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This year’s gay marriage ruling was a milestone, but LGBT discrimination is still surprisingly legal. John Oliver explains why we need a federal anti-discrimination law.

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Random Internet Guy
lobster day is a day off from by birthday!
this is more of a LGB video
John Johnson
I like how much he invests in the premise that these fictional people he creates have an actual life. I can now imagine a late 20s early 30s lesbian couple arguing about Brendas terrible cupcakes.
Sabi Senpai
haha I love you even if I´m gay :D
NO. I wouldn't.
The softening, cuckness of Republican Party establishment.
This guy deserves a piece of lead
Sam Vodopianov - Самуил Водопьянов
At least not all Americans have lost their minds.
As a German, the whole uproar about a restaurant refusing to serve a guest or a baker refusing to bake a specific cake sounds so rediculous to me. Here you cannot force a service provider or retailer to serve any customer, with few exceptions like pharmacies or companies with de facto monopolies. The provider does not even have to give a reason for not serving you.

But I guess it's an entirely different understanding of civil law.
caitlin sweeting
Homosexuality and trans is a mental illness, i am a christian and we love everyone regardless of their sexuality, it has happened before, a gay activist has turnerd straight and has a wife and maybe a kid. In my eyes homosexuality is unnatural and wrong. And I believe more homosexuals can turn straight. I dont mean to sound arrogant, and i agree, i am completely against discrimination and all homosexuals and trans should be treated with respect
August Akins
this is some faggot shit
4:55 Should it not be either MEN/GENTLEMEN and WOMEN/LADIES, or MEN/MEN and WOMEN/WOMEN ?

I'm pretty sure that it should be. Those who disagree are welcome to share their logic on this one.
OH MY GOD I NEED THE SIGN "YOU MUST BE THIS GAY TO GO ON THIS RIDE"! On my door, on my laptop, on my bedroom door, on my shirt; everywhere.
Fname Namel
Basic equality to allow Christians religious freedom in a LIMITED sensible way? Really? And who is the one to determine the freedom for Christianity? The Christians themselves or those with a bias view on religion? Do you really think discrimination would be eradicated?
Vamsi Krishna
Are people so brain washed that they see gay and trans as being normal? How fucking ignorant and stupid can you all get? What if someone in the future calls themselves a nudist and walks naked on the streets? Will you all also accept that? It's already happening in few cities btw. These LGBT are simply pushing it too far... You can't make a man bear a child, that's the woman's job for fuck sake. Dick is made to be put into vagina, not the butthole of men or women. Butthole is where the poop comes from. It's not the place made by nature for having the proper intercourse. Mouth is meant to eat food and butthole is meant for the exit of all excretion. You can't reverse that. I'm sure the TV would have showed that as well if they could. The porn has totally corrupted the minds of people. They arouse wicked deeds in all your brains and are taking you far from thinking in a way that lets you correctly or at least honestly judge the difference from what's normal and what's not. Wake up before it's not too late, people.

Being liberal doesn't mean you're right. Being logical makes one reasonable, which takes them closer to justifying their own truth.

The equality of women and the feminism bullshit has already corrupted Canada to a point that it might not even recover. Sweden became even worse, as they removed the words of 'boy' and 'girl' from their dictionaries, and are using gender neutral words it seems. Just imagining those people wearing weird clothes, and women having beards and mustaches is giving me chills. Who in their right mind would want to visit those type of countries? They are so fucking retarded, so much that even Kim Jong Un doesn't stand a chance against them. He looks like a kid in front of these LGBT and feminism promoting HYPOCRITES. Don't straight out believe what the fucking TV says. If you believe the TV, you are nothing but a sheep that was purposely dumbed down by the celebs, politicians and what not. Don't blindly follow the herd of sheep, but walk in your own path, the one that your heart truly believes.

I'm not saying I'm entirely against the trans. If they are really born deficient, then they need help. But people are literally turning kids into transgenders. Hollywood is literally filled with trans people. Everybody knows that.

