Heavy (Official Video) - Linkin Park (feat. Kiiara)

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"Heavy" (feat. Kiiara). Directed by Tim Mattia.

Linkin Park's new album 'One More Light'. Available now: http://lprk.co/onemorelight

Watch the lyric video: http://lprk.co/heavylyrics

Nika Аракелян
please, come up with new song!!😄😃😊
Evita R.
why is everything so heavy!?!:'(
Анастасия Симбирская
Что тут делает Гуф?
Natalie L.
She sounds just like selena OMG
Mateo Ray
I really don't for Linkin Park now but I like this song. I still have respect for linkin park people need to accept for who they are now or just quit talking shit and not give their music a chance
Shawn Co23
"Sweats" when most of the comment section is not English and you don't know how to read it.... either way I like the song
The Song is really heavy! :)
Techni-Colour Difficulties
The fuck happened Linkin?
jajajajajajaja que pedazo de mierda comercial
jamie red
There a damn boy band now
Debashish Jena
why is every comment so espanyol. haha
John De Hoyos
This sounds more like a Chester side project ft. Selena Gomez. Damn wtf happened to this band , I understand bands mature as they get older but this isn't even rock. Hope you guys get your shit together ... soon
Vanessa Hernandez
mañana empiezo la quimio :3
Neelanjan Akuli
I am "Holding On" to this song. Really addicting.
As always linkin park evolving and making great songs..🤘
mariah ashley
Kakali Kundu
starting was good
ending was messy
Rating Satu
I've enjoyed to listening every album that linkin park make,especially this album..
very nice way to express them music..
Kurisu Tanoshidesu
Now, I like the Nu-Metal/Hybrid Theory/Meteora Style MUCH more than this new pop style, but I can't help but to say that I still Respect Linkin Park as a band, I've listened to them my entire life, since I was a little kid, My Dad Loved them, my mom also loved them, the Entire Family loved LP back in it's Hybrid Theory/Meteora Days, and I still love them to this day, despite their complete Tone shift from The Hunting Party. They as a band have matured from the Angsty, aggressive, sorta Whiny tone that was common in Nu-Metal. I mean, it's hard to move on, but I don't hate Minutes To Midnight, A Thousand Suns, or Living Things cause they moved away from their signature style, I just accepted it, Including the COMPLETE Tone Shift from Alt Metal to Pop. Calling them sellouts is really not a good thing to say. Chester himself(While a bit rude in the way he said it.) said to move on, and I'm gonna move on. I'm not gonna whine and complain like an average Simple Plan Album since they moved away from their style, I'm just gonna accept it, and like Chester said, Move on. I'll still listen to LP for the Rest of my Life, whether it's the Nu-Metal Style, or the new experimental Pop Style, I will always be a fan for life. However, it would be recommended that LP go back to the Nu-Metal Style, since the genre of Nu-Metal itself is gaining somewhat of a Revival. Papa Roach's Newest Album Came out not too long ago, SOAD has a new album coming out this year, Slipknot and Disturbed are still going strong, and Nu-Metal itself has tons of Modern Examples. Of Mice and Men, Hollywood Undead, Emmure, From Ashes To New, the Genre itself is coming back.
Samantha Brand
the fuck ? linkin bro what the fuck u doing, no offence but this is shit, where the old good shit
Leilani Gutierrez
Why he look like a weirdo.😂
Neptune ツ
Brasileiros tomando conta dos comentários :p
Matheus Lobo
Gabriela Cunha
O Show do linkin vale apena ir cara é foda #maximus em São Paulo topp toda vez q escuto essa banda lembro do dia ,Top🤘👏👏👏👏👏
Aurea Sena
Linda música!!!
Duelista Sincero
assim como Sweet Dreams,os BR vão dominar essa música
MC Army & Cry Baby•
Foda se se vc veio pelo castanhari

For a pop song it's very good. For a linkin park song it's embarrassing terrible!
Kimberlly Ferreira
música linda... tem letra ... feita para mim.... BR. 😥😥
Guilherme Bernardo
Linkin Park...

Cupcakegirl P
Why are there so many non English speakers in the comments? Lol
Benny Azhari. S
where is the scream?
Dellfs Player
Lukas Milosic
PLESE make rock music
helen jones
Where the hell have Linkin Park gone :-(
Puto Pop >:'v
elRancho_de_pancho :v
ja aaaa gayyyy #chesterjagay
Jessica Messica
any body speak english
Paolo Campos
Eles Podem ter "Mudado" o Estilo de Musica...
They may have changed the style of the song ...

Don't mind me, just an english comment strolling by
Raquel Santos Sousa
Só da BR nos comentários depois do vídeo do castanhari KKKJKKJKJKJK
ariel Alarcon
wtf why are some comments on portuguese
Nataliex oBeauty
What happened to them...they used to be so good. Now I just feel like they're trying to fit in with the pop culture now but they should've stuck with who they were....RIP linking park..
Ngurthansangi Hnamte
heavy life
cade Linkin Park???
isso e pop não rock mais
búho de un solo ojo
quien mas vio pelo en él canal da nostalgia
Creeper Defenser
i love this song
Poniee Kpopper
Os br tudo veio pelo Castanhari,VICIEM NESSES HINO,BAIXA OS ALBUNS TODOS,ESCUTEM MUSICA BOA ASSIM.Mais um hino,gostei muito,pqp.
esses fá do castanhari ai Só por GOD MSM kkk to aki pelo #LP POHAAAAAAAAAA
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