Rocco Travisano
I'm no genus nor am I a scientist but NATURE made 2 different genders, 1 is to mate with the opposite sex of that species.
Sonora Michelle
I would follow a protein wolf blog
Royalcookie Gaming
Opposite of normie
Answer: A gay president
Dark Claw
It took me a few days as a child to grasp the concept of gay marriage and decide that I was okay with it, as two people of the same sex getting married has no effect on my life. Because of this, I feel the urge to bash anti-LGBT twits over the head with a shovel. Seriously, the sexual preferences of people you don't know and don't care about doesn't and never should affect you, it's not that hard to understand.
Chickie Norton
It's stupid to refuse service to LGBTQ and anyone because it's messed up and it's really bad for business
Oh look I'm gay give me special attention nah nah a boo boo.
AnalKarl der vierte
John can make such an authentic creep-face that it scares me :(
AnalKarl der vierte
I think people who have something against gay people are gay. I mean, people who are 100% straight do not care about what others do with their genitals.
Lol of course the first case happened in Texas I would not think my state is above it time to check the laws about this in my town/state
Raize Kingsley
Just because a party believed something in the past doesn't mean they do now. Democrats supported segregation laws back in the day.
Katelin Jonason
f you man, scissortail flycatchers are great, case and point: they are easily confused by glass and seeing your state bird pull a windex commercial crow fills you with pride like no other.

but yeah oklahoma's government is a piece of shit
Trash King the Mighty Ruler of Garbage Town
Do unto others as you would have them do unto yourself... it's interesting how Badly™ christians follow that rule sigh hypocrites, bigots, blah blah.
Dragon Bones
jay vitti
Being gay is a choice and it's quite disgusting. i used to go clubbing in nyc and the gays would always touch me and grab my butt. those disgusting gays have no self control
Nicole Masaki
Latest (and greatest) Odyssey Article!
End Pride Month with a little greater education <3
If you cut out all the nonsense/bad jokes, he's not bad.
2:20 isn't that the answer trump would give?
Thomas Portaneri
14:12 I spy with my little eye a shitty president.
John Podolak
A fucking dog cake but you will not make a cake for a gay
Joy Petinrin
I just whispered-shout a rant when I heard this at 8:33. "Holy fucking shit! It shouldn't just be applying to LGBT people in the first place because they are people. Holy fucking Christ, they are not LGBT people. They are people. There should be no fucking exceptions to the fucking law in the first place. It is a law outlining basic human rights and they are fucking humans. We treat new species with more reverence than we treat humans we've known a bloody long time! What in the bloody fuck!!!!!" An excerpt really but you get the point
Hana Omee
10:38 That lip bite though 😂
I will pay my boy Johnny Olly 500$ in cash if he NEVER makes that face again
Molly Norman
Who is the female reporter around 1:45? Wasn't she also the one asking Jeb Bush about proving you're Christian in the refugees segment?
Booker Dewitt
I don't understand 🤔 how is being gay not a life style choice? im straight just to be clear, because I'm sure there were people that were originally straight that decided to be gay, someone explain this
The bible tells women to cover their heads when praying, but do christian women generally do that? No, because christianity, like any other, is a religion where you get to selectively filter out some of the bullshit in your 'holy book' while keeping the bullshit you like.
"Religious freedom" my ass! Gays are in no way a threat to anyones religious beliefs. Believers will just have to adapt to modern society or shut up and dissappear. What the fuck do they think? That they can limit the freedom of others so that their imaginary man in the clouds will like them more?
USA is a fucking third world country
Its funny cause apple actually did regress...
Taylor Kimball
Nobody can catch the gay. Nobody who touches a gay person will catch it like its a disease. It doesn't "ruin family morals" Its not their life and someone else's sexuality isn't going to effect anyone. The only reason this LGBT thing is an issue is because people are beyond obsessed with controlling somebody else's life. Someone said its "bad to be gay" because we have to reproduce. The world is over populated anyway and sense we cant have kids we can go adopt the kids the heteros gave away for adoption after reproducing them.. Shows how much they care. They have no right at all to be this psycho over who someone else loves
I wouldn't even bother suing the cake man. I wouldn't want his cake anyway, even if I won the case.
Odin and The Human Pigeon
This girl at my school said gay people are just pretending, I am writing comics, she dies in the comics
as much as I support gay rights, and am opposed to any and all discrimination, but I am also a big supporter of state rights and think that the states should decide. the federal government should fuck off, and the only thing that they should be in charge of is an army meant to protect us from invading forces. so roads , education, and general infrastructure should be ruled by the states government. things like the CIA and FBI and that stuff shouldn't exist and the federal government should be made up of two representatives from each state, each only allowed to serve one term. So if one state has a large population to vote for anti gay laws then In the name of democracy they should and the same for banning Christians, blacks, heterosexual, or incest. that is democracy. if one doesn't like it, then they should move. it wouldn't be a perfect world, but a perfect world cannot exist. and this America is far from perfect
Marin Neshev
Is it only me, but His Holiness, the Mega-Reverend of OLoPE, is wearing Epsilon Tract blue?
