Heavy (Official Video) - Linkin Park (feat. Kiiara)

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"Heavy" (feat. Kiiara). Directed by Tim Mattia.

The new album 'One More Light' out May 19.

Pre-order vinyl and album bundles at http://linkinpark.com
Download/Stream "Heavy" - http://lprk.co/onemorelight

Watch the lyric video: http://lprk.co/heavylyrics

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Roshan Kuinkel
Its best one
Zodiac Edits
Oln version is so better
ww mo
i'm holding oooon, WHY this song isn't heavy?
Spuds McKenzie
This song turned my HIV into full-blown AIDS.
Johnny Ram98
thanks to the haters for giving reading this comment and giving this awsome video a view
Kimberly Davis
Wondеrful musiс! Guys plеаse rаtе mу hot video оn my сhаnnel. Who liked this videо, click "liкe" )
Nicole Emerson
the fact that Linkin Park out ranked a lot of bands from my HS years (2001-2004) should be a lot of indication that they're one of the strongest bands no matter the songs they put out. Hell Limp Bizkit fell flat quick and Fred Durst started out with Korn - who also outranks a lot of other bands and STILL puts out good music. So people need to stop complaining that they have changed and think of their music in a different light. For upcoming generations to like them as well!! I'm 30 and still love their music, older and newer! Maybe I'm just a rare breed of a music lover?!
Aizen Marn
Those finger snaps are an EDM meme
DinoGalleta xkekos
Although they say it became pop, I still really like it.
*breathe in* Boi
At first,I thought Selena Gomez was singing (╯°□°)╯ ︵ ┻━┻
Chris Martinez
I can't believe one of my favorite bands sold us true fans put man linkin park used to be so bad ass to me as soon as i saw this bs i couldn't help but get sad another victim to shitty new pop FUCK
uni - pig
it's so weird to hear this after listening to numb and in the end
Juan Pablo
Que le a pasado a linkin park 😢
Linkin POP now huh but hey this is pretty good sounds like older pop music, you know Rihanna 's love the way you lie era.
Totally respect that LP is changing their genre this happens to artist all the time anyway, you lose old fans but gain new fans or old fans just stay. As long as they are still making music that will stay with people for years!
is it me or does part of this song sounds like the song see you again
chloe's animal farm
she sounds like selena gomez but better
Nfs Shift
well I liked this song
Brandon HD
Damn what happened to the old linkin park
Eki Hidayat
this is so wrong, I dont like this. where is the old LP??
julian zacariasLOL
It used to be Linkin Park Now it's Chester Bennington
Leticia Teixeira
tem br assistindo?
Why LP why???
lets bro!!
ok here and now i will stop listening new lp stuff. i thought they would make metal or hardrock again after their last punk album i had the hope that they have still a heart for nu metal.
and for everone who say its my problem, no it isnt.
i changed my music taste, too but its gotten harder till now with metalcore.
they brought me into the metal.
i dont critizis the song.
its only hard to see where your idols from your childhood are now.
Mick Mick
This song is gonna make me cry ;-;
Why is Kiiara going into the Mens toilets? Dirty girl... ;P
Generic club trash
Thais Bezerra
Como não amar a voz do Chester ❤
I don't know why there's so much hate to the new songs. They still sound good, the melody and lyrics are great. True fans wouldn't be shitting on the band just because they made a song with a different genre, they would appreciate that LP puts all their effort to their songs, and that they are trying to keep up with the new trends.

We all loved old Linkin Park, but that is not a reason to hate them now, if they were a new band nobody would complain, right? But nooooo, people can't accept changes in their lives. They are just trying new stuff, and it SOUNDS GOOD, they still have the same talent as before, they're just using it to do what they'd like to do (fans don't control them).

AND, yes, many don't like the (necessary or convenient) change, but we all know that they'll never lower themselves to the level of having sex, hot chicks, alcohol, and all that stuff famous artists use today in their lyrics and videos. They'll hear what their fans have to say, but please, don't shit on them just because they aren't like before. If you just insult them and keep whining about this.

You might not like it, but there is people that will. So if you don't like the change just go away and stop insulting the band that has changed many of its fans lives, or simply go hear Good Goodbye and let Mike roast your ass.
guys calm down...he said he doesn't like his mind right now
Everyone needs to stop putting artists in boxes! if they wanna switch it up let them!
selii_ bam
Néstor Pinzón
kill me
this is HEAVY \m/ \m/
Ezen Gondolkozom
ok, ok, but where is Linkin Park?
Это кошмар. Я разочарован. Пиздец полный. Такое говно, словами не передать.
Damn. maroon 5 is stepping up their game.
Alberto Fulberto
What's become of our precious band!? You were supposed to defeat pop, not join it.
Simon Caspers
In my eyes this is NOT ü
ANB All the way
what happened to my old Lincoln Park. this is terrible guys, just aweful.
Lhama Mariana
Subie Swole
Wow I'm embarrassed to say this is Linkin Park
Now I understand why there were so many comments mentioning this song in old videos. I stopped listening to LP after Meteora (and don't regret it at all) because their music started to suck but this is just too much. Not what you would expect from LP even when they've become softer through the years
Maya Gaming
I thought this was by Selena Gomez cuz she sounded just like her lol but I love this song :3 <3
Northern Downpour
I miss Linkin Park, this is not Linkin Park.
Cat.exe has stopped working
listen to faint,Thats how linkin park is supposed to sound.Not this Taylor swift sounding shit.
Naturally Gifted
I love this song!
Lightning Lord
This is not like Linkin Park Who are you and what did do with him
giovanny sales
alguém falar português
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