?" No shit. He has been confirmed to be alive like last year
That Lois and Clark scene is all Snyder!! Love it
There's a Joker easter egg in the trailer showing the ACE chemicals building where the Joker was dropped into the goo that makes him the Joker. It's at the end of the trailer when they show the bat signal. Very cool easter egg and can't wait for this movie to come out already!
The Reverse
4:55 Seems to be Pripyat Ukraine aka Chernobyl incident
Noah Durso
“It’s a good CGI”
Noah Durso
“Have like discussions how to do it”
Noah Durso
“Erf”, it’s Earth fucking dumbass😂
Noah Durso
You don’t even know how to talk😂
Noah Durso
You’re such a fucking dumbass😂
Traz 316
Lantern will be in flashback battle? If batman needs all this help now then the Amazon's and Atlantians would need his help the first Time!
Can we give steppenwolf a shoutout already he looks badass and evil as hell!
the one who started all
The girl from the avengers trailer who look at the window of the restaurant is ashley johnson the voice of ellie on the last of us
I'm hype for the Batman and Friends movie 💪
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