LYRICS:Ribbon In the Sky By Stevie Wonder l Brandon Rogers(R.I.P) Cover - America's Got Talent 2017

Ribbon In the SkyStevie WonderAmerica's Got Talent 2017Brandon Rogers

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America's Got Talent 2017
Brandon Rogers Live performance
Original Video:

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Heather Annan
Beautiful voice. RIP Gorgeous. 💙💙
Elayne Silva
essa voz vicia a pessoa😇
Raegan Spencer
God😭🙏 if he was still here i know for a fact we would've won the whole thing😪
Jackie O
My heart aches when I listen to Brandon sing. So sad he is gone. Rest in Peace. Know that you touched our hearts without even knowing us, that's how special you were :-)
Ben Blackburn
Brandon was such a sweet, humble and gentle soul. I keep playing this song and it makes me smile
Randy Kerebogile
Thank you very much for this
Emily Taylor
I've listened to this on repeat for the last couple of days and it's still strong ! Love this , love him , big loss ! RIP star xx
Camille Johnson
Kelsey August
Beautiful angel! 😇 can just listen to your voice forever! God given gift! 👏🏽
RIP my dude 💙
lainey ruocco
Keep it going everyone, let us all honor Brandon and also his family , who will see how attached and loved he is to us all......keep it going .....
MissHeather S
Emilio Polanco
better than the original ....beautiful voice ...Rest In Peace...
No Other
Lmao i died when all of a sudden i heard "the doctor can saaang."
Missy Love
Hes soo sexy i love his voice R.i.P i love u
Marcialisa Rellosa
so missed to lose you Dr. BRANDON ROGERS,, your such a stunning voice
Cynthia Crosson
Thank you for sharing this! RIP Dr. Rogers!!!! What an amazing talent!
michael Mason
Hey my friend does guitar covers! Check him out too
when did he die? what did happen? amazing voice has died? nooo!!!!! i love him !!!
Joshua Nsenga
So cute voice ☹️🙄🙄
Monique Jackson
😍😍 his voice was beautiful ! R.I.P
I'ts me
SMH! My Lord
kitipong 743
Trần Thành
Deserve a golden buzzer
its ur boy kriso
dammmmm ur voice sip y so soon 😭😭😭😭😭
Shanice Winston
Love this man so much. His story and voice really touched my heart!
Tatiana Rodriguez
R.I.P Dr. Brandon Rogers
Shann Lee
I can't stop crying for Brandon.... Heaven needed a choir master SIP prayers for his family
Dell Chica
whyyyyyyyyy lord why
Devron Owensby
Please check out my snippet cover to this song in the link below. Thank you, and
Jeff Miguel
Hope that those 2 people accidentally hit the thumbs down smh
Stella Maduako
May God grant your beautiful and caring soul in his kingdom. We'll miss your sweet voice. Condolence to your mom and family. RIP.
Chloe Ellis
this touched me made my eyes water
Kayliah Toussaint
he had great talent R.I.P
Samantha Paton
Absolutely beautiful...RIP♡
morgz lavy
such a terrible lose a beautiful voice 😢😢😢😢❤
Lloyd Lagarde
Badr Bar
Keep going bro
Aldo Fernández Tapia
Yes. The doctor sing, RIP
r.i.e.p, dr......
Robinson Lias Juti
rip brandon . we miss u
Favorite part 1:02 - 1:13!!
Virginia Gutierrez
I've listened to this over and over and over. It's absolutely beautiful. He was a very talented young man. Thank you for sharing. My condolences to his family.
Ronopawiro Raphael
RIp man!!
Joann Casanova
What a beautiful voice. Rest in peace.
Catherine Carneva
you are a angel RIP....
Michelle D. F. S.
Rest in peace King......
Always listening to his version. Gone too soon.
Elaine Charles
Gone too soon. Such a beautiful talent.
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