American Assassin Official Trailer #1 (2017) Dylan O'Brien, Scott Adkins Action Movie HD

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American Assassin Trailer 1 (2017) Dylan O'Brien, Scott Adkins Action Movie HD [Official Trailer]

Abner Rivas
he is the next Brad Pitt or Matt Damon.
Nathalia Marin
i'm a simple girl, i see dylan o'brien, i click.
Alejandra Estrella
Can't wait to see this!!!
So this is what Stiles does after he graduates.. hm
joana koci
Dylan. Enough said. That beard looks so weird on him though...and he looks like a teenager...not a marriable guy...but he is perfect so who cares...
Kaemyla Williams
I like the side of Dylan it's hot
Deanna Rachelle Herring
who else came for Dylan?
Monique K
Trill Cosby
yeah the kid from teen wolf isn't believable as a bad ass assassin sorry
looks good af actually
Merve T.
what about the maze runner 3?
Manar Almarshad
You know it's gonna be a good movie when you see Dylan.
Taylor Marie
I'm so happy to see Taylor Kitsch getting some roles
YASSSS Dylan!!!!! This guy is KILLING it! This movie is a MUST see!
maaaan i could so see this as a series!!!!!!!!!!
Trying to lose the Stiles look, when you play a character that is well loved its really hard to shake that character off of your image. Looks awesome, totally gonna watch!
Danny Al
what's that suppose to mean @0:44 they definitely used google translate 😂😂
Alessa Petrova
The story of K2... my fellow k-dramas' watchers will understand <3
J.D. Hyman
They better do Mitch Rapp justice!!
Genevieve Van
This movie looks awesome, can't wait to see it! I love Dylan, he's an amazing actor <3
Kaitlyn Janecic
fuck me Dylan is hot
Lily Fields
The scene at the beginning is so similar to the scene where Thomas is being questioned by Jensen in the maze runner.
Jaya Mehmi
Wow, I feel proud of Dylan O'Brien, I remember watching his YouTube videos and now he's made it as a talented actor :')
My baby is all grown up :')
Katia Rivera
This looks amazing! Even while he is shooting The Maze Runner: The Death Cure (which I also really want to see!!) He is making this awesomely amazing looking movie! And I don't care if that sentence made any sense xD
The Vader Show
i guess batman kills now
Amy Macías
Amo ver a Dylan en este personaje, es un gran actor con mucho potencial por explotar. Con el papel y la película correcta ganaría un Oscar jaja<33
AJ Rose
he and jake gyllenhaal are my favorite actors of this generation
Ryan Rutherford
Cool MazeRunner sequal
The novel was very well written and Dylan is a great match to play Mitch!
Nyjhia S
Bruh. He could legit play in fast and furious...
Alexandria Harper
I can't wait
JonPaul Menendez
Kinda cliche but it still kicks ass
Yasss ♥
My boy lookin grown 👏👌
Shantoye Henry
Only character I see him as is stiles
Hosea Adams
You know if you look really close, Dylan kinda resembles Paul Walker. Or maybe it's just me, either way excited to watch this!
Kent Fischer
So they ruined what made the book so bad!
1:45 for scott adkins..
How soon is soon? I'm in!
Lemona Z
Can anyone tell me the BGM for this??! It's beautiful!
and of course I came for Dylan ma boyyyyy xx
Kiki Galuh
can't wait for this movie
Alice Farrington
Stiles is fucked up atm.
Ericka Turcios
This movie looks really good. Dylan O´Brien is becoming a really good actor.
asyana baptiste
I am definitely seeing this.
like if they are insesting in having to drag Arab to this bring somone who can write a probable arabic and a probable conv for god sake
This trailer is cut like absolute shit, and yet the idea seems quite interesting and Michael Keaton is in there so I might just watch it.
Stilinski chick
Am I the only one who is not here for Dylan? lol have you all seen Taylor Kitsch??
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