Heavy (Official Video) - Linkin Park (feat. Kiiara)

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"Heavy" (feat. Kiiara). Directed by Tim Mattia.

The new album 'One More Light' out May 19.

Pre-order vinyl and album bundles at http://linkinpark.com
Download/Stream "Heavy" - http://lprk.co/onemorelight

Watch the lyric video: http://lprk.co/heavylyrics

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Gabriel Pinnock
It's alright, not sure how I feel about it yet.
Opsilion 1
the lyrics so relatable :(
Lorenzo/lightingsword Jordan
I like it it is called great
Vaso Bojovic
I dont know what the fuckin fuck happened?
Like all their style is changed almost liuke watching bmth.,..I know the lyrics are ok but they changed and im not okay with that....Faint is the best one and taht song will make me cry next time i play it.:()
Kevin Becker
The lyrics remind me of the song PaperCut off their Hybrid Theory Album.
Nicole White
huge fan of the old Linkin park but... this... it's alright... I think it would have been better if chester was the only one singing XD
Allan Chimangah
love it it it it
iris chan
best song ever
Anna Nolastname
I like the lyrics. Reminds me of linkin park. However the beat and voice before the chorus reminded me of 21 pilots. But that said I understand the business is changing, there making the music that will get played on radios and such. That also said I miss the old school linkin park haha
Mike Evans
Wow, went from half decent to straight up fag in less than a decade. Congrats.
2-D TheGamer
Khai Anwar
its good one actually.
Ash Underhill
I've got nothing but love for Linkin Park!! This is a great song, still much different than anything else we hear these days. I miss the nu-metal also.... let the band grow and evolve, nothing wrong with that
Paulo Gabriel
make linkin park great again
maher hakeem
this song is really good but it's not a linkin park song
Karan Mahajan
This band is love.
Seung Nyang
im a fan of linkinpark for a years i love all your songs please another music !
Danepic Gaming
You fucked up Lincoln park
Dane Jacobs
They have changed their style a bit but the lyrics are still same old Linkin Park
Martin YNWA
No hate. But this is not the Linkin Park that I used to know. Miss the old one.
Rashed Minan Rabby
It's the genre that should be heavy.... not the name of the song...! feeling kinda sad ... always loved them ...and now this is waste of their potential... 💔
Himanshu Kalia
Kinda addictive song 👌🏻 loved it 🗡 chester's popping 👍🏻
Md Naushad Ali
2:18 when my friend says that trigonometry is easy lol
"Heavy" is different in a way but I'm not that mad at them for evolving in their sound because they always did. As Mike said during their recent FB live, they're 6 members in the group with each one of them coming with their musical influences they would like to have reflected in everything they do. And Talib Kweli said it best: "Artists make art for themselves. Art is an honest expression. Artists who pander to their fans by trying to make music “for” their fans make empty, transparent art. The true fan does not want you to make music for them, they want you to make music for you, because that’s the whole reason they fell in love with you in the first place."

I don't blame fans for not liking this song but I'm sick of the "come back to what you use to do / bring us back the HT-Meteora sound" comments. Linkin Park is the only nu metal / alternative rock band I like because they are unique and their creativity is limitless, that's why I stick with them since 2000.
WTF is this shit ?! RIP LP... [*]
jax espinosa
I love how even in there softer songs you can still here the rasp in chesters voice
connor mitchell
me: mom I'm going out
mom: where you going?
me: to kill the 30k people who disliked a video
mom: don't get caught!
Demi TheTeemoMain
Fuck all you haters, please think of linkin park as a new band, if you don't like it then don't listen to it. Linkin park's lyric are still meaningful and the song is still good even though it is not the same genre.
Royal Envy
who likes this kind of shitty music
Royal Envy
WTF this is differently ugly song out of LP norms
Domagoj Cosic
I dont know about you guys but Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit are bands that i grew up with, and tbh i still love this :)
Dats J
Rest in Piece, Linkin Park. You will be missed ;(
Nitesh kc
Adam B
Wow all the people dissing this song, a lot of people seem to forget that just about every album linkin park change it up.

I personally really enjoyed that song, just like a lot of songs from every other Linkin Park album.

Leave out all the Rest still the best imo.
Amir Flame
Couldn't help but comment here that I miss their older self. This is just like every other song in trending right now. LP is a signature in itself, no wonder their fanbase has changed so much. Miss the old ones.
P.S. Chester still looks the same.
Walker 2017
can`t believe kiiara does not have an instagram account
AAsou Hawrami
bring back the LP that we used to love !!!!!!!!!!!!
Jithesh John
this song gave me goosebumps my fav band linkin park is back...
ganja dab
' I wanna let go but there's comfort in the penis ' ..... k
Song is Good!🔥 #JustVibeWithiT #FucksWithiT 💯
damn! he's still the hottest! sizzle <3
Like si hablas español!!
ahmed oday
These people are supposed to sing ROCK 😑we love them cuz they sing ROCK 😑
Fuck this crap!!!
Vikki Park
Atleast Linkinparks creating a proper music now...
Thomas Schwarz
Please back to ur roots
Linkin Park love. love their old music, love their new music. Song has feeling and if it has to be in a 'pop' tune to reach people then so be it.
SaMusic Suman
#Heavy is Truely #AweSum n #Mindblowing....
#Linkin_Park is #God of #Musizzzz....
gie go
I miss an Old LP. And damn why you protest my word! saying that as a fans you should blablabla....I love them because they were ROCK..NOT POP!! SO just shut up! To my beloved LP..maybe you should change the title of this song "chester feat .." , i cant hear any Linkin Park here
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