Millwall fan punches Spurs fan

After the FA Cup semi. I've now put the higher quality 4K original up here

Zachary B
Its actually a bit of a shame that the blokes text tone just misses the time of the punch
sunglasses ron
Id of slapped the shit out of southern twat
Neil Smith
I think he'd been drinking on an empty head - sorry but I am still enjoying this now.
On behalf of a Gooner - well done Sir! That was beautiful to watch!
Linus Teller
hahha that cunt deserved it
Don't care how drunk u are how do u think standing infront of milwall fans making fun of them is a good idea
Michael Nash
Why is there a gay spurs flag at every home game I wonder ??
The guy had a death wish
Millwall have a reputation for having nasty fans and yet these dumbass spurs fans think it's a good idea to provoke them. Smh
Craig Tyne
Haha spurs may be on top with the football but Millwall defo with the firms BOOM get dropped
Wall Yoof
Bound to happen. Any fans would do it. If was a Millwall fans walking past tottenham sure same would happen.
Matt Litherland
while at the end of the day it's just football and resorting to physical violence just shows what a dick head u r. This guy was being a right prick, i loath Man United (as a Liverpool fan) but gloating on the street is pathetic, leave it for the stands. PS. it's kinda funny how there is at least two riot vans less than 40 yds away and the millwall supporter gave zero fucks. He coulda kept attacking him but he settled for a jab in the chopper. Hardly barbaric after all.
Молодец мужик!!!!!
Mb Af
Spurs getting loud for beating a league 1 team with there whole team. Funny because millwall made Harry Kane. Thank us later Tottenham. MIIIIIIIIILLLLWALLLLLLLL. COYL
Max Kull-Sandin
The guy singing is a fucking moron haha who does that. Got exactly what he wanted I suppose
Jason McDonald
The guy who threw the punch looks like Chris Evans, didn't know he was a millwall fan. Just letting of a little steam after the new top gear series started without him lol.

What a waste of space, those blokes... the matching hat couple and the bloke with the bald head wearing a cream jumber with issued Manboobs could of walked past, however they organised a sucker punch attack that could of killed a young lad, all because a shit chant by two drunken Tottenham fans who should of known better.
Anthony Allen
wouldn't of happens in Pompey
Лёха Морозов
нех на выезде выеживаться :3
Alexander Sertakov
Spurs are stupid.
Тим Тимыч
нехуй выебываться...
Has a punch ever been so justified?? Only a clown would sing that to passing Millwall fans and expect to get away scot free. In the words of Jamie Vardy "chat shit get banged". That Spurs prick deserved all he got.
Scott Gardiner
10 outta 10 on good police patrol notice how the guy looked back too at the police van
Edelwulf Karlsson
Twatted 😃
Sticks and stones... Lock the ape up.
Jon Westerby
I'm a football fan so i know what goes on. The Spurs supporters put themselves in danger by goading the Milwall fans. They were unwise. It could have been a lot worse for them because there were a lot of Millwall fans present and he was too drunk to defend himself. If the Millwall supporter had decided to do worse damage he wouldn't have been able to do anything about it. It's still assault though. There's no need to have a protracted debate about wether it was right or wrong. In a civilised society we have laws to define what's acceptable and what isn't. That's what seperates us from animals. Supposedly.
Гело Ишунин
When you forgot you are not in Internet...
Berm-on-sea wallnut
He pulled the lion's tail and got bitten hahaha! serves him right the silly cunt
Артём Дзюба
head shot
Only shot Millwall got on target that afternoon :)
Cj Walsh
we love millwall
ThePeckham Poet
This cunt is lucky to get away with just a punch.He was lucky it was just one bloke and not ten young idiots. He would still be in hospital. If you don't want it ,Don't fucking ask for it.
Kayleigh Stollery
Donk!!!! 😂
Анатолий Панин
Кандидаты на премию Дарвина.
Nick Rushbrook
I was expecting the typical 'it's a prank Bro!' Response......
when you forgot that you are not in internet
Danny Camacho
That guy got hit once but Millwall scum got smashed for a 6. Worth it COYS!!!!!!
Gio Sale
yeah, well. Youtube doesn't play 4k videos to begin with, so it makes no difference. But, most importantly, your moved the camera so...what difference does it make... :)
Breaking Kayfabe
These mugs gotta stop thinking of the Harry the Dog dream and living life for football, a punch up and a piss up
Ben Antony Ferguson
Mouthing off to millwall fans is like letting kate and gerry mccann babysit your kids
There is daft, there is a bit thick, there is fucking stupid....and then there is this fucking brain dead Yid cunt......oh my aching sides..what does he do for an encore..stand outside Ibrox singing the Fields of Athenry?....
Roland Crombez
Clobber, style and a "one punch's enough bloke" No doubt he's proper football lad. Coming from Anderlecht.. Btw. Remove that video ffs don't do police job
ahaha that was funny
frank jones
Great punch imagine if we all had tickets !!!!!!
I'm pissed.
I call your mum a bitch.
You punch me in the face.
Did I deserve it?

Darren Allgood
What were they expecting?
For the Millwall fans to walk up, and say: "Top banter old bean, any chance of a quick cuddle before we wend our merry way home?"
They gave us Yids a good game today, and they put everything into it. Respect.
A sucker punch on a fan with his arm round another guy 😂 almost as pathetic as the performance on the pitch what a bunch of shit cunts don't deserve to be mentioned in same breath as Spurs if he went to punch me like that I'd eat his face
michael Smith
Fuck millwall!!!
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