I'm not entirely against lesbian or gay or bi sexual, but the thing is... If we think that they are normal, then the TRISEXUALs will enter, who says they like fucking animals. Would you all also see that as normal and accept it just because the TV says so? That's fucking gross. If someone's a lesbian or gay, they simply need help and the doctors have to give them appropriate hormones to make them behave normally. Instead of doing that, people are actually promoting the LGBT as if it's a noble cause. Give me a Break. The feeling of gayness can be changed with hormones even if came by birth. But people are too focused on following the trend of being gay that they actually forget that they only have minor hormone problems which can be totally cured. TV doesn't tell you that. Because they always want to keep the people, the masses divided. And they are doing their job freaking well. Stop sleeping and wake up people. Take your life into your control, and don't let the current trend on facebook or youtube or some other sources decide it for you. You aren't a robot, right?

If there's some profanity in my words that you didn't like, I'm sorry. But I had to use them to convey my feelings. Because I'm not a robot. And there's no rule saying that civilized men can't use bad words. I use them only against the bad people, as I believe that's what they are made, by the bad ones, for the bad ones, to everyone. So, bear with me, okay?

Don't give too much attention to all the bad that's happening in the world from its outside, but try to research and look for its root cause. I'm sure you all will find the truth in your own way. If there's god, I hope he/she blesses you. If there's isn't a god, then I hope the energy around you or the luck within you or the protons and electrons present in the magnetic fields of earth will guide you correctly and relay you the real messages.

Peace doesn't come by loving yourself, people. It comes from loving others as much as you like yourself.