Keshav Sapru
Just create atheist institutions and establishments in all the states which have RRFA. It's our religion. Everybody is welcome.
Kai Franks
This is why the Supreme Court needs to define sexual orientation as a "suspect classification", they should've done it in Obergefell. If you don't know what that means, a "suspect class" is provided judicial protection by the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment. Any government action that treats people differently based on one of these classes is subject to "strict judicial scrutiny" and the government action must be found by the court to be "narrowly tailored" to fit a proposed "compelling state interest".
The Supreme Court currently defines race, gender, religious status, national origin, and alienage as suspect classes, and I believe they should add sexuality to that list.
That moment that you watch this in the future, he starts talking about a degrade from the iPhone 6 to 7, in comparison with the law and both actually came true...
Polly Kelly
The lesbians are unlucky my mom wasn't there because she would treat that baby herself
Anja Merle Schulz
this is insane! in germany it is illegal for any doctor to refuse service. they can have their license removed for that!
Alex Playz
I hate gays
D w
You can't force someone to bake a cake, it's his business . everything else i agree with
Jahmar Kirk
Lying their ass off
Edvard nordström
The reason why these gaps in the law still exist is complicated. A small difference in wording can have huge consequences, for example. To write a bill, that covers all types sexualities under the same protection. meanwhile not giving a case for the harmful sexual groups like: Pedophiles or rapists (Wich some lobby groups claims is just sexualilty and therefore will be heard). It might seem easy, but isn't. Just remember it is those types of broad laws that gives religiuos people a voice in this debate and a case in a court of law, in this instent. Meanwhile a too lose bill will give way to laws, like the useless "payday loans act" in texas (Mr John Oliver did a excellent piece on that in a previous episode).
Giving some groups special rights is not good either. Rights are universal for the citizens of that country, therefore dividing them into subgroups is a terrible idea and never end well (see nazi germany and or South Africa during Apartheid). It always end up causing unbelievable amount of friction between groups until something catches fire, in one way or another.

Regarding the question: with such a broad question of a potential bill that might be up there right now, with a job that is all about your credability and image. I would also take it as a trap. Politics isn't fair sadly.
Ollie George
Joint various respondent source pile bear cream.
Simon Decaire
That iPhone 7 joke is kinda surreal
Enzo Mondo
That Post-It dress tho
The Greatest Depression
Hey, y'all. Can you give me the passage or passages in the Bible in which the Holy Conqueror of impossible existence explicitly says; "Love everyone but gays, trans, bis, black people, and everyone who isn't white, cis, and male"? Not in those words, of course, but something that means that?
KellyG Keen
Good Shit
Alex Carter
You know, people have told me Im discriminatory against all forms of LGBT people, and especially biased against those people that believe in a gender threshold that surpasses the inarguable norm of two. And I reply with, no, I am not biased, I make sure every single one of them has their rights whilst occupying their cells. People come back at me and say, "Oh, so you lock them away? How is that normal?" I say that it is completely normal to jail the mentally ill and force them through rehabilitation. Anyone who forces the societal norm has been considered mentally ill, not to mention these mentally ill cannot even defend themselves with reasonable argument. Currently saying the Trump administration is attempting to erase them from existence, without being able to provide any evidence, just repeating the same thesis over and over. I am tired of all these rally leaders, who are clearly incapable of thought out speech, trying to turn me on their side, especially when I have little to fuck idea what their movement is about, simply because their speeches are so vague and provide so little evidence, such as the LGBT Rights March on Washington happening currently, and I honestly just want all those who come up with their little abnormal fantasies gone. I personally find gay people and lesbians weird, but granted, they do not perceive the norm. But if you are a teenage boy, challenging the school because you feel that you should be using the woman's restroom, then get the fuck out. If you are a man and feel the need to undergo expensive re-constructive surgery just to change your penis, then get the fuck out. Be proud of who you are, and if you are a woman who feels so manly that she needs a penis and needs to shower with the men, then who you are is a fucking idiot. And to wrap this up with a slightly off topic side note, if so many schools are so bold as to allow the mentally ill to use whichever restroom of their choosing, then I have no doubt that bullying will increase, rape and sexual discrimination will only continue to rise, and, ultimately, the rate of teen suicide will skyrocket so high I can already hear the elderly's necks snapping as they look up to try and see the top of it.
Captain Doomsday
Religious freedom remains a terrible excuse for anything, because someone could just found a religion that allows murdering people based on certain qualities and then do it.
You may notice that that wouldn't work, and that's kind of the point.
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