American Assassin Official Trailer #1 (2017) Dylan O'Brien, Scott Adkins Action Movie HD

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American Assassin Trailer 1 (2017) Dylan O'Brien, Scott Adkins Action Movie HD [Official Trailer]

Stanley Curtis
where the hell Scott Adkins
0:40 didnt you bitch
Søren Jørgensen
HOLY SHIT... I really want to watch this movie!!!!!!!!!!
lame actor
This movie looks totally insane. One of the best trailer I have ever seen and also, missed Dylan's voice.. Can't wait for it to release. EXCITEDD!
Feels weird seeing him with a gun and fighting skills that don't involve baseball bats
I don't buy it. Some people have what it takes to pull off "intimidating", and Dylan O'Brien is just not one of them. Even if they 'roided him up a little bit, and actually made him a real-life martial arts master for this role. Maybe they intentionally cast him so that he could blend in and not make bad guys suspect him. If not, and the script has him going full Commando/John Wick I don't see how it can work.
.....I still just see Stiles
Luis A F. Wetzler
Well I must congratulate Kitsch that after almost vanishing from the big and small screens, and even looking like his career as an actor was finished, he is able to a comeback and work with an excellent team. I didn't see the film; I wish them lots of success.
Where the hell is Scott Adkins in this trailer?!?!?!?
Amina Tasneem
So excited for this movie looks good !
Anna M
hi! what's the song's name? 1.10 ??
al aowal
<a href="//" target="_blank"> </a>
Wayne Conner
This reminds me of the film "The Amateur" with John Savage.
David Henry
yes ! keaton is here
This is My username
First time I saw this trailer I thought she said
"You gave up everything after that didn't you bitch". XD
rita 1996
this will be good love Dylan
Rounak Gulati
This same kind of guy, if on the 'bad side', whose family was killed by the 'good guys', took the same set of steps - rage to fight back, got brainwashed into a larger cause and trained by some agency to fight, would be named a terrorist. He would end up creating more and more such 'good and bad guys' leading to no end. I know its a movie, but the question to ask here is, aren't these 'good and bad guys' one and the same? Then why does the world see one group of such people as terrorists? Aren't they one and the same?
Zhenia Motolov
Great voice))
Dylan O'brien is honestly the sexiest Guy ever !!
Hollywood is all gung ho to kill terrorist on the big screen but then in real life these lefties scream about islam-o-phobia ..
Bon Kai
John Wick mixed with Jason Bourne
Kayley R
oh my shit fuck
Ariel Popperl
Holly shit, Scott Adkins as an islamic fundamentalist.
The propaganda machine rolls on.
Zain Ali
From teen wolf
To maze runner
Now this
His killing t
Henry Lee
What's the song?
Cole Luk
where the fuck is Scott adkins?? Clickbait title??
OMG yes, can't wait to see this. Go Dylan! This is the type of movie he was meant to do. He's always been quick, he can hold the screen on his own, he's captivating and sexy and broody and badass. He can play good, bad, inside, outsider, friend or fox. There's a reason audiences become enamored with him. So glad he's finally getting Hollywood recognition! Soon he'll be A-listing it up next to DiCaprio at the Oscar's! 👏
Vash Lucas
Scott Adkins ?
Bec New
Dylan is looking like a young Johnny Depp
Sleepy Cerberus
Wow this looks good.
Luis Daza
What if this guy is the assassin that kills john wick on the 3rd chapter. Boom mind blown!
Alex Vasquez
Where is goddamn Yuri Boyka?
well this looks incredibly cliche and generic
Salman Ahmed
I came here for Scott Adkins
Where's Scott Adkins???
celestial_flourescent adolescent_ecstasy
the background sound affects just srsly creeped me out like im gona go watch the film now
Reverse the roles now, an innocent man's family is killed by a "oops sorry" US drone. It becomes an ISIS recruitment movie.
margo kamki
i can see dylan as nightwing
PaCmAn Is My iDoL aNd FlOyd Is A pUsSy
Same american Zionist propaganda all over again, as if Americans never made crimes and fucked up other countries, get the fuck out of here with these movies
Brydie Ockwell
Hey it's the same song from Meru!
Sanvra Oommen
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Sasha Alex
Is this how John Wick started his career ?
Vinod Puskuri
d rubber rytfytrryugfgo
Christopher Soumokil
quentin should hand this
Sean Seaphan
unfortunately, sanaa lathan's very hollywood voice delivery took me right out of it the first 30 seconds
Yeah, Dylan was miscast.
I swear I thought I saw Paul Walker again! Doesn't he looks like Paul Walker?
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