We all die and become dust or earth in the end. We are all nothing but sacks of energy that can transfer from one place to another. The smile on a child's face can bring many smiles on others. Try to stay positive and smile often, from your heart. Lie as less as you can, and I'm positive that you will have less frustrating days than most people in the world. To change the world, you need to be the change or at least be a part of it.
I'll tell you why I'm against gay rights. Gay is, more than anything else, a psychological disease, in fact an illusion, a self-inflicted suggestion. You have no idea of the power of psyche! In countries where gays are aloud to do anything in public, like in Spain not to mention it (in Catalonia above all) PEOPLE TURN GAY! NORMAL GUYS BECOME GAYS! LIKE AN EPIDEMIC! LIKE A PINK DISGUSTING MENTAL PLAGUE! RUN FROM IT PEEPS! IT CAN CATCH ANYBODY! It is not a born disease, it is a vice, just like alcohol was given to native Americans who couldn't handle it for not knowing it and turned alcoholics. Where they born alcoholics? Just like the Chinese where given opium in the opium war to weaken a whole population to mortal drug addiction. Were the Chinese born drug addicts? Are some women born whores? Of course they aren't! It's just the lack of moral rectitude around them, in their neighborhood, education and culture. Alright? Catchin' on? Take Iran. Saudi Arabia. THERE ISNT A SINGLE GAY IN THOSE COUNTRIES! Even if they're the 1 on a 1000 that really borns gay out their mother's womb it just so happens they turn out to be straight guys! Don't let them do it to you and your kids and your people. Gay is a malicious mental reprogramming. It doesn't exist in nature. It's a hallucination. Get people walk on the right path and do as Russians do. Send gay people to mad houses.
Ken Harris
You dont get it. No person is being discriminated against. The behavior is. Most people do not accept this as normal. Its deviant. We dont want to be forced to accept bad behavior. Should we have to publicly accept all sexually deviant behavior? No we dont and we do not have to accept this. I am not saying anything violent should happen here but we do not have to accept this in society. Keep your sex private.
jrjfkktklyzfjtjxufktgkux jxjfbgb jfjfjxbh
Ot's fucked up to fire a person just because their gay. My school social eorker is gay and he lives in a rainbow Family. That means 2 gays and 2 lesbians ho live together with their kids
Matthew Wells
Well Apple did remove the headphone jack from the iPhone 7.
I apologize for my state’s choice in birds
Master Oogway
My first condom purchase actually was magnum
Best thing to do with these buisnesses is just to boycott them. Dont give them your money so you can fuel their bigoted practices. Fuck stores that do things like that. Fight with your local gov to make sure this discrimination goes away.
Adolfo Coronado
And guess what? Trump did it!
Serran from Zodiark
But even Christians know that LGBTQ community is supported by the Pope, going against that is literrally going against the embodiment of God's voice in the mortal realm.
Random Random
Roger Horton Christianity and the State are the two obstacles to Queer Liberation.
Sunday Funnies
Did you here the Arkansas senater say LBGT instead of LGBT
Pet Shop
6k people that watched the video think being gay is a choice.
Bellanaris Din'an Heem
I live in Texas, I’m bisexual, REAL INSPIRING I JUST REALLY WANT TO COME OUT OF THE CLOSET NOW, at least not on the internet
Sean McLaren
"It must be strange to live in a state and actually see progress move backwards,"
(use this clip in your next episode. pls. for the love of god. have the courage to admit exactly how nightmarish our current situation is by any even remotely sane standards)
Clotted Scream
Man, 2015 was a different world
Marriage is a civic contract, not a religious one, and it has existed for longer than any of the major religions that have survived to our day. Who can marry whom is not the exclusive decision of Jews, Christians or Islamic followers. It's two consenting human adults, period. There have been cultures which allow same sex unions for a long time, because people have always had different sexualities.
It is NOT the job of the random citizen to make up his or her own law just because it's part of their beliefs - that's why shit like genital mutilation of children (excision) or child brides are ilegal, no matter what your faith tells you.
Law is a collective set of rules which dictates what is a legitimate and fair way for people to lead their lives, and if you don't like something, if it's not going to hurt you or anyone else, then you must simply stfu and let it happen. You are no one to deny someone else's happiness.
Ender Rose Multiverse
i flipped my sjit when shit hit the fan about the scissor tail flycatcher, cus im from Oklahoma omgs lol . its a shit bird true but i still like it lol
Kitty Poptart
Wow 2015 was such a better time
Special Agent Washing Tub
It's sad to think we didn't used to be this discriminatory a few centuried ago. What the hell happened in the last two centuries that made the majority (less than the majority now? Minority?) hate someone for being different?
Ashe E
2:41-2:52 😥
Henry V
ignorance of HIS story won't end well for you
the fuck is it so hard to say" no i have no issue with them getting married but i don't feel comfortable for personal reasons attending that wedding" i don't even like attending my friends hetero weddings lol
Lenya Glock
Why do gay people even move to Texas, that's like the last thing I would do if I were from america
i hope someone burned that fucking big earl place down by now.
Andy B
aaaaaayyyyy, go Colorado!
marty brogan
Fuck I live in Ohio and I'm gay
Korrie Rose
I agree with everyone else here in the comments. Christianity is not an excuse for discrimination, especially when the bible says to love your neighbor as you love yourself and also says to love sinners as well. Would you treat someone differently if you never knew they were gay/bi/pan? No, you wouldn't, and it's disgusting that people treat people equally UNTIL they're aware of their sexuality; then they treat that same person that they treated with respect like shit. And let's get this straight, no pun intended: Being gay/bi/pan is NOT a choice. Why would anyone chose to be something that will possibly get them discriminated against, refused things because of their sexuality, harassed, and even have the possibility of being murdered for who you are? It is something you are born as. You do not choose it, you cannot change it. I personally am pansexual and I was terrified to come out to my mother because I grew up in a Christian family, and no one should have to be afraid to be who they are. I feel very lucky that I have a mother that loves me no matter what and supports me no matter what; she used to think being anything other than straight was a choice until I came out to her and told her what I said here in this comment, and now she knows it isn't a choice, it's something that can't be changed, and she supports gay rights.
Maria Pletneva
Damnnnn who can refuse to treat a baby?!
It's me Ryan
Would you attend a gay wedding? : um I um yes? Maybe? I don't? Yes!
you wouldn't have this issue here in Canada... cause we're a real democracy...
Memphis Sommers
There is not ONE law or ordinance in America...NOT ONE...that discriminates against LQBQTRWTF or any other group of people!
BrendanJ Rice
I dont care if your gay dude stop trashing my street with beer bottles and skittles flags. Maybe protest Islam where they behead gays for shitz and giggles
Ken Brownfield
Christians don't believe in the teachings of Jesus.
Ken Brownfield
republicans are so stupid, they don't know they're stupid.
Isn't refusing treatment against the hypocratic oath or something?
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