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No matter how the music changed, his voice is beautiful and the message is still there as it has been since hybrid. As a childhood fan, it hurt before he died. Those who disliked beforehand were just too obsessed with the heavy sound to really listen. Now you know what you've lost. Appreciate change more, it's simply creativity.
When it finally comes to you that the video is what Chester felt for fucking years.
World Organization Station
Feel this way everyday when my brain first could comprehend losing my father to a drunk driver when I was a baby, then began having continual seizures, now for over a decade. I had friends, now I don't. I contemplate suicide now and then like sucking on a jolly rancher to take my mind away from the situation, but Im too much a pussy to take my life, or even hurt anothers. I suppose its all bout letting go of wanting control, or forgiving yourself for hating the circumstances youve been delt. Im actually glad I have this life, bc if I had better circumstances I believe I would of turned out to be a bigger ignorant spoiled asshole than I believe I already am.
Kale Walker
Nós brasileiros ficamos loucos com uma música dessas... Coisa linda
Inside My Self
That depression is the bigget trash in our world.
Zack Rodgers
Does anyone else hear the hurt in Chesters voice at 2:06??? RIP buddy. Your missed and loved by more then you could have ever of known.
Food Gossip BD
RIP Chester
markus reikamp
Werden dich vermissen linking fur immer und ewig
Srishty Tyagi
Love you Chester.
blink dagger
eventhough 1 of them already passed away, the new song never change like the old one, still fantastic, relax, deep meaning, not too much.. everything perfect
Rebeka Szatmári
I... I don't know... I've never been a big fan of Linkin Park before (I knew a few songs but that's all) but when I went to your concert in Hungary with my friends, well, I was stunned. I mean when this song came out, we all were like it's a really good song and the album is pretty cool as well but it's not really Linkin Park. But for me, the setlist was totally fine with the songs from One More Light. I wouldn't have thought that anything like this could happen... It's been the greatest concert of my life and I'm not saying this because of what happened but because I spend my free time mainly on concerts of bands I like and it was the best, for real. (yeah, I was that rude girl, who sat on her friends shoulders in like the 3rd row during the last track, Bleed It Out and couldn't catch those guitar picks and fell down trying) So now, as I listen more to your music, well... It's been almost two months since the concert and almost one month since that... And I still don't know, like I can't believe it.
You're wonderful musicians and I love your music. I hope that you know better than me what comes next because... Well, I don't know. Whatever path you choose, whatever decision you make after this, I believe the fans will support you.
I don't know if anyone will read this, I just had to write it down.
Rest In Peace, Chester. You'll never be forgotten.
RocKsi J
Today is one of those days...When I just want to sit and cry all day. everything is so fucking heavy without you Chester
Stephan El Shaarawy
A voice that remains eternally silent
Please don't say this song is not like Linkin Park's song. Because this song is Chester's song.
ashley roy
Anybody feel this was a warning??
Marie Skudnigg
I loved his voice so much😭😭But now he's dead😭
Grant Li
Does someone else remember?
It's almost close to a month :(
Lompos YT
Sid X Official
It's like I lost my best friend whom I even didn't know.... I feel sad
I know Chester dealt with this almost every day ... At 66 I have held on, even with all this heavy stuff much of my childhood and adult life. But ... The last 20 years after my last suicide crisis have been better. I wish that message of what can be better beyond a suicidal crisis would be heard, and those in that pit of heavy darkness find help it is out there.
Eyala Roberts
It is just so sad to watch this after Chester's death, the whole video is one massive internal fight and the end just breaks my heart so much.
Danii Naga
The only fans who love Linkin Park music along with the thoughtful lyrics will only like this song before Chester's death.
мария шашкова
I think that many would like to be in place Kiiara and sing with this super group, a duet with Chester. Et is a great honor. Well, the song itself is not so bad as they say around. It is a pity that more will not be your songs. Rest in peace Chas.
májišek Maja
Ghed Pador
where is the voice of he co singer?
Andre Morris
Dam it Chester ! You should have held on a little longer. Playboy model wife, 6 Children, A Grammy, Millions of fans , multi million selling albums , sold out concerts. Was it really all that HEAVY Chester ? WAS IT ? Too every one else thinking about suicide. HOLD ON. It will pass. And if it doesn't. MAKE IT !
Sunny Yoda
Luv this song so much!!! Luv Linkedin PARK SO MUCH!!!!!!!
I love this song but....

Kiiara sounds like Selena gomez
Like if you thinked of the same thing!
Phil Bailey
I know its a long shot but my Google fu is not helping me. Does anyone know what frames his glasses are in this video?
Alicia N
I feel like you were the only one who really understood 😔
Duckie Icons
This song is depressing
Marco Paillacheo
buena casion
Nayla Raissa
When the news said chester died i fell like fuck this fuckin world
Citrine 13
This is exactly what I feel like every day. I know it's irrational but I feel it just the same. People who don't experience it just don't understand, period. I'm sorry.
Knife Bros
If u read most of the titles of his song there all like I'm going to kill myself so sad 😭
kaspii Abidi
I think this song explain it
i miss chester.
Crash 1648
I put on a Linking Park playlist because I needed some of their loud music to lift my mood, but then realized how sad all the lyrics are. I keep crying listening to them. It sucks how no one sees the cries for help, because no one really cares until it's too late. Just like it sucks how my mom thinks I'm choosing to be sad and its my fault I'm depressed, when really it just feels like he said, the whole world is out to get me. So many people are angry with him for leaving, but honestly it doesn't seem like such a bad idea anymore.
Joel Bawden
Guys, don't lie to yourself and say this song is good just because you miss him. It's a shit song by a great band
neymar j.r
World great! Vocalist. RIP chester we will never forgert you♥♥♥♥
Elxan Qasimov
ozun yoxsan ancag sesin ebedidir.
Camila MB
Why, Chester? Why? </3
I miss you :'(
adriauna darbey
I LOVE YOU CHESTER #ripchester
A veces las peores luchas son las que uno tiene consigo mismo, gracias Chester <3 fan desde HT
Cutestrawberry Lol
Who else thinks the girl sounds like Selena Gomez
Alexei Antibor
Voice of generation!!....19.08.2017..still missing you!! now you are singing for heaven!
Jaden Jordan
I love this song this favorite song I listen everyday day❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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